Replacing the Lenovo Y40 display to a good one

So, following the Y40 review, I’ve wanted to check if it’s as easy to replace the Y40 display as for the Y50. The Y40 1080p default display is mediocre at best. True, it’s an 1080p display, but it’s of rather low quality – barely 60% of sRGB color coverage, bad accuracy and contrast and average at best viewing angles. And we are talking a $800-$1000 laptop here.

I’ve ordered the AUO B140HAN01.2 1080p eDP display (get from laptopscreen, AmazoneBay) which is an AHVA display. This B140HAN variant is simply the only one I could find for a relatively reasonable price which is also good enough.

Replacing the display was quite easy. You simply pull out the front bezel of the Y40 display with your fingers, then unscrew four screws that hold the panel itself. At this point pull it softly. Check the hardware maintenance manual.

The images are a little bit dark, but you can see that the colors remains good overall.

Some measurements with the DataColor Spyder4Elite:

Subjectively, the difference compared to the default panel is huge. Games, specifically WoT, look much much better with details and terrain looking much more vivid. Reading is easier, viewing angles are ofcourse much better and very good by themselves and watching movies is also much more fun. I would definitely recommend replacing the display.

Availability: laptopscreen, AmazoneBay

  • Raghava reddy

    Hey I just have a question. My y40-70 has a default model of N140HFE-EAA Rev 1.0. I am considering to replace display with B140HAN 1.2. But I called in lenovo today to see if they have more info on the model. The Han comes with IPS display so they are not sure if it works on it.


    • Doesn’t matter if it’s an IPS!
      If it has the same connection and electrical parameters, it should be ok – eDP, 30-pin and on the same side of the display (right/left, bottom/top, usually it’s the same)

      • Raghava reddy

        Just checking if it has been tested by someone

        • read the featured comment!

          • Raghava reddy

            I placed an order of it and the vendor emailed me that the display is high gamut. While I assume my model is low gamut. He says that there will be problems. Has any one replaced your display with B140HAN1. 2 and had any issues

            • It has somewhat higher gamut, that’s all and that’s because of the IPS technology..

              Are you buying in the US?

              • Raghava reddy

                Yes from Amazon from the seller named East coast lcd. The manufacturer of the product is lcdoled

                • 1. Make sure you are getting the original model, not a replacement or “compatible”/”substitute” stuff
                  2. Check ahead of buying if you’ll be able to send it back to Amazon if the screen does not work for you
                  3. Talk to laptopscreen:
                  4. When replacing the screen, disconnect the laptop from the AC *AND* disconnect the battery. Remember to do that!

                  You can consider more models:

                  I liked the AUO, but these should be good as well

                  • Raghava reddy

                    I just got the display from amazon and i attached it it didn’t work. Its black no display at all

                    • Are you sure it is attached correctly?
                      Did you disconnect the AC and the battery first?

                    • Raghava reddy

                      Yes i am pretty sure

                    • I’m asking because it happened to me too.. do you want to retry?
                      Anyway, there are links to other models above + recently I got this one and I got the 104 version (you have to make sure they have in stock when you order) and I’m pretty happy with it

                    • Raghava reddy

                      I am looking for 14 inch Screen Panel with IPS for Lenovo Y40-70. Just out of curiosity what was your Lenovo Model Number

                    • Oh, right, sorry!
                      About the model number – sorry, I don’t remember and don’t have it written.. but it shouldn’t matter. If you could connect the eDP connector, it should be ok. What is the model you got?

                    • Raghava reddy

                      laptop Model Lenovo Y40-70 from 2014. Display panel Model N140HGE -EAA Rev C1

                    • I meant the new display, the one that doesn’t work – what is the model?

                      Did you change the panel back?

                    • Raghava reddy


                    • well, if you are totally sure you assembled it correctly, then return it back .

                      The old panel works?

                    • Raghava reddy

                      Yep.. Do you have any other IPS panels in mind that could work

                    • This one will work. Maybe your specific one is faulty. I used the “B140HAN01.2”

                      And this one is good too

                    • Raghava reddy

                      Ok ill give it a shot as soon as the seller processes my refund

                    • any news?

                    • Raghava reddy

                      ya i ordered a display from it is absolutely phenomenal thank you very much for your help

                    • Great!

                  • Raghava reddy

                    Do you have any other IPS Panels in mind so i would try them. Please send me Links to purchase if possible,

  • Ingars Siliņš

    Is it possible to upgrade to IPS QHD or another better IPS screen on my Lenovo y40-80 14″? I just want a really good screen for photo edditing. Thanks in advance.

    • Ingras! I didn’t notice your comment! Do you still want to discuss it?

      • Ingars Siliņš

        Hi! Yes, of course!

        • Well, it depends on the connection – I think the Y40-80 has a 30-pin eDP and not 40 pin
          Do you want only higher than 1080p display or a good 1080p display would be good enough?

  • Andrés García

    Wow, Thx for the Article

  • Shuvro

    Just bought the AUO B140HAN01.2 screen from s dot click dot aliexpress dot com slash e slash 6ieUBaUju. Looks good, no dead pixels, received in NJ in 5 days and installed in 15 mins. Gave up on waiting for ever for it to appear on laptopscreens. The AUO screen looks much better with better contrast, sharpness and color saturation.

    Before ordering I made sure the exact AUO B140HAN01.2 matte was in stock and that the exact model was going to be shipped and not an equivalent. Seller is MYS–Laptop Accessories Supplier. Person called Apple Liu.

    • Thanks for the info! (one year late!)

  • nocturnal2048 .

    Just bought the Lenovo Y40 and I agree with you completely…I’ll be picking one of these displays up from Amazon next month!

    What ever you do don’t buy anything from Ali Express!

    • Sometimes there are good things, but you have to carefully pick and take a risk
      Anyway, screens is not something to purchase from there

  • Paul

    Just received the the AUO B140HAN01.2 from Kevin over at AliExpress. Installation was a breeze on my Lenovo Y40, 0 dead pixels, and the difference is stunning, huge, dramatic. The display is very bright and the colors and details really stand out. Well worth the upgrade, I recommend to anybody – do not hesitate. The seller is very responsive and replies to messages within minutes. All good.

    • Hi and thanks!

      But how did you get to Kevin? didn’t I remove all the links?

      • Paul

        Googled AUO B140HAN01.2 and then AliExpress came up. Didn’t know it was him until we exchanged messages. I just googled again and AE doesn’t come up as it did before, can’t explain. (but again this was a few weeks ago)

        • hmm. I hope there won’t be any problems
          For the next purchases, try first getting the screen from laptopscreen – they are responsive and their panels come with 3 years warranty, new

          • Paul

            Thanks for the heads up! I’ll report back in a few weeks for an update.

            • Paul

              I remember trying laptopscreen first but they were out of stock. Just checked again now – still OOS.

  • Rafem

    Hi Junky! I have a question for you. What happens with your screen when you max the brightness in battery mode? I have a different laptop (Asus g46vw) with a AUO B140HAN01.2. When I max the brightness on battery, my screen start to overheat after a few minutes and goes from on to off repeatedly. Maybe it is wrong to say that the screen overheats, it is i fact the driverboard that gets very hot (middle right part on the bottom bezel). Wonder if you also have high temperatures there?
    Excuse my bad language. Thanks!

    • I don’t have my Y40 (was only for the review) but I didn’t have such a problem
      It might also be some electrical problem – bad capacitor or something

  • Alex

    I just got my Y40. I’m a gamer and amateur photographer so the stock screen was a disappointment. What panel do you recommend for me?

    • external display or a 14.0″ replacement?

      • Alex

        14.0 replacement

        • The B140HAN01.2 is a good option, but I don’t see it anymore
          New models should be available in the following months, hold to your hat!

  • Alon

    Hi Junky, first, thanks for all the advice here. I just bought the laptop and love it with the exception of the display. Under the replacement screens you mentioned, I see that has two available: LP140WF1(SP)(B1) and B140HAN01.0. Is one better than the other? Is it worth waiting for one of the other ones to become available? I am pretty new to this type of thing, so thanks for the help.

  • Mike

    Hi Junky,

    Currently does not have b140han01.2 in stock, and the two sellers at Amazon only have ‘compatible’ screens in stock, not the B140HAN models. Feels like the AUO models are out of stock everywhere in the U.S.

    Is there anywhere else we could purchase the exact model of B140HAN01.2? Or is the ‘compatible’ product good enough? I looked at the specs of the LG model and looks like it is much worse than the AUO one.


    • Hi Mike!

      Maybe it means a new model should come soon or simply the US stocks have run out.. I would suggest waiting to see what’s coming up

  • Harris Michakis

    Hello everyone, first time I post in this discussion. I too ordered 3 IPS displays from Kevin, all three have faults! The one for my L440 has a cluster of dark pixels, very annoying on a light background. The two panels I ordered for my X220 laptops, one of them has 3 stuck pixels the other has a complete column multiplexer failure. Very disappointed as I thought he was a reputable supplier with a good track record!

    • Hi Harris – do you send it back to him?
      The situation now is that you can find these displays in the US for a good price with warranty

      If you’ll send it back, I’ll cover the shipping back. I’m very sorry for my suggestion, I thought I’ve removed the links, but I saw there is another one few months ago. My sincere apology..

      • Harris Michakis

        Hi Junky, thank you for your quick reply! I have already messaged Kevin, hoping to receive a reply shortly. I only have until the 23rd of April to open a dispute. If he asks me to send them back I will demand he covers my postage. I should not have to cover return postage for defective items, especially after he guaranteed tested Grade A+ displays! Otherwise I will ask my bank to make a chargeback and reclaim my debit card payment.

        I am mostly disappointed because I wanted to replace the displays on three of my laptops today and now I will be stuck with the TN panels for another month or so until I can find a replacement elsewhere. I checked the website, seems very good but the 1080p IPS panel is OOS for the L440.

        • ok, let me know what’s going on. I should have checked it better – though really this person has good reviews (I can’t review for some reason, probably time limit)

          Yes, it’s OOS, but you can find it on Amazon and eBay

          Just check who are these people first =

          • Harris Michakis

            Thanks Junky, at this point in time I don’t think I will bother anymore, I have a T540p arriving tomorow with the 3K display, it might not be as portable as my X220 but that display should be epic. Only thing I really want to find is a 1080p IPS panel for my X240. I will try first, most sellers on eBay sell “compatible” displays, same goes for Amazon sellers…

            • yea :

              OK, I hope the 3K will be ok for you

              • Harris Michakis

                Hello Junky,

                Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to provide an update on my situation. Kevin has agreed to refund me for the displays and cover the return postage. He said that the error was made by his employees and that he is looking into it. So far I am pleased with his quick responses and friendly attitude.

                I ended up ordering 3 displays from, I received them the next day. I have been replacing laptop panels for nearly a decade now and I have never had such good service. I ordered 3 panels, two for my X220 laptops and one for my L440. All panels were brand new, in sealed packages and have absolutely zero pixel defects, zero backlight defects and zero bright/dark spots. My only gripe is that although I ordered the AUO B140HAN01.2 I was sent the LG LP140WF1 SP U1 which has is not matte but glossy instead. The other issue is that I cannot find any information on the SP U1 revision. I have contacted them and asked for more details. I know they usually send a compatible display if they can’t find the exact model in my order but I would have preferred it if they had contacted me first.

                I can say that being a glossy panel the colours are very vibrant and the brightness exceptional however I am worried if it suffers from the similar issues that the SP K1 and SP B1 panels had, namely ghosting, inconsistencies in backlight distribution, etc. I would very much like your opinion on this. Also the LG panel is an AH-IPS panel, not AHVA.

                On a final note, the 3K display on the T540 is very impressive, I have one dead pixel, although due to the high DPI it is not particularly annoying.


                • Hi Harris! glad you got the refund!

                  The SPU1 data page:

                  see this review for some actual measurements, but keep in mind that displays and measurements vary:

                  According to this review, the contrast is quite low due to low black levels. Does it seem to you that the black are not that black (they never are in this type of displays, but still).

                  The B140HAN01.2 would have been better probably, and maybe you can contact them and ask if they have a replacement, but generally they should be around the same for general use. If the contrast and black levels are good in your opinion, I see no good reason to make the effort to replace the panel..

                  • Harris Michakis

                    Hi Junky,

                    I would be glad too if I had gotten the refund. I posted the screens back to Kevin three days ago, fully tracked as it was only £3 extra for tracking. I have messaged him and sent a copy of the receipt, still waiting for a reply on the refund. Either way at least I hope I will get the refund from AliExpress since the tracking no. has been added to the dispute.

                    The glossy LG panel is rather good, I have to admit the glare can be a bit annoying in a brightly lit environment but no more than the glare from a matte panel. Side by side with the T540p I’d say the colours are better and there is better clarity. The blacks are good, for my use at least it makes no difference if the contrast was slightly better. All in all, very pleased with 1080p in a 14″ format, very good performance with an eGPU too, even though I only have a measly i3 4000m I can still run Metro 2033 with everything maxed out. As expected from LG panels, there is some faint image retention, especially after very long sessions in Chrome for example, where the address bar borders are visible on a blue background on the desktop. This is something the IPS LG panels in the X220 have had as an issue too, so nothing surprising here.

                    All in all, very happy with the service from, I would have preferred it if they had asked before shipping a compatible panel but then again it is stated that they will do so if they can’t source the original one. Also I have been told that there is 3 year warranty so if anything goes wrong I will simply return it for a replacement.

                    • I’m very glad to hear and sorry for the Kevin mistake!!

                    • Harris Michakis

                      Hello everyone,

                      Just an update, it has been three weeks now since Kevin received the displays, I got my refund from AliExpress fairly quickly so I’m glad I posted my parcel with a tracking number. Kevin still has not refunded the return postage, claiming that he has PayPal problems. Whether that is true or not, I cannot tell, however I will wait another week and then leave negative feedback which I believe is rather appropriate.

                      So far all the screens from are working fine, no issues at all, very happy and I will buy from them again in the future.

                    • Thanks for the update!

                    • Harris Michakis

                      Hello everyone,

                      Hopefully this will be the last update on this matter. Kevin never refunded the return postage so with my feedback time running out I left negative feedback for my purchase, referencing this thread so that others may learn and avoid making the same mistake. I’m out of pocket because of the return postage, I don’t think I will ever use AliExpress again for something that I can find within the EU, even if it is more expensive.

                    • thx for the unpdate again

                      I thought you are in the US!

    • In his policy, he says that you can get a refund without sending it back. I suggest that you contact him

  • Dogstep
    • that’s the model, but maybe you want to wait for some US shop to get some displays for sale, like (don’t have them right now)

  • Evan

    Just a couple random things. I found this video to be useful to show the actual process of removing the screen —, I was kinda lost as to how to get started at first.

    Another thing is I notice with my new display, the front bezel seems to pinch it a bit in couple spots at the bottom making those spots extra bright which is pretty noticeable on dark backgrounds. Has anyone seen something similar to this? I didn’t see it with the original display but maybe it just wasn’t bright enough to show it.

    • Cristian

      Noticed the same just after putting the bezel and it seems like it happens just when you put it 🙁

      I changed the screen this morning and even with the bezel thing i’m very happy, everything looks great.

    • Evan – I somehow missed that one! sorry!
      how did it go for you?

  • Evan

    Just wanted to add that I ordered a screen from the Ali Express link above and after waiting weeks for it to arrive from China it was DOA. The seller refused to pay for return shipping so I ended up just ordering it again from Amazon here: where it was a bit cheaper and actually worked.

    • Hi man, i’ll remove the link. It was mainly for outside usa readers. In the us you can order from screenlaptops and/or amazon. Though none will pay the shipping back anyway..

    • Julian

      Same for me. Had to open dispute to get my money back

      • damn, I really sorry for it – my fault at least partially. Sorry. Did you get your money back?
        Also, did you replace the screen?

        • Julian

          Not your fault at all. The guide is a great help! I got my money back and am probably going to purchase another one from ebay. Definitely going to order one from North America so warranty shipping isn’t a problem.

          • yea, I’ve used aliexpress because it was easier for international buyers

            anyway, you can get from – they are good + 3 years warranty

    • William

      I just ordered from these people and they sent me this one. I feel pretty taken and am trying to see how I can return this now.

      • Sorry to hear :((((
        What guys are you talking about? the ones from Aliexpress?
        The one you linked to is not the right one.. did they recommend it to you?

        • William

          No, I ordered one from the Amazon link in Evan’s comment. The one in my comment is the one they sent to me.

          • wow, that’s really bad – they say B140HAN01.2 for sure
            You should be able to return it – open a dispute through your Amazon account or call them quickly

            Use laptopscreen instead, if you are in the US

          • Evan

            Yikes, sorry about that :s. I notice the price on that Amazon page fluctuates quite a bit. When I ordered mine it was definitely more than $55, not sure what they’re up to.

            • so what is your position?

    • Y40-man

      yep i ordered one from aliexpress guy (kevin?) and got a one with about 5 dead pixel group towards a side and also some spots all over the display, consierable light bleeding on bottom and right edge. it was the proper IPS model though and colors were much better than the original. after much messaging through a dispute on aliexpress he refunded 1/2 the price since i didnt agree to send back the screen (since the shipping cost). just told this to inform any potential buyers. but i wont blame ‘Junky’ at cos he just shared his experience. actually i’m thankful to junky for the all info you provided.
      btw if any of you guys can recommend a better website? (getting to USA)

    • Gary

      Same here… From kevin at aliexpress. It came defective and he wants me to send it back to china with my costs in order to get a refound…
      What happened in your cases?

      • oh man, I’m very sorry about it :

        I’ve changed all the links not long ago. Can I refund you the price of shipping?

        • Gary

          Very kind of you, but it’s not your fault at all, don’t blame yourself! 🙂
          I just want to know if someone else returned it, and if he got a refund.

  • Randy Wright

    Great article Junky. I am too wanting to replace my display on the Y40 I just purchased. When I contacted with the model number on my unit B14HTN01.4. They recommended the LP140WF1(SP)(J1) which has 262K colors and 700:1 contrast and better viewing angles. It looks like the B140HAN01.2 is a better display? Should I go with the IPS or the TN version of the HAN? I don’t do any design work but just want a brighter display with better viewing angles. Confused at which one to get the pricing doesn’t matter to me. 🙂

    • The TN version is the one you got now I think
      Either go with the B140HAN01.X or the LG one they recommended. The B140HAN (not HTN) is good but the LG LP140 should be good too. I guess the AUO B140 might have a little better viewing angles, but not sure – just pick the one you like (-:

  • infinitenl

    Hey Junky, I recently damaged my y40’s screen when a friend placed a candle near the back of my laptop. This created a small grey splotch on my display monitor. Unfortunately this is a very new laptop and I really don’t want to replace the whole thing as it still works its mostly a cosmetic annoyance, but if I replace this monitor will it void my warranty? Additionally, how long did it take you to receive your screen? The seller is overseas and I’m not sure how trustworthy their product will be as I’ve had bad experiences before. Finally, are there any other screens cheaper screens you could recommend? Or ways that I could find cheaper screens as I have no experience with this.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi!

      Well, these guys are selling it too!

      3 years warranty – I simply had to order from somewhere else before

      • infinitenl

        Thanks Junky! I ordered this screen and it’s not only a great fix but a great improvement. I have one concern though, sometimes black, white, or yellow lines will flash very briefly (for less than half a second), should I be worried that this is a manufacturing defect and contact They do come with a three year warranty so I’m not too worried. Otherwise the screen looks to be working well.

        • You already got it??
          I didn’t have such problem – you better ask them if they have any idea about it. Does it happen after certain activity? Does it happen while plugged in too?
          You are sure the cable is connected well, right?

          • infinitenl

            Yeah it shipped super fast, It just happens in general particularly when switching between two different windows like when minimizing chrome rapidly or when playing games. I’m fairly sure the cable is well connected as I triple checked the connection and tape.

            • try first to reset the bios – there should be some small hole in the laptop’s case or you can open the backplate and remove the battery and bios battery. See if this helps

              • infinitenl

                Well I’m returning the old screen for a replacement screen and for some reason now that I put the original screen in it looks like this (its probably hard to tell in the picture, but its gone greyscale and very pixelated) the new HAN one works fine. any thoughts?

                • Some configuration changed maybe.. a color profile of Windows maybe.. you can try and reload the default color profile

  • Xboom

    Hey, thanks for the review. I’m planning to replace the screen. btw, is “AUO B140HAN01.2 1080p eDP display” an IPS? And, how’s the screen now? any cons? Thanks. 🙂

    • Xboom

      and, how is the color accuracy? Is it great for photo/video editing now? Thanks!

      • Well, it’s very good compared to the default screen and many others.. especially for such a price. You’ll have to calibrate it though!

        It’s not an IPS, but AHVA. Same qualities more or less

        • Xboom

          Thank you for the response.
          I found this screen(The second one) :
          It’s an IPS. What’s your opinion on this screen. Thanks..

          • well, it’s hard to know just like that – ask them what is the model on their chat
            It’s probably the B140HAN, but might be something else

            Also, could you do me a favor? try to register and login to the forums please and see if it works..

  • Y40man

    Hey Junky, is there any stickers or anything (to show any signs of tampering the hardware) you had to remove while replacing the screen?
    Im thinking of changing the screen my self but wondering if it’d void the warranty.
    (of course in case a repair is needed and i’m to send the laptop back to Lenovo someday I’ll have to remove the new HAN screen and replace it with the original HTN.)

    • no. there weren’t – though I might have missed it, but I don’t think so

      • Y40man

        Thank you very much for the great reviews and very quick reply!

  • Evoxcatcher

    What is the difference between the LG and AUO Panels? Is the quality different?

    • I’m not sure. In practice I think this particular AUO has better viewing angles, but that’s somewhat subjective. Anyway, both are good and I’d say that if you can find one for much lower price – get it

  • Brick

    Is the display matte or glossy? and if it isn’t matte is there a compatible matte ips display?

  • Oneupdown

    I am going to switch mine out too. Is there another screen on the market better than the B140HAN01.2 that’ll match the lenovo y40?

  • Scott Cooper

    Thanks for this information. I thought I could handle the poor screen, but the text is too difficult to read for work. I’m ordering the replacement screen mentioned in this page. I think I will be much happier afterwards.

    • Oh, I missed that one : sorry
      Did you get a new one?

  • ThePhillyd32 .

    I’m having trouble finding an ips panel that would work. Any suggestions? I’d like to stay well below $200, I’d be okay with 1366×768 as well as 1920×1080

    • besides the B140HAN01.2?

  • hithrael

    Any further feedback on this? I have the same model through HWInfo. Thanks!

    • Hi hithrael!

      What kind of feedback are you looking for?

      • hithrael

        the 1.4 version of the screen versus the 1.2

        • The 01.4 is not the same – it’s
          B140HTN01.4 vs

          HTN != HAN

          The HAN is an AHVA panel and HTN is a TN of much lower quality.

          • hithrael

            So to confirm (from the thread below), I can replace the HTN 1.4 with the HAN 1.2?

            • hithrael

              The HAN works fantastically and is a much nicer screen. Just got it up and running.
              As an FYI, for those its’ not clear to – the bezel is best pulled back by running a gift card along the back seam (the part that sticks slightly out to the sides at the back of the screen).

              • Great, thanks for the info!

                • Joohwan Kim

                  can you put up the link for the screen? i cant seem to find it. thank you

                  • see availability at the bottom of the post

  • Blueen77

    It seems the Y40 screen that i have has product # of B140HTN01.4, and when speaking with one of the sales rep, they said that B140HAN01.2 will not be compatible… are they mistaken??
    Also, any other screens that you could recommend by any chance?
    Thanks Junky!!

    • Are you have the 01.4? did you check HWInfo? Please check what it says under Monitor Name

      • Chris A.

        Hi, my y40 also says B140HTN01.4 on HWinfo.

        • This is the default one, but it’s not a different version of the same model – check the B140*HTN*01.4 and B140*HAN*01.2 difference..

          • Chris A.

            After rereading the thread I understand. Thank you.

    • Oops, now I see my reply.. did you edit your reply or did I just wrote jumble?

      Anyway, yes – the default is B140HTN01.4 and the B140HAN01.2 IS compatible. The reps just checking their Lenovo short list of “compatible” panels (probably 1 or 2 panels Lenovo currently uses) and then they say it’s not compatible.. It is.