[New/Open Box]Lenovo Y700 AMD : AMD FX-8800P, Radeon M385X 4GB GDDR5, 8GB RAM, 1080p IPS, 1TB HDD for $600

Lenovo Y700 AMD. Available from


Lenovo Y700 AMD main specifications
CPU AMD FX-8800P 2C/4T, 2.1-3.3GHZ
GPU Radeon M385X 4GB GDDR5
HDD 1TB 5400RPM HDD, free M.2 PCIe slot
Screen 1080p, eDP, IPS, non-touch, LG LP156WF6-SPK1
Keyboard Backlit red (3 levels)
Weight 5.72 lbs (~ 2.59kg)
Lenovo Y700 AMD Reviews

Lenovo Y700 15 AMDThe new Lenovo Y700 AMD version is now on sale for $560 open box, stated to be “excellent condition” and verified by “geek squad”.

The AMD version for $560 is the fastest for gaming and most cost effective in terms of performance per price and value per price. It comes with a nice IPS (not the best, but a nice one), 8GB DDR3L RAM, Radeon M385X which is really fast, good chassis build quality and a 1TB HDD (which is quite slow actually) + a free M.2 NVMe slot.

The Radeon M385X cannot be matched in performance for such a price and will deliver around the GTX 950M+ gaming performance (yes, with this CPU), in DX11. In DX12/Vulcan things should get even better thanks to better utilization of the AMD hardware (hope to have some benchmarks soon)

Advantages: good chassis build quality, very good speakers, keyboard is ok (better than the 7559 in my opinion) and you’ll get an IPS display – but it’s not that great and maybe even using a PWM mechanism which can result in some eye strain.

Disadvantages: AMD’s software/driver ecosystem is not on par as the NV ecosystem (but it should get improved), no “special” connection ports like HDMI 2.0, mDP, TB3. HDD is slow (but you can add a cheap SSD in the M.2 slot) and touchpad may not be comfortable to some.

Bottom line, for $600-$650 it is a very good gaming laptop, especially for those who are not interested in spending more.