Gaming Laptops under $800


Recommended gaming laptops:

Here are included recommended 14.0″, 15.6″ and 17.3″ gaming laptops. I’ll start with the table in order to focus on several laptops and the performance that can be buy for around 600$-800$. Currently, the best is usually a laptop with aΒ GTX 1050 Ti (new) and if you are willing to make it to $900, then a GTX 1060 from time to time. That’s around x3 the performance/price ratio compared to the previous generation of 9XXM GPUs.

Please remember to check the deals list – sometimes it contains deals that are not showing here

These are my recommendations:

  • Asus FX502VM (15.6″), $800-$950, GTX 1060 3GB (eBay, Amazon). It’s a nice machine, much like the GP62MVR above, with a lousy display, same performance, Intel I5-6300HQ, but less hot and has less storage/connection ports – no mDP, no NVMe. I’d probably pick the GP62MVR over this one.
  • Dell Inspiron 7567Β (15.6″), (review) $750-$850 (frequent discounts and rewards points available), GTX 1050 Ti, 8GB RAM,Β 1TB SSHD/256GB SSD. The 7567 comes with either a GTX 1050 or the faster GTX 1050 Ti (adds ~40% in performance). A nice machine, but very basic, with a lousy display as of now. Advantages of the 7567 are its the solid looks, long battery running times, HDMI 2.0. If you like it, you can get it and replace the display. I would suggest getting the I5-7300HQ version, for lower heat (while maintaining the same performance)
  • Lenovo Legion Y520 (15.6″), $700-$800, GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, I5-7300HQ, 8GB RAM, 1TB 5400RPM HDD. That’s Lenovos’ basic gaming laptop. It packs good specs for the price. Reviews say the IPS display is really mediocre (probably worse than the other lower quality IPSs on the 7567 and VX5-591G), but it has a GTX 1050 Ti for $720. I would still try and make it to the 7567.
  • Acer VX 15 VX5-591GΒ (15.6″), (review) $800. With an 1080p IPS display, GTX 1050 (non-Ti), 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD, the VX5-591G offers a bit more complete solution compared to the 7567. For another $100 you can get the GTX 1050 Ti version. Also has a USB type-C port and a NVMe storage port.
  • [Refurbished] HP Pavilion 15t (15.6″), $550-$750 with an I5-7300HQ, GTX 1050 (2GB), 8GB RAM, 1080p basic IPS display and 1TB 7200RPM HDD. If you are short on money, the 15t can be a good option option, but remember that the price doesn’t include the US tax. The 1080p IPS display is basic – it will have better viewing angles, but colors and contrast aren’t great. The GTX 1050 is the 2GB version, which is less suitable for photo/video editing. Generally, I would suggest trying to grab the VX5-591G instead.

If you are interested in lightweight option, consider also the Acer Swift 3, which reminds me the old and popular V7-482PG. It comes with the new Koffee Lake I5-8250U, Nvidia MX150 GPU and relatively low weight. The Koffee Lake is not a mistake, just a clumsy word play on Coffee Lake part which is really a Kaby Lake.

  • HackinGalaxy !

    Hey man ..
    i was looking for a laptop of 600 budget just for everyday using and college stuff and in the same time for playing some games … i don not care if i play the game with the lowest possible quality (even 10 fbs ) .. what matters is to be playable just … please tell em your recommendations and thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Hi!

      So you want something mostly lightweight with some gaming power?
      How about the Acer Swift 3?

      • HackinGalaxy !

        first .. it is 800 $ .. i wanted one around 600 $.. secondly .. i hate ssd .. it is very little .. dont care about its speed or anything ..thanks again

        • 1. Oh, right. Thought about $800 because this is the $800 section

          2. About SSD – they are the typical storage for such laptops right now + they are much faster + if you need more space, perhaps you could get an external HDD?

          3. Refurbished are ok? Then how about the HP 15?

          4. Screen size and weight preferences?

          • HackinGalaxy !

            umm i think not bigger than 15.6 would be better .. and i think your url is not right cause i can not reach any laptop .. i just get a bunch of results on ebay about some desktop computers

              • HackinGalaxy !

                bro thanks a lot .. i really liked .. it is perfect .. but i want to take your opinion on something .. this laptop is going to stay with me for like 5+ years πŸ˜€ .. i really need you to understand my situation .. do you advice me to really take the risk and go for the refurbished .. should i expect to repair it soon .. i am really confused .. what do you recommend ?

              • HackinGalaxy !

                wow .. i liked it .. it is perfect .. but i need to take your opinion in something .. now i really need you to understand my situation .. this laptop is going to be for like 5+ years .. i am really about refurbished .. should i expect it ti fall down soon or it is really trusted and i should take the risk ..? i am really confused .. what do you say ??

                • I don’t think there are special problems with refurbished. I buy refurbished all the time..

                  • HackinGalaxy !

                    okay then .. thank you so so much :))

      • HackinGalaxy !

        first .. it is 800 $ .. i have a budget of 600 right now .. secondly .. i hate ssd .. i don t care about its speed and everything .. too little for me

  • Luke71

    Hey Junky, I’m looking for a gaming laptop for my 15 year old son who is constanly playing Minecraft and running servers and whatnot. Looking for something under $900. He likes my Asus G60JX because he says its faster and has better graphics than his Toshiba which is much newer than my Asus. I’m not a gamer but I have basic PC knowledge. What would you recommend? I have a feeling he might turn this PC thing into a career.

    • Hi Luke! The G60JX is really old and if it’s good for you son, that many things will suit him!
      Anyway, can you post it over the forums? I’ll be glad if you could

  • Saxon

    Hi Junky, I can’t figure out how to get the laptop you are suggesting on Dell’s website (I’m in the UK). The Latitude 15 3540 doesn’t look to be customisable to the specs you have listed. Any help? πŸ™‚ Thanks!

    • it’s mainly in the US – I saw it also on the UK site, but it’s not as cost effective there. What are you looking for? have you checked the rather new uk version?


  • jconner316

    HP gaming laptop for 725. Coupon code august175. HP envy 15t slim quad best value on hp website. Should be 849$ -$175 with code. Great deal

    • thanks!
      Saw this one, haven’t posted yet – did you see if this includes tax/shipping?

      The 15t slim for this price does not include good GPU. The Envy 15 does and after the coupon, it will be $815 which is nice but not great

      • jconner316

        My post is a little confusing. Taxes were applies and free 5-7 day shipping.

  • ShadowMilk

    Hey junky!
    I had a look at all of these but I just can’t decide.. I need a laptop for gaming, atm its mainly cs:go, dota 2, Diablo 3, nothing too heavy.
    What do you think would be best right now?? I can spend up to $900 is there better ones than these for an extra $100?
    I also want Windows 7 as I hate 8.
    This Will be my first laptop, does the os install the same as a desktop PC if I were to install 7 myself on a laptop without the OS

    • Hi!

      For these games, not much needed actually – did you see the Acer V3-772G?

      • ShadowMilk

        Yea I had a look but the pages say ddr3 not 5 in the specs, am I looking at it right?
        Also, does it come in Windows 7 – that was my other issue with it
        Thank you so much for the quick reply!!

        • where did you see DDR3? I’m talking about the V3-772G, not the V7-582PG. IF you are ok with a 17.3″ gaming laptop then it’s an excellent option

          About Win8 – I wouldn’t worry, really.. it’s not worth changing to a different laptop and I fell good with win8

          • ShadowMilk

            Oh sorry I was looking at the ram – ddr3, where are the GFX GGDR specs on the andorama site? (that’s the cheapest out of the 3 links)

            Yea I saw a few people having issues with the large screen, is that because its just.bulkier and hard to carry around or does it affect performance?

            And I can get used to win 8, does it hinder performance compared to 7 though??

            Thanks junky πŸ™‚

            • The cheapest (available also on Amazon) for $790-$800, has a GDDR5 version of the 850M according to Acer’s site

              About Windows 8 – no performance hit

              Screen – there were some flickering problems, but otherwise, it is also a matter of how well you are doing with a large laptop – does it fit in the back pack? is it easy enough for you to carry?

              • ShadowMilk

                Oh ok that makes it alot simpler. I think I will go for that one then as it seems to meet all my requirements. Thanks so much for all your help mate!!

                • I must say that there is a flickering problem with the V3-772G and I’m not sure it’s resolved

                  • ShadowMilk

                    Oh that sucks… Is it only minor or unbareably bad? I need one asap for gaming + Work would I be better off with the next best alternative??

                    • hmm, can you install your own OS?

                    • ShadowMilk

                      Yea I can if it installs the same as a desktop PC πŸ™‚

                    • ShadowMilk

                      Hey junky i was thinking of getting the y50 or the y510p, I just saw the other part of the site as im on my PC now. Has anything changed since you made that post? i think either of those two would be perfect – what ones better at the present time to get?

                    • depends on the the price. If you can find the Y510p with SLI for ~$700 or less refurbished, maybe you should consider it. Otherwise, the Y50 is a more interesting option and you can replace the display. The only problem is the not-so-comfortable keyboard

                    • ShadowMilk

                      Hey junky!
                      Thanks for the reply πŸ™‚ I’ve done a bit more research and think I want the GE70 PRO-012 However it is about 250 out of my price range for 1300. Do you think it will drop or go on sale any time soon – I really like the 17″ screen, weight, looks, specs and keyboard

                    • so you want a 17.3″ screen only?

                    • ShadowMilk

                      Yea I think so. It will mainly be used for gaming.and I might use it for uni next year if I decide to go back, mainly a desktop replacement at home as I space for a pc πŸ™‚ the rog is a bit too heavy and my sister will be shipping it back here to aus from NYC, so the rog ends up being alot more

                    • ShadowMilk

                      That looks like a really good price for the 061! I want to get the 012 but I dont think the 350 in price difference is worth it atm. I was hoping to try and stream with the 012

                    • so, why not?

                  • ShadowMilk

                    Thanks so much for the feeedback btw… I’m doing all this via my phone atm, makes things difficult haha you’re a huge help

  • Shaz

    ATTN JUNKY: Hey buddy, its me again. Found something nice today and wanted your thoughts if you have time. It’s a Acer Aspire v3-572g-7609 with Intel core i7 4510u 2.0 GHz dual core, nvidia geforce 840m, 16gb ddr3l memory, 1 tb HDD, 15.6 inch screen 1080p for 800! Seems like a lot of power for the price. Comes with windows, what’re your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi! for gaming it’s considerably slower than the other options For like $700 – maybe

  • Shaz

    Hi Junky! Your site is SO helpful and your advice is always good. As of now what’s the best deal at 800:
    1. Acer aspire v7-582pg-6684 ( I found this for 700)
    2. Acer aspire v7-472-6629 ( I could not find this under 800 BTW =()
    3. Lenovo y40 (770)

    Or something else? I want the best bang for the buck, please help.

    • Shaz

      I know you suggest the electra 2 but doesn’t the Acer aspire v7-582-6684 coming down to 700 win in terms of performance/price ratio especially since it contains a better screen? I’m not a hard core gamer either but I want the option . thanks

      • Hi!

        1. No, the older V7 with 750M does not win as it has around half the gaming performance

        2. Are you good with a 17.3″ laptop? How about the V3?

        • Shaz

          V3-772G isn’t available yet I thought. Link and thanks so much for the quick reply. Been researching for weeks and felt like giving up until I found this site. So much you need to know.

          • Shaz

            And I just want the best bang for my buck, if I can get twice as much GPU power then I’d definitely go for 850. So 772g v3 is the best choice under 800? $100 worth the better graphics?

            • Shaz

              Also I’d prefer a smaller screen, sorry for so many replies. Confused and a lot going through my mind as I will be buying tomorrow

            • well, it’s the best choice if you want the best performance for the price and you are ok with the V3 (17.3″). You might find the Y510P for around $800-$850 too, though

          • did you check the Adorama link?

  • Avi David

    hi i just got counter strike go and i wanted to know what type of laptop i should get all these specs are greek to me but i know i need at least 8 gig ram and not a touch screen i can spend 800$ and could go up a little more if needed if you could give me some suggestions that would be great

    • Hi Avi!
      Can you please post your requirements over the forums?

  • Mike

    Hi Junky, I am from Canada and I would like to spend like 750$ tax and shipping in.. do you know if there are some good deals going right now? or should I wait? I am looking for a laptop that can last a couple years while running some recent games in medium graphic Thanks!

    • Hi Mike!!

      What games for example? Are we talking BF4 and stuff like that?

  • blue

    Why would you list the Lenovo Z710? The screen is terrible and the battery lasts less than two hours in light usage. I have one, it sucks.

    • Hi again

      First of all, many of the laptops I list, I list only to give an idea what are the options
      Secondly, this list is not updated. I’m busy, but I’ll update all these soon

      If you need some specific recommendation, you can ask

  • beepmachine

    hello! my husband will be graduating soon from boot camp, and i wanted to get him a new laptop as a graduation present. i’m really awful with computers, however, and i’m having a really difficult time figuring out what would be best for our budget.
    basically i need something that’s capable of running world of warcraft pretty well (i doubt he’ll be using it for anything more demanding than that) no more than like $800. i actually just purchased a lenovo Y410 but unfortunately when it arrived the screen didn’t work right out of the box, so i am returning it tomorrow for a full refund (really sort of lost faith in that company at that point, they were not very helpful and to get a repair/replacement would have taken too long).
    i would really appreciate some help! thanks so much!

    • Hi beepy!!

      Do you think it should come with an OS pre-installed?

      • beepmachine

        i think that would probably be best. everywhere i read that the world hates windows 8 though. is 8.1 okay? i can’t seem to find anything with 7 anymore and it seems like most windows 8 laptops aren’t compatible with 7 (once again though i’m like really bad at computers, it’s why i have a mac :P). if the OS isn’t pre-installed do you have to pay for it? thanks so much for your help and speedy reply! πŸ™‚

        • a. you’d have to pay for it or get it somehow or from someone – if your lover can install one and knows how to do it, then it will save some money, but it will require time

          b. I really have no problem with Windows 8.1,, After few hours you’re getting used to it. If it’s for gaming, then it will be great for you

          Several suggestions:

          1. The Electra 2 deal, even with OS, should be only a bit above 800. However, there is a shortage of good displays currently everywhere, so you should wait. If you can wait with it, it would be my suggestion.
          The higher quality display is a much better one and it’s worth the wait

          2. The refurbished Dell 3540 – it’s nice but not the fastest. It is a good laptop with a very nice 1080p and low noise and heat. No HDMI out though

          3. Won’t suggest Y410p. Screen is meh at best

          4. Generally wait for some of the new models that should come in the following months


          • beepmachine
            • 1. I have the refurbished 3540, like many others – it comes with a good 1 year warranty and generally it’s a very good deal. The HDD is slow, but you’d be able to replace it in the future. This deal should be here again in a week or two

              2. The Electra 2.0 (Clevo W650SJ):

              3. I’ve checked the links – these are not very cost effective. The 1080p screen is a big advantage usually. It’s not only a matter of resolution, but colors, viewing angles and contrast..
              All of them are as fast as the 3540 at best

              I can send you a message when the 3540 deal is back! I’m pretty sure it will be available in the next few weeks

              • beepmachine

                thank you for your help! i’m still not sure what value i should place on a display, considering my husband does have a really nice alienware desktop back home that he’ll have access to in another 7 or so months. this is just for that interim period as well as traveling so it won’t be his primary gaming computer in the long run. i appreciate your offer, but i’m pretty sure i’ll be getting something sooner. i just really want him to have something to open on graduation day! also could you maybe give me a brief explanation as to why the ones i linked are not very cost effective, just so i know what i’m looking for in the future? is it just the display?
                thank you again! πŸ™‚

                • well, as a rule thumb in your case : gaming performance + display quality
                  Other parameters: weight, battery, heat, noise, keyboard, connection ports, speakers..

                  I’d definitely suggest the Dell 3540 and for a much higher gaming performance, the Electra 2.0 even with the currently display – should be around $820-$830 WITH OS. The GTX 850M is great for gaming for $800. I’m holding this machine now and it’s quite good in terms of gaming performance. Touchpad is a bit annoying, but if it’s mainly for gaming, then a simple $5-$10 will do

                  I’ll release the Electra 2.0 review soon, but you can ask me stuff now

                  What do you think?

                  • beepmachine

                    thank you very much! i’ll check these out. i’m not going to buy anything until i get my refund for the lenovo (some time next week) so i’ll still be looking around, but the electra is definitely tempting, especially because it appears i can get it with windows 7 and i know he’d prefer that for sure. there’s quite a lot of possible specifications you can change on this when you order it though; should i go with all the defaults, or what do you recommend?

                    • definitely the defaults. No need for more than that. In the future, you can add or change later. The Windows is the only important thing you can change there is you can’t do it yourselves

                      I’m using the Electra with default specs and it’s okl. I would still recommend waiting for the IPS display, but as you wish!

                    • beepmachine

                      thank you so much! i really appreciate all your help! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

                    • (((-:

                      btw, if I had to choose between Windows 8 and 7 and 8 was cheaper, I’d go with 8. Really, more future proof and generally it’s very nice

                    • beepmachine

                      really you think so? all i ever read is about how much people hate it… but it does make sense to have it for future releases. i’ll write him and ask what he’d prefer. thanks!

                    • yea, latest updates have changed a lot and besides for gamers it’s pretty much the same

                      Feel free to join!

                    • any news?

                    • beepmachine

                      hi junky! i just ordered the electra 2 yesterday and am waiting to be contacted by a eurocom sales representative. my husband is very excited for his new laptop; i just really hope it gets here in time! in your experience, how long does it take for this company to ship out their merchandise? thank you! πŸ™‚

                    • usually testing and all take something like 2-3 days at least and then shipping which won’t take too long

                    • beepmachine

                      awesome! really happy to know it should be here in time for me to get it to my hubby, that’s a huge relief πŸ™‚ thanks for your help junky! you’re awesome!!

                    • any news?

  • RegisteredMeh

    Thoughts on this ? Whats your experience with “used”? Anything I should worry about or wait for before buying this? Tyvm very helpful website πŸ™‚

    • personally I buy used from time to time, if I trust a person and I think I can handle fixing it, but in this case you have better options with warranty

      What exactly are you looking for? screen size / specific games / can you install your own OS?

      • RegisteredMeh

        Mostly Play Dota 2 and planning on playing Elder Scrolls online, I like 15.6, I’d have to buy an OS, but I know how if you’re asking. I was looking at the y510p think thats a better option (for the extra bucks), or something else?

        • The Dell 3540 is quite good for your needs – you can get it refurbished for like $500 (the coupon is off now, but if you’ll wait a week or two it will probably be back)

          but I’d recommend waiting for some more options, like the Lenovo Y40

          • RegisteredMeh

            Okay thank you so much! Anyway I can help this website grow? Maybe leave a good review somewhere?

            • If you fill like it will be nice of you! thanks and come back (-:

              • RegisteredMeh

                Oh also when do you think the y40 or others will come around? Within the next few months?

                • The Y50 should be real soon during the next month. I guess the Y40 too

                  Another option is the Eurocom Electra 2.0, but they have an IPS displays shortages currently. You would be able to get it for $825 w/o OS, but with an 1080p IPS display and GTX 850M which is quite great:


                  Reviewing this unit currently

                  • RegisteredMeh

                    Hey, me again, what do you think the prices will be for the y50 and y40? Just want basic, no touch, no more than 8 gigs ram, minimum HDD (like 500-1tb), and an FHD screen. Sorry don’t really know their price points from last year. Also if it’s in the four figure range would there be a good deal on it within the next month? Or would it be better for me to go with something else. And would the y510p probably get a large discount soon after release?

                    • I really don’t know, but I guess something like $1000 for thr Y50
                      The Y510p is already available for $830 which is quite good. Maybe we’ll see some lower prices for refurbished y510ps

  • Peter

    Hey, Junky. Is Eurocom Shark 2.0 overpriced right now? It’s like $899 Canadian dollars now?

    • yes, not a good deal currently. But you can call them and for a $100 discount – tell them you saw this coupon somwhere
      Are you looking for a gaming laptop in Canada? hat games?

      • Peter

        yes, i want a $800-$900 gaming laptop in Canada. I have been watching the price of Lenovo Y510p for a few weeks. It seems like the price doesn’t drop at all. What gaming laptop would you recommend? or you know any good laptops will be released in the near few month?

        • well, the new wave of laptops come now – Lenovo Y50 and more. If you can wait, then it might be better to wait

  • So when looking at the Y500’s on ebay, how much attention should be paid to if it is an i7 or an i5? In essence, would the i7’s be OK, since I see that you typically recommend i5’s. Thanks!

    • Hi!

      1. The Y500 is not really available anymore for a reasonable price – it was selling for like $700 some time ago, but currently people sell it for too high prices

      What is your budget and what are your needs?

      2. I5 can save you money + heat while delivering the same gaming performance in almost any case

      • At most about $750, but would really like to stay under $675

        • did you see my reply?

          • Thanks for the help Junky. I bit the bullet and decided to pony up more money and went with the Lenovo y510 – i5. Thanks for your reviews, made the buying decision much easier!

            • for $930

              • Yep…..bought it through Amazon using Store Card. 12 months no interest.

      • At most about $750, but would like to keep under $675 if possible. I’m looking for a laptop than can handle gaming, but probably not necessarily the most powerful. It mainly will be used for games like WoW. Possible FPS games like Battlefield, but typically use a console for other games.

  • Fred H. Given

    Junky would this laptop be worth it? My max is a FIRM $700 and i have been looking at this one:
    If there is another laptop with better gaming capabilities for exactly $700 or under, i’d appreciate a link to it.

  • Jack B
    • The GE60 is much faster for gaming, but it costs 900$ and if you can pay 860$ you have a much better option with the Lenovo Y500:

      A really good deal – you get two GT 650Ms GPUs, I5, 6GB DDR3, 1080p screen, 1TB HDD and a backlit keyboard. That would be much faster compared to the GE60, for gaming.

      • Jack B

        Do you think i would need a cooling pad for the Y500?

        • I think you can monitor the temperatures. If it gets too warm, then get a cooling pad. it also depends on the way you use it and the environment – if you are in a hot place, for example, or placing the laptop on your bad, this will make it much more hot..

          If it will get too hot you’ll also notice degradation of the performance as the GPU and CPU will throttle.

  • Spaceoil

    Helllooo. I’m looking for a laptop with high quality gaming capabilities. I’m not necessarily looking for a laptop with the highest quality for gaming(but still pretty high quality) because I also care a lot about good thermals and computer build ( I want a laptop that would last a long time). In addition, I prefer 1080p and a clean laptop look overall. Also, I don’t want to drag a heavy ass laptop around. I’m a pretty huge multitasker, so i think a great multicore processor is appropriate. I was thinking that the Asus N56DP would be the right choice for me, but there may be a laptop that would better suit my interests. In your opinion, which laptop do you think i should choose that is close to my 800 budget.

    • Can you please ask it over the forums?

  • Gobtron


    I am new to the laptop world, so I am a bit confused. First of all, here’s my strategy:

    The plan is to have my portable computer for when I work outside of town, or when I’m not home for a couple of days. I will carry it to university only once in a while, and I don’t really use a computer when i’m outside.

    I also want to buy an external monitor (maybe 22-23 inches) for when I’m at home. I would plug my external speakers, mouse, keyboard and monitor. I would like to work dual screen, altough it is not essential, since I would have a bigger screen at home. But that would be a perk. With the external speakers, I don’t care having not-so-good internal speakers, even on the road.

    I like to play video games, but I’m not a hardcore gamer. I prefer performance over graphics quality. I would like to be able to play games like Call of Duty (the most recent would be great), Starcraft 2, Torchlight 2, Diablo 3, WoW, and Skyrim.

    I would also like to have a firewire port, since I am a semi-professional musician, and practice pluged in my external firewire sound card. I also do i little bit of home recording. I don’t think I have seen any laptops with a firewire port, exept those specifically designed for audio, or the Apple stuff…

    I would like my laptop to last at least 3-4 years, maybe 5, if it’s possible for a laptop to do so.

    So here are my questions!

    Do I NEED a 1080p resolution to be able to hook a 22-23 ” external monitor and use dual monitor? And do I need a 15″ laptop or the 14″ would be good? Is that only a personal preference for portability?

    I would play maybe max 4 hours straight on holidays or weekends, or maybe 1 hour a day on normal days. Would that be a problem for heat or something?

    I think the worst enemy of laptops for durability and longevity is heat, and carrying it around a lot. Am I right? Should I consider that heat dissipation for the longevity of the system, since I don’t think I will carry it around all the time?

    Is there a solution for the firewire port thing?

    And of course, I forgot to ask about what would be good for my needs (processor, RAM, hard drive, GPU, etc)?

    Considering all of those facts AND the fact that I don’t want to pay more than 750$-800$ before taxes, unless it is really worth it, is there something in the market that would fulfill my needs?

    Maybe you would like to know that my computer right now is a AMD Athlon XP 64 bits 3000+, GeForce FX 5200, 2.5 GB RAM… Quite the time to think about upgrading the system!

    Also, I am in Canada. I don’t know if it is important for the deals, etc.

    And by the way, your work and dedication is really appreciated! I am looking at your website a lot that helps me a lot in my quest!


    • Reply in the Forum!

  • Garg

    I went to the Lenovo site and it looks like the price has changed to $999 for the 480. Here’s a picture of the shopping cart; maybe I did something wrong.

    • Hit “Activate” in the coupon part

  • Quinn

    I found a cx61 with a full HD screen for $678.03 cash! This is the laptop I am getting. It also has 6GB of RAM i5 2310m and a geforce gt 645m.

    • Quinn

      Sorry wrong link-

      Here is the right one-

  • blooom

    any updates on deals for laptops in this category?

    • should be in a day or two

  • Andrew

    I was looking through these laptops and saw the MSI CX61 and really enjoy what I’ve read about it. I want to spend around ~700 before tax and it seems great for some gaming as well as general use. I know I may not need this high of specs with what I’ll be doing with it, but I want this laptop to last me for 4 years or so if possible. Do you think this laptop can last for awhile as long as I take care of it and will be good for the money? Also, I stumbled upon the which seems similar but for $20 less which would help me because I want to put a 1 year warranty on it. Also I would like to try windows 8 so these laptops seem to fit the bill. Is there one you would recommend over the other or something else at a similar price/performance that would work?

    • Andrew

      Sorry the link sort of died. I am referring to the Acer Aspire V3-771G-6851.

    • well, the reason I don’t recommend the CX61 or V3-771G (although the price is now down by 20$) is because you have the M5-581TG with GT 640M GDDR5 and some nice features (20GB mSSD cache drive) and because for 730$-750$ (now 730$) you get the Y480 with I7-3630QM and GT 650M GDDR5 – although it depends on how much will be the taxes..
      And they all do not have 1080p screen – for that you have the QAL51-HD that now ships with windows included.

      I think the MSI is a good laptop probably and the V3-771G is good too, according to reviews and you won’t pay TAX (right?), so it is a good deal

  • Rutvij

    Can u plz help me with purchasing a gaming laptop……my budget is around 1000$….i want to play MP3, N.F.S-MW, The witcher 2 such games with medium to high resolution….could u plz help me out…

    • can you install your own OS or do you need it pre-installed?

  • Lamey

    The Acer TimelineU M5-581TG-6666 is on sale at Newegg for 650. It has the 640M

    • thanks

      it is in the list

  • jaime

    as (Andy N) said im looking not for the best gaming laptop, but for a decent one at around $700. my estimated specs are:

    CPU intel i7 3rd gen or so
    RAM: 4gb is ok but prefered 6gb as optional
    GPU: nvidia GT 640m or higher ATI anyone that equals nvidia GT 640m or higher
    HDD: the best that could fit the price with at least 500gb if is a 5400rpm
    Screen Size: 15.6″ with a resolution of 1366 x 768 but with 1920×1080 if is possible

    additionals: well im not looking for a nice style laptop, but for a nice gaming one. i checked the: FORCE QAL51-HD; that is in the top of your list, but is $813 not $775. anyway this laptop seems stunning for the price, even when it only come with 4gb ram, but that is not a problem, since i can upgrade it later, but i want to see the performance of this latop on “games” and the cons, since every latop have it, but the seller wont tell of course. btw i know this is off topic but i never brought on black friday before and i want to know how much, does laptops like this drop in prices. for secure reason; i want to know if this websites are careful and legitimate?

    • Hi!

      1. All these websites are legitimate and well known.
      2. QAL51-HD is 775$ with an I5, not the default I7 – you can change the processor in the configuration page.
      3. If you are limiting the budget to strictly to 700$, the MSI CX61 from the complete list is the fastest currently.
      4. But, to assist you better, you better tell us your needs and games you want.

      • jaime

        first 1000x thanks. well i got a TOSHIBA P755-S5215 and it is able to play games like: codmw3 & skyrim in low setting, with around 12-18 FPS but i want to play games like; nfs the run too but it run very low, like 8-12 in low setting. im looking a laptop that could run those game at least high setting with out lagging, 30 FPS average.
        one question; does this laptops are going to low price this 23 black friday?

        • jaime

          ooh and i forgot to add those questions: are i7 way better then i5? and i heard CPU speed dont matter to much on gaming. that stunned me cus i always though CPU and GPU should be at almost same level, to get good gaming performance. im willing throw up $800 for a laptop that can handle current games as: BF3, CODMW & NFS the run at maxed settings. i heard that 5400rpm hard drive lack game FPS performance, im not sure how, because as i was aware the slow HDDs only lack loading the games, but not the FPS.
          can you clear me if this is true please, because if is i will have to buy a 7200rpm HDD? because almost all those nice laptops come with the 5400rpm only.

        • 1. GPU and CPU – as I wrote before, the GPU is generally far more important. Moreover, you CAN’T tell the performance by just looking on the cpu raw speed. Technology evolve and a current generation cpu can be much faster for the same clocks speed than previous generations. To know what will be the performance you need to read reviews / forum messages or just check it yourself

          2. I don’t know about black friday. Some laptops should have lower prices, but I don’t know if these will be the ones you need. I would say that if you can wait, then yes – wait, because the 700-800$ laptops are here to stay anyway.

          3. You said you can install your own Windows. Then I suggest you take the Sager NP6165 (look in the “under 1000$”) section or the QAL51-HD which does not have in depth reviews yet.
          all the games you’ve mentioned will run on high to highest settings

          • jaime

            thanks for clear me the (CPU GPU) thing, but you didnt answer my question about; if hard drivers have a matter in gaming, if yes what would be the difference?. does it affect the FPS in a game?, because im aiming the QAL51 but not sure if i select the 7200rpm, instead of the 5400rpm, since im breaking my limit of $800 if i choose the 7200. pls help me decide, i really appreciate you support for help us thanks.

            • For gaming – won’t matter much. It does effect things like load times, save times and so on, but have almost no impact on the FPS.

  • Andy N

    You seem to know a lot about high performance laptops, wondering if you could help me out.
    I’m currently looking for a laptop this year and black friday is where usually the good deals are at. I’m pretty picky on the specs of the laptop I’m looking for, but anyways here are the MINIMUM specs I’m looking at (ranked from most important to least):

    Keyboard: Backlit or lightup
    Graphics card: Anything better than Intel 3000 HD
    Processor: Intel i5 or AMD A10
    Optical Drive: DVD RW
    OS: Windows 7 (not too keen on W8)
    Screen: 14-16″
    RAM: 4GB DDR3
    HD: 500GB
    Webcam: Yes

    Not looking to spend more than $70 total if possible

    • hi


      • Andy N

        yes $700 lol

        • actually, all the laptops in this list will be much faster than what you’ve asked for gaming.
          Do you have specific games you want to play? specific application to run? what are you doing with it?

          • Andy N

            I mainly play SC2, but I would like a computer that would last at least 3 years so when new games come out I won’t have the need to upgrade. It needs to at least play medium settings. I liked the HP dz6-7200 (can the A8 handle SC2 on medium settings) you listed up there but the laptop I had before overheated and fried the motherboard (it had a AMD dual core). I understand that AMD is infamously known for its overheating issues compared to Intel but I would like something better than integrated graphics. How has the AMD Trinity series stood out so far?

            I appreciate the help

            • AMD is not infamously known. It is probably some rumors from years ago. I think from around year 2000.
              In late years, the AMD cpus were less energy efficient, but were not “overheating” more than others. It also a matter how the laptop builder built the laptop.

              The Trinity is more energy efficient and generally has a very good performance for the money for low budget, especially because the integrated GPU (graphics processor unit) is much faster than what you usually get with intel counter parts.
              For gaming, it is generally a lesser cpu, but you should mainly be bothered with the GPU because this is the part that has the highest importance for gaming performance.

              dv6z-7200 has the advantage of having good matte 1080p screen. However, its gaming performance is much lower than 800-850$ options.
              If you want something that is more future proof with good 1080p screen, I suggest the N56DP or the QAL51-HD, but then you have to install your own Windows

              • jaime

                + about to acquiring laptops with out windows yet installed; that is not a problem to me, since i just brought a copy, because a lot of laptops now day come with windows 8, and it have a lot of problems. well installing my own os is not a problem, unless a need some skills, a part of the normal installs process of course πŸ™‚
                ps. sorry for been so recurrently but i want to be very sure about the laptop im going to buy. when i brought the TOSHIBA P755-S5215 1 year ago, it cost me around $650-700. that was a rip off of my money for a piece of junk.