Gaming Laptops under $600

Hello and welcome to the $600 gaming laptop section. It is probably one of the more interesting price points for many. However, a laptop with a with good gaming capabilities for such a price is not easy to come by, at least not for a “new” laptop.

Update: The new Nvidia MX150 GPUs have been released and some others were announced from AMD too. I’d wait for the new round of laptops equipped with these GPUs – it’s better than most current old models offered on the web. Wait for it.

The usual GPU you’ll find in laptops for $500-$600 will be a low-midrange/high-lower end GPU, like the GT 940M, GTX 950M. The problem, currently, is that the new wave of these GPUs haven’t been released yet. The GTX 950M, which is really the same as a GTX 850M, is around 3 years old now, going back to the first Maxwell-based GPUs (Maxwell is one of Nvidias’ GPU architecture). While this was a nice GPU for its time, it’s way below the performance/price curve in today’s performance terms. That puts us in an annoying situation, right? there is nothing new to report at least until Nvidia will release their GT 1040 or AMD will start released their mobile GPUs.

But, let’s try to overview the possibilities while keeping in mind that currently it’s probably better to wait for the new GPUs (unless you want a 3-years old tech) or go up to $800 (check $800 section)

  1. Current generation HP Pavilion 15t (GTX 1050)

    Can sometimes be found for $600, including GTX 1050 2GB, I5-7300HQ CPU, basic 1080p IPS display, 1TB 7200RPM HDD. That’s the fastest for $600, but usually sells for a little higher

  2. Refurbished Dell 7559 (15.6″, GTX 960M)

    The popular 15.6″ low midrange gaming laptop of the previous GPU generation.With an I7-6700HQ, 8GB RAM and 1TB SSHD + 1 year from Dell. Still a good option. However, my general recommendation holds – wait for the new round of laptops with the new Nvidia MX150, GTX 1050 or AMD equivalent

  3. [Refurbished] Acer E 15 E5-575G

    (15.6″), available also from Newegg (link). around $450-600, also available as refurbished, GTX 950M 4GB, the new Kaby Lake I5-7200U CPU, 256GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1080p display (Not a terrible TN). Should be a nice laptop for $600. I’d wait for the new models

  4. Previous generation HP Pavilion 15t

    with I5-6300HQ and a GTX 950M + basic (lower end) 1080p IPS display

That’s pretty much it, unless you want to get a laptop with an even slower GPU (like the GT 940M), but that would have a really bad performance/price. I would say – go up to $800 or wait for the new stuff.

  • Usman Saleem

    Hi there can you find find me a deal of 1st one (hp pavillion 15t) and acer aspire 5 (mx150) in Uk. Please! 🙂

  • I Must say Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-53VG can also be a good option. You can also take a look at these gaming laptops:

  • Shawn Smith

    Hi, I’m looking for a gaming laptop that can run games like gta 5 and Star Wars Battlefront. However my max budjet is at 600 and I would prefer a new laptop, rather than a used or refurbished.

  • Aaron

    It should be noted I was able to get the 7559 1 TB version from Dell outlet for 525$ before tax during one of their frequent sales. Very good deal…

    • Yes, I saw some good prices, but it’s hard to catch, so I can’t really post direct link to anything
      But you’re right – I should mention it more clearly.

      Was it outlet business or home?

      And yes, and excellent deal

  • Hy junky,
    i’m looking for gaming laptop under $650 for game like dota, battlefield, cod, and other newest game. and also i prefer asus, any advice for that?

  • Srinjoy Ghosh

    Does Acer Aspire E 15 E5-573G-79JP work good for games on ps2 emulator and minecraft? Please give me the FPS

    • It should work well for Minecraft. I think it should be good enough for the emulator too
      I don’t know what is the FPS, but they should be high for minecraft

  • Running race

    Would the HP pavilion 15t touchscreen be a good gamer if you upgraded the i5 processor to the 6th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U Processor Dual-Core + NVIDIA GeForce 940M 2GB Discrete Graphics?

    It’s 8GB, windows 10, and 15″6 in (1920×1080)

    • Hi!

      An I7-U won’t help you at all in this case, you’ll be limited by the GPU well before the CPU
      What exactly are your needs?

      • Running race

        Thanks for replying! And I’m looking for a gaming laptop that’ll put up with day to day use, not with super intense gaming every single day but something that can handle just casual browsing with a little more so it would be able to handle when I do game and have other processes running like skype.

        My budget is $800 and below, so I have more leverage than 600$ below, but the biggest struggle for me is that I’m really aiming to try and get something with touchscreen even if it means sacrificing some of the specs.
        I’m trying to go along with the whole, “if it comes to it, scratch touchscreen.” though.

        one thing that’s also important for me, that’s not really a struggle but I travel so I’ve been trying to stick to 15″6 and below

        I usually play RPG or Open world games, like skyrim & transistor.

          • Running race

            Again, thanks for replying and being so willing to help! Anyway, yeah I did check out the 800$ section too, and I’m leaning towards the 7559 dell if the HP pavilion doesn’t seem to be the best for me.
            -Again there is that whole touchscreen thing popping up.

            I am okay with refurbished and if it’s for a good deal, I could go for used but definitely something that isn’t all worn down.

            • Thanks!

              1. You can get a refurbished 7559 from eBay (or Dell, but it’s hard to find currently). You’ll get the official warranty and you’ll have enough money left for some nice SSD!

              2. You can consider the Y700 AMD version, which has a lower performance, but mostly it’s not ready in terms of software. I guess it will get better with time and drivers/bios updates, but still

              • Running race

                Alright! Do you think there are any good/decent enough gamers that are touchscreen out there worth looking at? Or is it just too uncommon to be able to get a good one for cheap?

                • It’s just not that good – not as sensitive and useful as in smatphones.. what are your uses for it?

                  • Running race

                    Gotcha, and I play osu!, which isn’t demanding at all when it comes to a computer but it isn’t laptop designed at all, the trackpad can’t play it. I had touchscreen on my old computer so I got really adapted to it, and I played osu with it so I was hoping to get another touchscreen for that. It’s not completely necessary but it’s like giving up cake for me ;_;.

                    • For such a price, there are laptops like the HP Envy 15T with touch and a GT 940M, like the one you linked to, but not a lot other than that.. not with a good display, anyway

        • Waiting to hear your thoughts..
          Are you ok with refurbished?

  • Tezcroy

    Can u olay rust on this

    • Hi Tezcroy – didn’t see your message! are you still there?

  • oliver ebsworth

    Hi Junky, i have $600 – 700 to spend and the sole requirement is to play the latest football manager and a little bit of general use. can you recommend a few to me please?
    Thank you

  • Zara Eliza

    Practical Tips for Buying Your New Laptop
    And then what do you need the laptop for?
    Cause you call for a lightweight, portable laptop for business trips or(
    encounters? Cause you ask a student notebook for a long time? Or do just want a
    desktop replacement computer that you can easily move about in your house? Your
    response will greatly determine which type of laptop you should purchase.

    In my instance, I needed a desktop switch that I could well run around my place
    and carry on very infrequent trips or holidays. Long battery life was not a
    major consideration because I would mainly be using it plugged into an
    electrical wall socket. Also, the laptop I wanted would be 7 or 8 quid and I
    had no intentions of lugging that baby around over any great length.

    I play full time at home and make a big deal of web design so I demanded a
    solid car with a lot of Rams. I also enjoy downloading and enjoying the
    occasional movie and then a DVD Multi Drive and a widescreen display were
    important. High-quality graphics and audio were
    also significant for what I required.

    • Don’t like it 🙁 $600 for such a thing.. you can find the same performance for like $450-$500 for time to time and for a little more you can get much faster laptops

      What are you looking for?

  • Blake Oleniczak

    Will the asus x555lb-ns51 run new games like h1z1 on medium

    • I’ll have to check with them what are the requirements, but probably not. What’s your budget?

  • Anonythemouse

    Looking for a cheapish(hopefully under 500) laptop for Garry’s Mod. Any help would be appreciated.

  • cody

    I am lookin for something under 600$ that can run rust and dayz on medium to high graphic settings

    • Hi cody! I replied in the other post!

    • oh, it wasn’t you in the other one – are you good with refurbished?

  • Santiago Herrera

    Hi junky, now the asus x555lb is about 570 on newegg.thats a great deal for under 600 for a 1080 panel.

    • Hi Santiago!
      I’m a bit reluctant to push this deal up as the 1080p resolution is hard on a GPU like the GT 840M/940M according to my tests (and others). Also, judging by user comments, that’s not a good display, so it’s not a huge advantage – you get lower performance, but same mediocre quality

      • Santiago Herrera

        Fair enough, that is a bummer, anyhow it gives me the impression it has good quality built.Im looking for something under 800, i saw a refurbished y50 about 570 but it scares me since I have no way to check it. Thoughts?

        • personally I’d go with it, if you are talking about cowboom – they are usually good and there is warranty anyway. You can also catch something from Lenovo outlet with 1 year warranty..

  • Marc Brown
  • Saif Said

    hey junky
    i’m looking for something that’s 600$ or under
    and run newest games even if it’s on low graphics

  • satm

    Hi Junky!
    After a long time, I’m looking getting back into pc laptops – this time it would be strictly for gaming (EVE online mostly). Would you have any updated suggestions for me what to get? EVE isn’t really that demanding on the 3d-department compared to say Skyrim or BioShock, but it would be a huge bonus if the laptop would have a hdmi-output (for hooking up a second monitor at home), and a input for internet cable (as I think most laptops already have? I don’t trust my WiFi with gaming, too unreliable….)

    Refurbished would be ok!


  • john

    Hi junky,
    Looking for laptop under 600 euros location ireland want to be able to play demanding games in good quality not looking for ultra but woulld like high medium(medium games watch dogs etc) at the least but would like most games to be high (games like bioshock infinite portal 2,wolf among us high settings) .have been looking for awhile trying find a good one that ships to ireland and preferable the postage would by included in the 600 euro .thanks all your help. Important things to take note it is euro so you can currency change that to what ever currency but it does need to ship to ireland and be under 600 including postage.

    • Hi John!

      No way someone could bring you stuff from somewhere else in the EU? I’ve checked prices now in IE and they are not that good. Actually, pretty bad..
      I think that even ordering from or would be much better (they should deduct the local VAT and add IE vat)

  • julius

    Hey junky!
    I found this article while googling and searching for laptops for gaming… I only need to play games on Steam and Orign which means that I constantly install and unistall games so capacity really isn’t a problem. I’ve been gaming on my mac through bootcamp but my FIFA 15 seem to have caused some issues with my computer and now I’m looking for cheap laptops to buy.
    I play Total War games, FIFA 15, and also some AAA games once in a while. Thinking of getting Dragon Age Inquisition and maybe Batman Arkham Knight in the future etc…
    I just want to get a laptop that is good for gaming. I do not need to buy a super gaming laptop. Just something reasonable. I just don’t want my laptop to crash or my games to lag while I’m playing is all. So what laptops would you recommend me?

    • Hi julius!!

      Can you please open a thread over the forums?
      What budget do you have in mind?

  • Aimee

    All I want is to be able to play Skyrim- that’s it. And I’ve only ever played it on a PS3 so I’m not spoiled. Any suggestions that won’t break her bank?

    • We have to break the banks in order to be free!

      Are you ok with refurbished?

      • Aimee

        Sure. Refurb is fine. And right! Smash the state!
        (I also will need to do basic home office functions)

        • 1. can you do stuff like replacing a screen panel maybe, or replacing the HDD/SSD? One problem is that many laptops comes with a lousy screen, especially for such a price, but a replaceable

          2. What’s your budget? $600?

          3. Do you want to get very high graphics settings?

          4. Can you please open a new thread on the forums? (thanks)

          • Aimee

            Yes,yes,no,yes 🙂

  • Daniel

    I have a son who wants a laptop that will play World of Tanks at a medium setting. What is the cheapest laptop I can get that will do that?

  • I purchased the Acer V5-552PG from Staples and the 4GB of RAM is a typo on their site. It comes with 8GB. Verified in BIOS.
    EDIT: (Unfortunately it appears sold out, so it may be a moot point.)

    • thanks, I actually saw it was a 8GB version (according to Acer site), but forgot to change it

      How do you feel with it (except for being a really good deal for $380)

      • I like it a lot, but I am only using it as my mobile gaming platform

        Pros: It runs Assassin’s Creed IV at lower specs with no problems.
        It runs league and Starcraft II pretty well, but it was hard to tell cause my internet was spotty.
        It is also very small (not like my previous ASUS ROG)

        Cons: It came with a lot of bloatware and the bluetooth drivers were a bit messed up and needed to be upgraded. The CPU also stays at about 100 degrees Celcius, but so far it hasn’t melted.

        Thanks for the tips. I wouldn’t have found such a good buy without your site.

        • 1. 100C for the CPU?! I had the same (or very similar) machine and didn’t go that high at all. It might be bad thermal paste or other stuff. What is the CPU clock under high load? (you can use HWInfo to monitor)

          2. BTW, you can replace the display quite easily to a good 720p one (or 1080p, but it will be a big performance hit)

          3. AC is boring

          4. You can also replace the WiFi card for like 6-7$

  • Izaya

    do you have any recomendations

  • Izaya

    i need a laptop 600 max with a good graphics card and processer i want to play games like gta 5,skyrim,call of duty and all the demanding stuff

  • Vi’s Sister

    Hey Junky, I just became a fan of yours by how you respond with the community, I am looking for a temporary gaming laptop for under 600 before I have to go away for a year, I’d like to have the option of playing a fps/league of legends/ or an mmorpg with quality on the higher side, do you think I should wait for black Friday or cyber Monday, and if I do, where should I search?

    • thanks!
      Where are you going for year? you just might go a place with better models and/or prices..
      Also, are you good with refurbished laptops? EDIT: I see you do!

      Could you post it over the forums?

      • Vi’s Sister

        Thanks for responding, I immediately bought the y50 once I realized how good it was!

        • The Y50? we talked about a laptop under $600!

          • Vi’s Sister

            I KNOW HA! I’m so broke now but it’s great, now I’m looking at the display replacement post! You’re so helpful!

            • (-:
     usually have good prices and 3 years warranty – you can take 30-pin eDP displays. The B156HAN01.X is one good option and about the rest – I’m not sure they are available for end customers

              • Vi’s Sister

                I just received the laptop, how does everybody know the monitor is shitty? What makes it bad? Do I definitely have the one you spoke of? You hinted at a better version being released.

                • 1. The touch version has a little better screen in practice
                  2. You might have a different display, you can check it with HWInfo freeware under “monitor”
                  3. Well, you can see that the viewing angles are not good (looking at an angle on the display makes picture distorted) and colors are lucking – try to look a red color, even compared to some TV or something and contrast is low – open an image of black on the screen and you’ll notice that the black is far from “black” and looks more like grey/white/black (it’s always the case, but some monitors have deeper blacks)

                  • Vi’s Sister

                    Good thing I had not started using this laptop for graphic design or the failure of having close to true black would have bugged me, I already looked into the other display option and will put that in my wishlist, changing screens in this laptop is incredibly easy, thanks once again !

                    • just one question – who’s Vi?

                    • Vi’s Sister

                      Great question, this is a placeholder account for the community in the website which uses Disqus as well. Vi is a character in League of Legends, a popular online game, and has a sister who hasn’t been released yet. Most commenters in that website take the persona of a character and portray them and cause funny situations.

                    • I see! I know that Characters, though I dislike what LoL and other games do with human/female bodies. No love, only sexism and everyone is an object 🙁

                      Seems like this site is dead anyway, no?

                    • Vi’s Sister

                      It’s actually .net, my bad, they were only following the guidelines set by past games, however, they no longer do this, Vi and every female character after her are proof!

                    • do you think they might do some cooperation with this blog?

                    • Vi’s Sister

                      I’m unclear on what exactly you are referring to. However, this is a multi million dollar company, I’m sure they get hundreds of inquiries!

                    • oh 🙁
                      And thanks!

                    • Vi’s Sister

                      No no no be sad, also, I can’t tell if I have a 1TB SSHD or not, SS is solid state right?

                    • You can look up the serial number of the storage devices – either through device manager or HWInfo

  • Trey Knutt

    Hey im looking for a laptop under 650 for gaming any advice? Types of games: war thunder, minecraft and league of legends

    • Hi Trey!

      Are you ok with refurbished or used?

  • Pilotlbe

    Hello do you guys recommend the GT740 or the Radeon 8750?
    I’m hesitating between 15t and 15z. I would like to do some CoD and BF4 on the laptop, and I had a lot of heating issue with the HP laptop in the past.. Thanks!

    • Hi!

      budget? what games do you have in mind?

      • Pilotlbe


        Budget would be like 650$ max. Game like BF4. The 15t that they recommend if I choose the 1080p and the nvidia it end up being 729$..

        I found a configuration on 15z with a A10 and a Radeon 8750 for 669$ which doesnt look that bad..

        • I wouldn’t go for the A10 if it costs that much. Frankly, I think you better wait for some good deal. Even a year and half ago there were better options from time to time

          Can you wait?

  • kubabowman

    I am currently going to college and need a laptop for papers and such.
    I can afford just a little over 600 for a laptop and want to run League of Legends, Call of Duty, Battlefield 4, and other games like these on it.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  • Dan

    Hey guys, any help for me? Trying to find something within $500-$550, might go with the latitude 3540 refurbed for $570, but not sure.

    Any help?

  • Archivolt
    • thanks! it’s been on sale for a long time now on buydig

      • Archivolt

        Oh I had thought that it was out of stock on BuyDig, but I guess another place to buy it is great!


    What about Asus Rog gx500 ?
    Asus ROG
    GX500 will be released in the third quarter of 2014. About its price,
    Asus has not revealed any aspect in this regard. I personally hope to
    cost less than $ 2,000.

    • Hi TechWarn- $2000 machine will cost more than$600

  • Fco M

    not just because they have AMD or Nvida GPU they will perform better, 4th generation Intel HD deliver very good performance, and for lower price. laptops with external GPU tend to skip or throttle when power supply does not crack enough current. they are also very hot while playing, I don’t recommend any laptop under 600 for gaming, buy a bigger laptop for that, otherwise buy a cheaper Intel HD laptop to play some not so demanding games.

  • DakotahBill

    I’m alittle leary of used electronics but im wanting a cheap but fast non laggy laptop. Any advice?

  • NateWW

    Can someone tell me how the Acer Apsire 571G-6622 runs Arma 3/DayZ? What settings and what kind of FPS it gets?

    Please, it would be a huge help in my hunt for a cheap gaming notebook,

    Thank you very much,

    • Arma 3 Aplha benchmarks :
      The performance will surely be changed in the final release.

      The 6622 should run it quite well since it has a much lower screen resolution – x4 times lower than the 1080p in the benchmarks.
      HOWEVER, I’d suggest getting the HP 15z-j000 with 1080p screen as it is of much higher quality than the 768p in the Acer.

      • Jacob

        what the fuck am i suposed to do with 1.7 GHZ processer? hell dayz requires 2.66 or higher!!! You couldn’t run minecraft on 1.7 GHZ if you want people to see how they run games you should record a video of it or maybe try it yourself so you realize that NONE of the computers above would be worth 2 shits in the gaming world

        • chill out man!!
          1.7GHZ is just the base clocks. It goes up to 2.6GHZ. Moreover, the GPU is the main part here for 3D gaming. True, if you have a powerful GPU, then a slow CPU will bottleneck the performance, but that’s not the case with $600 gaming laptops almost never

      • Patrick Ortega

        1366×768 is half the resolution of 1080p. Not a quarter.

        • true!

          • Patrick Ortega

            Also Junkie, I want to assist in some benchmarks, though I don’t have many Laptops to work with, I have my W650SJ Laptop and a Desktop that runs a 750 Ti. In a way, they can be used as a reference.

            • Thanks! please contact me via and let’s talk about it

              • Patrick Ortega

                Probably after Christmas and New Year 🙂

                • No problem! I hear in your voice the fear of me being a boss – no worries, really, I’m the nicest person ever, more or less

  • Adam

    I’m torn between the Dell 15R SE and Acer V3-571G-6622. They seem to be about equal (I have 2 gigs of ram I can add to the Acer to make it the same) I’m replacing a dell that decided take up smoking. What do you suggest?

    • I’d go for the 6622. The 15R SE is bhought from Dell and that adds more tax and shipping usually – did you check?

      Besides, the GT 730M should be faster in many cases than the 7730M, unfortunetaly

  • Kesus

    first of all, great resource here. thanks for that.
    i just got a question though. if only thing i care about is just ‘playing’ part, what would u suggest around $600?
    what i mean by that is i don’t care about high graphic settings or screen size or weight or wutever.
    as long as i can play on med settings without lagging, i wouldnt have any problems with it.
    games like d3, path of exile, LOL, blade and soul, sc2 and so on.

    • thanks (-:

      Strictly under 600$? get the Y480 (first link) if you are ok with a refurbished laptop.

  • MAVP

    Starting a new thread:

    Basically, I’m looking for a laptop that will play World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and Star Wars The Old Republic on medium settings. It would be great if the laptop had upgradeable hardware (like RAM and the monitor), but as long as it can play those games for a year or two, that’s fine. The only other games I play are real-time strategy games like Europa Universalis, Civ5, and Rome: Total War – I never play first person shooters.

    I’m hoping to find something $600 or less. Would you mind helping me with that?

    You replied by asking if I mind a 17.3″ – and I assume you mean the screen. I don’t know that the size of the screen matters except in portability – am I wrong?

    • you weren’t wrong, but I missed this comment somehow. Are you still interested in an answer?

  • Ballingtillthedayidie

    Hey yo, I’m looking for a laptop that’s around 600. I’m at a desk most of the time, but I do carry to school sometimes, so mobility isn’t a biggie. I’m looking for VERY HIGH BUILD QUALITY, as I’m keeping for 5-6 years. I can’t find the refurbished y570. I saw the Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 21512KU, but its out of stock. Can you find a laptop equivalent to this? I game a lot, and that’s pretty much it.

    • for gaming? what for? specific games?

      • Ballingtillthedayidie

        Mainly first person shooter, bf3, black ops 2, and future games. So pretty much demanding games, so it’s gotta have good thermals.

      • Ballingtillthedayidie

        Mainly first person shooter games, bf3, black ops 2. Medal of Honor warfighter. And all future shooter games in the battlefield and cod franchises. I’ll sometimes get a random game I like

        • Ballingtillthedayidie

          Sorry for the double post, I’m on my ipad, so it’s hard to type and see

            • Ballingtillthedayidie

              I don’t really like the 4gb ram, how much would 6gb make a difference. And is the ssd for booting up windows faster? Are there gonna be any better deals or laptops in e next 2-3 weeks?

              • Ballingtillthedayidie

                And the low power i5 isn’t really good for gaming.

              • Yes, there might be some deals on the Z580 or maybe some other laptops, but you won’t get any better performance than the M5-481TG.

                The low power I5 has a lower performance, but the combination is good and the benchmarks show it.

                About the RAM – don’t be bothered, you can buy 2x4GB DDR3 on newegg for low price anyway.

                • Ballingtillthedayidie

                  Are you sure there’s gonna be a deal on the z580? I’m not getting the one above, it’s simply too expensive for its performance. Does hp have good build quality, because I might get the dv6t if a coupon for $50 comes around.

                  • no, I’m not sure about the Z580. There should be some coupon for the dv6t, but I don’t know which

                    • Ballingtillthedayidie

                      Does hp have good build quality?

                  • As far as I know, and according to reviews, it is good. The newest HP g6, for example, is pretty sturdy.

                    • Ballingtillthedayidie

                      Ok thanks, I will be on the hunt for some coupons. This hp is very appealing

    • Ballingtillthedayidie

      There is one new Z580 21512KU left for $560, should I get that, or wait for 3 weeks for an hp coupon and get the dv6t for 650.

      • The dv6t is faster, but we don’t know if there will be a coupon. This is your choice

      • Also, if you want, HP gives a free NOOK with laptops priced 600$ or more and you can sell it ..

  • BallersLife

    ok, so im bouta get a new laptop on ma b day on feb 16. I checked dem all outs, and the lenovo g780 was da best one. Now dats really bad for its price, 635m, 500 gb hard disk, 4 gb ram. Dat sucks. now i need at least like 6gb ram, 750gb hard disk. ma bro got one for 550 dat had 630m and 4gb ram and 750gb hard disk. Can you’s find one?

    • BallersLife

      oh and i forgot that the lenovo y570 aint dere anymores. if u’s able ta find one, please give me da link.

    • the 635M is a 555M actually – same GPU, they only rebranded it.

      What is your budget?

      • Charlie

        Up ta 600

        • BallersLife

          Up ta 600

  • Ice

    Can I get your opinion on this HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 series:
    With the NB6893 coupon it costs $594.99

    • Excellent one! Just posting it..

      I would suggest getting it with the 1080p screen, but even without it, it is a very good deal:

      for 723$ you get it with a good matte 1080p screen and GT 650M GDDR5.

      • Ice

        Yeah I’d like to get the 1080p screen but it’s way over my budget.

        • ok. You should know that the screen of the dv6t-7000 is replaceable – some people did it. When you get some money and in case you’d want to do that, know you can

          • Ice

            Really? That’s good to know. Thanks 🙂

  • Charlie

    Is there a laptop equivalent to this for 600 and less? Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 21512KU. My brother got it for 550. It has really good specs for its price

    • currently not, but you can get the Y570 from eBay or Lenovo outlet sometimes for 550$-600$. Try the eBay link.

      what exactly are your needs?

      • MAVP

        I’m going to respond to this, because I have a similar question. I know next to zero about computers and all of the specs thrown around here make very little sense to me and my head explodes.

        Basically, I’m looking for a laptop that will play World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and Star Wars The Old Republic on medium settings. It would be great if the laptop had upgradeable hardware (like RAM and the monitor), but as long as it can play those games for a year or two, that’s fine. The only other games I play are real-time strategy games like Europa Universalis, Civ5, and Rome: Total War – I never play first person shooters.

        I’m hoping to find something $600 or less. Would you mind helping me with that?

        • better start a new thread – are you ok with a 17.3″?
          Your options now are not that good, but might be better in the future. The Z580 was a good option and a used/refurbished Y570 too. The G780 has a good performance, but I like it less because its build quality.

  • Gerald

    is there a laptop under 600$ with a processor equivalent to an i3 and a graphics card equal to or better than the amd radeon hd 7670

    • just updated it. The HP dv6z-7200 is a good offer. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any laptop with faster gpu than the 7670M in this price range. You can check refurbished Y570s..

  • raj shrivastav

    is there any laptop with these specs under $600;
    Intel core i3 3110m or better
    AMD radeon 6650m or Nvidia GeForce GT 635M or even better than these two

    if yes ,please send an email with information please
    my address-

    • you can get a refurbished Y570 from Lenovo outlet.
      and the Z580 from the list is faster than what you’ve asked – it has an I5-3210M and a GT 630M