Gaming Laptops Under $500

Highest gaming performance:

Good gaming laptops under $500 are not abundant, but there are some laptops that are more suitable for gaming and have some advantages over others. Currently, the highest gaming performance for this price range is with an I5 and a GT 940M or Radeon M370 (you’ll find the DDR3 version only). This means low-midrange gaming performance, usually more adequate for 1366×768 resolution than 1080p, but it depends on the game ofcourse.

Sometimes, however, refurbished or pre-owned laptops are available for such a price with a significantly higher gaming performance. For example, the Lenovo Y50 was selling for $500 pre-owned from Cowboom, with no warranties but with free return policy.

However, the problem is usually the lower end display quality, in my opinion. Models with a higher grade display are starting to show up.

  1. The new Acer E5-575G 15.6″ via Amazon (link) or Newegg (link, HDD, not SSD) for $550. New Acer’s budget gaming laptop, upgraded from previous models with a GT 940MX GPU (GDDR5), 256GB SSD, I5-6200U CPU and 1080p display (TN). It also includes a USB 3.1 type-C port (3.1 gen1). In comparison to the GT 940M competitors, the 940MX GDDR5 performs considerably faster for gaming, up to 50% faster than a 940M.
  2. HP Pavilion 15, (15.6″, $500-$550) is now offered with the new Skylake I5-6200U CPU, Nvidia GT 940M 2GB GPU, 6GB RAM, 1080p IPS display an 1TB HDD for $520 before taxes. Keyboard quality should be OK and so is the sound quality.
  3. The new Acer E5-573G 15.6″ (Review) via Newegg or Amazon with GT 940M, I5-5200U, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSHD and a mediocre 1080p display. Keyboard is not good, but thermals are ok and it’s the fastest for 3D under $500 currently.
  4. Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga (14.0″, $400-$450) 14.0″, with GT 840M, I5-4210U, 1080p IPS display, 1TB SSHD for $450, pre-owned, for those who want to give it try and get a slim and lightweight laptop like this. That’s a small bet to take and it is possible that you’ll have to send it back.

The two best options are above $500, so I would suggest waiting for some other deal or bite it and get another $50-$100 for one of the $500-$600 gaming laptops and getting one of the more interesting options.

To get a notion of what gaming performance you can expect from from such laptops, please check the tests graph from the E5-573G review. Unless otherwise stated, the graphics settings are the highest available in the game:
Acer E5-573G gaming benchmark

Well, as you see, you can usually expect an average FPS of around 20-25FPS for very high settings@768p with a GPU like the GT 940M and even on medium settings in a game like World of Tanks, the system will struggle. So, the suitable graphics settings will be probably low-midrage@768p.

Saving money – 400$ gaming laptop

There are many options refurbished or used with warranty on eBay – link. The links will lead you to search with laptops with an A8-4500M/A10-4600M or A10-5750M. The last two come with a pretty good integrated GPU. If you can snatch those for like $300, then it’s a good deal for very light gamers. The A10s come with an integrated GPU that comes close to ome $500-$600 current offerings, that’s why I’m suggesting those.

1. eBay

2. Cowboom

  • GW Fan

    Hello Junky!
    I was wondering if you could recommend a laptop to play GW2 on? I don’t mind playing on low settings, as long as it doesn’t lag, but medium settings at least would be ideal. I would prefer for it to not go above $450 if possible. I found this one, but I don’t really have a clue as to what I’m looking for, I just like that it has 1TB hard drive ^^”:

  • Tech User
    • yes, but you can be sure you won’t get this laptop.

      • Tech User

        Thank you. That is what I was thinking, way too good to be true! Patiently waiting for Pascal and Polaris mobile options and hoping they arrive with Thunderbolt 3 ports included.

        • yea, don’t be tempted
          However, you can sometimes find laptops that have some small problem, but otherwise working, like a broken screen which can be replaced

  • Ben Whitmore

    Hey “Junky”,
    I’m looking for a laptop that would be relatively lightweight (something I could bring to school, and write/do work on), but also something that I could take home, and unwind (play battlefield 4 perhaps), my price range is 500USD, do you know of anything? thanks.
    oh and also I might want to use photoshop, and illustrator cs6. is this too much to ask for my price range?

    • Well, this is a bit of a pickle.. the $500 price range isn’t in a great shape right now.
      There are laptops like the Acer E5-574G, but I don’t like it that much

      If you are ok with low graphics settings, maybe you should consider a “business” laptop like the Latitude E7450 which you can find refurbished for like $500-$550 and get a very good machine.

      Let me know your thoughts

  • Jack

    Hi Junky. I was wondering if the acer e5-574g is any good. I would also be willing to get a smaller laptop like a think pad for around $400, and get a GeForce GTX 750ti and a monitor, because that would still be in my price range (~600 usd) I’m looking to run a few games like tf2, the crew, and maybe some NFS. If you have any other recommendations for me, they will be greatly appreciated

  • Wayne

    Hello junky! I was just wondering if the the new Acer E5-574G is a good Idea to buy. I need a laptop that can play games such as Gta 5, bf4 and such on at least low to medium settings. I really would like to play those games on a laptop since a console is just not as comfortable as a pc is for me. Oh and another thing, they mentioned on Amazon that it had tons of bloatware, but I read online that you can clear up most of that bloatware by a command in powershell, and if that isn’t true, how can I remove them?

    • Wayne

      Nvm I’m getting another 8gb ram slot and an ssd which should be fast as f*ck

      • wait!
        Do you currently have a console? I didn’t exactly get the scene!

        • Wayne

          Yes I do. But I just don’t enjoy it as much as pc gaming. The community is cancer in the country I’m living in, in consoles at least. So pc gaming is fantastic for me

          • So, you are buying from the US? what’s your budget? there are other options

            • Wayne

              By budget is around 670$ tops. So I think the laptop+8 gbs of ram+ an ssd would be the most viable option for me, and the best option. And I live in Kuwait, if it makes a difference.

              • Oh, are you buying in Kuwait? Or in the US? Im not familiar with prices in Kuwait

                • Wayne

                  I’m buying it online. It should be the same price for anyone in the US, thoughts?

                  • Maybe give me links to some stores?
                    In the US I’d recommend refurbished 7559, Lenovo y700 amd, acer vn7-571g or waiting for some nice deal

                    If you can find anything with gtx 950m and an ips display, that would be great

                    • Wayne

                      I meant buy it off of Amazon
                      And add 8gbs of ram and 250gb ssd.

                    • There are better options, like the Dell 7559 refurbished from eBay (should be $640-$680, if you can catch one) or the Lenovo Y700 AMD version, again refurbished or “New Other” from eBay. The 7559 is preferred
                      Both would be much faster, with a better display and quality

                    • Wayne

                      Those are options, but I need to ask one question. If I do get the Acer aspire e5-574g, I’ll get the 250gb ssd with it. My question is, 250gb won’t be enough at all, is there any way to use these two altogether? I’ve been looking for an answer for days now, but still :/.

                    • You can use a 250GB SATA III SSD inside the E5-574G, but I’m not sure that you can use an M.2 SSD. Is that what you are talking about?

                    • Wayne

                      Yes! That is exactly what I’m talking about. But just to make sure lol, I can physically put an ssd with the hdd still in the laptop, correct? If so, then you have just saved me SOO much time

                    • No! You can replace the HDD!
                      Although! you can pull out the DVDRW (I think it has one, no?) and put an SSD instead!

                      But the E5-574G isn’t that great..

                    • Wayne

                      Thank you so much. I know that the E5-574G isn’t that great, but when I meant 670$, I meant including ssd and ram and accessories that are needed and stuff.

                    • But SSD and RAM you can add later..

                    • Wayne

                      Okay, one final question: would the E5-574G with the ram and ssd be faster than the laptops you’ve mentioned?

                    • Wayne

                      Oh and I mean as a whole, gaming & multitasking

                    • maybe things like OS boot, but it won’t be better for games

                    • Wayne

                      Okay thanks man. I appreciate you helping me

                    • Wayne

                      One final question, how do you remove bloatware without reinstalling windows?

                    • uninstall usually. Should be good enough

                    • Wayne

                      Okay… I finally came to my senses and decided that in the end, you were right. So I extended the range a bit and now I’m gonna buy a Dell inspiron i7559-763blk, with a 1tb hdd and 8 gigs of ram. Thank you so much for helping me. Oh and tell me your opinion about it.

                    • Wayne

                      I’ve finally realised that the E5-574G isn’t good. I don’t know what inspired this bias towards it, but I’ve decided to stick with the Dell inspiron i7559-763blk. Thoughts? My budget allowed that. Oh and I’ll be adding the extra ram and a 1 tb hdd

                    • So, you bought the E5-574G? I guess not?
                      I’d go and buy a refurbished 7559 from Dell Outlet, see here links

  • Chris

    Hey junky, I’m having problems searching for a laptop that could support a game such as Dark Souls 3 on low settings. In for the gameplay, I saw the Acer Aspire E5-573G-52G3 15.6-Inch, but not sure. Under $500 of course.

    • For $500, that would be a problem with a laptop… For $650 you can get some nice refurbished laptop which is powerful enough to run such games on reasonable settings and with reasonable FPS

      Are you sure you want a laptop and not a desktop?

  • Sultan

    Hello, you see I’m a console gamer. I’m really confused by all of the stats and numbers, i just want a laptop that can run CSgo, LOL, and games that don’t really need high graphics. my budget is around 300-460$ any advise of what might be suitable for me? Thanks 🙂

  • Fusion-Blade-Gaming

    what is a good gaming laptop that can run cs go, Ark survival evolved, Rust and CoD that is under $500 Australian if there isn’t any good gaming laptops then under $850

    • Hi!

      Ark is heavy for any $500 laptop currently, and AU is a problem.. no way you could get anything from the US?

      • Fusion-Blade-Gaming

        if US is all thats fine and i think my budget will be around $1500

        • Didn’t get you – up to $1500 in the US?

  • Jack

    Hi junky, i would like a gaming laptop that can play all of the call of duty games those are the only games i am interested in, i only have £500 to spend and im from the uk, can u please recommend some laptops thanks

    • Well, you could get a laptop that runs these on low settings well, maybe low-medium, but are you sure you want a laptop and not a desktop?

      • Jack

        I cant have a desktop my parents said a laptop only for college as well, what can i get for £500 and ive saved up an extra £200 so £700 i have total but i dont know anything about gaming laptops

        • Any clue about what screen size you’d want?

          • Jack

            15.6 screen size, it can be refurbished or open box but i would prefer it if its new

  • PsychoGamer

    This is old but can anyone reply to me? I would want a cheap gaming laptop/PC that can be able to be affordable, but can run games such as CS GO and Tf2 and high gb games, about under $600.

  • Jet

    umm hey junky i was wondering if you know any computers good for recording games for YouTube such as minecraft garys mod a few steam games GTA just cause, etc. well my budget is kinda under 600 spanish euros. 😀 thanks

    • Well, these games are not that heavy..
      Can you link to some good stores in Iberian Peninsula?

  • Whatsup

    Hey Junky, I’m looking for a laptop that can run very minimal games like mine craft, and runescape 2007. which too the best of my knowledge take very minimal to run. Also just something I can watch movies on and do school work and game at the same time. Any suggestions?

    • Well, current options aren’t that great for $500. You can get this one:

      But you can also get a Dell Latitude refurbished for like $500-$550 with a good display, very good build quality, keyboard and touchpad. It will run such games on low settings, maybe low-medium, smoothly.


      • Whatsup

        It’s a little more than I want too spend but if it’s going to work better I’ll just have too save up more. Thank you for the advice!

        • well, we can try and find some used or refurbished laptop. What do you say?
          Also, did you get me on the difference between going with a laptop like this Acer and going with something like the Latitude?

  • Dan, In gaming laptops try Lenovo Z50-170 its avaible on Laptop Outlet in just £599, and other is ££589

  • Salva Rivera

    @cultivated:disqus Hi, I was wondering if there were any gaming laptops (new or refurbished) under $500 (if possible) that could run modern games ( Assasins Creed, Call of Duty) in low/medium settings. I’m looking in the US

    • Hi Salva – I replied your other comment, no?

      • Salva Rivera

        Yes. You did. I was looking around and wanted to know your opinion on Lenovo computers? I heard they are good. Thank you for your suggestion I will definitely check out the Acer E5 you recommended earlier. I don’t know much about computers so I wanted to advice from an expert like yourself. Thank you

        • I’m not that expert.. also, you can read reviews on Amazon and Newegg and ask on other forums
          But generally, it depends on the model.
          I think at there are sometimes good deals for laptops

  • Joseph


  • Joeseph

    Hi I was wondering if there were any gaming laptops (new or refurbished) under $500 (if possible) that could run modern games (FIFA, NBA, Assasins Creed, Call of Duty) in low/medium settings. I’m looking in the US

    • Hi Joeseph!
      Mostly laptops with a GT 940M GPU currently, like the E5-573G that is linked above

  • blondie

    Hi, @Junky Do you have any suggestions for a laptop that will run ArcheAge requirements are CPU: Intel core 2 duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 – Ram 2GB-Video Card NVIDIA GeForce 8400 or ATI Radeon HD 4250 or Intel HD 3000

    For under $500, I know that’s asking a lot lol but I already have a gaming desktop, I just need something that will run it when i’m not at home. I have a Dell Latitude Laptop with an i7 with 3000 graphics that runs it but it still stutters and lags a bit and was hoping to get something that runs it a little better, I don’t care if it’s refurbished or used etc.

    Thank you!

    I keep trying to post this to you but it gets deleted as spam lol

    • According to these requirements, a lot of laptops will suffice, like this one:

      But you can also get a business grade laptop like the Latitue E7450 refurbished and run the game (on lower settings)

      What do you think?

      • blondie

        Thank you! I’m a little confused by the requirements because I have a Dell Latitude with an i7 and 3000 graphics and it’s very laggy. So I ran “canyourunit” on my laptop and it said that my processor didn’t meet the requirements but everything else did, do you know why an i7 wouldn’t be good enough to run the game?

        The game seems pretty unplayable on the minimum requirements it feels like lol

        • 1. Usually, you’d have to focus on a better GPU, not CPU, in current type of games. For example, a simple I3 with a GT 940M would be much faster for gaming than 10 I7 CPUs with an HD3000..

          2. Don’t know about canyourunit and what settings are checked, but what I7 do you have?

          3. What graphics settings are we talking about?

          4. An HD3000 is around x6-x7 times slower for gaming than a GT 940M..

          Also, a GT 940M is around x2 faster than HD4600 and x1.5 times the HD 530, compared to a GT 940M with an I5-U.

          • blondie

            Oh ok, I don’t know anything about computers so it was confusing me.

            It says I have an i7 Core TM vPro, if that’s what you mean.

            I see, thank you!

            Also i’m on low settings, as low as they can go.

            • There are generations of CPUs. There have been like 6 generations of the “core I” naming.. so I don’t know which one you have
              But anyway, you should focus mostly on the GPU

              • blondie

                ManufacturerIntelModelIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70GHzIntel Intel Processor analysis tools CPU Speed2.7 GHz

                Does that help? and thank you again

                • That’s an old one, but it’s a powerful CPU nonetheless. However, as we already know, the CPU is not the important part, but the … [complete]

                  • blondie

                    thank you so much for your help!

  • Eddie

    Hey junky im looking to get a gaming laptop for around 400-500$ and i want to play spintires. The minimum specs required are:
    2.0 ghz dual core
    2 gbs ram
    Windows xp
    NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3870
    A sound card
    1 gb free disc space

    Id like to play at medium to high settings would it be possible?


  • Alec

    Hey junky. Recent my old laptop died a few days ago looking for something between $500-700 for guild wars 2. Any suggestions? Older one did play well on low settings but looking for something with meduim.

  • IneedsLaptop(Ben)

    Hey junky, is there any laptops under 600 dollars that can run skyrim at medium/high with 30+ fps? Im in india, I can install os. Preferably having 15 inch to 17 inch display

  • Darick

    I need a decent gaming pc that can run minecraft medium too high settings and counterstrike low to medium settings, Budget $300-$400 5+ battery life and 14 screen size (can be smaller)

  • Sharmarke Ahmed

    What would you recommend a laptop, $500 or less, or maximum excess of $20 extra can i get to play Assasin’s Creed Rogue or MW3 on medium or low settings?

  • Jay

    Hello, any suggestions for a gaming laptop (preferably) under 500 that can run games like WoW/TERA. I currently have a HP Pavilion g7 Notebook which can hardly run the game on lowest graphics settings. (And even with that, frame rates are terrible)

    • Hi! refurbished / used too?
      can you post it over the forums?

  • clueless

    Hi Junky I need a laptop for gaming (wow, old republic and such) for my wife. She doesn’t know how to install os. Looking around the 700 dollar range? Any advice would be super helpful!

    • Hi! any other requirements? screen size? battery?
      refurbished / used with warranty too?

      • clueless

        No screen size preference..does it make a difference? Just wants it mostly for online mmos and school work. she’s a little shy about refurbished. Are they safe?

        Thank you!

  • Hamza

    Nees A laptop of 200 to 300 any suggestions

  • Hello, Christmas is coming soon and I was thinking of getting a gaming laptop. I Have a budget of about $600-$700 (less if possible). I would need a gaming computer that could run League of Legends and other similar games smoothly. I have a Toshiba with an A10 but it seems to be getting slow (I’ve had it for a bout a year and a half).

  • Jean-Luc Lambert


  • Daniel

    I have a son who wants a laptop that can run WOT at a medium setting. What is the cheapest laptop I can get that will do that?

  • Jason

    Can Asus K55N run SC2 in low settings well?

    • Yes it can! even my older desktop with slower hardware can do it can do it. It should run SCII on medium settings actually

  • Chris

    Just wondering now that Mists of Pandaria has dropped for WOW what your suggestions might be for an affordable (400-500) laptop might be? Any feedback will be appreciated.

    • Hi!

      Since the highest performance you’ll get is anyway the Radeon 7670M performance level. I’d go with one of the first suggestions as it will give you the most.
      If you consider also used / refurbished laptops, there might be some more options

  • Randy

    Hi, looking for a laptop in the $400 range to play guild wars 2 at low to med settings any suggestions would be great Ty.

    • will you take a used/refurbished laptop?

      • Randy

        Yes I would consider a refurbished one

  • Dan

    Any suggestion for a decent laptop that could run skyrim on medium settings? ~$600 budget, I was thinking of the Lenovo IdeaPad G780 with NVidia GeForce GT 635M. It’s a decent card I guess, but I think it would be able to run skyrim on medium.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Dan

      woops sorry for the double reply and I’ll use that forum now. Your response didn’t get forwarded to my email..

  • Daniel

    What’s the cheap laptop, but powerful enough to run skyrim on medium, per se? My budget is ~$600

    Suggest me something! 😀

  • joaquin

    k55n is not avaible anymore =( another laptop in that price pls

  • Brix

    Which would be better for gaming power, the HP g6t-2200 with the i3-3110M\7670 or the envy dv6z-7200 with the a6/7670? it seems like the i3 is a better processor, which makes the g6t not only cheaper, but also more powerful. Is that a correct assumption? I assume the reason the envy is more expensive then is build quality/larger hd/ram, which would not necessarily impact gaming performance? Trying to get the best cost efficiency for the lowest price.

    Thanks for the blog!

    • the g6t is not cheaper, but I’d pick it over the g6z currently. The difference in performance should be that significant

      • Brix

        Hmm, I’m a little confused. Perhaps you thought I was asking whether the g6z or g6t would be better, but I was asking about the envy dv6z-7200 performance compared to the g6t. Even above, you have the g6t listed as cheaper than the dv6z.

        • yes, sorry – my mistake.

          I’d pick the g6t-2200. Wouldn’t spend the extra money. For the g6t-2200 however, I’d replace the memory myself (the upgrades are too expensive) – buy from newegg.

          The g6t-2200 has good reviews for a 450-480$ laptop. Sometimes the dv6z-7200 can be bought for 500$, so the difference isn’t that big and I’d recommend the Envy, but currently, 50$ is too much

          • Brix

            Alright, thanks a ton man, gonna place the order soon then.

  • Beaverboyb

    Also i was wondering if i would be able to play world at war.

  • Beaverboyb

    ok so if i got the ASUS K55N what kind of games would i be able to play. could i at least play minecraft with no lag and lol on any settings?

    • minecraft – yes. LoL – no, only on low/medium settings

      • Beaverboyb

        thank you

  • Eric

    Whats the cheapest A6-4400M equipped laptops out now?

    • I don’t know, but the Asus K55N is sold for 380$ and it has the faster A8-4500M which is quite cheap and there are also Liano equipped laptops for less I think.
      What are you looking for?

      • Eric

        Well if I can’t find an A10 for a descent price, I’m going to get an A6 and swap an A10 in it ($130). I’ve seen a few for $325-335 around BF/CM but I hadn’t decided if I wanted the A10 or not at that time. Now I know its what I want. The A8 is out because given the perf upgrade and price point, it probably isn’t worth it…if that makes sense.

        • For gaming, you should focus more on the GPU side. Swapping the cpu, if possible, won’t give you much for gaming, if any. Also, the older Liano CPUs (like the A8-3500M) are easy to overclock and several benchmark show they perform better in games.

          • Eric

            Isn’t the GPU on the CPU with AMDs (aka APU)? Thats what I’m interested in here. The A10/7660G

            • but the 7660G is not as fast as the 7670M which you can get for a lower/same price

  • Lorie
  • David

    I have a question. You know how they give you the option of customizing the laptop?
    Well, i’m currently looking at the hp g6t-2000 and was wondering if the upgrade to
    the 2nd gen i5-2450M coupled with the 1GB AMD Radeon 7670M graphics card would be worth
    the $600 it costs
    I really like cpu speed and the graphics card would be great for gaming since I plan on
    keeping the laptop for many years through school work in college while playing games (League, D3, BF3) on the side

    • For gaming – no, spending another 75$ for the I5 is not a good thing to do.
      You’ll get higher gaming performance mainly from upgrading your GPU.

      Currently, the offers between 500$ and 600$ do not add anything over the 500$ offers. If you really want higher gaming performance, then go to the 800$ gaming laptops recommendtions: and get one of the cheapest options, like Y570 or others – you’ll get much higher gaming performance than simply upgrade to I5-2450M in this particular machine.

      or wait few weeks to see if there are new options


      • David

        Thanks for the reply! Do you think it’s a good idea to wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday for great deals? Or do they not normally sell off good laptops? (That’s IF everything good is not sold out in the first 5 minutes)

        • it is hard for me to believe such laptops will be even 50$ less than what they are now, but it might be.
          If you are in no hurry, then such deals will anyway show again at some point or another

  • Chad

    Hey, Junky — thanks for this site…it’s been VERY helpful in trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of laptop gaming rigs as I look to replace my netbook that died. Whatever PC I buy, it’ll be more about doing my grad-school work on OpenOffice and streaming movies from Netflix and the like, but I’d definitely love to do a bit of gaming — things like Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and the like — I’m not really into things like Battlefield 3 or things like that.

    I’m having trouble finding info on the above-mentioned games and how they’d do with systems containing the A8-4500M, like that K55N if I just went with the integrated 7640G and skipped the dedicated card. Do you have any insights?

    • it should run with quite high settings with the 7660G and 768p resolutions. The new Vegas too as it run well with the desktop part radeon 5670.

      can you get to 500$?

      • Chad

        Yeah, I can probably go $500 for the right system…for me, it’s more about needing a laptop soon…so any custom options are kinda out for me.

        • The Z585 is not a good option?
          The integrated 7660G is excellent + you’ll get good battery performance for that price.

          If you can wait, sometimes there are deals with such a system for 450$, but it’s currently rare.
          Also, with Amazon you get free shipping.

          From the price/performance perspective, the 500$ options are better than the 400$ ones. You pay 25% more and get 50% higher performance at least.

          • Chad

            I’ll definitely consider it! I didn’tget to follow the Amazon link earlier andtandthought it was higher than $500now. Thanks for clearing it up for me!

            • it comes and goes. I’d suggest selling its memory and getting some 1600MHZ 2x2GB or 2x4GB from Newegg – pretty cheap actually. Since the integrated 7660g and A10-4600M cpu sip from the same memory bandwidth, this would help maximizing the performance.

    • Anonymous

      HP g6z-2200 is not a6 but a a4 will that affect gaming permance in any way?

      • yes, you’re right
        in that case, the difference is very small between A6 and A4

  • Ezra

    I think the Toshiba L850D offer has changed. It’s still cheap, but not as cheap as your offer says. I had a sweet deal last night…should’ve gotten it. It had 2 external 1TB drives for free, plus a 16gb flash drive for sweet. I should’ve bought it right then.

    • don’t sweat it. Such deals come and go.
      The Lenovo Z585 with A10-4600M is now sold on Amazon for 500$ including shipping, 6GB DDR3 and 750GB HDD – quite nice deal.

  • Mike

    Hey junkie,

    What do you think about the Toshiba 850D with the A-10 for 433$. It seems the price has dropped a little which adds some more bang for the buck. Can you tell me more about the graphics card? Would it be able to handle intensive games like battlefield on low at native resolution?

    • Certainly! Thanks!
      Only thing is that in order to get the most from the 7660G, you better get dual channel memory configuration – and better buy it yourself because the upgrades on the site are priced real high – I added some example.

  • John

    Is there something going on now that is affecting availability? It seems there are hardly any choices anymore for decent laptops. Even Newegg has only 2 laptops with a graphics card below $600 and one is out of stock.

    Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? I can hold off on getting a new laptop for the moment but if the future looks bleak I might jump on the lenovo. Toshiba seemed nice but after shipping and tax its well above $500 and will take much longer than Prime shipping.

    • Many good options go out of stock or discontinued rather quickly. I guess they make it on purpose.
      But currently there are some good models. All the models with A10-4600M cpus for under 1000$ are quite good actually and also the HP g6t-2000 with I3 and 7670M.

      The under 600$ case is more problematic, yea, but you do have 3 options and some more at the range of 600$-700$

  • Katie

    I am completely lost when it comes to all the details about everything in a laptop. I have tried to look things up, and learn us much as I can, but there is just so much. I like playing games, mostly WoW and minecraft, yet I am a broke nursing major, and my old laptop finally crapped out. I was looking at Asus Z54C-JS91 15.6″ LED Notebook – Intel Pentium B960 2.20 GHz (copied if from the website…) and Asus K53U-JS11 15.6″ LED Notebook – AMD E-450 1.65 GHz . Which do you think would be better? I found them both for under 400. If you have any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

    • wow, sorry, I didn’t see there was another comment!

      I understand your frustration and you’re right – I’ll try to address this issue with some revision that explain which games you can run smoothly on good settings with each laptop.

      My suggestion is the K55N from the list for 400$. For lower price, try to find gaming laptops with 6520G GPU – try finding some refurbished ones.

  • Matt

    Man, I got so excited when I first saw this list, but almost everything is sold out! The problem is that the only laptops which aren’t sold out (I even called a couple compUSA’s for store availability on the TigerDirect Acer) are the ones without the Radeon 7670M graphics card which, from the links on this subreddit, seems to be a pretty big step up from the 7640G. Every single other one is sold out. The last one on the list, the HP g6t, comes to $600 with the Radeon card after taxes and that’s with an i3 which is weaker than the AMD A6 of the Acer…

    • 1. I know. Availability is a problem. You’ll have to either wait or go 550-600$
      2. I3 is at least as fast for gaming as the A6
      3. GT 630M is something like the 7670M gaming performance wise

  • Steve

    What do you think about the Toshiba listed but upgrading to the A10 4600M processor. It doesn’t mention but I assume it comes with the 7660G instead of 7520G.

    That would run me to $499.

    • it will be slower for gaming then the g6t, for example, as the 7670M with I3 should be faster a little but, but it should also have longer battery running times. The 7660G + A10 is a potent combination, but it won’t be faster.
      why do you want it?

      • Steve

        My girlfriend will be using it. She will be mostly using it for photoshop as a photographer but also likes to play games like CounterStrike which isn’t super demanding. (No BF3 or anything)

        • Steve

          I always thought it took more battery to run a processor and a GPU vs just a processor with integrated graphics. BTW I just chose the A10 based on your GPU battle article.