Gaming Laptops under $1000

Hi all

This is a simple list of recommendations of gaming laptops under/around $1000, which is currently the sweat spot for gaming laptops with high performance/price ratio. I didn’t include all the laptops I walked through, but only those that are recommended and their direct competitors. The laptops shown here chosen by several parameters, mainly gaming performance (for this price point), screen quality, build quality, temperatures and noise level and additional value (like a larger HDD).

The recommendations are divided into three main categories: 15.6″ (which is the most used standard form factor), 17.3″ for larger laptops and sub-14.0″ or thin & light laptops, for laptops with higher portability / mobility.

Again, I didn’t include all the laptops that were considered and compared. For example, I didn’t include the old MSI GE60 that some might ask about it, because there are much better choices than it. Quick ‘table of contents’:


15.6″: In the 15.6″ gaming laptops division, the most powerful laptops are equipped with GTX 1060 6GB GPU, but that’s rare. However, the GTX 1060 3GB version is available for less than $1000 currently and it’s a much better option than a GTX 1050 Ti. Mobile GTX 1060 3GB is the same as the 6GB version, only with less VRAM (unlike in the desktop scene). That’s easily around/close to the previous generation GTX 980M GPUs, sometimes even faster.
The problem currently is that manufacturers are taking out some nice features that are much desired by many – an IPS display, mDP port, NVMe port. Probably because they know that such a laptop will make their $1200-$1400 offerings considerably less interesting.

Current main competitors in this price range are: MSI GP62MVR (GTX 1060 3GB, I7-6700/7700HQ) (1,2), Asus FX502VM (I5/I7, 6-7 gen) (1, 2) and Lenovo Y720

Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-571

$900-$1050 for basic version (Amazon). Acer’s latest cheap midrange gaming laptop. Like its competitors, it has good basic hardware and some cut corners. With the I7-7700HQ and GTX 1060 6GB, the gaming performance is very good, thermals are ok even under highest load of Prime95 + Furmark. According to my tests, thermals are better than the Lenovo Y720 thermals under high load.

The display is mediocre in terms of colors, but has lower response times than usual which is great for FPS gamers. Some early reviews had a different panel model from LG with better colors but higher response rates. This machine, as I tested it, won’t be suitable for photoeditors.

Sound quality is average at best with speakers that sound all over the place and unbalanced. Connection ports selection isn’t great either, with no mDP, TB3, and only 2xUSB 3.0 (one of them is type-C) + 2xUSB 2.0.

Battery running times are around average for such a laptop/hardware with around 4.5-5.5 hours of general use (web browsing, some docs, youtube, etc).

The reason I think this is probably a better choice for gaming under $1100 compared to the Lenovo Y720, is that the thermals are better – that is something you cannot easily change. Moreover, the display is as good in terms of colors and viewing angles, but has lower response times. For the price, you get 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD. There is an additional 2.5″ bay, if you want to add another drive.


I7-7700HQ, 16 RAM, medicore 1080p IPS display with low response times, very good 3D performance for the money

Gaming performance 2 out of 10

Lenovo Y720

–  around $1000-$1050 for basic version (Lenovo, Lenovo B&NAmazon). Lenovos’ latest high midrange gaming laptop. The basic version comes with an I5-7300HQ/I7-7700HQ Kaby Lake, GTX 1060 6GB GPU, 1080p IPS display (45% NTSC, no GSync) and the Thunderbolt 3 nicety, but also a slow 1TB 5400 RPM HDD. This HDD will be quite slow for general use, but it can be replaced or accompanied by an M.2 SSD. The Y720 is a bit heavy at around 3.2kg + power adapter.

The basic version currently sells for $990 (before tax, on Lenovo B&N section) and the I7-7700HQ priced at $40 more, and this price could be higher or lower, but that’s about the price. For this price, the Y720 has an excellent gaming performance/price ratio. True, for 1080p, the performance-price ratio is not as good as the MSI GP62MVR and Asus FX502VM laptops, but the extra 3GB RAM could come handy at some point. Moreover, the Y720 comes with a better 1080p IPS display (45% NTSC though which is better than the TN panels in the GP62MVR and the FX502VM and, also, it has the thundebolt 3 port. According to reviews (1), the Y720 handles heat and noise relatively well, even with the I7 CPU.

Some drawbacks: weight, slow HDD in the basic version (add another $40-$80 for a 120-250GB basic SSD), only 8GB RAM (add at least another
$25-$40 for 4-8GB RAM). Also, according to the same review, the response times of the specific panel model in use are quite high.

Finally, the Y720 adds another option to consider for around $1000. It is the very basic version that can squeeze into the $1000 price range, but nonetheless, I wanted to list it here.
I can’t say that this is a better option compared to the MSI GP62MVR for 1080p gaming, since the GP62MVR can be found for $850-$900 from time to time, with 16GB RAM. Yes, you’ll probably want to replace the screen and add an SSD anyway, but it should be close to $1000 and you’ll get to choose your own display panel.


I7-7700HQ, 8 RAM, medicore 1080p IPS display, very good 3D performance for the money, Thunderbolt 3

Gaming performance 2 out of 10

Clevo N850HP6

–  around $1000 for basic version (1, 2, 3 and other Clevo resellers). I’ll start by saying that there is no clear winner here. The Lenovo Y720 is not necessarily preferable, in my opinion. The Sager NP7850 / Clevo N850HP6 is Clevos’ top midrange gaming laptop. It packed with a GTX 1060 6GB GPU, I7-7700HQ CPU and the usual 1080p LG LP156WF IPS display, no GSync (better than the one in the Y720). For connection/storage port, it has mDP v1.3 (and another v1.2) and NVMe port. The basic version comes with no OS pre-installed, 1TB 5400RPM HDD and 8GB DDR4 RAM, for $1000 more or less. These are good specs for the price, especially when remembering that the competitors all have some disadvantage – either the display (Y720, GP62MVR, FX502), 3GB GTX 1060 version (FX502, GP62MVR) or connection ports lack (FX502). So, the N850HP6/NP7850 does offer a better package as far as basic specs are considered. It is also on the lighter side at around 2.5kg.

One concern about the hardware is that the N850HP6 is probably around the same as the N155RF/N150SD previous generation laptops, with the same weight. The N155RF (I7-6700HQ, GTX 965M) dealt rather ok with the heat, but the GTX 1060 6GB is hotter and the newer games are also more demanding than my old test (Crysis 3). Games like Mass Effect : Andromeda and Ashes of Singularity can really stress the machine. The N155RF could handle such loads, but with the CPU downclocking to its base clocks (2.6GHZ in this case). The big, bulky Lenovo Y720 can handle heat quite ok according to the NBC stress tests, while maintaining very high CPU clocks.

So, the N860HP6 is probably a nice machine with a good basic package of CPU + GPU + display. It has advantages over the competitors and it’s relatively cheap. However, the temperatures aspect remains unclear at this point. The Lenovo Y720 doesn’t have this problem, but it does have a mediocre IPS display with 45% NTSC coverage, which is rather low. But, screen can be replaced, while thermal performance less so, for the common user.


I7-7700HQ, 8 RAM, good 1080p IPS display, very good 3D performance for the money

Gaming performance 2 out of 10


–  around $860-$950 (Amazon, eBay). Sometimes available as refurbished, the GP62MVR comes with a GTX 1060 3GB aGPU and an I7-6700/7700HQ CPU. Price is varying and can get as low as $860 even for a new machine. The 1060 is much faster than the GTX 1050 Ti considerably, so the GTX 1050 / Ti options aren’t really a competition in the performance and performance/price departments.
This is a rather basic machine, but it comes with an mDP port, NVMe storage port, USB 3.1 gen2 Type-C, which is good (unlike the previous generation Asus FX502VM).The big drawback is probably the display which is a rather low quality TN panel (no matter the marketing). It is important to say that the display can be replaced to whatever 30-pin eDP panel you like, maybe even a 40-pin eDP panel.


I7-6700HQ, 8-16GB RAM, 1080p non-IPS display, very good 3D performance for the money, relatively ok backlit keyboard, above average speakers

Gaming performance 2 out of 10


(review) –  (Amazon, eBay), $900-$1000: I5-6300HQ Skylake (4C/4T), GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5, 8GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, 1080p TN display.

Really, the FX502VM sits on the same square as the GP62MVR, has a low quality TN 1080p display too, except no mDP, no NVMe port, and no USB 3.1 gen2 / Type-C. In my review, we’ve found the the I5-6300HQ version has rather good thermals. So, generally I’d recommend the GP62MVR over the FX502VM, for the same price.

However, like in the GP62MVR case, the display can be replaced.


I5-6300HQ, GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5, 1080p TN screen, 1TB HDD, Windows OS.

Gaming performance 2 out of 10

Dell Inspiron 7567

(GTX 1050 Ti), review, $800-$900 (Dell, eBay).The new Dell 7567 tries to ride the popularity of the previous generation Dell Inspiron 7559 (GTX 960M) which was cheap, fast, had an IPS display, good features and enough extra features. However, the 7567 doesn’t add much in my opinion. Yes, the price of the GTX 1050 Ti version is around $800-$850 (before US tax and before Dell’s “reward points”), like before, but still no NVMe storage port, no HDMI 2.0, no mDP, no Thunderbolt 3, the display is a bad TN display (now can be upgraded for $50) and nothing else has been significantly improved except the GPU/CPU. Update: now you can upgrade to 1080p IPS display for $50.

Like the 7559 before it, the 7567 comes with a 1TB SSHD or 256GB SSD for the same price, which is nice and could be considered as an advantage over the others.

Some advantages: relatively good thermals (I5 version), very good battery performance (over 9 hours of “normal” office work in my tests!), perhaps the warranty, and maybe the “reward points” which equal money in your next purchase, easy to upgrade relatively and the nice simple looks which unlike the other laptops isn’t the heavy “gamer” look. It’s a laptop that you could sit with in the university.

If you can find it for a low price (like $750) and maybe throw in some reward points, the 7567 can be a nice option, but remember that you’d probably want to upgrade the display, if not for the low color/contrast, then for your eyes health. So, with tax and the IPS upgrade, you’ll probably end up at around $870-$900.

Compared to the Acer VX5-591G (VX 15), at first I thought the VX5-591G would be better for many, but then the 7567 got the IPS upgrade option and after I reviewed the VX, it seems to me that the 7567 has an advantage in several areas: battery, looks and thermals, remember that the IPS display of the VX5-591G is a lower quality one, like the 7567’s IPS.


I5-7300HQ/I7-7700HQ, 8GB RAM, 1080p low quality TN display, backlit keyboard, average speakers, solid simple looks

Gaming performance 2 out of 10

Acer VX5-591G (VX15)

, The new Acer VX5-591G continues where the VN7-591G left, I feel. Again, it offers some nice features and performance for the same price as others. Review

I’ll start with one point worth mentioning – according to early reviews, this model came with a lousy TN display (like the 7567). However, the current US versions come with an IPS panel with a – what I presume – a 45% NTSC color palette rating, which is true according to my tests (LG LP156WF6-SPK4 panel). I hoped to see a better display, with better color coverage and higher contrast.

Now, the VX5-591G (=VX15) basic $900 model comes with a GTX 1050 Ti, 256GB SSD and 16GB RAM, as well as a nice 1080p IPS display. That’s a nice package for a good price without the need to wait for a discount and such (compared to the others) That makes it a nicer choice over the 7567 for $800-$850 and probably over the Y520 due to better IPS display . However, the 7567 can be sometimes be found discounted for like $750-$800 (before tax) and with the +$50 IPS upgrade, it’s a good competitor, with better battery performance, better thermals, and perhaps better looks in the eyes of many. Therefore, I’m replacing the places of the VX 15 and the 7567, preferring the 7567.

Again, according to reviews, the thermals are pretty ok even with an I7 CPU, so the I5 version should be in a better state. I would recommend getting the I5 version and not the I7, unless you’re rendering 24/7.

Bottom line, that’s probably an easier choice than the others, given the IPS display The VX5-591G IPS has low color coverage, like the others. I’ll get the model soon and report back! (now reviewed)


I5-7300HQ, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, 1080p IPS display, backlit keyboard

Gaming performance 2 out of 10

Lenovo Y520

, The Y520 is Lenovos’ new low midrange gaming laptop, with a GTX 1050 Ti and an I5-7300HQ/I7-7700HQ CPU. Unlike the others, it comes with a low end IPS display (low color coverage, for example), but it has better viewing angles than the TN panel in the competition (Dell 7567, MSI GP62MVR). It shouldn’t be the selling point, however – I would suggest getting the laptop you want and then replace the display yourself.

The I5 model currently comes with 16GB RAM and 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD for $900-$950, which is useful. But, again, you can add SSD and RAM in the other laptops by yourself as well. The Y520 is also equipped with a USB 3.0 Type-C.

As far as gaming performance go, non of the GTX 1050 Ti equipped laptop can compete with the GTX 1060 3GB equipped laptops.

I5 vs I7: with the GTX 1050 Ti, I would get the I5-7300HQ between the two. Less heat, higher clocks, sometimes longer battery running times.


I5-7300HQ, 8-16GB DDR4 RAM, 1080p low-end IPS display, backlit keyboard, very good speakers, slick looks

Gaming performance 2 out of 10

HP Pavilion 15t gtx 1050

(GTX 1050), review, $600-$750 (HP, eBay).

The HP Pavilion 15t is a basic low midrange gaming laptop. With an I5-7300HQ and a GTX 1050 (2GB) it will cost around $600-$680 before US tax. Unlike some the competition, but like the Lenovo Y520, you’ll get a basic IPS display.

Heat handling is sufficient if you take the I5 version (which would be my recommendation for gaming with this GPU). No special connection ports like USB Type-C, Thunderbolt 3, mDP. But, NVMe M.2 storage port is available.

Maintenance is hard according to the NBC review.

With US tax, SSD and 8GB RAM, the price could get up to $750-$800 easily, currently and for around that price you could get the GTX 1050 Ti equipped Dell 7567, which will deliver around 40% higher performance on average.


I5-7300HQ/I7-7700HQ, 8GB RAM, 1080p low quality TN display, backlit keyboard, average speakers

Gaming performance 2 out of 10


Other options are the MSI GL62M (Amazon) and the Clevo N850HK1 (Amazon), which adds nothing over the above options.


Currently no good options have I found

14.0″ / Thin & light:

These laptops are for those who look for more compact or ultraportable gaming laptop. In the past there weren’t too much choices but currently the variety start to be more appealing with laptops having good 1080p screen, good battery performance and reasonable gaming performance.

Currently no good options are really available – forget the recommendations below


(Dell, Dell Outlet) – $850-$1300 13.3″ gaming laptop.

The AW13R3 comes in a variety of configurations and prices. The GPU ranges from a GTX 1050 to GTX 1060, screen can be a 768p TN panel or an OLED 1440p if I’m not mistaken. The price is quite high, but you can find very good offers in the outlet – sometimes even the GTX 1060 6GB version for like $850-$900.

I’m not sure what is the quality of the AW13R3. I didn’t like the AW15R3, also because of its low thermal performance which was not good in my opinion (maybe they had some design bugs that were fixed?) and I suspect that a 13.3″ version won’t improve that.

However, if you want a smaller laptop, with a good feature set, the AW13R3 is a good option, including HDMI 2.0, mDP, Thunderbolt 3 port, Dell’s proprietary Amplifier connection (for external GPUs) and NVMe port. If you already have a good GPU, you can get some cheap Alienware (even from previous generations!) and slap in a $100 amplifier box and you got yourself a very nice gaming machine (with some performance hit, though).


I5-7300HQ/I7-7700HQ, GTX 1050/Ti/1060, 8GB+ RAM, 768p TN/1080p IPS/1440p OLED, lots of connection/storage ports

Gaming performance 2 out of 10

A didn’t include it because its availability isn’t high, but consider getting the MSI GS43VR – sometimes can be found for $1000 refurbished.

  • Ahmed Abbas

    hi junky ,
    first of all thanks very much for all your efforts and for this amazing site 😉
    i have a question for you ; do you think that there will be any laptop with 970m but below 1200$ ?

    • thank you too (-:
      probably with some deals, and not soon

      • Ahmed Abbas

        thanks 🙂
        but “not soon” means not the next 3 months ?

      • Ahmed Abbas

        do you mean not even the next 3 months ? or maybe on black friday ?

        • I really don’t know. Usually there are deals, but I’m not sure about the 970M – the $1000 step is now around the GTX 860M, which is not that cost effective compared to the 970M, so I don’t know

  • Azmartha

    Hello Junky,

    Dell released a brand new Inspiron 14 7000 yesterday

    – 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ processor (6M Cache, up to 3.5 GHz)
    – 8GB Dual Channel DDR3L 1600MHz (4GBx2)
    – 1TB 5400 rpm SATA Hybrid Hard Drive with 8GB Cache
    – NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 850M 4GB DDR3

    My questions are,
    1. Will this be a good laptop for gaming?
    2. Can I play BF4 on Ultra Setting with this laptop?
    3. How far is the difference between GTX 850M DDR3 and GTX 850M DDR5?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Azmartha

      4. Will Watch Dogs run on Ultra with this laptop?

      • Hi Azmartha!

        0. Not in the US yet, right? where do you live?
        1. Probably not cost effective?
        2. Not smoothly
        3. at least 25-30% advantage on average, might be more in some games
        4. No.

        • Azmartha

          Thanks mate. I’m from Malaysia. My budget is $1000 and below. Any suggestion? I’m using it for school and gaming.

          • Can you give links to some good stores?

  • Manuel Perez

    So the only big problem with the Lenovo that i can see is the screen, which can be replaced for 70-90 dollars? I’m looking to get it for playing MMOs and league of legends, and overall would use it heavily, how long would it last?

    • last in what manner?

  • sebastian

    Hey Junky,
    I was wondering if having a gtx850m in a 1000 dollar laptop would lower its overall life span. Also, many people seem to think that gogabyte and sager are less than trustworthy as laptop manufacturers. What are your experiences with the gtx850m?

    • well, about the 850M (GDDR5 or DDR3?) – it depends on your needs / games you want to play
      About Gigabyte and Sager – had no problem with them really. Clevo has been here for long enough with high popularity among gamers

  • Akshat Thakkar

    Hi junky. I need a laptop with 3d screen of 14-15′. My budget is hardly $1000. What do you recommend? I know that I won’t get 4th gen i7 and stuff, but I am a casual gamer( i play fifa and dota, not big FPS games like CoD and others) so I need a decent performance in gaming too. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Akshat – can you please open a forum thread?
      Anyway, what’s a 3D screen?

  • Hi Ahmad – sorry, this post got identified as a spam :

    Still looking for a laptop?

    • Ahmad Mysterios Chmail

      I Have ordered the Gigabyte P25W V2 , what do u think of it ?
      GTX 870 GDDR5 3GB , i7, 128 SSD + 1TB 720rpm, 16 GB RAM , Blue Ray , non-glare IPS screen

      • well, it sure very powerful for gaming (-:

  • Jason Y

    Hi Junky, Im going to university so I need a laptop with decent battery life with at least 5 hrs. The games I play mostly are league, dota2 and cs:go. I have about $1000 to spend and I live in Canada. What do you recommend? Thank you

    • Hi Jason!

      What screen size? any specific software? can you please use the forum?

  • Ahmad Mysterios Chmail

    Hii junky
    Im thinking of getting a new laptop.. Been looking at the gigabyte p35w v2 and the p25w v2.. Also the one you’ve mention Asus N550jk also the G550jk and the HP envy 15 k004ne … Im a bit lost.. And can’t decide. Mostly laptops here have either GTX 850 or GTX 860 .. Can you please advise me

    • Hi Ahmad!
      where is here? can you give link to some good stores?

  • red

    Hi Junky. I’m looking for a laptop that can play the upcoming Witcher 3, GTA V, and Far Cry 4 at the best possible settings that I can afford. Those 3 are the major games I’m really interested in. Currently my budget is around $1500. International warranty is a must as I will also be travelling a lot abroad with this laptop. Currently looking at MSI GE40 due to battery life and GTX 850M (although I’m waiting for retail ones than barebone. I will settle for the older generation if the retail one has not-as-good battery life too) but want to know if there is any laptop ~14-15.6 inches that is around the same price and can do the above. Lenovo Y50 is nice but no international warranty in places like New Zealand that I will be staying while I travel.

    • red

      Thanks in advance

    • Hi Red!

      The GE40 barebone is not a good option in my opinion.
      But I have to ask – do you want to spend it all, or a good 3D performance like with the 850M GDDR5 / 860M will suffice (for me it will for sure..)

      • red

        I don’t need to spend it all. The cheaper, the better always 🙂 The 850M and 860M would be excellent if I could get it for better prices.

        • Are you sure Lenovo does not have an international warranty option?

          1. Another option, which is 17.3″ is the V3-772G which should have global travelers warranty which means that if you are not in your home country (according to your ID?) then you have warranty too.

          2. MSI GE60 Apache Pro has good display and good performance, but it’s expensive

          3. Several Clevo option with especially the W230SS in mind (Eurocom have 10% off now with EUROCOM-GLJ-M410-140901 coupon). A good option, good 1080p IPS display, GTX 860M, I5/I7, place for another mSata drive. Average at best speakers

          • red

            I spoke to the Lenovo salesperson and they said no for most countries I mentioned. I will be country hopping for around a year or so starting from next year January so I have until then to get a portable laptop. Even if the warranty is only in US and New Zealand I don’t mind cause I will be in NZ most of the time next year. I have a desktop at home so I really just need a laptop that I can play the games the above with until I get home.17.3″ sounds too big and I used to have an Acer a couple years back that fell apart after 6 months so I might skip that one. I will check out the other options though. Haven’t seen a Clevo before but it sure sounds impressive. Are they reputable? Thanks for the help by the way!

            • yes, they have good reputation for gaming laptops. You can google the name – been around for a considerable time now

              But I really think you can wait with the purchase..

  • Neovatar

    Hi Junky, what would you say comparing the Y50 to Sager NP7338. Which would be the better option. Seeing that the Y50 has one SSD/HDD bay, and I think no mSATA, plust officially not an IPS screen.

    • Neovatar

      So Junky what your verdict on Gigabyte P34G v2 mSata slot, comes with IPS display.

      • Well, it’s a very nice machine, but it depends on your needs and the price.. You can get the same performance and display quality for less, even including an SSD, for example. However, it does have a good keyboard and good build quality, so it’s a good package overall, if you can get it for $1400..

    • I will!!

  • dalejlama

    Junky, did you notice that you cant customize Toshiba Qosmio x70 on Is refreshed x70 coming?

    • I did actually and a new Qosmio is probably on its way

    • I did actually, and I think a new Qosmio is indeed coming soon

  • hanvl

    Hello this a great site and very informative. I would like to ask could you please if you couldtell me whoch od these two notebooks would you recommend Acer V7 482pg (very simmilar to the one you reviewed with same specs, only the number after 482pg is 54206 I think that is because I live in europe) or Dell Latitude 3540. Notebook will be used for games, movies, photos and usual office work. Notebook will also be carried around qute a lot so it should be a bit sturdy. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi u2!

      For the same price? Definitely the V7 – better display, better battery, at least the same gaming performance (because of Dell’s throttling mostly)
      I’m not sure the V7 is more sturdy, but better handle it gently anyway (use some bag or something)

      No other options though?

      • hanvl

        Hi, thanks for reply. V7 is even a liitle bit cheaper (on the other hand dell has 3 year warranty and acer 2 – I am going to buy 2 years extended warranty).
        As for other choices I do not really know, cant find any that vould fit my requirements. I was thinking also about inspiron 15r and asus n56vv. But it seems that V7 and 3540 are better offers, especially in build quality – I maz be wrong there but thats what I heard. There is also edge e540 but I read that it is not very good either. Would you know about better laptop which would fill my requirements and was in the same prize range? Even though I cant be sure I will be able to find the same offer in my country, it would surely help. Thanks

        • A new V7 should be available soon in the US – maybe at your place too
          Can you buy from the US?

          • hanvl

            No not really, shipping cost and customes payments would prize the prize too hight. Also at my country we have two year warranty given by law, but that does not include merchendise brought from foreing country. I am quite sure it will be sold here also, but it would be too prizey at least in first months.

            • hmm. Ok, then the V7 would be my choice, but just you to know – the GT 750M DDR3 is nice, but heavy games will run on medium settings, even low (Crysis 3)

              • hanvl

                Hi thanks for the advice. It really seems to be best choice now. I am not expecting some super gaming laptop, if it will run Crysis 3 on low/med settings it means that majority of current games will run at least on med, and that is enough for me.
                As I mentioned before it is really a pain to import anything from US here, technically it is no problem I can just order from Amazon. But upon arrival I would have to pay not only customs but also VAT – some 20% of the prize.
                So thank you very much for your advice and for this site also.

                • No problem. If you want to search for another option – tell me from where you can buy and your budget and we’ll try to find something

                  • hanvl

                    Hi thanks so much. I was also thinking about Acer V5 (version with i5, 750M, 8GB ram and IPS Full HD matte display). Unfortunatelly only one big computer shop has website in english here that is not really shop I want to use, but usually the prizes and merchnedise are simmilar in all computer shops (although V7 is more expensive in this one). If you didnt mind czech languague site I will be buying from here Max prize is around 21 200 czk.

                  • hanvl

                    Hi, thanks so much. It seems my first reply was deleted, I should not have included the links perhaps – sorry about that. Currently I am also considering also acer V5, the verision with basicaly same specs as V7, just more RAM and matte display.
                    I will by buying in czech republic and budget is 21 200 czk. aprox. Only one big computer shop is also in english here and that is alza, althought I do not want to buy here the merchendise and prizes are simillar in all big shops (however V7 is more expensive in this one). I will by buying from mironet (I hope I do not break the rules by posting the names).

                    • I see your comment in the comments system – it is not removed. Strange. Sometimes there are bugs. Links are ok! and there are no rules really

                      The V5 has an 1080p display?

                    • hanvl

                      OK, thanks for info. I ahve seen the board where links (especially for shops) were banned, thats why I thought that.
                      As for V5 I checked that at two different shops(both mentioned in my post) and both sell V5 with Full HD IPS 15´6 display.

                    • I know this V5, probably this one:

                      Nice one, maybe a better buy if it costs less

                    • hanvl

                      Hi, yes that is it. It is a bit cheaper then V7, only think I am bit worried about is the build quality – which didnt seem to impress notebookcheck much (although it seemed okay when I tried it out today at a shop) and also about overheating, it sems to reach quite hight temperatures but I do not know whether these are not normal. Otherwise I like V5 a lot also.

  • ostrich

    Ughh I’ve been stuck on choosing between the y50 and the n550jk for almost two weeks now. I was close to ordering the y50 but hearing about how bad the display was made me hold out on my purchase. I really love how the n550jk looks but I wish that there was an option for the 860m.

    What would you pick between the two?

    • oh, sorry, I didn’t see your comment. Are you still considering?

      • ostrich

        I wen’t with the Lenovo y50 touch from best buy for $1150. Best price I could find.

        • did you get it already?
          I would go with the UHD version from Lenovo site or some other laptop

          • ostrich

            Yeah, I got it last week. I’m hearing that the UHD version display has a 48 Mhz refresh-rate limit on the notebookreview forums.

  • Azthioth

    Hello! I am looking for a gaming laptop with the highest reliability possible. One that will cool well and last. Even if it cannot break through the Ultra settings. I play GW2, LoL, Hearthstone, and occasionaly FPS like Bioshock. My budget is around the 1k and under mark.

    • Hi Azthioth – can you please post it over the forums (link above)?

  • blue

    Junky, I don’t think you understand what the word ‘under’ means.

    • (-:

      forget about some of the laptops – the list is not updated. But still, why?

  • stinglly

    Hi, I am interested in buying a gaming laptop. Should I get the new asus g56jr with an i7 and gtx 760m, would have preferred the n550jk with the gtx 850m but its not available in the UK at the price I want <900 pounds (no touch screen). Also interested in the y510p non sli model, does it have heat issues?

    • Actually, you have GTX 850M and 860M in the UK for as low as 550-600 pounds

      What exactly are you looking for? specific games / screen size and weight / battery requirements / preferred price (vs max budget) / other needs (HDMI and stuff)?

      • stinglly

        Thanks for the quick response.

        1. Max budget about 900 ponds can stretch it a little bit. The Asus G56 jr is going for 800 pounds on Asus laptops website UK.

        2. I am not too fussy on weight I think I can comfortably carry 3kgs ( about 6lbs) in my back-pack.

        3. DVD drive yes but not very necessary, HDMI yes Ethernet yes, micro-sd card slot yes, Bluetooth yes any other connection will just be a bonus. I also need a reliable WIFI card that connects quickly without dropping the connection.

        4. I am looking for something that can handle heavy processing i7 ivy bridge or haswell (usually have like 3 intensive programs running almost at the same time in addition to excel, outlook email and like 15 tabs of chrome). I also need a laptop that has a good heat dispensation and a cooling fan that is not easily excited by moderate processing tasks at the office.The asus n53 I am currently using (i7 2630qm and gt540 can heat up very quickly and has a very noisy fan that is noticeable even when only surfing the web or doing some basic word processing.

        5. Need some portability so no 17″ screens, preferably 15″ as for battery 3-4 hours is good enough for light to moderate use away from the power outlet.

        6. Not sure which resolution I want as I have been using 1366*768 for a long time with no problem. I guess 1080p would be an improvement. Would prefer no touch-screen if it will keep the cost down and don’t see the point of one as I will be mostly using my mouse. Windows 8 is fine, tried it once on a friends laptop and hated it maybe it needs time to get accustomed, don’t think I have much choice if I am to get the latest.

        7. 8 gigs of ram is more than enough, and also need a keyboard with a numerical keypad.

        8. I live in Kenya so because of repairs and spares I would prefer known brands like Asus, Lenovo and Dell. Don’t like HP have had quality issues in the past.

        9. My previous laptop which was stolen was a Toshiba satellite L850 with an i7 3610qm cpu and a 7670m 1gig gpu that surprisingly handled most games okay (medium-high settings).I usually play with shadows at low and turn down antialiasing and anisotropic filtering to their lowest level, I play games mostly for their content not just the eye candy. My games list includes NBA 2K14 (most played), blacklist, battlefield 4, Sims3, Skyrim, XCOM enemy unknown, Hitman absolution, jagged alliance.

        10. I usually play games at most 30 hours in a week. I am also not sure about MSI as a brand their laptops are competitively priced but I’ve been reading a lot of quality issues especially about their motherboards and gpus failing within 6 months or just after the 1 year warranty period, from where I am (Kenya) sending a faulty laptop back to the manufacturer will be costly no MSI representation.

        Thanks. My apologies for the long post.

        • good posts are good for the heart, scientists say!
          However, can you post it over the forums? or do you prefer to keep it here?

          • stinglly

            Thanks and have moved post to forums.

            • did you see my reply?

  • Zera

    Where did you hear about the 1080p MSI g40?
    Got a link?
    Good job btw

    • Hi Zera!!

      I’ll update the list soon.

      The GE40 is no longer available really, though you might see it sold here and there. They might release some successor, but nothing currently.
      What are you looking for?

      • Zera

        Im looking for a good compromise between portability/battery life and power something like the ge40 or acer v7-482pg.
        Around the 1000$ price range

        • The GE40 is a dead star. It wasn’t even that bright when it was available

          What games do you play?
          The thing is, you might want to wait for the refresh of the V7 (for example) with the new Nvidia 800 series GPUs

          • Zera

            Civ5, Dishonored, just cause2, bioshock3, witcher2 ..
            Dont need high settings.
            The thing is that i need it in the next 2 1/2 months.

            Thanks for your help

            • I would suggest asking in two months then
              How much battery do you need?

              The V7 will probably do for medium settings gaming

  • Matt

    Looks like the Y50 is pricier than people were expecting.

    • This people is me? (-:

      Just wait a bit for the price to get updated. I really don’t see how they can keep it on $1300 – it won’t run well
      Also, the performance / price will be much much lower than before, even considering it has an IPS display. Just to compare, their $850 Y510p SLI is faster for gaming than there $1300 Y50, nevermind the other differences
      So, first, I think the price will come down
      Secondly, I think there will be an I5 version which will be cheaper and since the faster Y510p was great with an I5, there is no reason no to go with a Y50 I5 version

      Do you need something now?

      • Matt

        No, that honestly wasn’t a criticism. You were far from the only one predicting a price point more in line with the previous models.

        I don’t need anything immediately. I’m willing to wait to see what other models Lenovo rolls out, and I’m curious as to how well it will see at this price point.

        • didn’t feel like it was criticism

          The Clevo W230SS is a good option really – I really like it, since the 3200×1800 IPS display can be scaled down to 1600×900 which is great on a 13.3″ and you’ll get higher gaming performance

          • Matt

            I’ve never had a laptop below 15.9″, is 13.3″ still comfortable?

            • For me it was and many use 13.X” laptops for work (all those ultrabooks)
              But maybe you’d be better going to some store and test a 13.3″ laptop yourself

  • Matt

    Good afternoon,

    My MSI laptop that was just a couple of years old recently had the connections between the graphics card and the motherboard burn out, making it difficult/expensive to repair and not just purchase a new laptop. As this is the second gaming laptop I’ve had in the past several years have issues with the motherboard eventually frying itself, I’m a bit concerned about putting more money into a gaming laptop if there’s always this level of risk. Unfortunately, my circumstances require that I have a laptop instead of a desktop, so my options are limited. I play games such as Skyrim, Diablo 3, Warframe, etc occasionally, but I spend as much time playing turn based strategy games as anything else so my need for an absolute, top of the line display is limited. I’m not too worried about battery life at this point. I just want a system that will run well while minimizing the overheating hazards. Can you help in that regard? Thank you.

    • Hi Matt!

      1. If you like turn based strategy games, try Master Of Magic – it’s in mint condition and a very popular game

      2. Anyway, it is a question to ask why your laptops have died. It is not impossible, but you have to think what could accelerate this process – are you in places with a lot of dirt/sand/stuff like that? Have you laptop overheated a lot?

      3. You should know that current laptops are much better in terms of performance for price and heat for price.

      4. I would suggest waiting for the new models with Nvidia 800M series GPUs. The new/upcoming Lenovo Y50 should have more performance than you need + very good IPS display + very good speakers + good thermal handling

      5. Currently, the Asus N550JK above is a good option. You’ll get a gaming performance that will max the graphics settings on 1080p + 1080p IPS display + rather quiet machine. It’s selling for $1100 so it’s not that cost effective and I’d wait for new models if you can

      • Matt

        Thank you for the quick reply.

        1. I’m pretty sure I still have my original floppy around somewhere, but I also bought it from GOG the first day they made it available.

        2. Dog hair would likely be the main culprit. On a very old laptop, I was constantly having to clean it out. On the ASUS and MSI ones that have died in the last few years, I would open them up to clean them and find very little inside. The ASUS used to have severe overheating problems on its own and it eventually fried the hard drive. My repair guy told me that the MSI I had does not even have replacement motherboards because there was an issue with the one they used in my model where the contacts between the graphics card and the motherboard would short out, though he couldn’t guarantee that it was overheating related.

        3. I would hope so.

        4/5. I may end up being a bit too antsy to wait, so we’ll see. Thank you again for your suggestions.

        • just spent an hour now with this game – I’ll delete it right away or else I’ll starve

          Well, many laptops today are much better with the heating issues, so you can find some that won’t overheat given not too much is bloating their cooling system

          It’s only a month to wait

          Can you install your own OS?

          • Matt

            Haven’t done it in several years, but assuming it hasn’t gotten any more complicated – probably.

            • then the Clevos are an options, like the new Clevo W230SS – are you good with a 13.3″ laptop? The Eurocom M4 with an I5, GTX 860M and 3200×1800 IPS display might be a very good option

  • Jordan Young

    Curious, is this list still current, as I have been researching the best gaming laptops in the 1000-1500$ price range and many of these have come up in other forums. I am generally interested in the 17.3 inch display. What would you recommend as the best option. I want to be able to use the laptop for the latest games on the highest settings, and not having to worry about upgrading for a while. If I am aiming a bit too high for my price range,by all means steer me in the right direction, I find that you are extremely knowledgeable on this subject and I would love to hear your suggestions.

    • Hi Jordan!

      1. It’s better to define what games do you want to play and what your other needs, like battery performance
      2. Yes, this list is current, but you have to understand that many good models will show up soon, so I’d suggest waiting
      3. Only 17.3″?

      • Jordan Young

        Generally, I would like to play games such as Crysis 3, Skyrim, Titanfall, Borderlands 2, and new games coming out, on high settings or minimally on medium settings. I’m looking for about 4-5 hours of battery like as I imagine anything higher is pushing it. I’m also looking for something with the latest processor as I would like to be able to multi-task without much lag. So I7 and I5 would be a must I assume. As for the screen size, anywhere from 15inch and up. I just noticed the largest you have is 17, I don’t want something too big as it definitely still needs to be within the portable range, I thought 17 Inch was the largest.

        • Games like BL2, Titanfall, Skyrim will run on highest settings on GPUs like GTX 860M easily. Crysis 3 on some high settings. This means that for $1000 you can get your wishes.

          I would suggest again to wait for the Lenovo Y50 at least as it might bring extra value (good IPS display, good sound). Can you wait?

          • Naruto ninja

            I agree with Junky 🙂 I will wait its only few day we will see Y50 release

  • Google “lenovo” and trackpad gaming

    Their laptops have issues with palmcheck sensitivity.

    • yes, they have, but first – it can be dealt with to some degree by configuring the active trackpad surface

      + for gaming you’d probably like to use a mouse, no?

  • Victor

    Hi, I’ve decided to invest into a gaming laptop.

    I’ve looked into the lenovo y510p at it’s most expensive price, ending with $1410 with taxes.

    Would this be the best bang for my buck, you think?
    I do like the extra Ultrabay graphics card.

  • golk

    thanks for reviews

    • thank you for being nice (-:

  • It is not in the 1000$ range and this one appears in the deals section

    • ballingtillthedayidie

      wow, $1250 is well in the $1000 range. what is your $1000 range?

      • well, it’s fluid, but I tried not going over 1050$. Anyway, I agree it should be in the recommendations – I’m working on a new system now, so people will be able to see all the options in one place

      • Tyler

        “Best Gaming Laptops under 1000$”

        “under 1000$”

        Try reading the title.

        • NioKiller

          Hello , That was a Nice list of laptops but i really don’t know which one to pick :/ ,
          i just need a good laptop under 1000$ but i also care about the heat , preformance , and have the least issues and the most important is to have a high battry life , not like just 1~2h …

          If you know a good laptop that you recommend , then please tell me 🙂

  • ballingtillthedayidie

    Plus the gx60 has a terrible CPU, the amd mobile chips are the worst CPU’s for gaming. That a10 is comparable to a i5 sandy bridge, which is quite terrible compared to an i7 ivy bridge. The laptop i listed is way better than that. The CPU will bottleneck the GPU on heavy games

  • ballingtillthedayidie

    Plus the gx60 has a terrible CPU, the amd mobile chips are the worst CPU’s for gaming. That a10 is comparable to a i5 sandy bridge, which is quite terrible compared to an i7 ivy bridge. The laptop i listed is way better than that.

  • Dan

    First time poster here! Thanks for the list, although I have a few questions :/
    I’m debating between the lenovo y580 and HP envy dv6 7214nr (just a newer dv6 series I think). Currently leaning toward the lenovo but I heard the heat does get extremely bad due to poor design and the wifi is very shoddy. Thought? Plus I love a matte screen but the envy costs like $150 more on where I’m looking.

    • Hi DAN!

      1. I think the new dv6t-7200 is not cooler

      2. The Y580 would probably get hot under heavy load, but it will work. The 17R SE and dv6t are not that cooler, if even at all. I think the MSI GE60 niether.

      3. You can get the dv6t-7000!: for 850$ (+ tax and shipping). The temps won’t be low, but won’t be too high too.

      4. What are your needs? specific games?

      • Dan

        Thanks for the reply! Just looking for something that can run most modern games on medium settings, high if possible (no hope for BF3 ultra mode lol). My budget is about $800-$900, but I think I can stretch it a little bit more if it’s worth it. Have you heard anything about lenovo’s wifi? I’m using it for school as well, so good wifi is a must. Backlit keyboard is a must too since I study/work a lot at night.
        That dv6t sure looks a lot better than lenovo! Why can’t lenovo get a cue from HP design haha

        • The Lenovo looks good too to my eyes. Have you seen it? it looks more aged probably, but the finish is good.
          Haven’t heard anything about the WiFi, but in the worst case, grab a 15-30$ wireless USB adapter from newegg or something – it will serve you well in the future too

          About the performance – the dv6t-7000 with GT 650M should run BF3 on very high settings and many games on high to highest settings too

          • Dan

            I looked around on lenovo forum and a lot of people have problems with wifi connection and defective gtx660m card. Those issues scared me since I don’t have a lot of time to send it to repair and so on. As for the HP dv6, I’ve seen heating problem (expected with HP), occasional crap build quality and beats audio problem (random volume changing).
            Have you used either one of them? direct feedback would help a bunch. And what’s the difference between the envy dv6 and pavilion dv6 on this site? I don’t see any differences.

  • Josh

    Just a forewarning, I just talked to Eurocom and they claimed that the Fox 4.0 is no longer available. They also took about 4 days to return my email. Shady business. You might want to remove the link for the Fox, you can’t actually get to that page through their website.

    • removed! thanks!
      I don’t think they are shady, though

      what are you going to do then? Sager?

      • Josh

        The ‘shady’ comment may have been preemptive. Soon after I left that comment another sales rep called me and apologized about the Fox, and was fairly personable. He was able to work the Shark down to around 825, which is within my budget. I think I’ll go with it.

        • for 825$ it’s an excellent price!
          is it the student price?

          • Josh

            Yes, I’m quite happy with it — I was about to pay 750 for the Fox, then I’d need to buy 4gb of ram for another 30 or so. So I get the 8gb RAM PLUS the 660 for a little bit more. Good deal in my eyes.

            • josh

              Would you choose a hybrid drive over a standard if there wasn’t a price difference?

            • yes, unless the the standard capacity is larger and you need it

  • josh

    I’ve been trying to decide on a laptop for awhile now, and have finally narrowed it down to the Eurocom Shark or the Eurocom Fox 4.0. I’m looking at pretty basic configurations for both.

    Eurocom Shark:
    1080p MATTE screen
    2gb gddr5 GTX 660M
    i7-2670qm processor
    8gb ddr3-1600 RAM
    500gb 7200 rpm hard drive
    It also includes 3 RAM SODIMM sockets.
    ~around $825 with student discount.

    Fox 4.0:
    1080P MATTE screen
    1GB 650M graphics
    i7-3610m processor
    4gb ddr3-1600 RAM (I will buy another 4gb but its too expensive on the website)
    500gb 7200rpm hard drive
    2 RAM slots
    Around $750 after discount – ~a little more after i buy an additional 4gb of ram

    I will realistically be using the laptop for casual gaming. I like the possibility of playing games such as BF3 on decent settings – id also like it to be decently future-proof. I’ll be carrying the laptop around a couple times a week to school and back – it’ll also be used for basic school oriented applications. Will these laptops have the same build quality? overheating? weight? Any opinions and pros/cons would be much appreciated.

    Will these laptops

    • Hi, welcome back (-:

      1. According to notebookcheck reviews, the Shark might have a better cooling solution. Anyway, I suggest getting a cooling pad anyway.

      2. Note that you can replace the HDD with Crucial m4 128GB for the same price, in case you want it.

      3. Both will run BF3 on very high settings

      4. If I’d buy the FOX, I’d take it with an I5 and not I7 to save the money

      5. Personally, If I had limited budget, I’d take the FOX with screen upgrade and I5

      • josh

        My concern with the i5 on the Fox is that it apparently can only run the RAM at 1333mhz. Should that cause any real problems? And which screen option do you mean, and what will the upgrade do for me? Would I have to worry about overheating at all if I went with the FOX? I appreciate your response.

        • there is always a chance for overheating – hot environment, blocking the air ways, such things.

          The 1333MHZ things shouldn’t worry you, the numbers are ok.
          If you want to get good performance for BF3 and a like and still save money than it’s a good path.

          About the Screen – there are two matte screen options. The matte “95%” one has really good colors. The default screen is also very good, so no worry. Just for gaming, it doesn’t really matter

          • josh

            Would both the Shark and the Fox have around the same battery times of around ~4 hours? The Eurocom website claims the Shark has a long battery life and is a good portable laptop, but im guessing that might just be marketing.

            • Well, other W350ET laptops have 4 hours of surfing the web – it is very good for such a laptop:
              The Fox would have something like 3-5. The difference should not be to big.

              I’m trying to understand what is that you are looking for, so I can advise you better

              • josh

                I want something with a matte 1080p screen for 700-850 dollars that will be able to play modern games like BF2 – and future games like Rome2,

                • Eurocom fox 4

                • josh

                  I want something with a matte 1080p screen for 700-850 dollars that will be able to play modern games like BF2 – and future games like Rome2, GTA V, and halflife 3 if it ever comes out. It needs to have a decent build quality because I’ll carry it with me to school a couple times a week and Im buying it with a student loan so I want to get a decently long life out of it – so I want a laptop thats going to stay cooler. Right now I’m leaning towards the Shark with the i5-3210M (will that be fast enough?), 8gb of RAM, 500gb SATA,

                  • yes, it will, but it’s not 850$, unless you are a student

                  • josh

                    I am a student 🙂

                    Just waiting for them to email me back about the discount, they must be out of their offices for the weekend 🙁

  • ananthakrishnan

    Hi Junky,
    The tech specs of the Y580 does not mention it as backlit keyboard, so I wanted to check that one out with you.
    Also if I were ok to spend about 100-200 more would there be a markedly better gaming laptop that I can get my hands on?
    Please let me know, I could use some help from an expert like you. I do like the Y580 specs a lot, just want to ensure that I am getting a machine that does not obsolete too fast 🙂


    • 1.
      Yes, you should look at the high end gaming laptops
      For 1200$-1250$ you can get the GTX 670MX/GTX675M laptops. Compared to the GTX 660M you’ll get around another good 40-50% at most

      I should add recommendations for under 1200$ too probably.
      i’m not an expert, but thanks

      • ananthakrishnan

        I think I was able to see around 4 options but in all those cases (both Force and MSI) I had to add a blu-ray upgrade which sends the price to > 1200. For me a blu ray reader is mandatory.
        So now I am even more confused. BTW, I am based out of India – I am getting a friend of mine to get me the stuff. So what would you recommend? Which ones should I consider compared to the Y580?
        One other thing that struck me as important is that first question you ask – I am really not too keen on highest settings but what confuses me is the worthiness of the extra 200 odd bucks for a better build etc. If you have any more suggestions it would be most helpful – sometimes being spoilt for choice can be frustrating 😀


        BTW : When you said Y580 Tech Specs in response to my first question did you mean to give a link?

        • ananthakrishnan

          Also I definitely need OS, dont have one I can plonk into the new lappie 🙁

        • fixed it. Don’t know why it doesn’t let me to add links..

          Well, about the performance – it depends on the games you want to play, but lets say that the GTX 660M + I7 will let you play almost everything on highest settings on FullHD resolution, without AA. Even BF3 could be played on high settings. Is it enough?
          So you really should know what you want to do with your laptop.

          About the bluray – almost no laptop comes with a bluray as a default. That’s your decision

          • ananthakrishnan

            I once again studied the high end gaming laptop article of yours. Here are my readings, please comment
            1. Sager NP series are something that I would like to plonk my money on but the concern is the OS and blu ray. Also there is NO service in India which means I would have to ship it across to them if I run into any issues.
            2. Also it all adds up to close to an extra 200$ which translated to 10K INR, I dont know if it is worth that.

            Considering this I think I am better off sticking to the ‘under 1000$ category. Let me know what you think.

            As for your gaming question – yup, that is good enough for me. I also need decent mobility which I think the ‘under 1000$’ category provides like you said.

            Whats AA?


            • 1. Yes, that’s true for the ones we are talking about.

              2. True

              3. AA = Anti-Aliasing

              • ananthakrishnan

                Thanks then sir 🙂
                I will stick to the Lenovo option for now.

              • ananthakrishnan

                One last thing – do you reckon I need to invest in a cooling pad for this?

            • Personally, I think it’s better to get a cooling pad anyway. Reducing the tempertures by even 2-3 degrees can help laptop lifetime a lot.

              • ananthakrishnan

                Any recommendations for the Y580 in terms of a cooling pad? What should I look for wrt size, dimensions or is it one size fits all? Never purchased a cooling pad before, so please let me know

  • Neil

    is it worth it to get the 570 with a blue ray , 750 dr with 64 solid state and a slightly slower processor for $100 less and
    get the higher quality outer lid ? I will be doing some gaming and want a machine that will play the new games, but I am not a hard core gamer. I have owned think pads in the past and they took the abuse i dished out.

    • you mean the Y580? what higher quality outer lid?

      • Neil

        y570 vs y580, review suggested that the 570 series was a bit sturdier and I can get the blue ray plus a 750 dr and 64 solid state, qustion is, is it worth more money for the newer processor

        • the newer processor – no. The GTX 660M – yes. It is a lot faster than the GT 555M.