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    Hello All

    I am a proud owner of an ASUS FX502VM which i got on black Friday for a the paltry sum of 899.


    Now I love the laptop, how it looks its weight its power buuuuuuut the screen sucks (as I knew it would, its a TN)


    Now thats fine I dont have a problem replacing it for an IPS but when looking online and at replacement sites, no one has this model listed, I am assuming its too new.


    I Would like to ask the community if anyone knows which panels are compatible with this model.  I have found a mention in one forum of  these three but I have not been able to verify this information.

    LG LP156WF, AUO B156HAN01.2 (don’t think you’ll find it though), Samsaung LTN156HL01-102 (currently cheap)

    Thank you in advance !


    1. Not the worse TN, btw (and by far, not the best)
    2. You don’t need specifically designed panel for the FX502VM, you just need a standard 30-pin eDP panel
    3. If you want GSync to be operational, you can get the LG LP156WF6-SPB6 (make sure you can that *exact* model), for example. Otherwise, the Samsung LTN156HL you’ve mentioned, I think, is a good option
    4. is a good place to purchase from in the US


    Thank you Junky!!!


    I def would go for the gsync if I have the option!  Now the last thing I would bother the community is if anyone knows of a screen replacement for this model (have found for other asus and other models but same as for the screen, very little info online).


    Thank you again for taking the time to help a brother out.




    I’m not entirely sure it will work (depends on the manufacturer and all, and they are crap usually), but it is possible

    What do you mean? the one I linked to is a specific panel that will work in your model. Are you asking what is your specific panel model? you can find it with HWInfo freeware! run it, and check under “monitor”!



    I apologize I was not very clear.


    What i meant to say is a screen replacement tutorial (an ifixit guide basically).  Have found many tutorials and videos for other models, which Im sure this would be quite similar but would love to know if in the interwebs exists a guide to replace the screen specifically for this model since i have not been able to find one.




    1. Completely turn off the laptop
    2. Disconnect the battery (you’ll have to open the bottom to do it)
    3. At the base of the screen, at both opposite sides, there are two stickers. You should remove them gently with something sharp. Underneath you’ll see a screw – remove it. Be careful not to scratch the plastic
    4. After you’ve removed these two screws, use something like a credit card to separate the screen’s bezel from the rest. You might want to use a flat screwdriver or something else. Do it carefully, but you’ll probably need to use some force.
    5. Underneath you’ll see the panel. There are probably 6-8 screws that hold it to the skeleton of the screen. Remove them. Do not pull the panel, it is still connected at its base.
    6. On the other side of the panel you’ll see the eDP connection. Usually there is a sticker and some thin metal pole that hold it. Remove the sticker and the pole, then gently pull the connection.
    7. From there, just do the opposite with the new panel.


    Thank you kind sir!

    Seems I have everything i need to proceed!




    As Junky said.. Remove the 2 screws underneath the squares on the lower front edges. Remove them with a hobby knife (the stickers)

    Then remove the bezel with your fingernails from the screen side. Dont use a screwdriver, use your fingernails and it will come off pretty easily.. Just start somewhere on top or sides and take it from there.. Skip parts that wont come loose easy and dont use excessive force. In the end it will come off. The bottom side has a bit of tape/glue, gently pull the bezel free from the underside. I did it on my laptop in about 10-15 minutes and was a very easy job. The spanel itself is connected with a eDP conector that is very easy to (re)attach to the new one. Just make sure you remove the sticker thats over the eDP connector first.

    Here’s some pics of the operation (Dutch forum, but you’ll get the idea). Its about halfway down the thread.

    Its well worth it, my new IPS panel is just soo much better than the old TN one.





    Thank you so much dennes!

    It really helps to know someone has done it on the specefic model easily and has been happy with the result!


    Thank you all for all the great help.






    Laptop screen has been replaced, it has been a great success, love the new screen, great colors, amazing viewing angles.

    Would like to thank all who  helped, even made a little video tutorial to serve as a guide for anyone else interested.


    It is a worthy update to anyone who has this laptop and highly recommended.





    Which panel did you get? do you have GSync now?



    Hello Junky


    Bought the panel you <i>recommended</i> but sadly no Gsync.  When i look up the panel on hwinfo it does not say the model I ordered, it says some other number which might means this is like the Chinese equivalent, or it simply will not work with the gtx 1060 3gb.  Either way not complaining, this thing is as intended now.  Thank you again for all your help.



    I was sure I replied, sorry

    You’re right, I should have made it clear – sorry, my bad!! When you order a display, they often send you some “compatible” model. You should ask for a specific one explicitly.  Do you want to send it back?




    I did not send it back and I am fine without it really, woulda been an added bonus but in the end all I wanted was a respectable color gamut, better viewing angles and some nice contrast, which i got. Also right now even witcher 3 on mostly ultra plays over 60fps so i just enable vsync and I am good.  Maybe later when I am pushing harder games and want smoother frames when under 60 but honestly, will most likely just buy an lcd for home gaming (like big screens) and i might splurge for something with gsync.

    Thank you again for your help, this has turned a purchase that was good but a bit sad because of the display quality into an absolute great purchase.


    This is the panel I got, overall quite nice.




    P.P.S.  This is the video of the resulting viewing angles.


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