Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review

Best gaming performance for the price; Not good enough feature set

++ Main reason to consider:

Best performance/price ratio under $800 with no big disadavantages

-- Main reason to avoid:

Lacking feature set (mDP, Thunderbolt, speakers) and not-as-good-as-other IPS display

Pro : + Excellent performance/price ratio for gaming. Best under $1000 with Skylake I5-6300HQ and GTX 960M 4GB
+ Powerful but less power hungry Skylake I5-6300HQ
+ GTX 960M 4GB version, not 2GB. Useful in some games/applications (Adobe Photoshop/Premiere/After Effects)
+ Thermals are very good with no throttling effectively, while gaming or Furmark+Prime95
+ 1080p IPS display isn't great, but still good with good contrast and viewing angles. No-PWM or very high frequency, which is very good
+ Very quiet under light load and not too noisy anyway
+ Solid, simple and stylish enough looks (to my eyes)
+ Chassis is firm, including the bottom and keyboard surface
+ M.2 + 2.5" storage options
+ Very good battery performance for low/normal loads, of up to 10 hours for very low loads (like reading on "power saver" mode)
+ 256GB SSD version for the same price, for those who want it and not the 1TB SSHD version
+ The Wifi 802.11ac card
Con : - Keyboard is not that good to my taste - the combination of low resistance, feedback and travel depth does not leave a lot of room consolidation
- Speakers are not that bad, but the overall final experience is definitely mediocre for me, unless there is some software issues I'm not aware of. The 2.1 system lack in clarity, bass, and accuracy, except mids and maybe low-mids. Also, not that powerful
- Only 3xUSB 3.0 ports, no USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3, no mDP. Not a huge deal, thanks the lower price and no real eGPU options currently
- Display outer lid will yield under pressure - make sure there is some protection if you are the rough/tough traveling kind of person
- 1080p IPS display quality is not low, but not as good as you'd expect from an IPS - colors are somewhat missing and inaccurate, viewing angles are good, but could be better. *However*, seems like buying directly from Dell will get you the better display (maybe even from Amazon now)
- M.2 connection is Sata 3, not PCIe
- DDR3L and not DDR4 - currently not a real disadvantage for gamers
- Reviews of an I7 version show higher temps around the mid-left parts of the keyboards


Dell Inspiron 15 7559

So, what Dell’s cooked for us with the new Insiron 15 7559/i7559? The starting price, including discounts (which were there from the start) is around $780-$800 before taxes (and before reward points from Dell). For that price the 7559 includes an shiny I5-6300HQ 4C/4T, 1x8GB DDR3L RAM, GTX 960M 4GB, 1080p IPS non-touch matte display and 1TB SSHD or 256GB SSD. I got the SSD version simply because it was easier for me to get it.

The 7559 is an interesting proposition because for this price, the specs are at least as good as the competitors for gaming performance. The Skylake I5, as far as we know, is as powerful for gaming as an I7 – including DX12 big name Ashes of Singularity – but requires less power and produces less heat, so this is a good CPU and no reason to go for an I7 for gaming at this point and with such a GPU. Add to that the IPS display, GTX 960M 4GB, supposedly good cooling system that throws air from three sides and you got yourself a good gaming laptop, barely matched by the others. The new VN7-592G and Lenovo Y700 currently go for at least $150-$200 more and deliver the same gaming performance, at most.

What, then, should we actually ‘worry’ about? Well, no USB 3.1 / TB3 and maybe screen, keyboard and speakers quality. The 7559 also uses a DDR3L instead of the newer DDR4, but it probably won’t have effect on gaming too much unless they are RAM bound – a place a game developer shouldn’t get to in the first place on a reasonable hardware, barring iGPUs. Ofcourse, a DDR4 will be great for APU based systems in the future, but that’s not our case. Benchmarks supports the above words. Read more here and here and google it.

So, the Dell Inspiron 15 7559 makes for a good competitor and lets see how it actually fares in this review!

ModelDell Inspiron 15 7559
PriceAs tested, $800
CPUIntel Skylake I5-6300HQ, 4C/4T, 2.3-3.2GHZ, 6MB cache
GPUNvidia Geforce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5, GM107 (Maxwell I), 640 shaders, core@1097MHZ, GDDR5@1252MHZ, 128-bit bus
Motherboard / ChipsetDELL 0H87XC / Intel HM170 (Skylake PCH-H)
4xPCI Express x1, 1xPCI Express x8, 1xPCI Express x16
StorageHDD : None
SSD: SanDisk Z400s M.2 2280 256GB
M.2 : total 1xSata 3.0
LCD PanelIn review: 1080p IPS : BOE [Unknown Model: BOE062F], NV15N41 [DELL P/N: YHDGT]

Weight / Dimensions2.57kg (~5.67 Lbs.)
383 x 265 x 25.3 mm
15.08" x 10.43" x 0.996"
(w x d x h)
KeyboardWhite backlit (3 levels including off)
Connection Portsright side: card reader, 1xHDMI, 1xUSB 3.0 powered, RJ-45, 1xLexington key
Left: audio out/microphone, 2xUSB3.0, power
rear: None
WiFi / EthernetWiFi: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165
Ethernet: RealTek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
Speakers / Audio2.1 speakers
Intel Skylake PCH-H - High Definition Audio Controller. Realtek?
Bios / EC version (test unit)1.0.3 /
Extra features
more details

Build quality, Case, design and looks

The Dell 7559 chassis is reasonably firm and at least on par with the competition. The keyboard’s surface won’t easily yield under pressture, nor the other parts around the keyboard surface. Same goes to thr chassis’ bottom. The display panel outer lid and bezel are not as firm and will yield under pressure – I would make sure there is some protection if I were carrying it in a beg, for example (unlike my Dell Latitude E7440). Hinges feel good, but I can’t really know how well they are built.

The chassis itself is not composed of a lot of dust-inviting gaps. The touchpad surface has a very small space between it and the chassis – less than many other laptops I’ve used.

so, bottom line, the 7559 feels very firm, but the screen’s panel protection plastic should have been better. Also, the weight is distributed well for use on the laps and the 7559 won’t easily slip.



The Dell Inspiron 15 7559 looks actually quite simple but nice. Black smooth chassis with textured surface area. A bit of red for the speakers grill and ventilation holes. Smooth outer lid. The frame doesn’t look too big thanks to the shape of the edges, as is common in our age. Simple and nice.

I don’t know what is the problem with the images and why they look so bad, but I’m getting better (and maybe getting a better camera).

Maintenance and inner parts

Maintenance complexity is easy if you want to just to add/change RAM, M.2/2.5″ SSD. There is only one screw that prevents one from reaching the juicy inners of the 7559. The Wifi card is also revealed and so are the fans, if needed to be cleaned.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review inner parts

I didn’t take too deep pictures of the inner parts nor did I disassembled the 7559, because the full 7559 service manual is already available from Dell which is great. Let’s look at the cooling system now:

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 cooling system heatpipes

The cooling system is composed of two fans and three ventilation holes. The GPU and CPU share three heatpipes, two of them are connected to two cooling plates and one heatpipe to the another, side plate. Cool air is sucked from below and spitted out to the rear and left (your left when facing the screen), which makes for a more efficient cooling then in many other laptops for the same price. The temperatures results are in coordination with it.

Connection ports selection rather basic with HDMI 1.4, 3xUSB 3.0 as well as the usual stuff like RJ-45 LAN connection. So, no highlights here. No Thunderbolt 3 nor even a USB 3.1.

Keyboard and touchpad

Keyboard. Well, the 7559 keyboard reminds me the first Y50’s keyboard – the keys travel depth, feedback and resistance are something around mediocre-average with some variation between the keys. Dell could improve each one of these parameters to make the keyboard a lot better, but the combination of all these makes a not-very-good experience. The keys located more to the left were better in these aspects, however. I wonder how good is the Y700 and VN7-592G keyboards.

UPDATE: Maybe I was too hard on the 7559 keyboard and I should clarify. It’s not a bad keyboard, but it lacks the feeling of a high quality keyboard. The keys do have acceptable feedback, but with the low resistance, travel depth and the additional experience variation between the keys, my bottom line experience is mediocre. It might be different for others, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a good keyboard.

Keys’ texture is nice actually and they are well spaced. The keyboard is also backlit, which is helpful (but not unique). Moreover, the keyboard’s surface does not yield under pressure really, which is good. A small effort and the keyboard be good :\

Touchpad. The rather big touchpad is good with a nice texture and no yield under pressure.

Sound & Speakers

A little disappointment. The 2.0 speakers sound is a little hollow and/or ‘boxy’ with audio all over the place. The speakers also obviously need an equalizer tuning, but it is not enough. There is some strength and richness in the mids and maybe low-mids (in songs like this the singer’s voice sounds rich to some degree), if I hear (and interpret) correctly. The subwoofer adds a little lows, but they are not of quality and it also scrambles the sound of the 2.0 speakers, I feel.

I feel that the 2.0 speakers are much better than the added “0.1” subwoofer. When listening closer to the 2.0 speakers, the music sound a lot better and unlike my previous assessment, the richer sound comes from them. Even though, the 2.0 speakers have a weakness I can’t exactly put my ears on. First, when volume goes a little up, there is some unwanted extra artifact sound like the power is too much, but more than that, I really feel that the sound gets messy and sometimes “all over the place” (I know I said it), at least in the highs and high-mids and especially when the audio gets a little more powerful, and that’s without all the software “enhancers”. Also, it sounds to me like the speakers have some problem handling a complex sound – they lose their grip and destroy the sound. Anyway, the real lows are not good.

Adding bass via the Equalizer or the “Maxx” audio software might help a bit, but barely not enough to save the situation and it always feels like it’s hard to keep the balance. I’ve tried few equalizer presets to no avail. I don’t know if my subjective experience matches objective measurements, but I’m pretty sure the speakers are not good and the music shouldn’t sound like that. Try the Equalizer presets (The “Youtube Music” was good to me) and other options, maybe you’ll find what it is you are seeking for.

I’d turn off the subwoofer, if I were me.

Playing with the equalizer, it also seemed to me like it is hard to catch all the audio angles at once.

Request: Please let me know if your experience is different. I’m not sure if I did something wrong.

UPDATE: I wondered if there is any relation to the Intel drivers issues, but I realized the problems had relation to the HWInfo trying to read Dell’s custom sensors. 

General subjective performance experience

This Dell Inspiron 15 7559 version comes with the Sandisk Z400 256GB SSD drive which makes it relatively snappy. I’ve added PCMark 8 Storage benchmark, but generally it performed well in the everyday tasks I fired at it. I’ll add some benchmarks later.

There were problems with some software running on the HD530, like LibreOffice 5.3 going blank (see picture) – but that’s common in other laptops too (like the E7450 my sister has).

LibreOffice blank screen

Added CPU-Z and GPU-Z screenshots.


The I5-6300HQ is locked for manipulation via Intel’s XTU.

Gaming Performance

Test Methods & Drivers

OS : Windows 10, fully updated

Drivers: Nvidia Geforce 358.87

Synthetic 3D benchmarks

3DMark performance – link to source:

Dell Inspiron 7559 Review 3DMark 1
Dell Inspiron 7559 Review 3DMark 2

Octane V2 benchmarks (Chrome)

Dell Inspiron 7559 Review : Octane v2

PCMark Storage

Dell Inspiron 7559 Review PCMark

Sandisk Z400 SSD AS-SSD and ATTO

Dell Inspiron 7559 Review Samsung Z400 SSD AS-SSD Dell Inspiron 7559 Review Samsung Z400 SSD ATTO 2GB

Summarized gaming performance

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 GTX 960M gaming benchmarks
Nothing too special. The usual GTX 960M numbers, except maybe for games like Anno 2205 and Shadow of Mordor which use more than the 2GB of VRAM found in most of the GTX 960M till now

Crysis 3

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Crysis 3 GTX 960M benchmarks


Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Skyrim GTX 960M benchmarks


Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Thief GTX 960M benchmarks

Bioshock Infinite

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Bioshock Infinite GTX 960M benchmarks

Civilization : Beyond Earth

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Civilization Beyond Earth GTX 960M benchmarks

Total War : Attila

The new iteration of Total War : Rome II, Attila is a much more demanding game and FPSs are much lower.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Total War Attila GTX 960M benchmarks

Metro : Last Light

Metro : Last Light is a very demanding game with AO and tessellation taking a lot of the GPU juice. It might be a matter of optimization too.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Metro Last Light GTX 960M benchmarks

Battlefield 4 Campaign

BF4 campaign benchmark

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Battlefield 4 GTX 960M benchmarks

Alien : Isolation

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Aien Isolation GTX 960M benchmarks

World of Warships

The new title from the series of “World of [some gun]” herladed by the popular World of Tanks.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review World of Warships GTX 960M benchmarks

World of Tanks

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review World of Tanks GTX 960M benchmarks

Elite : Dangerous

The benchmark consisted on a traveling inside and out the Cleve Hub space port which is a taxing graphical environment compared to this game.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Elite Dangerous GTX 960M benchmarks

Shadow Of Mordor

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Shadow Of Mordor GTX 960M benchmarks

Dragon Age : Inquisition

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Dragon Age Inquisition GTX 960M benchmarks


The new Dota2. The characteristics of CPU and GPU usage are strange. Both are underutilized, so something is bottlenecking. But moreover, it doesn’t seem right that the CPU is so stressed in this game, especially since in many points in the game there isn’t a lot of action/effects. I suspect that the new Dota 2 engine is already being readies to Vulkan API and we are seeing here, actually, the different way things are working with Vulkan. We’ll see how my bet pan out.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Dota 2 GTX 960M benchmarks

Ashes Of Singularity

The new Ashes of Singularity benchmark. I’m adding this although the game is in pre-beta stage and performance varies between updates (numbers changed even when I run a small update)

Anyway, currently DX12 code path in AoS has no advantage in terms of FPS with Nvidia card. We already know this is not the case with AMD GCN GPUs, though – read. It seems that the game is probably GPU-bound and not CPU-bound too, otherwise we would see probably differences with DX12, even slight, but there are other viable reasons too.

Games’ version: 0.62.14002

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Dota 2 GTX 960M benchmarks

Anno 2205

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review CPU clocks under gamingDell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Anno 2205 GTX 960M benchmarksAnno 2205 GTX 960M I5-6300HQ CPU usage Ultra High AAx2Anno 2205 GTX 960M I5-6300HQ CPU usage

Some strange behavior again, the CPU is downclocking considerably. It can be fixed with Throttestop (currently using 8.00 beta4) – simply set the multiplier to above the base clocks and hit “turn on” – the result will be maximal clocks.

It is the same in Ashes of Singularity.

About the numbers. The tests show higher results then notebookcheck GTX 960M tests, but it might be a result of some kind of throttling in this particular case/test. Moreover, the tests GTX 750 Ti results for Anno 2205 with Ultra High preset but with “very High” shader and AAx2 instead of AAx8 are lower then my GTX 960M results by quite a bit (see) – and remember we are talking a desktop CPU which is far less limited.

Added CPU usage levels. You can see that the CPU handles the situation well even with Ultra High settings.

Thermals, Throttling & Noise handling

As described before, the GPU and CPU both have three connected cooling systems and heatpipes. Cool air sucked from the bottom of the machine (hence, it’s important to keep its bottom above the sitting surface) and is thrown from the rear and side ventilation holes.

Four tests:

1. Idle, power saver mode

2. Gaming : Crysis 3 gameplay. “very high” settings with SMAAx2 For Crysis 3, “High performance” power mode.

3. Prime95 torture test. “High performance” power mode.

4. Prime95 + Furmark on 1366×768 test, AAx2. “High performance” power mode.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review temperatures

You can see that thermals are very good even with Prime95 + Furmark. The new Skylake I5 is really a smash. I’m saying it in light of the noise levels an fan speed while running these applications.


Even under full load, the heat could barely be felt from the chassis or at least I didn’t feel anything too much. Generally, the cooling system is doing a very good job here. The keyboard warms a little but not much.

UPDATE (thanks Cedric!) : According to notebookcheck test, the keyboard does get hotter around the area between middle-right of the keyboard. They do use an I7 version, and also have an HDD inside, which adds a little more.


Throttling is not a problem with the Dell Inspiron 7559 I5 version. Even Prime95 torture test + Furmark couldn’t make it throttle a bit and the GPU was running at full speed.

The GPU has two exhaustion holes with two sets of cooling fins, as mentioned before. This seems an efficient cooling for the GPU.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review : Prime95 + Furmark temperatures power consumption and clocks Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review : Prime95 temperatures

However, there was a phenomenon in some games in which the CPU would downclock heavily with no visible temperature o TDP problems. I’ve seen it before in the MSI GT72 and other laptops and have no clue why it is so, but using ThrottleStop 8.00 and setting the multiplier to some level above the base level, solves it and the clocks remain on the maximal level. Recorded Ashes of Singularity levels:

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review CPU clocks under gaming


Under Prime95 + Furmark, the fan speed was moderate-high, but not the highest. I guess that it would go to the highest speed possible in the I7 version case.

Crysis 3 resulting in lower temps and only moderate and even low-moderate fan speed/noise subjectively. That’s in a quiet night.

Working/idling results in a very low operation noise and essentially close to silent under library level operation, let’s say.

Screen & Screen quality

The Dell Inspiron 15 7559 comes with a non-touch non-glare 1080p IPS display. The model is unknown to me, but HWInfo provided this information : BOE [Unknown Model: BOE062F], NV15N41 [DELL P/N: YHDGT]. That’s a BOE panel I haven’t seen before and here is the specifications page on panelook – according to the specifications, it is a 45% NTSC display and indeed, this is what we get.

Some 7559 users report that they have recieved a different panel model or Dell have replaced their panel to the 156WF6 (not sure what is the exact model), which could be better in terms of colors. Trying to figure out if it has any relation to where you are getting the laptop from, I’ll update.

UPDATE: Seems like more than enough people who have recently ordered directly from Dell have received the more favorable display, so consider getting the laptop from Dell (with the usual coupons and stuff, it should cost around the same)

Both subjectively and by measurements, the colors are lacking. I compared it to my Dell Latitude E7440 (LG LP140WF1-SPU1, I think) and the colors are obviously not there. There is also small but noticeable color distortion, mostly vertical, but it’s not too bad and also apparent in other models/laptops and I wouldn’t consider it a threat to the eyes too much. Also, contrast remains high both vertically and horizontally. Maximal brightness is more than sufficient for office use, but may lack in more well sunny lit environments.

Also, I’m not sure about this, but I think it might be lacking in clarity – maybe related to the pixel configuration or panel’s technology. Not sure if I’m right, though.

Bottom line, this is a good display, but not in IPS level terms, but still – people should be satisfied with it for most uses.

Screen Dell Inspiron 7559 BEO NV15N41 1080p calibration file

ContrastBrightnessBlack levels
720 169 0.23
63 47 45

Battery Performance

The numbers for the 7559 are very high for low work loads like reading/writing and are good even for 1080p youtube movies with around 6 hours of watch with “power saver” mode. I know the numbers look odd, but check Amazon’s user reviews

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Battery performance

GPU Overlocking

Used MSI Afterburner to overclock the GTX 960M:

  • +135MHZ for the GPU core


I only tested the stability with the overclocked core. The core remained at around 1337MHZ in Anno 2205 on Ultra High preset with AAx2. It will boost performance in some cases, but the GTX 960M is limited, even with core and memory overclocking.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review Overclocked GTX 960M clocks in Anno 2205


  • Intel iGPU driver + LibreOffice 5.3 issue – Office will go blank for a moment  when typing. That’s a documented problem and I had no other issues with the iGPU. Saw this problem with other laptops too.

Competing gaming laptops / Alternatives

    • Acer VN7-592G 15.6″ : I7-6700HQ/I5-6300HQ, 8GB DDR4, 1TB SSHD, 1080p IPS, GTX 960M. If it’s as good as the vn7-591G, then the keyboard should be better then the 7559’s keyboard, but thermals worse. The big advantage is probably the Thunderbolt 3 port which gives it an edge over the rest of the competition and I would consider the VN7-592G the main competitor with current prices, thanks to the TB3, but that’s probably not a huge deal, because you can get a laptop like the 7559 now and resell it for $150 less, to get one of the newer laptops with TB3 or Oculink a year, year and half into what is called “the future” – this will be around the difference in price between the two.
    • Lenovo Y700 15.6″ – I5/I7 Skylake, 8-16GB DDR4, 1TB SSHD/SSD, 1080p IPS, GTX 960M. Currently overpriced. Connection ports are lacking, but they added an M.2 slot over the Y50.
    • Clevo new 15.6″ mmidrange proposition like this. Overpriced to my taste
    • For $750, the Toshiba S55 with a Skylake I7, GTX 950M DDR3, 8GB RAM, 1080p display (IPS?)

    You can get really a lot better then the GTX 960M + I5/I7, usually. I guess the Alienware 15 R2 will be available for like $800-$900 refurbished soon, from Dell. It remains to be seen how good are the competitors in terms of feature set and thermals. I guess quite a few people will prefer a VN7-592G or Y700 given they have as good thermals, but better keyboard and speakers. The Lenovo Y50 had mediocre keyboard, so let’s wait and see how this unfolds.

    If you want more performance then this, I’d consider go with a GTX 970M or, maybe better, get some laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 connection port in order to have an eGPU in the future, but this future is not clear currently.


So, what do we make of the Dell Inspiron 15 7559? It is currently has the highest gaming performance/price ratio under $900-$1000, also thanks to Skylake I5. The Skylake I5 is a powerful yet less power hungry and throttling prone than the I7 and unlike previous I5 mobile CPUs, it has 4 cores, not 2, which makes it a lot more powerful for 3D and gaming too. The GTX 960M 4GB has a 2GB advantage over some of the other laptops from previous generations, at least for photo/video editing and in some specific games (just maybe). The thermals are very good with no visible throttling or temperature/TDP issues with the GTX 960M core running at 1080-1200MHZ in all cases and there is a GPU overclocking room too. It is also not too noisy under high load and pretty quiet under low load/idling.

The M.2 + 2.5″ Sata connection ports are good enough and though the M.2 Sata SSDs will be slower than the newer NVMe/PCIe M.2 drives, it should be more than fast enough for the usual usage case and suffice for the coming years. 802.11ac WiFi card is included.

Battery performance is very good for low/normal loads like reading or working with Wifi on and browsing the web. 1080p@30FPS Youtube videos will play for 5-6 hours easily and 1080p@60FPS could run ~3.5-4 hours, according to my tests and even more than that with an external monitor.

But, the 7559 has some drawbacks. The mediocre keyboard (reminds me the same experience from the first Y50), the low quality speakers (or I’m really doing something wrong, but it shouldn’t be that hard), no USB 3.1 (useful) nor Thunderbolt 3 (but not a big issue). The M.2 connection is a Sata 3.0 port, not PCIe which shouldn’t really be a problem for most as Sata 3.0 SSDs are really fast for the usual user, but it might be a problem for some. The DDR3L is more than sufficient for gaming currently and probably in the near future too, so that’s not a big issue, but it might be useful for other uses for some.

The keyboard issue is the most annoying in my opinion. It remains to be seen how is the competition doing, but the previous generation VN7-591G had a better keyboard (the Y50 didn’t).

So, bottom line, this is probably my recommended system for gamers for around $800 currently, but you might find yourself not liking the keyboar and/or looking for external speakers, so I’d also suggest waiting for some VN7-592G review (update: here) and then a some discount, because for around $100 more, it might be worth it just for the keyboard, speakers and Thunderbolt3.

UPDATE: VN7-592G review is here and the conclusion is that it has better display overall, better speakers, better keyboard (all noticeable) and better feature set (M.2 PCIe, Thunderbolt 3 USB-C), but the 7559 is considerably cheaper at $760 (and same gaming performance), has much better thermals and lower noise, much better battery performance and more appealing default storage device (SSHD/SSD vs 5400RPM HDD in the VN7-592G). So, it is really a matter of thinking what you prefer. For some, the keyboard is a no-issue, speakers are not that important (like, for me) and display is also not an issue because they use an external monitor or because it can be replaced.

UPDATE 2: Seems like buying directly from Dell will get you the more favorable display (very similar or identical to the VN7’s) – at least sometimes – and it might just be that Amazon also sells now that version, at least with the 1TB SSHD model.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages and make a choice.


  • Hakeem Lawal

    I just purchased it and I Love it I got the i5 and 1tb hybrid drive, added another 8gb stick and a 500gb m.2 ssd all for $200 equals $1000. I love it no lag in all the games I played… Gta v, battlefield 1 and 4, pes 2017, fifa 2017…. apart from that I use it to program list of app that I use that runs fine adobe dreamwaver, photoshop, and others

  • Vojta Hájek

    1, My settings for LG display (from calibrated sonde):
    Gamma +0,1
    Saturation +9

    How to past 135Mhz overclock limit on GTX 960M? I have 1337 / 3105 Mhz now.

    3, How to set on bios lower CPU voltage? I tried to undervolt my i7 6700HQ and its awesome. -150mV fully stable, I am testing -200mV now. It means -20°C. 🙂 Any ideas how to unlock 135MHz limit GTX 960? Its 88% asic and I want to use it full potencial.

    4, How does this laptop behave if cpu temperetarues are too high? Because on 94°C still full turbo clocks.

    5, How to set to playing on battery with full performance? Because it freezs and laggs. Power mode with full performance.

  • Hakeem Lawal

    Should I get the this the I7 version with 4k and 1tb hybrid for $1000 cause no external monitor and I do a lot of graphics work and then spend $200 to get a sata 3.0 500ssd from samsung and another 8gb ram or get the new resigned 7669 amd version

    • What, in the US? Definitely not! no for the AMD version either.
      Are we talking about the US?

      • Hakeem Lawal
        • The M445 is a very weak GPU compared to what is available today for the same price. Then I’d suggest not going with it

          Are you buying in the US?

          • Hakeem Lawal

            Yup in the US through a cousin I am getting the 4k version to just brag will run games @1080p… most people here don’t have 4k laptops and the games like battlefied 4 and 1 even Gta v runs better on the i7 version @1080p cause of the hyper treading

  • Ahmad Naeem

    guys my inspiron 7559 doesnt perform well on battery but when i plug in the charger it performs good any reason or setting change ?
    pls help ! much appreciated..

    • That’s the default behavior – when the laptop is not plugged in, the system will use underclock to save battery

  • Arpit Jain

    Hey Junky, I’m thinking of buying this laptop but beforehand I wanted to know more about Panel that I would be getting
    I will buy this in India as I live in India and would be buying it directly from Dell now I wanted to know how can I determine what panel is there in the laptop without opening the box. Like is there any way I can figure out what panel I will get by just looking at the Manufacture date or batch no. or something else.

    Plus does the track pad run well on windows 10 and also any problems solved regarding speakers.

    Any yeah will it have backlit I’m asking this because earlier this guy ‘rye’ said that the newer ones dont have it.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hi Arpit!

      1. I don’t know what are the exact specifications you’ll get in India
      2. Better wait for the new models with the new GPUs!

      • Arpit Jain

        Do you think the newer models will cost more?? Cause already this laptop is priced at 1300 USD in India.

        Laptops in India are very expensive they are usually marked 400-500 USD more than it is in USA or any other country.

        • They should be priced the same, I think

          • Arpit Jain

            No, it’s not if I convert $800 to Indian rupees it is 54000 INR but but in India the base model is for 86000 INR which is $1300

            • I mean, the old model and the new model

              • Arpit Jain

                ohh I see if it would be priced same then I will wait

                • it’s like that in the US and EU, mostly
                  Say, wouldn’t it be better to order a laptop from the US with such differences in price?

                  • Arpit Jain

                    But what about shipping and customs, altogether it costs 1300$

                    • are you sure about it? the dell 7559 can be purchased for $650 refurbished

                    • Arpit Jain

                      And how can I get it shipped?

                    • a forwarding service or direct shipping from the seller. But I see the 7559 laptops get scarce – probably a precursor to them being replaced by a new model
                      I would wait with it

              • Arpit Jain

                how good is gtx 1050 for laptop

  • rye ☁

    why they release the unit of this Laptop that the Keyboard backlit function has been removed?

  • rye ☁
  • MwAzer

    Hey Junky, I’m thinking about getting the dell 7559, my issue is whether to get the i5 or i7. Also the version I’m looking at has a 1TB SATA Hybrid Hard Drive. I’m planning to use it for general uni work and light gaming so I think I should be okay with the i5, but the i7 is USD90 more so do you think it’s worth getting the i7 just because it’s the latest core and will be better in the long run (I’ll probably keep this in condition for at least 4 years hopefully) Thanks in advance!

    The i5 specs (seems a bit different from yours?):
    CPU 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-6300HQ Quad Core (6M Cache, 2.3GHz)
    Operating System Windows 10 Home 64bit (Eng, TC and SC)
    Chipset Integrated in the processor
    Memory 8GB Single Channel DDR3L 1600MHz (8GBx1)
    Storage 1TB (5400 rpm) SATA Hybrid Hard Drive with 8GB Flash
    Display 15.6-inch FHD Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display (1920 x 1080)
    Graphics NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
    Optical Drive N/A
    Communication 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0, Dual Band 2.4&5 GHz
    Ports / Media 3x USB 3.0 (1 USB 3.0 w/Power Share)/ 1x HDMI v1.4a/ 1x 45 RJ/ MMC / 1xcombo (headphone / microphone) jack / 1x 2-in-1 SD(UHS50)
    Camera 720p Webcam
    Battery 74 WHr, 6-Cell Battery (Integrated)/ Up to 8 hours
    Size 383 (W) x 265 (D) x 25.3 (H) mm
    Weight Approx. 2.57kg

    The i7 specs:
    CPU 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Processor (6M Cache, 2.6 GHz)
    Operating System Windows 10 Home 64bit (Eng, TC and SC)
    Chipset Integrated in the processor
    Memory 8GB Single Channel DDR3L 1600MHz (8GBx1)
    Storage 1TB (5400 rpm) SATA Hybrid Hard Drive with 8GB Flash
    Display 15.6-inch FHD Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display (1920 x 1080)
    Graphics NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
    Optical Drive N/A
    Communication 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0, Dual Band 2.4&5 GHz
    Ports / Media 3x USB 3.0 (1 USB 3.0 w/Power Share)/ 1x HDMI v1.4a/ 1x 45 RJ/ MMC / 1xcombo (headphone / microphone) jack / 1x 2-in-1 SD(UHS50)
    Camera 720p Webcam
    Battery 74 WHr, 6-Cell Battery (Integrated)/ Up to 7 hours
    Size 383 (W) x 265 (D) x 25.3 (H) mm
    Weight Approx. 2.57kg

    • Hi!

      1. Not worth it, for gaming
      2. You might want to wait for the new stuff that will probably come soon

  • Nguyễn Quang Uy

    Can you make a review about HP Pavilion 15 bc016TX. I saw some reviews and it show thermals are better than 7559, with equivalent price but spec’s bc016TX also are better than 7559.

  • Henry Tam

    Hi Junky, will this laptop last for at least 4 years (I take care of all my technology very well)? How much can you tilt the screen back (in terms of angle)? I’ve heard mixed reviews about this Dell laptop, so should I risk the purchase?

    • Hi Henry!

      1. Statistically, it *should*, yes
      2. I don’t remember how much it could be tilted exactly, but it’s around 45 degrees
      3. You’ll hear mixed reviews about every laptop currently, because indeed they have all drawbacks. Have you heard anything too troubling?
      4. You can risk the purchase, but I’d wait for the new models, in 2-4 months

      • Henry Tam

        I mainly hear about inconsistencies in the quality of the laptop components, such as the screen, speakers, WiFi card, touchpad, keyboard, etc. So, I’m concerned about my chance of receiving a near-flawless laptop if I do order one. Generally, should I trust Dell?

        • generally, you can trust that you’ll get a laptop in good condition

          • Henry Tam

            Alright. I’ll believe in that. Thank you for providing such a detailed review and quick responses to comments!

            • But just wait a sesond, few points:

              1. The Lenovo Y700 is now selling for $800 with 128GB PCIe SSD, a little better display, keyboard and speakers. Thermals are not as good, but you’ll get around the same gaming performance:

              2. The Dell 7559 with an I7 is selling for $700 from time to time

              3. I’d wait for the new models if I were you

              • Henry Tam

                What do you predict the new models to be like? How much of an upgrade can I expect to wait on? I found out that I don’t absolutely need an upgrade to my laptop (been going strong for 4 years with an ASUS X401A lolol) right now, but it would be nice to know more details about when Dell would release a new generation of the Inspiron 7559’s.

                • This is no surprise. CPUs from 6-7 years ago are pretty good, just add a little GPU that can handle some video stuff and you should be ok
                  The problem with laptops is not the performance really

                  I don’t know when exactly, but I bet it will be before the end of the year and maybe around the end of October or something like that

  • cherr

    when i play tomb raider 2013 on ultra settings on baterry high performance sometimes it lags and fps drop..when plugged in, no more lags..any idea how to fix it? with this laptop it should be fine to play tomb raider on ultra settings..but when using battery even on high performance mode game lags fps not stable..

    my laptop : dell inspiron 15 7559 gtx 960m 4gb gddr5, 4gb RAM ddr3

    • When not plugged in, the performance automatically goes down. I’m not familiar with software tools to deal with it – Try “ThrottleStop” freeware for the CPU and I think, you can use Nvidia Geforce Experience tool for the GPU. There should be FPS limitation configuration in the Geforce Experience tool

  • WeI M012

    Hi Junky. Thanks for the review. Can i know how is this laptop’s wifi performance? Do you faced any issue with regard to the wifi (Intel® 3165AC) on this laptop? I am actually considering the i7 model, but my current concern is with the wifi connection of this model. Past experience of using the dell XPS14x(L412Z) is that the wifi connection is so bad; causing low signal connection and slower speed received as compared to other laptops. As a result, an usb wifi adapter needed to be used all time to have a better internet connection.

    • Hi Wel!
      ,1. Well Wel, I don’t remember any special problems with the WiFi, at least in my review, but probably the WiFi performance isn’t the best. Many times bios/drivers update fix stuff and in the worst case, you can change the WiFi card with a better $25 Wifi card (though it might not be the solution)
      2. Also, different models have different performance and the XPS 14z is quite old and different..
      3. What exactly did you see online?

    • WeI M012

      Thanks for the reply.

      Well, I had actually done all those method that you mentioned above to solve my current xps14z wifi issue since day 1 itself (receiving lower or no signal/speed as compared to other laptop from the same exact location) Unfortunately, nothing turn out to be working and I had to rely 100% on external usb wifi adapter to connect to wifi. Also, dell had no solution to fix them. As such, I am still quite skeptical about dell laptops wifi.

      As I look through the dell forum on the net, users actually experienced wifi connection issue which I am worried as those issues are similar to what I am experiencing now. To be honest, other than wifi, I am ok with dell products. So, may I know why would you say this laptop wifi is not as good as others?

      • 1. So, they didn’t offer any refund?
        2. I really didn’t see nothing specific about the WiFi .. can you find any link?
        3. Well, it has a basic WiFi card (which you can replace). You could replace it. I don’t remember what was the signal level and the performance to be honest, but the laptop was positioned around 10 meters from the router and behind a wall and I had no real problems as far as I remember, so it’s not that bad. I probably should have recorded these.

        4. A better WiFi card from Intel could be this one:

        5. Important – I’d consider getting a refurbished Dell 7559 from Dell Home Outlet. With the coupons that are available often, you can get it for less than $600.. which is a very good deal

  • Jefferry Huynh

    Hi Junky, thanks for the detailed review. This is absolutely my next laptop. I’m still debating about the i5 or i7. Do you think it would be justifiable to consider the i7 for extra $100. I will use my laptop for coding, building databases, gaming and a lot of web browsing (Like 20+ tabs at a time) with dual monitors. Thank you!

    • Thanks!

      I think it would be justifiable for $100 less – there was a discount a week ago and you could get it for like $700, before taxes
      I don’t think it is worth it for $100 more

      • Jefferry Huynh

        Thanks for the quick respond!

        The lowest I saw for i7 + 1TB SHDD was 799 (before taxes, new). But I’ll need to get a M.2 SSD. If I get the i5 + SSD, I can just pop in my current hard drive. So the total difference could be 150 – 200 between i5 and i7. For the long run (3 years +), would it be an issue?

        • I’d go with the I5 then.
          These $150-$200 won’t be worth the I7.. you’ll get no real advantage in games.. $150 in a year will be worth a lot more

          Also, if you can wait, maybe it’s better to wait – new stuff is coming up, new GPUs, tech, and eGPUs area will be clearer

  • Haseebullah

    Hey Junky. I am currently in Germany and I bought an Inspiron 7559 model from for 1000 Euros. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of screen problems with these laptops and now I am stuck with a screen which has a yellowish tint to it. It’s almost as if there’s a light yellow filter on top of the screen. By the way HWinfo gives the monitor info as:
    Monitor Name: BOE [Unknown Model: BOE062F]
    Monitor Name (Manuf): NV15N41

    I had the same yellowish tint problem with my recent Nexus 5X screen, I set the color temperature to Cool in Android Developer Options and now the Nexus screen looks good.

    Is there anyway I can set the color temperature to Cool in the 7559? Currently, I don’t have the resources to replace the screen.

    • I don’t remember the yellow stuff, but colors weren’t good

      Did you try the calibration file I posted? or at least, the Windows calibration tool (it’s a simple manual tool)?

      • Haseebullah

        Thanks for the reply. When I load the .icm file in the Windows 10 Color Management utility, nothing shows up on the screen. I mean I locate the file, select and press OK but it does not seem to load the file.

          • Haseebullah

            Ah my apologies. Actually the default color profile and the one that you provided are actually the same, at least in my case. So nothing happens when I select the one provided by yourself.

            • the same?? there should be *some* difference..
              Anyway, try the manual windows calibration maybe? you can change colors there

              • Haseebullah
                • I don’t get it – in the notebookreview forums, the 7559 is compared to what?

                  • Haseebullah

                    To a normal screen with cool white colors.

                    • I couldn’t figure what model is it
                      Anyway, did you try to change it manually?

                    • Haseebullah

                      Yup, played some with r,g,b colors. Couldn’t get it right.

                    • well then, how about replacing the panel? it’s not hard. You can get the nice LG panel or some better one

                    • Haseebullah

                      Yes, that seems the only solution. Unfortunately after blowing a 1K Euros, am currently broke. 🙂 Plus in Germany these spare parts are hard to come by.

                      Just for future reference could you recommend me an exact panel model I should get?

                    • 1K! that’s a lot!

                      AUO B156HAN01.2, Samsung 156HL01-104 (and some variants) and more
                      Such panels in the US will cost around $60 with 3 years warranty, new

                    • Haseebullah

                      Thanks for the recommendation.
                      U.S is a tech haven for people like us. I could have gotten this same laptop with exact configuration for 900$ in U.S, whereas in Germany it cost me about 1200$.

                    • yea, same here..
                      But, that won’t make no one happy anyway

                    • Haseebullah

                      Well thanks for all the help.

                    • Russ

                      How you end up with that? I now have the same ussue like you had. It was paid also around 1000eu few weeks ago. Screen is very yellow.

                    • Haseebullah

                      I ordered mine online. But I have since forgotten about the yellowish screen as I have a more serious problem with my machine. There’s a coil whine (screeching noise) coming from the num pad area. Dell says its a flaw in all Inspirons and should be sent for repairing immediately.
                      Does your machine have a coil whine as well?

                    • Russ

                      I don’t have a coil whine yet, maybe it will appear over time.

                • Also, the images show clear yellow colors – I don’t remember I had such things

  • jemail

    Hey junky. First of all I would like to thank you for your well organised review and feedback, I was wondering how long this laptop is going to last because I am planning on travelling and don’t want it to brake or malfunction for the next 2-3 years if you can say something about its build quality that would be very helpful thanks again.

    • Thanks jemail!

      Well, I can’t really test the quality of the inner parts like motherboard and chips well, but:
      1. Chassis build quality is good enough
      2. Generally, this kind of Dell laptops are pretty good
      3. You have to take care of it – minimize dust, use it gently, don’t pour stuff on it and don’t let food/crumbs get it (like inside the keyboard)

      What are your uses? if you like this laptop, it’s probably on the same level as other gaming laptops for like $800, in terms of build quality, on average

      • jemail

        My plan was to do a bit of gaming and some autodesk work but I really want the pc to last I was impressed by its specs for its price but am now wondering whether I ought to buy the lenovo y700, thanks again for your feedback

  • Cici Lorenc

    Hi Junky

    I have to say that this is the most detailed review i have found in the internet and i really appreciate your work. I want to thank you for that.
    I read almost all of the comments and I have a few questions if i may.

    I have decided to buy the dell Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK 15.6 Inch FHD Laptop (6th Generation Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD + 8 GB SSD) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M which i will upgrade to Crucial 8GB Single DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL11 SODIMM 204-Pin 1.35V/1.5V Notebook Memory CT102464BF160B and Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB M.2 SSD (MZ-N5E250BW).
    Here are the liks:

    I have to say that i will use these laptop mostly for graphic design (photoshop, illustrator and after efect) and i think that these “beast” has the right performance for these programs. To be honest i don’t care much about the touchpad, sound and the keyboard.

    1-I need to know if the the UHD 4K display is better than FHD for graphic design if not i will conect with an external monitor or replace it later.

    2-Can you approve that these upgrades that i showed are the right one? And wich ram mark do you suggest for best performance?

    Keep up with the grat work and thanks again 😉

  • Vish

    Hey Junky, I really liked you review of the 7559 and have decided to consider it. But I have a couple of questions. I’ll be using this in college so:
    1. Is this laptop heavy to the point where its not portable?
    2. Is the battery good enough to last me a day if I were to take it to class?
    3. Would you recommend a gaming laptop in the first place to a college student?

  • Ruben

    Hi Junky! Your in-depth review has convinced me to finally get the Dell Inspiron 7559. Although I’ll be getting the i7 + 1 TB SSHD version. I’d like to purchase the i7 + 1 TB SSHD that Amazon offers since they are selling it a much lower price than Dell Direct and they don’t haves sales tax. Can you confirm that the particular i7 + 1TB SSHD that Amazon offers is also the one with the better LG Screen Panel? Btw kudos to your review for updating the info about the better LG Screen Panel. Lastly, will my purchae from Amazon also have the 1 year Dell Global Warranty that Dell offers for the Inspiron 7559 if bought from their website? I plan to travel with my laptop and it’d be a HUGE help if I don’t need to stress about the warranty.


    • Hi Ruben, and thanks

      1. No, I can’t confirm that. The only info I have, is that people who got the laptop from Dell (the 1TB SSHD + I5 version) got the LG display. But check this one:

      2. However, It just might be that if you purchase the 1TB SSHD version from Amazon, it will have the LG display too – I really don’t know. Again, check the comment

      3. Well, all I know you could transfer the warranty to a different place – is that what you mean by “global warranty”?

      • Ruben

        Hi Junky! Thanks for the quick response! Highly appreciated!

        1 and 2) I read the comments before posting but I couldn’t determine for sure if the i7 + 1TB SSHD from Amazon would yield an LG display. I was hoping you could answer my question but thanks anyways! So I’ll just ask, where do you think should I make the purchase? Amazon or Dell? Price difference is around 200$. I could get a Samsung EVO SSD for that extra cash but I wouldn’t wanna risk not getting the LG panel. Haha.

        3) Would Dell Service Centers from other countries accept my laptop for repairs incase it broke down? Knowing that my laptop would come from the USA, I was wondering if they’d honor the warranty that came with the laptop or would the warranty only apply in the US?


        • 1. For $200 go with Amazon for sure.. The 7559 IPS is not terrible.. it just lacks some color. Even if it will bother you, you could get a nice 1080p IPS display and replace it yourself (it’s pretty easy)

          2. Dell usually has coupons and also, these reward points..

          3. Yes, if you transfer the warranty. Better ask Dell rep for specifics though. I have transferred my warranty and it was ok, not for the first time

          • Ruben

            Hi Junky!

            1 and 2) Thanks for the advice! I’m going to make my purchase from Amazon. I’d rather get a few bucks back plus an SSD instead of reward points and coupons.

            3) Quick question, will I be able to transfer the built-in Win 10 OS from the 1 TB SSHD to my new SSD? If so, would you happen to know any sort of guide to do it quickly and easily?

            4) How’d you transfer your warranty? Did you talk with a Dell rep through their online live chat?

            Btw sorry for the tons of questions. Haha. Your help is highly appreciated! Thanks Junky!


            • Hi Ruben again!

              3) I’m using Macrium Reflect – free edition. Works great for me in the last 2 years. I think W10 should recognize the serial number automatically from the bios. If not, you can use OEMKey freeware
              The best option is to create an image of the current drive (it will save only what’s necessary) and the restore it into the new drive. Let me know if there is any problem

              4) They have a warranty transfer form
              You can also talk to a rep


      • Ian


        I just purchased an i7559 from Dell hoping to get one of the LG displays. Unfortunately I seem to have received the BOE display. I’m not sure if they just happened to run out of LG ones and started shipping BOE ones again but I just thought I’d let give you my data point. I bought the one with i5 and 256GB SSD.

        • Thanks. It seems that maybe the SSHD comes with an LG?
          Anyway, no real reason to it except the usual corporation crap (“we really only try to extract money” moto)
          You are going to keep it?

          • Ian

            I think I will. I got a great deal and I don’t think I will be able to go through that process again. Does the icm file you attached for Dell’s BOE screen include your recommended color calibration that makes the screen look nicer? If so, do I just need to add the profile to the color management, set as default, and close out to apply the change? I feel like I did not see too much of a difference after doing that. Thanks.

            • For a good price that’s a good deal. Yo can also pretty easily replace the panel, if you wish, now or later

              I’m not sure my calibration software is that good at creating new icm files.. but yes, that’s what you should do more or less (better check some online guide). You can also calibrate it manually by comparing to some high quality color like a good smartphone or maybe a colorchecker – do red, blue and green

  • Heartspan

    Hi Junky!

    Firstly, I liked your in-depth review of the 7559. Just what I was looking for!
    Anyhow, here’s the thing: I’m initially kinda torn between the 7559 and ASUS’ GL552VW (the aluminum one).. though I’m inclined to the 7559 now. The VN7-592G is sadly out of the equation here because I can’t find a good deal here in my country.

    My main reason for being torn is that, the GL552VW is more “future-proof” than the 7559 because of the USB 3.1, hyperthreading, PCIe SSD ready, and DDR4 (minus the disk drive which is the other way around, although CD’s are still utilized here). The aluminum build and red backlight has that certain appeal to me, too.

    My main reason for being inclined to the 7559, however, is that the i5 Skylake, even without hyperthreading (and I most likely won’t be needing it anyway), doesn’t lag in performance when compared to the i7, and has less power consumption. The DDR3L also has almost identical performance with the DDR4 when used with Skylake. The M2 SATA when compared to PCIe would be left behind, but SATA would also use less power, and in real world usage, I think PCIe doesn’t really make that much of a difference. Battery life is better, heat handling looks better. I like the soft touch material used with the red accents, although I would’ve liked it better if they also used red backlighting to complement the overall color scheme.

    The keyboard, speaker, and display most likely will not be an issue with me, since I’m coming from my 5-year-old Acer V3-471G, and I have good headphones and external speakers. And I hope once I order, I get the better screen you said. If I feel underwhelmed, I’ll just replace it. I’ll also maybe save up for a better wifi card, another 8gb RAM, and a 7200RPM HDD.

    Lastly, I have a few questions. How does the 256gb Sandisk M2 SSD hold up? How long is the boot time? Should I save for a better one, like the Samsung EVO?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I’d appreciate it if you can give me more feedback since you have the 7559 for a while now. Especially if you experienced problems with it already. Cheers!

    • Hi Heartspan!

      Well, what is the price difference?
      I think, that for many, maybe most, the most “future proof” laptop will include some kind of eGPU solution, like Thunderbolt3 port. With TB3, you could connect an eGPU, if given an appropriate bios (and that’s not a sure thing, for first tier TB3 laptops, anyway)

      • Heartspan

        The difference is around 200 dollars. And yeah, I’m thinking about that as well. But for now, I think I’m fine with the 7559. Let me just ask again, How’s the included SSD performing, and how fast does it boot? And have you had any problems with it already?

        • 1. Well, the SSD is fine. Nothing special, but fine. No need for an upgrade for sure. I don’t remember how fast it booted, but how much does it really matter to you? it was fast
          2. You can consider the 1TB SSHD version if it’s cheaper
          3. Yes, for $200, I’d go with the 7559. Not worth the extra. You can resell it in a year from now for $200 and get a much better laptop, probably

          • Heartspan

            Good to hear! Did it boot within 10seconds from off? If so, yeah that’s pretty fast. Maybe I’ll get a hybrid drive if it’s within budget. And I’ll most likely keep the laptop for a long time if circumstances permit.

            • maybe 15 seconds, I really don’t remember, but it also depends on what’s loading.. you could make it boot faster if you clean the OS from crapware

              • Heartspan

                Maybe if I activate fastboot, and clear up the startup programs I can get it to 10 seconds? But 15 seconds is already fast, too. I’ll mostly put it in sleep/hibernate anyway. Thanks for the info! Big help, really.

  • acap

    Hello Junky,
    Can you tell a little bit more about the Dota 2 souce engine and vulkan? How much does it affect on fps? How much would you think this laptop can achieve if Valve fix the source engine?

    • Well, Vulkan has just officially been released and drivers (AMD/NV/Intel) are only in beta stage and all
      DOTA 2 should run smoothly on highest settings on 1080p with such hardware

  • Rob Romanowski

    Hey Junky,
    Back with some more questions.

    Still considering the Dell 7559 vs. all the other options..

    The Dell having the edge due to price and thermals.

    My friend was in the same boat, I showed him this site, he actually pulled the trigger on the 7559. Got it from Amazon. A day later, Dell had a sale on the i7 model, so he got that as well and would compare them.
    He mentioned it’s evident the one that come directly from Dell has a noticeably better screen – and that is one of your main flaws…so I was wondering if you knew about this? Is it possible Dell is shipping a new screen now – if so I guess it would make more sense to purchase from Dell or wait until Amazon gets this new one?

    Also, the tocuhpad was significantly nicer. Looked exactly the same but felt miles better. It was very solid on the one that came from Dell, and the one that came from Amazon was not.

    This is now making me consider further waiting on the 7599 or not before purchasing.

    • Well, thanks for the info!

      1. About the screen – yes, possible. I don’t know if it’s Dell vs Amazon or simply Amazon had a batch that will be replaced. Also, I saw the 1TB SSHD model on Amazon, so it may have the same panel as the Dell one?

      2. Hard to believe that the same 7559 will have two totally different touchpads, unless they’ve improved it. Maybe theres’ some other reason – faulty 7559 or I don’t know what. I really simply don’t know.

      3. Is there a reason not to buy directly from Dell?

    • Oh, Rob, I’d be really glad if your friend could run HWInfo and check under “monitor” what it says – we will know what display is in use that way

      • Rob Romanowski

        He says its an LG panel. let me get the exact one.

        EDIT: The panel is:

        LG PHILIPS 156WF6.

        The monitor “hardware id” is listed as: LGD04B9

        I don’t know if he used HWinfo but when I told him too he said he already had looked into this and wrote his monitor down to tell me.

        • makes sense – seems a pretty common display nowadays (though I liked the AUO B156HAN more). The VN7-592G uses the LG LP156WF6-SPB1.

          Anyway, seems inline with the info from this nice person:, no?

          Seems like buying directly from Dell will result in the LG display, at least currently, and at least in some cases

          • Vojta Hájek

            Hi, I bought this laptop yesterday and I have this display panel in it. “LGD04B9” Which panel is better? BOE or LGD04B9?
            LGD04B9 is the same panel as in Acer V15 Nitro? Because my brother has it and the colors are much better, much more saturated. How is this possible? Ans is it some way how to improve it?

            • It’s a Dell identification serial, not the manufacturer’s serial, so maybe there are several of these. This is the only info on HWInfo?

              • Vojta Hájek

                Here is full info:
                Can you tell what is this panel? Is it better than BOE or worse? I can say, the black level is great, angles are great, but colors are very low saturated to IPS.

                • This is an LG LP156WF variant. the information does not include the complete manufacturer information, but generally, this is like the “better” display..

                  What you don’t like about it?
                  remember that windows has DPI scaling and maybe somethings look blurry to you – you can cancel this feature

                  • Vojta Hájek

                    As I sad “LGD04B9 is the same panel as in Acer V15 Nitro? Because my brother has it and the colors are much better, much more saturated. How is this possible? Ans is it some way how to improve it?”
                    Colors are very low, i need some ICM profile or color boost by intel hd graphics controller. Is there any reviews for this panel?

                    • 1. I can’t say for sure.. We don’t have the exact model. This “LG04B9” is not the manufacturer serial, it is some Dell serial which is meant for Dell. I don’t know which version you actually get
                      2. This is an IPS panel, a variant of the LP156WF
                      3. Yes, you can calibrate it, either with some tool, or using your eyes. You can try the built-in windows calibration software. If you have a good smartphone, you can compare the red/green/blue to it and calibrate by it

                    • Vojta Hájek

                      But how can we say “it’s better than BOE”, if we don’t know anything about this panel? :/
                      3, Calibration is good, but saturation is low. Do you know about some app for display saturation, color temperature etc? 🙂

                    • 1. I said “better”, not better
                      2. It might be better in terms of colors, because the BOE model has really dull colors, but I don’t have any info really, as said before..
                      However, it is up to you – if you say it had dull colors, then perhaps it has. Other important parameters to check are contrast and viewing angles
                      3. No, I don’t know. You need to calibrate against some other sensor – your eyes, other display, some professional tool

                    • Vojta Hájek

                      This is compare with my old TN monitor LG W2253TQ.


                      As you can see, the red color is very low saturated to IPS. And this is with 25+ Saturation on dell.

                    • Also, seems there is a lot more green (too much). You need to calibrate it..

                    • Vojta Hájek

                      Yes… but which ICM profil can I use, if this panel is some unknown…?

                    • It is not unknown, it is simply not clear which precise model it is + there is variance in quality, do you see what I’m saying?
                      But why not simply try the VN7-592G ICM file? you can unload it if it’s not good enough

                    • Vojta Hájek

                      Yes I see, sorry. I already tried that, I tried calibrated profile from notebookcheck and it was worse. I will try profil from your review.

                    • 1. I think you should ask on notebookreview forums and find someone with this model – ask them for a file
                      2. Why not do it with your eyes? try the windows calibration software, just to change the red, blue and green roughly

                    • Vojta Hájek

                      1, Ok I will try that.
                      2, Yes I tried everything. But the LG panel has more than ugly colors, it has stupid bad adjustment of gamma. But if I want to correct it and screen looks better,
                      everything else looks worse… font, contrast…

                      For example. Picture to lockscreen in windows 10. The seaview from cave, on my TN panel with good gamma I can see some rocks, stones… On dell 7559 nothing, just black.

                    • Yes, I understand. Maybe it’s simply a bad IPS display..
                      You mean the 7566, no?

                    • Vojta Hájek

                      No… I think 7559. Dell 7566 I sended back to shop, it has TN panel.

                    • Oh, I thought you are still with the 7566.
                      Well, you can replace the screen then. How about that?

                    • Vojta Hájek

                      Which panel is a good choice to replace it?

                    • Vojta Hájek

                      Ok it’s very similar display as V15 Nitro. I had Nitro to compare with my dell. Maybe Nitro has higher brightness and saturation. But the red color is the same, stupid gamma also.
                      So I tried your calibration profile from Nitro review. Gamma is ok, but is it a 6500K white point? I think it’s greenish tint.

                    • Also, I think that if you want to keep the laptop, you can simply replace the panel..

                    • can you see my comments?

        • any news?

  • Auraa_

    Can I add additional SSD?

    • Well, you do have the M.2 slot, so you can add an M.2 SATA SSD (I think it’s only SATA)
      But you can also get the SSHD version instead the SSD version and then add an M.2 drive..

  • Aaron

    Hey Junky,

    I only recently found your site and am still amazed at the wealth of information you have put together here. It’s really made my search for a laptop so much more streamlined and structured, so thank you very much!

    Concerning this laptop, I am pretty sure this is the one for me, but I have two questions for you:
    1. Do you think that the laptop is likely to go on sale within the near future (next month or two) as I know the last time it dropped in price was black Friday down to 750$ approximately and since then it has kept pretty stable at 800$ ( Is there a general trend for March or February price deals that might be applicable to a laptop now 5 months after release)?

    2. Would I need to get a cooling pad to comfortably use this laptop for heavy gaming on surfaces ranging from plastic table cloths to wooden tables to plastic airline tray tables?

    Once again, thank you for all your help.

    • Hi and thanks!

      Glad to hear it helped you – I often feel that the way I discuss stuff makes decisions more blurry..

      1. Well, I think the Dell has now 10% off on their site (look at the top of their site) which is quite often a discount. You will get “reward points”, so it’s like another $40-$80 for your next purchase, I think. Also, you can talk to their rep and get additional 2% off, maybe. Squeeze whatever you can

      2. No, you don’t, but that’s a healthy habit (-: It can be the cheapest thing, even something you have at home – just in order to make sure the air holes are unblocked

      HOWEVER, cloths are a problem. If you are talking about placing it on your blanket when you’re in bad, it’s like a death wish.. it won’t be able to suck cool air + the blanket will get warmer and warmer

    • whoruiamno1

      I know I’m not junky but i can answer the cooling pad question fairly well. You shouldn’t need one period, I have spend hours gaming with this laptop with no cooler and It never seams to get very warm. I would also suggest not to use it with the plastic table cloth because it could suck the cloth up to the bottom of the laptop and stop air flow completely.

      • I know I’m not whoruiamno1
        but, how do I know that?

  • whoruiamno1

    Just wanted to share some info with you and your readers. Lets start off saying that i sorta jumped the gun when i found out about this laptop and bought it straight away and honestly I’ve been very happy with it. I bought the i7 with 8G ram, and the 1T ssd/hdd. Without researching I impulsively bought a Samsung m.2 ssd pcie 256G, it didn’t work.(thats what i get for not researching. So, researching looking for why the ssd wouldn’t work I came across your site and started reading you review and all your feed back and i noticed that you and a few others had issues with the screen. But i was looking at my screen and it looks great, so i had to look up my model and mine was shipped with the:

    Monitor Name: LG Philips [Unknown Model: LGD04B9],
    Monitor Name (Manuf): 156WF6 [DELL P/N: KFKV0]

    I used HWinfo to get this info. I purchased this November 28 and received it about 10 days later.

    • Oh, didn’t see your message!

      1. The screen doesn’t have issues, but simply the colors could be better. Glad to hear it’s good for you!
      2. Indeed, this is not the same screen model.. where have you bought it from? Dell or Amazon?

      • whoruiamno1

        I ordered it straight from dell. I wonder if it matters with area someone is located in on which screen they get. I have used a few color test images and the colors look correct a crossed all the spectrum’s.

        • I guess they are not too hard on the specific model.. I guess that if the warehouse has a specific panel, then they won’t die in order to get a different one, unless the quality is totally different

          I do, however, wonder if it’s a rule that if you get the laptop from Dell directly, you’ll always get the LG display. Don’t you have a longer serial? like 156WF6-SPU1 or something like that?

          • whoruiamno1

            No, i just checked for the serial number it says unknown. 🙁

            • Any sense of how good the colors are? red/green/blue – you could compare those by placing your smartphone side by side with the screen (if you have a smartphone)

  • Patrick Alcafaras

    is anyone experience a distortion sound on sub-woofer?

    • “…and it also scrambles the sound of the 2.0 speakers, I feel.” – maybe that’s the distortion you are talking about

      • Patrick Alcafaras

        . i usually use external speaker.. but one day try to play games with the system speaker and there like a distortion/scramble sound underneath specially when i turn up the volume..

        • yea.. try to disable the MAXX sound software

          • Patrick Alcafaras

            i did and its work but i already contacted dell support the they gonna send me a replacement ..

            • well, maybe they’ve replaced it all together, but I think that the speakers in the first batch weren’t good – let me know if theres’ any difference!

              • Patrick Alcafaras

                yes i will thanks

  • Watoza

    After owning this laptop since November 2015 here are my observations

    The Good: In terms of processing power and speed, coupled with SSD and Windows 10 it’s amazing for the price. I convert a lot of old videos and play Civ V on it, and not a hiccup. Running a Linux VM with a gig of memory while running other apps? No slow down whatsoever. The performance is exactly what I need.

    The Bad: It’s heavy. So heavy that I don’t want to transport it around. I knew I was buying a laptop heavier than my old ultrabook but man do I miss the light weight.

    Also there’s an issue I haven’t been able to solve yet with the screen, after going idle for a certain amount of time, goes black and into a weird blinking state. The funny thing is, I’ve demonstrated by remotely connecting to the laptop before the event happens, that Windows hasn’t crashed it’s just the display that’s gone wonky. I’m trying to determine if it’s the graphics drivers (which I update pretty regularly) or Windows or the Dell hardware.

    I spent more words describing the bad on this laptop, but seriously its a powerful machine. If I could solve this screen issue I’d be very happy.

    • Hi and thanks for the overview!

      Maybe it’s the Intel drivers – they do have issues (even though that’s Intel). I would try to remove the old ones and install the latest from their site

      • Watoza

        It appears a Microsoft update fixed this issue.

        I’m still keeping an eye on it

  • yurk

    is it possible to replace the screen and achieve the high brightness as in asus rog?

    • Yes! pretty easy!

  • X VII.I

    Any issues with the SSD? Some say the SSD fails.

    • I didn’t have any issues.. link?

      • X VII.I

        How long have you had it? If most people don’t have the issue then I will get the SSD version. I saw on some reviews on amazon, people had SSD issues.

        • About a month.. but I know it has no issues as of now, three months later

          • X VII.I

            Alright I think some people got really unlucky!

            • don’t get me wrong – it might be that the SSD in use is indeed not that reliable.. maybe it’s better to get the Dell version with 1TB SSHD and add an SSD yourself..

              • X VII.I

                I might get that with the i7 CPU. Then when the time comes with cheaper SSD’s that are 1TB I can clone the SSHD and be good.

                • The I7 version is too expensive, no?

                  • X VII.I

                    No it is only 80 bucks more. Worth it at least to me. I keep my laptops for a long time.

                    • OK! though maybe it’s better to wait for some deal or at least talk to a Dell rep and get a refurbished 7559 for considerably less

                    • X VII.I

                      I might do that.

  • Irfaan

    Hi Junky,

    Great review as usual!

    I’m currently trying to decide between this Dell Inspiron 7559 and the Acer VN7-592… I like the Acer’s screen. The good color reproduction will help as I won’t be using an external monitor. But at the same time, I plan to keep the laptop for quite long (around 5 years). Which one would you recommend in this case? (Worried about the Acer’s thermals which may have an impact on its longevity…)

    • Hi Irfaan!

      1. Screen can be replaced manually – not hard at all
      2. What about the speakers and keyboard? Do you care about those?

      • Irfaan

        I checked it at the store… I can live with the keyboard and the speakers are kinda fine.. I’m not a big audiophile. I’ve also read that a driver update improved the things for audio a bit…

        • I think that maybe the drivers have improved the equalizer settings, but not the hardware itself..
          Anyway, I would check the keyboard again – try to check the stuff I’ve described in the review and if you feel that it’s fine with you, then the 7559 might be a better option for you. Just remember that no TB3 (and no TB3 eGPU)

          I would wait for a lower price

          • Irfaan

            Thanks for the reply man! It’s a tough call betweem these 2 machines anyway. I’ll be buying the laptop in Malaysia. I’ll go through your reviews again before making a decision.

            • Well, you can also get the Y700 Intel version and GE62
              Don’t rule out previous generation laptops with a Broadwell CPU, if they are available for a good price

  • Mauricio

    Hi it’s me again, I will buy this laptop, the one that comes with the 256 gb ssd, is this a good secondary drive? Will it fit the laptop?

    • Didn’t I reply to you? I don’t remember..

  • Bracky

    Hello Junky , if you were to choose between this vs Asus ROG 552VW vs MSI GE62 Apache 6QC which one would you choose? considering asus and msi both has the same spec vs dell’s spec. do you think more vram the better? and does the lack of H/T in I5 gives alot of differences in terms of perfomances with i7?

    • 1. according to reviews, the GL552VW is cool&quite, has an excellent screen and maintenance is easy, but keyboard and build quality aren’t good.
      2. The 7559 is as good for gaming, but has a lower quality screen. However, you can replace it. Keyboard isn’t great either and the I5 is better, in my opinion, as it is cooler and has the same performance for gaming with a GTX 960M
      3. GE62 – gets hotter than the other, I think, and I don’t see real advantages in keyboard or build quality, unless they’ve improved it

      So, the 7559 is indeed very tempting – if you don’t like the screen, you can always replace it. Just wait for a lower price or maybe get it via Dell

      • Bracky

        Ahh i see, yea asus gl552vw plastic build does bother me but i guess i can overlook that. Hmm

        So the new gen i5 has 4 physical cores so its basically has the same performance with i7 just that lower clock speed?

        Hmm ge62.. is the cooling system is bad? Cause i heard some say its good some say its hot

  • Bracky

    Hello Junky, in between dell 15 7559 vs Asus Rog GL552VW vs MSI GE62 6QC which one would you pick? both asus and msi have i7 6700 and gtx960m 2gb gddr5 vs the dell i5 6300 with 960m 4gb gddr5 . any suggestions? i would love to hear your opinion 😀

  • Matthew Poole

    does this laptops CPU come soldered? Is it possible to upgrade the i5 to the i7?

    • Soldered, no option to replace

  • Mauricio

    Hey! I have an Lenovo Z50-75 (AMD A10-7300) and I want to change it, my screen has so much gradient banding..
    Would you recommend me this laptop?

    • Mauricio

      The battery life in this lenovo sucks, like maximum one hour of IDLE and it is at 10%… I would use the dell one for gaming and studying, and would you recommend me buying it from Amazon or Dell’s website? Hope you reply!

      • Hi!

        1. What exactly are your needs?
        2. If you can, better get from Dell, I think, and get also 10% off and maybe some better warranty

        • Mauricio

          The laptop fits my needs, an gaming laptop, an core I5, dedicated graphics, 8 gigs of ram. Thank you for the lightning fast reply!!, Okay, I will get this from Dell, hopefully it will be what I expect….

          • The screen isn’t as good as others in terms of colors, but it has good contrast

  • Geek

    hey Junky..great review. far better than many big name sites. Thanks for that. I bought this yesterday for 839$ from newegg. in newegg and amazon reviews many complained about graphic card driver issue or faulty card. have you updated drivers before doing this review.?

    • Hi and Thanks – indeed, many sites aren’t great, but some are really good and you should read all

      And yes, I did removed with DDU and reinstalled the latest

      • Geek you are real cool in replying all questions. Thanks for your reply.
        i bought I7 one yesterday, its on the way. I am from india and my friend is getting for me. I am i’l worried on receiving a faulty one.

        • ask him to open it and turn it on – at least you’d know it can turn on

  • Gen-ZO

    Nice review sir. Found your site while Googling this model.
    Going to get this next week to replace my current Acer E5-551G-T5TW and also this will be going to be my first gaming laptop.
    The price is very reasonable here in Malaysia. Other gaming laptop which has the same CPU and GPU cost around RM400~700 (apologize for using my currency) a bit more than 7559 (RM3249).

    • Thanks!
      Can you link to it?

    • Gen-ZO

      Fainlly , bought the laptop. The only issue im facing right now is a blurry text and the dell audio has no equalizer. lol wtf.
      I bought the laptop which were DOS and installed windows on my own.

      Is yours have the equalizer setting? Mine none. Only can control the volume.

      • 1. You probably have to install some driver or software from their site
        2. Blurry – because of DPI scaling – right click on the software ->properties->compatibility->disable the display scaling…
        Let me know

        • Gen-ZO

          I’ve downgraded from Win10 to win7 ha!. Although I had a hard time finding all the drivers. Now its all good to go.
          The only issue is the audio driver.

          I don’t know why everytime (Not everytime though) , an error of windows sound will crackling the speaker up weird. Do you have any tips?

          Other than that , its a solid laptop :)!

  • Heromal

    What cheaper laptops would you recommend that have a 940/945/950M?

  • JP

    Thanks a ton for the detailed review.

    Another zillion thanks for your color profile. Even on my 4k LG touch display, it has made a world of a difference & it looks a good deal usable now, as compared to the horrible warm color cast originally.


    • But dear JP, it is not supposed to be used with a different panel!
      You can probably fix the colors by yourself a lot, with manual calibration via some software or Windows calibration tool

      • JP

        Well, to my untrained eyes, this profile seems to have made a world of difference. It is the only one which makes my 4k display halfway decent to look at. I can understand your surprise, but then I’ve been trying some things out & this one seems to do the trick better than all of them.

        Believe me I tried the manual way, opening the same Windows wallpaper on the laptop, on my Samsung Android phone & on an iPhone in an effort to bring the colors to a similar level, using the inbuilt Windows color correction, but to no avail.

        Then I tried the application QuickGamma. It does help, but again, only to an extent. I don’t make money off my laptop, so purchasing a color correcting hardware solution is out of the question.

        The main problem with all these approaches is that once done making changes, there’s no way to fine tune. The next time, you again have to start from scratch.

        Do you think using a color profile meant for another panel might cause an issue down the road?


        • No, it won’t cause harm at all!

          Which 4K LG screen are you talking about? Are you talking about an external monitor? what is the exact model?

          • JP

            Sorry for the confusion.

            This is my Rig:
            Dell Inspiron 15 7559
            Intel i7 6700HQ
            Nvidia 960M (4GB GDDR5)
            15.6″ 4K/UHD Touchscreen display 16:9 3840×2160 (LG Philips LGD04D9 / 156UD2)
            12GB DDR3L PC3L-12800S CL11 RAM (8GB + 4GB)
            M.2 SSD: Transcend 512 GB MTS800 M.2
            2.5″ SSD: Transcend 512 GB 2.5″ SSD370

            Here’s the NBR review of this laptop with UHD touchscreen display:

            Mine came with just a 1TB SSHD Seagate ST1000LM024 HN-M101MB & an empty M.2 slot, which I replaced with the two 512GB SSD’s, one in each drive. No particular scientific reason behind the decision.

            By using your ICM color profile for the BOE panel, the screen looks pretty good & whites seem to look their natural best, instead of having the ugly yellow tint earlier.


            • Well, try the icc file from nbc that is specifically for it:


              What SSD is in the M.2?

              • JP

                This color profile from NoteBookCheck is exactly the same as the inbuilt color profile ‘sRGB IEC61966-2.1’ already in the laptop. Both are horribly yellowish.

                The profile for the BOE panel you kindly provided above is the one which is nearest to a neutral white I could get. Maybe a little bluish, but still, a lot better than the others I’ve tried. Bluish is still better than the Green, Yellow or Red tint the other profiles give me.

                The M.2 SSD I’m using is Transcend 512 GB MTS800 M.2:


                • Very strange. But, it if works for you, then great!

  • Electguitarz

    Wow, I’ve been looking for an in depth review of this laptop, and thus is by far the best. I decided to purchase this through Amazon today. What brand/specific specs come shipped with it? I’d like to try and get the exact same stick to bump it up to 16GB.

    • Thanks! You can see this information in the table at the top of the review : “Hynix 1x8GB DDR3@1600MHZ HMT41GS6BFR8A-PB”

  • Pat

    Hey Junky great review do you think the i7559-763BLK will suck in the future because of its lack of thunderbolt or 3.1? I really want this laptop but I am scared it will suck compared to soon-to-come thunderbolt compatible products. Basically I am asking is not having thunderbolt or 3.1 will make such a big deal.

    • no, I don’t think it will suck. If you get it for the right price, you’ll be able to resell it for a good price anyway, in case you’d want to replace it

      • Pat


  • Watoza

    Just got this laptop myself about a week ago – I’m impressed by it’s speed and I honestly don’t mind the screen as I don’t watch blu-ray or big HD videos and Civilization V looks great on it.

    Someone mentioned they had to reinstall video drivers – did they have to do it for both the Intel AND NVIDIA adapters?

    I’m testing the processor with mp4 video conversion for 25 files with sizes ranging from 450MB to 1.1GB – so far the job is about 1/2 way done after 53 minutes.

    Even Windows 10 is light years better than Windows 8. So far, I’m very happy.

    • 1. I think I had to install both versions too. Use DDU freeware to remove both drivers. Download the newest drivers ahead of it
      2. You know, for video conversion, the Intel quicksync is way faster in some cases. Maybe there is something like that for audio conversion

      Glad you are happy with it!

  • Jon

    I’m really excited to get this soon! The main reason I want this is because of how easy it is to gain access to the fans. My current laptop is having fan problems because I have a habit of using it on my bed which fills up the fans with fluff. Are there any other rivals to this laptop that will allow me to gain quick access to the fans as well?

    • Yes, there are, but for such a price the 7559 is a good deal!

      • Jon

        Cool 🙂 that makes me more sure of this model. Honestly I don’t trust Acer that much because I have issues with the Acer laptop that I have right now so I didn’t even get to see the model you suggested above while doing my research. Btw have you tried Phantom Pain on this laptop?

        • What Phantom pain ??

          • Jon

            Metal Gear Phantom Pain

            • oh, no I don’t

              • Jon

                S’okay 🙂 thanks for replying so quickly and for the detailed review 🙂

  • AKFaust

    Hey all….love the site Junky. Glad I found it. So…anyone have experience with the touch version screen of this laptop? I want the best visual experience but can’t find any definitive comments on the screen. Sorry if I missed them. Thanks in advance.

    • What, the 4K? And thanks for your nice words!

      • AKFaust

        Yes sorry.

        • Well, I don’t think it’s the best experience for gaming. I’d go with a good IPS 1080p for gaming and a non-touch one, to reduce reflections

          • AKFaust

            Ok thanks Junky.

            • You sound unsatisfied

              • AKFaust

                Not at all. I would never use the touch aspect of the screen as I hate the smudges…but after hearing the drawbacks with the stock IPS of the Dell I was wondering about the “upgrade” the Dell offers.

                • Then I think you have several options:
                  1. Changing the screen yourself – around $70-$90 for a very good display
                  2. Waiting to see if they’ll update their screen offering to a better IPS
                  3. Go with the VN7-592G when price comes down again to $800-$900

  • Gentle Breeze

    Hey Junky, I noticed you respond quite quickly to other people, so I wanted to ask a few questions since I just purchased this laptop this past week from Costco. I haven’t been getting a great battery life with this laptop so far, ranging from 2-3 hours from doing work and simple browsing as well as watching a few videos here and there. Is there any way I can improve the battery life to extend the number of hours I spend on this model? Also, can I play Star Wars Battlefront 2015 on this, and if so can I play on high performance? Thanks, Junky.

    • Hi!

      1. Are you aware to the power modes of windows? Also, screen brightness and keyboard lightning has an impact
      2. What is your model? with an I7 or I5?
      3. Yes, SWB is around the same as BF4 if I remember correctly, at least without mods, so you should be able to run it very well on high preset

      • Gentle Breeze

        I have the I5 Model and could you explain to me what these power modes are, because I am curently using it on Power Saver mode and the battery is still decreasing pretty quickly?

        • Yes, power saver is the most energy efficient. Strange, it should be like that at all.. Can I connect to your laptop via Teamviewer and check?

          • Gentle Breeze

            Sure, how can we arrange that

            • Contact me via and install Teamviewer (free version)

              • Jon

                Can I ask if you guys were able to find what’s wrong with it?

                • I didn’t find anything special and power consumption was low. I think maybe the 2-3 hours mark was not under the power saver mode

                  • Jon

                    Ok good .. im purchasing this from a reseller here in the Philippnes because Dell has no plans to release it here. I’m kind of worried if I get a dud …

                    • Rias

                      Iloilo will have a dell store to open soon. Nyahahah~

                    • Jon

                      It doesn’t matter. Of course we have Dell stores here too. It’s Dell PH’s choice not to release the model here in the Philippines (unless they suddenly change their mind) so even if they open up shop there, they still won’t be selling it there.

                    • What do you mean?

                    • Rias

                      Iloilo in Philippines

  • Haplo

    So after multiple back and forth and multiple screens being sent for me I think I’m going to give up. It doesn’t seem like they have any LG screens. They said the BOE screen is a subset of the LG part # and the BOE seems to be all they have. They said can’t specify just the LG screen. Upgrading the screen on my own is going to cost too much ($150) since I’m in Canada, so I am thinking about just sending it back.

    • Are you sure it’s going to cost you $150? Do you mean CAD? Will you pay import taxes if you order from the US? (

      • Haplo

        It’s going to cost like $125 cad + tax + shipping. No customs since it’s Canada.

        • So what are you going to do instead?

          • Haplo

            I was going to return it, but dellcare on Twitter said they’ll contact their internal team and tell them to ship me the lg panel and nothing else. They said the part is OOS ATM so I might have to wait, but that they’ll try to speed up the process as much as possible. I still have my doubts since they sent me two earlier screens and both ended BOE screens which I had the technician return. If they send me the BOE screen again I’ll probably just return the laptop and find something else.

            • that’s something..

              • Haplo

                So they sent me the BOE screen again. They aren’t listening to the instuctions and the screen keeps getting replaced at the warehouse. I gave up. I’m going to put in a return order now. I think I’m going to buy the Eurocom Shark 5 although the dell price I got is better. Eurocom is similar (still a bit more expensive) with student discount of 10% off. Only diff is that it trades off 2GB VRAM (960m 2GB vs 4GB) and battery 62 watt hour vs 74 for better screen, better keyboard and far better trackpad. You also get PCI MSata, built in SIM slot, option to remove CD drive for HDD (although the caddy is stupidly expensive ($65) and fingerprint scanner. I wonder how much losing the 2GB of VRAM will really make. I think it’s worth the trade off for me. This trackpad is honestly driving me nuts.


                • That’s the Clevo N150SD. You’ll also get a TPM 2.0, I think. You don’t need the caddy. Remove the CD and put some sponge net to prevent dust and it will be better for the cooling of the laptop

                  • Haplo

                    Eurocom wouldn’t offer anything to make their deal better. I decided the warranty from Dell and the peace of mind + better battery and 960m 4GB is probably worth keeping over getting that laptop. I tried your color calibration and it made a HUGE difference. Thanks for the calibration. The screen isn’t yellow anyone. None-the-less I got a good deal on a Samsung Screen HL02 for $70 (used screen but the seller says it works fine and if it doesn’t work they’ll pay return shipping). I’ll can’t wait to try that panel out. Hopefully I can find a color calibration for that screen too.

  • Cristin

    Hey Junky, I am in the market for a new laptop. I was considering this one or maybe a HP, possibly this one
    I want something that is going to last and I know almost nothing about computers…
    In your opinion which brand is better for < $1000 range?

    • Well, you can take a look at the $1000 gaming laptops recommendations – not too updated, but it includes the 7559 and VN7-592G
      What games do you have in mind? specific software you use?

  • Jonathan

    Hi junky, I really appreciate the elaborate review, it helps so much to know all those details before I decide which laptop to buy. and speaking of which, I’m trying to choose between this dell (I7 version with FHD non touch) and the HP pavilion gaming, which costs about the same where I live and offers the same I7 6700HQ, 16GB RAM instaed of 8, proper IPS screen, 128GB SSD alongside 1TB HDD and a DVD burner, though the graphic card is 950 instead of 960 (still with 4GB). But I haven’t seen a review yet on the HP so I don’t know anything about it, plus I’m curious for the reason this HP is not mentioned in this review as a competition. any thoughts? thank you:)

    • links!

      And thanks for your kind comment!

      • Jonathan

        I couldn’t find the exact same model we have in my country so here is a close one:
        add to that a 1TB HDD and that’s the model we get here for the same price of the dell 7559 with I7 and non touch FHD. It’s really nice of you answer all the comments 🙂

        • The 950M is probably a DDR3 version, no? it’s considerably slower for gaming than the 960M, even the 2GB version, so I’d probably go with the Dell
          Is there any VN7-592G?

          • Jonathan

            yes it is a DDR3, but I don’t plan to game a lot, the main use for this laptop is photo and video editing, is the 960 an advantage also for that use? unfortunately, the VN7-592G costs a lot more than the 7559, besides the GPU is there any other reason not to purchase the HP? I’ve heard things about their poor build quality and reliability issues, and that after two years I’ll have CPU and GPU damage due to heat problems, has anybody here experienced something like that?

            • 1. Oh, but the 7559 IPS display colors aren’t good enough for photo/video editing.. You could replace the display, however1
              2. Where will you buy it?

              • Jonathan

                I’m buying in Israel, so not all the configurations of a model are available plus the taxes are high. the only ACER VN7 with a price tag similar to the DELL is from the old generation 591G: 4710HQ, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M with 2 GB, 8GB DDR3, 1TB HDD.
                I might connect to an external screen when possible or replace the display.
                Thought maybe to purchase from amazon on cyber Monday but than I won’t have my language on the keyboard and I’m not sure about international warranty.
                Anyway, it’s really nice that you take the time to help and respond to everyone 🙂

                • Acer – only traveler warranty, which means you’ll get warranty only if currently resides in your non-permanent country. And there is a time limitation too.
                  MSI and Asus – I think, 1 year global

                  About the 7559 – if you are going to connect it to an external monitor, than ok!

  • Steven Goering

    GREAT LAPTOP! I’ve been using this for the last month. I’ve had some problems with plugin display drivers but the laptop here is exactly what I wanted. I enjoy the lack of an optical drive. Makes sense for 2016!

    • Steven, I didn’t notice your comment – apology
      How do you like the keyboard and screen?

      Yes, I had to remove and reinstall the display drivers too

  • Vaibhav

    i will be buying this laptop the 1tb hdd version . I am also looking to add a m.2 ssd .Please tell me which ssd will work with it . I am looking for a 250 gb ssd

  • Shaddolf

    If you buy the HDD version (which is the only one available here in Australia) I assume it would be easy enough to buy a m2 ssd and slot it in?

    • Indeed. Remember that it is an M.2 Sata and not M.2 PCIe

  • Cedric

    Hi Junky!

    I just read the german review from notebookcheck (, in which they say that the 7559 gets really hot in the middle of the chassis. Did you experience something similarly?

    • Have no recollection of this, but I can try again – still has it!

    • OK, it does get hotter around the P-;-L keys, but after 10 minutes it’s not the much. I guess that the I7 version they have makes it worse, but it does reach levels that bother me.
      I’ll add that to the review, thanks!

      • Cedric

        That’s bad, I really hoped that they were wrong. Never before I had so much difficulties to decide which Notebook I buy 🙂

        If I take the VN7-592G, I have to live with the fear from the high CPU+GPU temperature and the bad reputation. Should I take the 7559, I get maybe a bad Display with a hot keyboard.

        • The CPU + GPU high temps aren’t a real issue almost never, except resulting in throttling
          The keyboard of the 7559 is not hot – there is a part that is hot*ter*, that’s all. I barely felt it with the I5 + SSD version, really

          Anyway, it’s not like it is going to be soldered to your brain. You can purchase one of them, and resell it in 9-11 months, when new models are here and we have more vision on eGPUs availability and performance

          • Cedric

            Good point 🙂

            Thank you for everything and keep up the good work!

            • Wait what! what are you going to do?

              • Cedric

                Sorry, I just will wait until Friday and see what deal I can get 🙂

                • Cedric

                  So, since I couldn’t find any Black Friday Deals for those notebooks, I decided to buy the 7559 for 999€. I just hope it doesn’t take Dell really 4 weeks 🙂

  • bill

    for the same price, i5/256ssd/8g ram or an i7/1tb hd/8g ram for this dell?

    • bill

      also does the 256 ssd come in the 2.5″ bay or in the m.2 slot? i’ve read somewhere that it comes in the 2.5″ bay. but from your picture, it looks like it’s in the m.2 slot.

      another question, how easy is it to transfer the OS from the hdd to a ssd, if i were to get the 1tb hdd version?

      • SSD – M.2, but that’s the Amazon version I got – maybe you saw something else?
        Transfer – use cloning software. I like the Macrium Reflect – works well

    • Same price? HDD or SSHD? I think I’d go with the I5 – better thermals and no reason to get more for gaming

      • bill

        how big is the performance diff btw i5 and a i7, real world, for multimedia and photo editing (lightroom/photoshop)?

  • PHZ

    I ordered it before reading your review and luckily you confirmed my good choice. I would like to add a HDD for the empty bay. Would like the largest available that’s still affordable mainly for media storage and backups. Which drive do you recommend?

    • You got the SSD version from Amazon and you want to add an HDD?
      I’d look for a deal on some SSHD or 5400RPM HDD – better keep it power efficient

  • Haplo

    So my laptop had backlight bleeding. I contracted Dell and after trying to explain to the agent for an hour what backlight bleeding is and doing tests that check anything I got them to finally approve it. I was curious what part # they were sending me and they said they are sending me LCD Panel # KFKV0 (LG LP156WF6 SP M1) which is curious because the one in my laptop is the same as the one in this review. Another thing is that the specs of the panel it came with people claim are 200 nit when the Dell sales agent checked the screen specs before I purchased it and said it would be 300 nit. Could Dell somehow majorly fucked up and used the wrong screen in manufacturing? Seems like a huge oversight though.

    • Haplo

      I’ll reply to this post when the technician comes over. I am curious to see which panel he installs and if it’s really an LG model.

    • Well, maybe they are replacing the current panel with the LG one? maybe it is better, but I don’t think it is the same as the one I have.
      Usually you’d see more than one screen models, even with varying quality and characteristics

      When should the technician come?

      • Haplo

        I also asked them if they have any other panels available for this screen and the warranty tech went and checked and said that this is the only panel available for my model (Dell 15 7000 7559). The technician is coming next week. I’ll ask if I can take pictures of the panel specs on the back if possible.

        • Haplo

          Dell 15 7000 7559 Non-touch 1080p*

          • I can’t find the full specifications of it anywhere, but another SPM1 display has a 50% NTSC color coverage. It might be similar in its technical specifications. Please let me know when you’ll get it!

            • Haplo

              How do I check the coverage? I don’t have a special machine.

              • Well, if you can’t find the specifications anywhere, and you don’t have any device, then you could use some other display which is known to be much better – like if you have a good smatphone. Then, you can use a full Red/Blue/Green images with both displays side by side, and see the differences

                • Haplo

                  I googled KFKV0 and there are also listing for LG LP156WF6 SP B1 which is listed under panelook at 72%:


                  • Yes, I saw that too, but that doesn’t mean it is correct or that the KFKV0 is the same (maybe it is a group or a series of panels). If indeed it’s the SPB1, it changes a lot, because the SPB1 is way better

                    • Haplo

                      Just called in to warranty support and confirmed it. He said it’s the SPB1 with 72% Gamet! I’ll post HWININFO screen when I get it.

                    • GREAT!! Can you please ask him/her if the newly issued 7559s come with the SPB1?
                      It’s actually the same one as in the VN7-592G

                    • Haplo

                      I don’t think he would know this. It’s the warranty support agent. Also I got my laptop like couple days ago (ordered directly from Dell on 8th of November and received it on the 18th) so it’s fairly new and it didn’t come with it. No idea. Maybe it’s best to ask customer support agent or sales agent to check the screen model # before ordering and hoping they don’t have a mistake in their system.

                    • I’ll try that indeed, but they usually don’t know such stuff

                    • They don’t know, just talked to them
                      But if you say that you talked about bleeding and that was enough, then it might be a good way to go!

                    • Haplo

                      Well my laptop actually does have screen bleeding. IDK if the technician will replace it if they don’t see anything wrong with the screen. Nonetheless, I will update once the tech installs the screen if it is actually the LG B1 or another LG screen and not an error in their system.

                    • Yes, just checked mine and it doesn’t seem to have the bleeding 🙁

                    • Haplo

                      So the guy came today and installed the new screen. They sent the same BOE screen so something is messed in their system.

                    • :((

                    • Haplo

                      I contracted warranty support and complained that I didn’t get the panel that I was told (LG). They said they will ship another panel with “no substitute” but if the panel isn’t available then they’ll just ship whatever is available which is probably the BOE. They said if I get the BOE screen again it means they were likely using LG panels for some models previous but discontinued it.

                    • It looks like they even don’t care if it’s a good IPS or not. They simply took some kind of IPS and that’s all
                      Anyway, you should know that you can buy a good one for $70-$90 and sell yours

                    • Haplo

                      Ya, I’ll try that if they send BOE panel again. Other than that I think the laptop is pretty good. I’m liking everything about the laptop other than the trackpad. The speaker are loud which is all I really expect from speakers. I always wear headphones so quality doesn’t matter to me.

                      Do you have any good panel recommendations if I go and purchase an aftermarket panel?

  • Tom

    Hey Junky. Thanks for the great reviews like always. I’m debating between getting this laptop or the ASUS ROG GL551JW-WH71(WX). They both have similar spec, however, my main concern is the battery life between the two notebooks, as well as heat on the keyboard and palm rest. What is your opinion?

  • Baykal Simitçi

    Greetings, a great review

    Could you tell me if a setup with i7 6700HQ, 8gb RAM and 88$ higher price is worth the difference over a setup with i5 6300HQ and 16gb RAM?
    Thanks in advance.

    • I would prefer an I5 + 16GB, if it’s for gaming

  • Ahmed Anas

    Heads up. price is now down to $760..

    • Saw that, thanks, I’ll add it to the BF deals

  • trancepire

    Can the Display be swapped out? If so, any screens worthwhile?

    • Yes, check the Dell 7559 service manual (always linked above, but use google)
      And yes, there are some, but maybe you’d want to get the VN7-592G altogether instead. Wait a bit for a review

  • judha

    Hey there junky. Looking for a new laptop mainly for gaming and uni life, stumbled upon this site. After some reading, it seems that you reply a lot to readers, so here goes!

    After some reading, in the < $1000 range, this one seems to be the top suggestions as I've seen you crossed out 2 or 3 other laptops. Then also according to you, this one has the best bang for buck in the range. Those have convinced me that this is the one I should get. Am I arriving to conclusion too quickly ? I'm not that tech savvy to get in depths of the features but if the drawback is keyboard then I've got the solution already, my external keyboard.

    Get / wait ?

    Sorry if I come out dense or shallow, really I'm new. I'd be happy to follow up on the convo, though!

    • Hi!

      1. This is not my top suggestion, really, just the first I would consider for performance/price
      2. The VN7-592G might be better for some, with a better keyboard, speakers, better display, and TB3 + M.2 PCIe. Not sure about the thermals
      3. Wait!

      • judha

        Thx for the reply man! I hope it’s fine if I keep it going.

        1. Then what would it be for <$1000 ?

        3. I'm really looking to get a new laptop. My previous broke when I dropped it from my bed at 4a.m. and I'm really looking forward for a new one to get it ready for uni a.s.a.p.

        • I would wait a little to see how the VN7-592G is..