Acer V15 Nitro Black Edition (VN7-591G) Review

A Y50 killer for gamers.

++ Main reason to consider:

The Acer V15 Nitro (VN7-591G) should be the most cost effective 15.6″ gaming laptop for around $1000 with GTX 860M GPU, I7 CPU and 1080p IPS display and at least 8GB RAM and 0.5TB of SSHD. The combination of the 3D performance and extra qualities (Keyboard, display, M.2 port) alongside with a not-so-warm chassis, makes it hard competitor, surpassing the other gaming laptops around $1000 in at least one aspect.

-- Main reason to avoid:

The battery performance is disappointing at that point (could be improved in the future) but other than that, hard to say. I think the main question now is whether will see much better 900M series midrange GPUs soon, replacing the 860M GPU.

Pro : +
Con : -
- Screen max brightness is not very high for such a premium laptop - New VN7-591G versions have brighter display


So, Acer released their new VN7 Nitro “black edition” gaming laptops series. The series includes currently the 15.6″ (VN7-591G) and 17.3″ (VN7-791G). This is a review of the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition model (VN-591G-76L9). The new 15.6″ V15 Nitro gaming laptop is no question battling the Lenovo Y50 for the $1000 15.6″ gaming laptop crown in both 3D performance specs, looks and qualities. All models come with a GTX 860M GPU, at least 8GB RAM and 0.5TB SSHD. The I7 equipped version should cost in the US around $1000 judging by Czech prices. Remember that my model comes with a 120GB M.2 SSD and 16GB RAM – there should be cheaper models.

I wanted to test the I7 model this time, unlike many of the other reviews (MSI GE40, Y50 I5, Y510p) because the price for the specs seems very good and also I wanted to check if Acer did anything different in the thermal department with this machine or is it diseased by the thermal issues of some other $900-$1000 gaming laptops like the Y50. The Acer VN7 Black edition mainly follows the Lenovo Y50 and tried to occupy its niche : a 15.6″ high performance gaming laptop with some premium features (speakers, display), good looks and for around the same price – it actually seems to me like it should have been called the Acer Y50. We’ll see in the review what Acer could make out of it.

This specific model comes with an I7-4710HQ CPU, GTX 860M 2GB GDDR5 GPU, 16GB DDR3, 1080p IPS display and 120GB Kingston SSD + 1TB HDD and costs around $1400/$1160 (VAT/no VAT) in Czech which should translate to around the same price without VAT in the US – see Y50 I5/N550JK I5 for $950 w/o VAT in Czech. This makes this model a very interesting offering as an I7 model with an SSHD and 8GB RAM (vs 16GB) should cost less than that (around $1000-$1050?), like the Y50 I7 model, only it comes with a built-in IPS display which is a big advantage.

Moreover, the cheaper $900 (w/o VAT, Czech) I5-4200H model comes with a 1TB SSHD which is great too and otherwise it’s all the same, which makes it a very competitive gaming laptop too, even compared to US prices where you can get the Y50 I5 version, but with a lousy screen and that’s before coupons / deals.

However, the release is a bit strange to me due to the fact there isn’t a lot of information on Acer site and also, these models come rather late to the Maxwell GPU gaming laptops party with new Nvidia mobile GPUs in the horizon with new Maxwell II architecture, with some already available (GTX 970M / 980M). It just might be that Acer knows something that we don’t which will alien well with the fact that Asus also released some new models with GTX 860M.

Let’s see how’s the Acer V15 Nitro fares as a $1000 gaming laptop.

PriceBasic version: ~$850 (Czech, no VAT)
Test unit with 120GB SSD, I7, 16GB RAM: $1150-$1200 (Czech, no VAT)
CPUI7-4710HQ (2.5GHZ-3.5GHZ, 47W)
GPUNvidia Geforce GTX 860M 2GB GDDR5, core@1097MHZ, GDDR5@1250MHZ (5GHZ effective)
RAMKingston 2x8GB DDR3@800MHZ
StorageSSD (OS) : KINGSTON RBU-SNS8100S3128GD 128GB SSD (M.2)

LCD PanelIn review: 1080p 15.6", LG Display LP156WF4-SPK1. IPS, 30-pin eDP, 80/80/80/80 viewing angles.
Weight / Dimensions~2.4kg / 5.3 lbs
389.6mm x 257.5mm x 21.9-23.9mm
15.34" x 10.14" x 0.86-0.94"
(w x d x h)
Keyboardred backlit, on/off (no levels)
Connection Portsright side: 3xUSB 3.0, power connection, microphone/headphones, ethernet, HDMI (1.3)
Front: card reader
Left: Kensington lock
Rear: nothing
Camera720p Camera
WiFi / EthernetWiFi: Atheros Communications AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter (AR9462), 300Mbps, 2-stream
Ethernet: RealTek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
Speakers4.0 speakers at the bottom
Battery3 cell, 52Wh
Bios / EC version (test unit)1.06 / 1.10
more details

Build quality, Case, design and looks

The build quality of the Acer V15 Nitro is mixed. The V15 is all plastic (not there is anything bad with it). The lid cover has a strips finish. The base itself and the palm rest are firm, but the keyboard surface yields a bit – nothing to be alarmed of, though. The screen hinges do give some “cricking” sounds, but it’s only the hinges plastic cover and the hinges themselves are not easily flexed and do not feel weak to me. The bezel around the screen panel rigidity is above average, but the outer lid itself will yield under light pressure, like in many other laptops, but unlike the Lenovo Y50. The touchpad has some space on the edges, allowing dust to settle and do stuff, that’s not good.

Overall, I would say that the Acer V15 build quality is average for gaming laptops in this price range – nothing to be thrilled about or be afraid of. It has no major drawbacks, except the hinges plastic quality which I think it more for visuals.


The Acer V15 Nitro Black Edition has a solid clean but modern looks. It’s all plastic, with a nice smooth non-shining texture. It’s not the plastic time that catches finger steins. Most of the V15 is black (at least this model) with the back ventilation holes and hinges covered by silver plastic. The screen outer lid has a nice stripes finish.

Maintenance and inner parts

Well, maintenance is a minus of the V15 Nitro. There is no maintenance back panel you could remove and see the inner parts, instead, you would need to pull up the upper surface (you’ll need something like a credit card to separate the bottom and upper parts) and then you can raise the keyboard surface to around 30 degrees and see some what’s going on inside, but it’s not over. Now, you’ll have to fit your hands in the space between the motherboard and keyboard surface and disconnect some cable (touchpad, keyboard and some other thing), raise it a little bit and disconnect some more cable. Finally, you could access the whole motherboard, M.2 drive and WiFi card, only you’ll need the other side of it if you want to access the RAM and that includes removing some screws and more cable. You see, it’s not too easy (though not impossible).

The CPU and GPU are not replaceable, leading me to wonder what will Acer do with all these models when the new Nvidia GPUs pop up (hopefully soon).


Keyboard and touchpad

Keyboard. It took me time to get used to it and at first I thought it’s not that good, but after getting used to it it feels pretty good, especially the subtle keys tactile feedback which is quite good for my taste, though again – you’ll have to get used to this keyboard and some might feel the feedback should higher. Many thought the Y50 keyboard was good (though I didn’t think so, but it might be a problem of my test unit as it seems that many people thought differently, see Y50 update) and I find the V15 keyboard to be better. Moreover, keys are well spaced and for those who want the full numpad, it’s there.

One thing that may annoy some is that the keys does not firmly held and if you click a key on its edge it might not result in an input. The Lenovo Y40 keyboard, for example, is much better in this aspect. However, as I said, after you get used to it, it’s pretty nice.

Noise is low. The keyboard surface, as mentioned before, can yield a bit under pressure, but it didn’t happen to me while typing, so it’s not that of problem. I would say that the keyboard is definitely above average and very nice to use.

Touchpad. It’s a Synaptics touchpad. Until I’ve updated the drivers, the touchpad acted strangely, with delays and cursor jumps. It became much better after the update. There still seem to be some annoying delay from the moment you touch it till it start responding and it seems to me like some kind of driver configuration, but the V15 did not come with the Synaptics touchpad control panel and I can’t easily change the behavior too much.

Anyway, the touchpad is currently only average. It’s large enough, but the hitting precise point on the screen is a bit of a mission as your finger would get “stack” when trying to do gentle movements – the touchpad surface is too rough or something and/or the drivers are not well set to handle this problem (I guess they could identify such cases and prevent them to some high degree).

So, for now don’t expect a lot from the touchpad. It’s ok for general use like clicking on icons and stuff, but don’t try make a surgery with it.

Sound & Speakers

The Acer V15 comes with four speakers facing the bottom of the laptop. The sound quality itself is actually rather good with good mids and lows for a laptop and good bass. I could really enjoy music with it. It’s not great, though. First, it feels like the sound lacks some depth in the high tones, but I’m not sure about it, but more than that, the fact that the speakers are facing downwards and the audio comes from the bottom make it muffled and it sounds like the speakers are closed in a box. That’s unfortunate since the speakers quality is not bad. Also, there is some kind of hiss from one of the speakers in my specific laptop – I don’t know if it’s a general problem of the model. Anyway, you could really enjoy it.

General subjective performance experience

With the M.2 Kingston SSD ensures responsiveness of the V15 (though it’s not a high performance SSD, mind you). Booting is very fast and takes only few second. Otherwise, the feeling with this machine is very good even when using “Power Saver” power mode.

Gaming Performance

Test Methods & Drivers

OS is Windows 8.1 fully updated and drivers in use are the Nvidia 344.11. This model comes with the Nvidia 333.17 drivers, but with a modded inf file you can install the newer 344.11 drivers. Haven’t test the differences in performance nor stability, though.

All the games I’ve tested have been tested on 1080p resolution only. Currently no higher resolution devices are available to me and frankly, I don’t think that there is need for more than 1080p for 15.6″ or maybe a little more than that, like 2560×1440 or 2560×1600 should be perfect for gaming, at most.

Finally, some games are removed from the benchmarks for this kind of laptops, games like LoL, Dota2, Team Fortress 2 as they are all run on more than enough FPSs and more interesting as benchmarks for lower 3D power laptops.

Synthetic 3D benchmarks

Acer V15 Nitro Review : 3DMark

Summarized gaming performance

wo graphs. One with the performance numbers of the highest settings of each game at 1080p. The second is a comparison of the Acer V15 Nitro in test with the Lenovo Y50 I5 version (reviewed here) and the Lenovo Y50 I7 reviewed by notebookcheck.
Acer V15 Nitro Review : Gaming performance highest 1080pAcer V15 Nitro Review : Y50 I5 vs Acer V15 Nitro vs Y50 I7
Not all the numbers are apparent and / or some of the numbers are not easily compared due to the nature of the non-standard tests. Anyway, you can see that the numbers are all more or less the same except Borderlands 2 which could be a case of the non-standard test. In games with a standard benchmark, like Bioshock Infinite and Thief, the numbers are more or less the same with an advantage for the Acer V15 Nitro (VN7-591G).
The V15 Nitro numbers are more or less the same as other GTX 860M equipped machines, no surprises there.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 runs smoothly on highest settings with Physx on highest settings at 1080p resolution. Minimal FPSs is 31 and it’s under the most pressing scene, with a lot of stuff exploding and flying in the air, usually you’ll get much higher FPSs.

Acer V15 Nitro Review : Borderlands 2 benchmark 1080p

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 runs well on high settings @ 1080p with SMAAx2. Furthermore, from my experience, it’s pretty smooth even on “very high” settings, but I see no reason to use these settings over “high” really.

Acer V15 Nitro Review : Crysis 3 benchmark 1080p


Skyrim is no problem for the  I7 + GTX 860M at 1080p. Setting Ambient Occlusion on “quality” via the Nvidia control center makes the game jittery even on simple scenes with high FPS, so it probably doesn’t work well together and better not use it.

Acer V15 Nitro Review : Skyrim benchmark 1080p


You can see that the highest performance hit in Thief comes from SSAA and setting it on low or “off” results in much higher FPSs and smoother gameplay.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein runs pretty well on 1080p and totally smooth.

Acer V15 Nitro Review : Wolfenstein The New Order benchmark 1080p

Total War : Rome II

These are the same results we’ve seen before with other GTX 860M equipped laptops. Better use “Ultra settings” or “high” instead of “Extreme”

Acer V15 Nitro Review : Total War Rome 2 benchmark 1080p

Battlefield 4 Campaign

Very high settings are a bit too much for a GTX 860M in BF4 Campaign, though the gameplay itself was rather ok. I would try “High” settings which result in a very smooth gameplay and climb up from there (add MSAA for example)

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

Same results as in the Campaign mode more or less. These tests were made in a game with 60+ players and you can see that on “high” settings BF4 runs great. Again, you could add MSAAx2 or x4 to that.

Acer V15 Nitro Review : BF4 multiplayer benchmark 1080p

Thermals, Throttling & Noise handling

Thermals are pretty good with the Acer V15, given the noise levels. Acer chose more or less the same path of the Lenovo Y50 – keep it cool just enough for most heavy work to get done without throttle, so the noise levels are kept low. This is a reasonable default approach for my taste and as the graphs show, while gaming (Crysis 3), the V15 Nitro is kept cool enough and CPU not get throttled. However, I do think that it is essential that there was some fan control.

Four tests:

1. Idle, power saver mode

2. Crysis 3 gameplay, “very high” settings with SMAAx2 at 1080p resolution. “High performance” power mode.

3. Prime95 torture test. “High performance” power mode.

4. Prime95 + Furmark on 1280×720 test. “High performance” power mode.

Acer V15 Nitro Review : temperatures


Most of the case itself remains rather cool even under high load situation (Prime95), with only the ventilation holes and narrow surface around the “F” keys and number keys on the upper part of the keyboard are lightly warm, but nothing you would consider as annoying and you’d probably barely notice it at all. Acer did a good job with managing the heat out of the laptop without warming the whole machine.


Throttling takes place, but only under full load of Prime95 torture test and Furmark. While gaming, even long one, the V15 CPU gets hot, and clocks are kept around 3GHZ and up. If needed, a deliberate throttling with ThrottleStop 6.00 could prevent some overheating, but it should also take place automatically.

Acer V15 Nitro Review : clocks vs temp vs cpu load


Noise is very low. Under light load the laptop’s is virtually close to silent. Even at night when it’s quiet, you could barely hear it from close distance.

Under full load or heavy gaming load, the V15 is very quiet also, to a point where you could easily listen to quiet music with it. You could barely consider it as a noise. Acer did a very good job at that, though I wish there was some fans control anyway, as said before.

Screen & Screen quality

The Acer V15 Nitro comes with an LG LP156WF4-SPK1 IPS 1080p display. This is a high(er) quality display and an advantage of the Acer V15 which comes with an IPS display even in the cheapest models. My subjective experience is that it is a very good display, but not the highest quality of the IPS level displays. The viewing angles are pretty good and although they are only 80 degrees, officially, it seems to me that the main thing that changes when you tilt the screen is the brightness / light emissions, but colors remain good. Contrast looks good too me too and brightness high enough for mild lighting – you’ll probably have some difficulty seeing stuff in sunlight.

Viewing angles :

Sorry for the low image quality, but you can that colors barely changed when tilting.

The Spyder4Elite readings I got show lower values than the official stated values which are 300cd/m^2 for brightness and 1:700 for contrast. The readings say 1:700 contrast levels and not more than 200cd/m^2 brightness level. It might be something with my measurements or variance in the panel itself, but I saw 300cd/m^2 brightness displays and they are brighter than this one. Anyway, subjectively, the brightness is sufficient for a non-direct sunlight use as I’m using it outdoors in such conditions. Contrast is very good at 1:700 with very low black levels even at 100% brightness and it shows – black 1080p image looks black even at 100% brightness.

Color accuracy is not great actually, even after calibration, but not that bad either.

ContrastBrightnessBlack levels
720 190 0.27
91 68 63

Battery Performance

GPU Overlocking

The Acer V15 Nitro GPU does not really get throttled even if the CPU does, so this is a good idea to try and overclock it in case you want to squeeze a little more 3D juice out of it.

I’ve used MSI AfterBurner (version 4.0 currently) to do that and these are the settings:

1. 860M core@1232MHZ (+135MHZ overclock) which is around 12.3% overclock

2. 860M GDDR5@1375MHZ or 5.5GHZ effective, which is 10% overclock over the stock speed.

Let’s see the results:

Acer V15 Nitro Review : overclocking 860M advantage difference

You can see that although that at least 10% CPU/GPU overclocking was performed, some games do not see any difference in the specific settings which were very high and games were GPU bound. This is due to the fact that there are more parameters that influence the performance in GPU and out of it, like the software efficiency (the game in this case , and the OS).

Battlefield 4 actually does see around 12% performance advantage (tested several times to make sure) which corresponds almost completely to the 12.3% core overclocking. So, it is a good idea to try overclocking the GPU in BF4 or similar games and actually, whenever you feel you want a little more. Just make sure you’re not over-overclocking. I would stay with 10-15% overclocking if you don’t want to play with it too much.


  • It seems to me that running Prime95 and Furmark alltogether resulted time after time in the WiFi disconnecting. It didn’t occured while gaming, though
  • As mentioned before, the fans are bit limited in their maximal spinning speed.

Competing gaming laptops / Alternatives


Well, the new Acer V15 Nitro / VN7-591G gaming laptop deliver quite a blow. For around $1000, the V15 I7 version [probably] comes with an I7-4710HQ, GTX 860M GPU, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSHD and an 1080p IPS. This price is a projection of Czech prices, but I think it’s a reasonable speculation (starting price: $1100 for the I7 + SSHD version, see availability above). So, for this price you get the same performance as other 15.6″ gaming laptops, but also an IPS display.

The V15 have some extra qualities : It remains quiet under load, the chasis barely gets hot even under load, the speakers are above average and the keyboard is rather good. Moreover, the V15 has an M.2 port for SSDs, which many other gaming laptops lack, like the Y50, Asus N550 or GL551 and more. All these qualities give a good advantage for the V15 over all of the other $1000 gaming laptops in one aspect or another, without being slower in the 3D front.

Although this is the I7 version review, the I5 model should be very interesting too and even more cost effective in terms of gaming performance, again judging by the starting prices and Czech prices, you should be able to see it for around $850-$900 which is a very good price for such a machine.

However, the v15 has at least one downside which is significant – the battery performance. Unclear to me why, but under light load, the power consumption can get a little too high, resulting in 3-4 hours tops of battery running times. That’s not too bad, but with some youtube running and “balanced” power mode for higher responsiveness in some application (like photoshop), you could easily go down to 2.5-3 hours of battery running times. I think it’s fixable somehow, at least from the part of Acer which could release some updates as it seems to me that as soon as I open some web browser or doing some minor activity, the power consumption goes up from 8 to 13-14W just like that, with CPU nearly on the lowest power consumption, according to HWInfo. It might be a WiFi thing too. Also, the VN7-791G (17.3″ model) got better battery running times (though not a lot better) of 3.5 hours web browsing.

But what bugs me more is that the new Nvidia mobile GPU series should be here soon. The higher performance GTX 970M and 980M GPUs are already listed in some countries outside the US (Europe and Asia), and I wonder what will be the place of the GTX 860M in such a place, unless Acer knows something we don’t or simply don’t care. It just might be that the new midrange mobile GPUs are a mere rebrand of the 860M and in this case, the performance will stay more or less the same, but it’s hard to believe it’s the case. We’ll probably see some updated version and I’d say that currently, it’s better to avoid getting new gaming laptop with a 860M – wait until the end of 2014 to see what happens.

Bottom line, for an $1000 15.6″ gaming laptop, the Acer V15 would probably be my first recommendation simply because of the performance/price ratio, the default IPS display and the M.2 port, both of them are not apparent in the Lenovo Y50, currently.

  • Bill

    In regards to the “cricking hinge” sounds, I’m assuming this looseness hasn’t caused the screen to come off or any damages to occur over time? Because I just bought one and I’m noticing those sounds every time I open or close the laptop. I was considering trying to have it replaced. Was this a fault with every 591G laptop that you tested? If so maybe I will just live with it.

    • Well, i didn’t have it for too long -i can’t keep them..
      But i think it was from the plastic, nit from the underneath mechanism – can you check it?

      • Bill

        Thank you for your quick reply! It makes a noise when I press on the silver part of the hinge from the top or left side. I attached a picture.
        How would I check if it is the underneath mechanism that is causing the noise?

        • Well, you’d have to take it apart, but I’m pretty sure it’s the plastic itself, not the mechanism

          For how much you bought it?

          • Bill

            I bought on sale at the Newegg store on eBay for $650. It’s the VN7-591G-792U model. GTX 960m so works great for budget gaming.
            I really like it, other than the hinge noise/looseness which has been bothering me. Just hoping it is the plastic causing it.

            • oh, new for $650??

              • Bill

                Yes, and Newegg doesn’t even charge tax in my state!

                • Nice! You got the slightly newer model, I think, no? is your display dim?

                  • Bill

                    Yes I believe it is a newer model. I haven’t noticed the display being dim. The display has been excellent, very clear picture, even with sunlight nearby

  • Mehmetali Bayram

    Hello i need help i buyed this laptop new from Mediamarkt and it keeps freezing when im internetting and when im in desktop it happens quite often i dont know if it is the laptops reason or because i used an activator to activate word 2016.

    • What exactly do you do?
      This model has freezing problems in some cases..

      • Mehmetali Bayram

        Acer Aspire V15 Nitro it has i7 6500u and a gtx 950m VN7-572G-79GE i used usually when i go to youtube and full screen or not it freezes or in desktop it does to i bought it almost a month ago can i fix it or shall i go back to the store maybe they can do someting

        • I don’t know – some solutions for the previous version included : bios update, replacing with SSD, drivers update, restoring the original OS and more.. with no clear from Acer (but many have this issue)
          I think maybe it’s better to replace the laptop if it’s quick, but you can start by trying to restore the system to its original state + update drivers

          • Mehmetali Bayram

            I did use factory reset and i let the pc delete everything downloaded files changed settings and told him to reset it to his state when it was first made but it still froze on youtube

              • Mehmetali Bayram

                I didnt update the drivers bios from acer though

                • well, give it a try, though I have the feeling it won’t help..

                  • Mehmetali Bayram

                    I packed my stuff and tomorrow i will go to the store and ask for a new laptop i have readed the guarantees andthere is a chance i will get a new one i hope so pray for me brother thx for your help i will keep you up to date

                    • I’d pray if you wish, but I’m not sure god is in the laptop business
                      I think they will replace it for you!

                    • Mehmetali Bayram

                      Theyve send it to acer for reparation i hope it will be fixed and come back good in state

                    • great! waiting to hear from you

  • Popovics Jozsó

    Hi Junky,

    I’m considering to buy an i7 version of the Acer, i would use it for my Erasmus studies, and for gaming. Most of the time a play with Battlefield 3, and with some old games, but i would like to play with the Fallout 4 and with some new gen games too. What do You think? Is the i7 variant is better than the i5 variant, or not? Is thermal throttling is a big issue during playing games with the i7 variant?

    • In the VN7 case, I’d go with the I5. No disadvantages compared to the I7 in gaming and less hot
      But, are you talking about the VN7-592G or 591G?

      • Popovics Jozsó

        I’m talking about the 592G. But with the i7 the throttlig is a serious issue or not? Because if it’s not than I’m going to take the i7 variant, because i don’t want to change laptop at least for 4-5 years 🙂

        • 1. Why won’t you change the laptop? I say – plan to replace it in 1-2 years
          2. I’d go with the I5. For games, the GPU will be the limiting factor anyway, unless this is some kind of AI-centric game and then it will kill you and take over

          • Popovics Jozsó

            I thought the i5 variant is less powerfull, than the i7 spec.

            • yes, but not for gaming currently. Even the new Ashes of Singularity DX12 game sees no advantage with such a GPU

              • Popovics Jozsó

                Well the price difference is only 67 dollars. Each one with SSD GTX960M 4GB, 8GB RAM and Full HD.

                • I’d go with the I5 version, because the VN7-592G does tend to get hot and few Watts less will be prefered. If you really want to spend these $67, you can get an M.2 SSD

              • Popovics Jozsó

                And I’m planning to put a DeepCool Multi Core X6 under it

                • it won’t solve the throttling. But I must say – the throttling isn’t that bad..

                  • Popovics Jozsó

                    I read your test ( which is great, keep up with the good work! 🙂 ), but i can’t decide about this throttling thing. Exactly how bad is it? If i disable for example the turbo boost.

                    • But why the I7 🙁 Are you really worried that in 5 years somehow the X86 architecture will be more efficient for graphics than the GPU which is way more efficient for it, and even that – only given that ARM won’t take over??
                      If you are going to run Chess game and want the pc opponent to run faster, than the I7 is a better option, but really, do you have such things?

                    • Popovics Jozsó

                      The shop from i’m ordering this laptop has only i5 variant with ssd with only a 2 GB of GTX960M. But they have a 4GB modell, but there’s no ssd in it. Because of that i have to put in it ( not i but the service 😀 ). And from the i7 variant they don’t have a modell with a 128gb ssd only with a 256gb. And i dont need that and its price is too high also. Because of that i have to put an ssd in it. So because of that i have the only 67 dollar difference between them.

                    • I don’t know 🙁 There currently is no advantage for the I7 and the GTX 960M 4GB vs 2GB advantage is also quite thin and rare, so I don’t know what to tell you. I would go with the I5 version..

                    • Popovics Jozsó

                      You helped me a lot 🙂 Thank You very much!

  • Baykal Simitçi

    There are 591g models with 960m graphic cards now. In this case would you prefer it over Dell 7559?

    • For quite some time now. But do you refer to the 592G? or to the old 591G?
      Recommendation – depends. If you care about speakers, keyboard, better display and USB 3.1/Thunderbolt 3, then the VN7 or MSI PE60 might be better option for you. But if you don’t care about these and/or you can replace the screen and add external speakers, then the 7559 is a good option
      The 7559 is better in terms of thermals and build quality probably, but the feature set is lacking compared to the others.

      What do you think?

      • Baykal Simitçi

        Thank you for your reply

        I did mean 591g with a 960m gpu. I pretty much crossed 592g off my list after reading your review. Upon further research, I came upon another review which tells that the screen flickering of the 591g is harmful to the human eye ( (You can read it under the ‘Screen Flickering’ header)…

        And here in this review ( in the Display Panel/Screen section, the reviewer says that some of the Inspiron 7559 models do come with a good display panel and that it might be a lottery. So at this point I might go for Inspiron 7559, for the sake of my health.

        • Thanks, I’ll try to take closer look the next time I’ll check a display

          1. No “hurting”, but stress your eyes and might result in fatigue and stuff like that. That’s bad, but
          2. Why do you think it is only with the VN7-5921? Also, that’s personal and
          3. You can replace the display (but it might not help)
          4. I used the VN7-592G and I have eye problems (fatigue, stuff like that) and it was ok. Not that it’s great, but still
          5. They might have improved it in the VN7-591G

          64. How about the PE60?

          • Baykal Simitçi

            I just realized the links I put didnt function correctly, I had to fix them and they work now.

            I am sorry I didn’t understand the question about VN7-5921, did you mean VN7-592G? The review I linked is about 591G, I decided not to consider VN7-592G due to the noise, heating and throttling issues you detailed in your review.

            Thanks to your excellent reviews and some other pieces of details I’ve brought together, I’ve narrowed my choices down to this:
            VN7-591G ( )
            and this
            Inspiron 7559 ( ).

            Acer one seems to have a better CPU and Dell one is equipped with a higher RAM. After this point the game changer issues for me are the issues that might arise during the usage. I can somehow cope with an uncomfortable keyboard but I cannot afford eye aches or headaches, or eye damages that might occur in the long run. So that review which pointed out the flickering issue of 591G really swayed my mind. It’s a pity because I really wanted the 591G to win this fight because I find its’ appearance more stylish and it is also 400g lighter.

            • Oh, I understand now
              But how the PE60 or the Alienware?

              • Baykal Simitçi

                Alienware is too expensive and its too heavy for my taste even if it were cheaper. As for PE60, I don’t know. I think I am biased against Asian brands and the reviews I read didn’t make me reconsider my stance. Guess I am going to wait until I get my hands on a real piece of Inspiron 7559 and see how the keyboard will feel and the display will look like. Thank you very much for your assistance, I will be following your reviews.

                • If you do, please let me know how does the keyboard feel to you. My experience is different in many cases – maybe I’m gentler than the common homo sapians

  • maribo

    can you revieuw the new vn7 with gtx960 with sharp panel

  • kyle


    I have this exact laptop, only difference is 16G of ram instead of 8, yet I am having a lot of issues with the CPU throttling during games. I guess it’s probably thermal throttling, but a coolpad doesn’t seem to make a difference and the temps are always below 80. It’s pretty debilitating, FPS drops by at least 50% for 10 seconds every minute or so. Any tips? Great review btw.

  • Moessie900

    Hello junky,

    very nice review. i have some questions.

    i have the same laptop and i have problems with the thermal’s and noise when gaming. @ gta 5 i get 95 C CPU and 80 C GPU. the game runs very smooth on almost eveything maxed tho. and the noise is just annoying. also i use an GXT 277 laptop fan so… please help!

    • Hi!

      Is the laptop touches the surface? You need to let it breath some sir from below

      • Moessie900

        Thanks for the fast reply! What do you actually mean?

        • I mean, the laptop’s fans suck air from below if I remember correctly – they must be unblocked or otherwise the cooler air won’t go in

          • Moessie900

            I have a coolingpad right below the fans so it should be cool right?

          • Moessie900

            I have the coolingpad right below the fans so it should be cool right?

          • Moessie900

            my coolerpad is right below the fans so it should be cool right?

            • yes, it should be good
              You can use the ThrottleStop freeware to limit the CPU to 2.6GHZ – you’ll have the same gaming performance more or less, but lower temps – set mutiplier to 26 and hit “turn on”

              • Moessie900

                I dont want to do something wrong can u please tell me exactly what i need to do i’m a little bit scared 😛 check the picture

                • np!

                  Set Multoplier to 26 and “turn on”

                  • Moessie900

                    hmm, same problem + my FPS dropped..

                    • Moessie900

                      Nah.. Nevermind man. Thanks a lot for your help i will bring hem tommorow to the store and they will send the laptop to acer i think.. Cuz this is really really weird

                    • I don’t think it will help. You can check the temperatures I got – these are the same. You can try and install the new bios


                    • Moessie900

                      Still man 🙁

                    • Was it different before? because these are the temps of the VN7-591G unless you change the fans speed.

                    • Moessie900

                      How to change that?

                    • that’s what I linked before.. you’ll have to do it carefully though. Sorry for the fact that the manufacturers are stupid

                    • Moessie900

                      Thank you anyway! I’ll leave it just like this. I have no problems with playing games tho. I just dont trust those temps. Thank you again

                    • There is another thing you can do, in case the FPSs are high enough – you can limit the FPSs, and it will save you some power consumption and heat

                    • Moessie900

                      I’m running gta 5 on almost everything maxed out with 40/50 fps so.. Btw i have one more question i heard the 960m is just almost like the 860m is that true? And do you think i can OC with my temps?

                    • Yes, it’s a little optimized 860M with around 10-15% higher performance. I don’t you’ll get much from OCing, as you’ll be limited by other factors. But you can try!

                    • Moessie900

                      Thank you sir 😀

                    • Moessie900

                      Hey man! I used the programm rw everything and it works fine now! The only thing i dont like about it is the fan noise once i set it to highest it makes a lot of noises i just want it to start the high settimgs when i start an game, can you help me with that?

                    • I really don’t know, I’m not professional in the bios part, sorry – try contact the man

  • Mark Rohtaru

    Hey, dude!

    Version of laptop: Aspire VN7-591G – Age 5 months, Info about computer – picture

    I saw you had a quite long conversation with a guy named Joul and Mihai because ive been trying to find a solution to my freezes as they keep happening alot more often lately. I did read the whole conversation through but im a bit of an idiot with computers, currently I’ve been mostly monitoring my temperatures and they are pretty much the same as described in those who were experiencing freezes, I read that you were trying to mess BIOS update not sure how to do that yet and which version I have but I look at it ASAP. Im just having a small cs:go competition next week and its quite unbearable with the freezes atm, Ive treated the laptop well also, mostly just desk use with proper air outflow. I was confused at first when i got those freezes like 1 month after buying laptop but I didnt mind them as much as I do now.

    Also I saw that the conversation came to an end, I was wondering if you found a solution for that problem or not. Ive been updating my drivers constantly through Nvidia GEFORCE experience and the actual ACER portal, so everything should be okay with that, Ive never touched any CPU drivers, i think so, not sure if I havent just noticed it myself. Also I have wanted to try playing cs:go from a SSD but I cant fit it on the 60GB one cause windows takes up most of the room and it requires atleast 10GB. I tested my RAM and that gave 0 errors. Its about all I can give you right now, Im just hoping that you guys already found a solution to the problem and there will be a quick fix for that but if thats not the case, I guess ill keep searching.

    Also in I downloaded Throttlestop and you said something about using set multiplier and setting it to 0,25 – I dont quite see how to do that from this menu – picture

    One more thing, Ive been seeing max numbers on CPU temperatures over 90C which is quite high even though the chassis of the laptop is barely hot and the wind blown up feels just warm, while playing cs:go it can even go about 92C and after minimizing game after 15 seconds the value drops to around 60C which to me seems quite bizarre to be able to cooldown a piece 30 degrees in a matter of seconds but maintaining low temperatures is hard ? Also it says the max temp for the CPU is 100C

    Thanks in advance and I’ll looking forward to your reply

    Best regards


    • Hi Mark!

      Let’s first try the easier options:
      1. ThrottleStop (current version : 8.00) – check “Set multiplier”, set the number to 24 and hit “turn on”
      2. Windows “power mode” set to “high performance” (via the battery icon in the bottom)
      3. Keep the laptop lifted above the surface, just so the ventilation holes won’t be blocked

      • Mark Rohtaru

        I didnt have much time to test today but it cut down on the amounts of freezes during game but sometimes I experienced fps drops and screen tearing while moving in cs;go.

        I did also check HW-Info monitoring system while playing and it didnt show the CPU dropping below the minimum of 2392KW or smth :D, I made a picture about it but I lost it somewhere so Ill try to give you a new one tomorrow. The temperatures now with book placed under the laptop and playing dropped, the temperatures didnt go over 80C with throtteling.

        Also in Throttlestop there are 2 modes which I tried the performance offered less fps drops and game mode made me lag a bit more.

        • 2400MHZ is good. Maybe the image is in your pictures folder
          And when was the last time you read a book!

          • Mark Rohtaru

            Hey sorry for delaying the answer for so long but I acctually was concentrating on exams meanwhile and forgot about gaming all together but now thats over, I faced the same problems so I decided to update the BIOS to 1.13 and it seems to have improved the freezing alot. I cant confrim fully but Im gonna game tonight and provide some feedback about how it affected it. Currently after playing 1 game I didnt have a single long freeze, I just noticed couple 0,1-0,3 second freezes. The performance was also alot better. Although the temperatures were seemingly high around 80-90C. Also I noticed after observing my computer fans, I saw dust on every single fan blade. I have compressor for use but not sure if I should open my computer up, whether it affects the warranty or not. I might just send my computer under warranty to be cleaned and checked.

            • I was waiting and waiting to no avail 🙁

              1. If you are doing the dust thing – first turn off the laptop, then disconnect it from the power and then pull out the battery. Hit the power button for few seconds and then you are good to go

              2. Opening does no voids the warranty. However, open carefully, some cable are attaching both of the disassembled parts

              3. The higher temps are maybe due to better clocks. You can still use ThrottleStop, just to see if it helps the freezing (I guess it might)

              4. Thanks for the update

              • Mark Rohtaru

                Thanks for the quick reply, guess ill give the cleaning a try myself. And I appreciate the tips also.

                • Rheeneil

                  hey just wondering if you’ve fixed the freezing? im getting the same problem

                  • Some people reinstalled everything, some moved the software to an SSD – which shouldn’t have an impact on freezing, but it seems like there is something we don’t know

              • Mark Rohtaru

                I was told by the Acer warranty repair guy to try out windows 10 and see if it fixes problems. Im just gonna wait for the notification once the windows 10 is ready for downloading and provide some feedback then. It seems to be quite a while until the actual windows 10 release but, im gonna try dusting my computer also and see if it affects it 🙂

                • well, it might as installing windows 7 helped another guy here
                  Anyway, it’s a good move – DX12 and a more mature and efficient OS (though it might take time to sort out the bugs and all that)

  • Christian

    Hello Junky,

    I saw in your review that your are saying something about sound hiss. The hiss is permanent or just when you play something? I detect same hiss as you said in the both speakers but only when I play music. Also i saw it when i modify the master volume and windows starts to beep. After beep, the hiss started for 5 seconds and then stops (tested with no music in background). If i uninstall Realtek driver and leave just Windows’s driver, the hiss is permanent. Can you please test to see if it happens in same condition for you?
    IMHO this could be from high amplification of external speakers (if i connect external amp, the hiss is only present in notebook speaker).

    • Hi!

      I can’t test because I don’t have it no more, but it might just be that the speakers are not a quality product (wouldn’t be a surprise)

      • Christian

        Ok Junky, thanks for the tip. After google it about this “issue” I saw on Lenovo forum that many users have same problem of sound hiss (just on notebook speakers) even if their laptops are expensive or not.

      • Christian

        Sorry for second post, but you mention that “the speakers are not a quality product”. Ok i got the idea but since this product is expensive the speakers are only the “low quality” in this kind of laptop?

        • Hi Christian – didnt exactly understand your question
          The speakers are not low quality, but they are not great either. You’ll enjoy music and gaming with them if that what you’re asking, but for example, I believe that good $100 2.1 speakers will be much better probably

          • Christian

            Let me reformulate my question. In this entire laptop, the speakers are the only average quality hardware installed? Because for about 1000 euros that i pay, i don’t wanna be upset. 🙂

            • No, cooling system isn’t great either, though it is very quiet for the performance
              However, I don’t know of real better options in this price range in Europe

  • Charles Luo

    anyone that has bought the version with AC7265 wifi card, can you test the signal level v.s. distance away from N router or AC router? also if ping still spikes when you game and laptop gets hot? all of them when you are on 2.4ghz channel

  • Tom

    hi junky, i am currently using vn7-591g (i7 version) to play arma 3 and i would like to get more fps out of it. could you show me how to use msi afterburner because everytime i try to move the core clock slider and hit apply it would go back to zero
    many thanks

    • maybe it’s locked or the Nvidia drivers are preventing the overclock.. haven’t try lately

      You might have to unlock the MSI AB:

      • Tom

        nevermind, its the nvidia driver that prevents me from OC, once i revert to older version, i can move slider to +135 mhz, by the way do you know how to OC the i7?

        • Yea, they did lock it

          The Intel XTU allows you to OC the CPU

          • Tom

            thank you, do you happen to know by how much should i boost the cpu?

            • Well, usually you’d be bottlenecked by the GPU and not CPU, if you set the graphics settings to high settings, but in case you think the CPU is limiting (and I don’t think you’ll see much of it) you can try and overclock the CPU to be stable on 3.1GHZ while gaming. Not sure you’ll be able

              • tom

                hi im not sure how to do that

                • Frankly – I don’t think it will be useful.. and it will result in more heat

                  • tom

                    ok thanks, that game really pxss me off, fps in MP is just half of your SP fps

                    • half? how much do you get?

  • nolight

    is there any possibility to disable the backlight keyboard the whole time (i hate it)? I don’t like to turn it off manually every time when I start my laptop? any idea?

  • Mainichi

    Hey! Great review. Pretty much answered every question that I had. Just one more thing.

    I’m thinking of getting a laptop under $600 but in November 2015 (Black friday). I’ll probably be getting this (or the Y50). Do you think the prices will have fallen to reach my threshold of 600 bucks by then? It’s $799 on newegg’s ebay right now. With the 900 series incoming and black Friday deals, do you think I’ll get lucky? 😀

    • Thanks!

      maybe refurbished or used.. probably not a huge chance you’ll see it new for $600, but you might as well want a different laptop altogether

      • Mainichi

        Aww. Do you know any other laptop with an i7 4710 and a GTX 860M that would fall within my budget by November?

        • I do not posses that kind of insight (-:
          You might find something used with such specs in November, who knows, maybe even refurbished or new. But why you are bothered with it now?
          In my days, people with 640KB of internal RAM were looked at as if they are gods!

  • Pete


    Great review by the way, was the best review I have found out there.

    A couple of questions. Firstly, should I wait until Acer release the new series with the 900 GPU’s? I’m keen to get a new laptop soon, however any idea of the time scale until the 900 series will get released on Acer laptops.

    Secondly, currently in the UK I have only found an 8GB SSD version which for obvious reasons I would want to swap out. Is it possible to swap the SSD out for a higher capacity one? Or could i just add another SSD to the laptop as I am unsure of the spacing that is available in the case.


    • Thanks! though the notebookcheck and all thw hungarian and slovakian and bulgarian and russian sites are usually pretty good. I didn’t get to the Korean/chinese sites, but they should be good too. I wonder what happens in Japan

      I’m not sure if and when Acer will release a 900M series update
      The 8GB SSD version means SSHD, right? The SSHD is a pretty nice thing and though it’s not as fast as SSD, it does provide big improvement over the usual slow 5400RPM HDDs. Really, you might be ok with it totally without wanting to replace it

      Do you think it’s a separate 8GB SSD? link?

      • Pete

        Thanks for the fast reply! The 8GB is a Cache system which kinda sucks and cannon be removed or changed. The only option would be to replace to HDD with an SSD.

        Does anyone know where I could find the 256GB SSD version in the UK as I am having great trouble finding it! 🙁

        • Pete

          Correction the 128GB

        • can you provide a link to the laptop you see?
          also, 128GB is enough for OS and some applications, if you have a 1TB HDD for storage

          also, can you tell me if you get notification about my reposonse? because it seems like you are not registered in the Disqus system?

          • Guest
          • Peter Davies

            Hi, its on saveonlaptops UK and thr only nitro system, not allowing me t o post due to spam

            • got you out of the spam!

              it’s an SSHD, one drive, with 8GB embedded SSD – works pretty well for many things. If you’ll later that you need more than that, you can search, no need for it now.
              Anyway, can you find the N551JM or G551JM for the same price?

              • Peter Davies

                So I could remove that? And replace it with a new SSD? Sorry dont have any knowledge in laptops tbh.

                And cant seem to find any of them:(

                On acer UK site it has the 128gb SSD configuration however they don’t sell it and I cant find it anywhere which is really annoying!

                • yes, you can remove that, but my point is that you it just might be sufficient for you anyway and you won’t want to replace it..

                  • Peter Davies

                    True true, just im used to SSD performance from my PC and kinda wanna get that with a laptop 🙂
                    On another note could the wifi card be replaced?

                  • Peter Davies

                    But would be it be possible. Im worried it will be an msata port

                    • it has an M.2 and Sata

                    • Peter Davies

                      So that would allow me to fit an SSD where the current 8 GB cache is?

                    • The 8GB SSD are not separated from the HDD. This is the same drive.. the M.2 is not occupied in the version with the SSHD (HDD + 8GB SSD)

                    • Peter Davies

                      Oh thats good! Just going to drop a M.2 SSD into the slot and it should all be good! Thanks for your help!

  • Mark

    Hi, nice review. May I ask what would be the better choice:
    Lenovo Y50, I5-4210H; gtx860m-4bg, ips, 1tb hdd, lana/c, (good metal finish, more vram); or Acer Nitro,I5-4210H, gtx860m-2gb, ips, lan g/b (i think the lan modul is changeable) ?
    The acer has a m.2 slot what is very good but less vram and I would have to buy it in Germany what makes the warranty a bit difficult. For the lenovo I could get 3 or 5 years warranty over my local dealer (and more vram).

    • vram in this case – doesn’t matter
      I’d go with the VN7 in Germany, but you can also order the N551JM from or and price will be reasonably good
      Or you could wait for new GPUs

  • Has anyone been successful booting into OSX Yosemite on the Nitro V15? Musician and gamer that’s always on the go.

    • not a clue – are you going to try it?

  • Has anyone soldered a 900m onto this laptop yet? I know it’s possible because the 800m is soldered to the motherboard, yay!

    • in many laptops they are soldered, including Y50, N551 and more
      I guess we should see an update with 900M soon (but not soon enough)

  • To this day, I am loving the Nitro 15. Get rid of the 1TB 5,400 RPM hard drive (if yours came with one). Leave it out, don’t put it back in the laptop. Either a SSD (less heat, faster loading) or a 7,200 RPM hard drive. The 5,400 RPM is at fault for making the mouse act very jittery (updated drivers stunts the problem even further, still not perfect but oh well just have a mouse handy). The Wifi issues can be fixed, do not use a distant wireless connections with b/g, you will have a very hard time trying to game or perform the most basic internet tasks. Upgrading the hardware is just a touch scary. You do have to pry this bad boy open from the top. But a butterknife wrapped in thin rubber will be fine. After I installed the SSD my wifi, trackpad, and heat issues dissipated on the first boot up. This is how the laptop should’ve first greeted the consumer. Oh well, fair pitch by Acer. With just a little alterations this laptop is perfect for gamers. But the 900’s, they do look oh so tempting! Happy gaming!

    • Thanks for the review J.!!
      Yea, the non-SSHD 5400RPM HDD is a very annoying stuff. They could use an SSHD as a default and it would be a lot different

      • That would’ve helped! But thankfully SSD’s of larger size will be dropping prices soon.

    • Also, how’s the screen for you?

      • It’s enjoyable in the dark or in a dim room. But in very bright settings it is hard to enjoy content. Though when I’m at home I have it in clamshell and game on a big screen.

        • yea, that what I had, but some users have a brighter display – can you please check what’s your bios version (CPU-Z or HWInfo)

    • Charles Luo

      seriously? with an SSD swapped in, the weak wifi reception and ping spike problem blow away by themselves?

      • Hey it was minimized. Now I’m buying a $30 intel card of that good wireless boost. The problems are the wifi cards in the laptops. Acer mentioned it (found out today). Intel 7260hhw.

        • Charles Luo

          Would you be so kind to share the source of Acer announcing the problem?

  • Arga

    Hi junky, first of all I would like to thank you for all the help, and second I would like to ask you some questions too, do you consider this laptop to be better than y50?, I would like to buy something between 850$ and max around 1100 – 1200$ from US amazon (can’t be at other retailer), Also you talk about an SSHD, however at Amazon I can only see 1TB HDD and 1TB HDD + SSD with M.2. port. Am I wrong with those specs?

    At this moment I haven’t seen good discount neither

    If you consider/know a better laptop or an incoming one for that price tag please let mi know

    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Arga and thanks!!

      1. I’m not sure the SSHD version is available in the US Amazon. It’s available in Europe

      2. The VN7 is not very spread in the US and Amazon US..

      3. Incoming: GTX 965M equipped laptops. If you in the game for gaming, you might want to wait a month or two!!

      • Arga

        Thanks for your reply.

        #1 Yeah, that’s why I’m confused, differents models depending of retailers

        #2 I know that is not very popular, but Y50 seems to be. Although V15 is kind of new.

        #3 I’m not exactly a gamer, however my current Pc/laptop are just to old, and I like to play but not like 24/7 haha, currently playing lol at 20 fps so… It’s a pain

        I can wait until march, but I’m expecting same price range, I can’t spend more.

        I’m a programmer btw

        • I’m a programmer too (though it’s not my identity 🙂
          Better wait..

  • Joul’

    Is anyone experiencing freezes in games ? I play csgo and sc2 and it randomly freezes while playing. It’s very annoying… Particularly in RTS games like sc2. I don’t know what i can do to improve my gaming experience.
    Graphics are all very low/low in csgo. In sc2, i play with the default medium settings. Only the texture quality is set at high.

    • No, haven’t. Also, in CS:GO and SCII you should be easily running on highest settings with very high FPSs, I assure you..

      Sounds like the Nvidia 860M doesn’t come in to play here. Try upgrading the drivers of Nvidia:

      • Joul’

        Actually, i have the i5 version with 8go ram so i don’t know whether CS:GO and SCII should run easily on highest settings with very high FPSs. Particurlarly SCII which isn’t so well optimized, in my opinion.
        I upgraded to the latest drivers and still have some freezing issues. Not so many freezes, but 2-3 during a CS match is already too much.
        CPU temperature gets to ~83°C while playing, is it considered normal ?

        • 83C max? yea, it’s considered good for such low fan noise

          Are you sure these are freezes and not lags?
          There might be an issue with the CPU clocks algorithm – try to download ThrottleStop and set the clocks on 2.5GHZ, see if that helps

          • Joul’

            I tried playing SCII offline and got the same freezes. Thought it could be the wifi but it doesn’t seem to be that.
            I tried monitoring the GPU while playing SCII, GPU load is at 0 during freezes, which seems logical to me. Also noticed that sometimes right after a freeze, fan changes speed. GPU temp doesn’t exceed 65°C while playing SCII.

            I will try ThrottleStop.

            • strange really.. might it be some hardware problem?
              Some games known to have this problem, like Titanfall and BF4 (mostly in the earlier versions)

              Please try running FurMark (freeware) and see if it happens too

              • Joul’

                Ok so i noticed something that i had never paid attention to while reading ThrottleStop’s manual. So far, i’ve always been using the computer on normal use mode, never in high performance mode (facepalm). Knowing that i notice a clear difference of speed when changing the normal mode to the eco mode, i believe it should be better on high performance mode. I’m not sure if there is a big difference between the two modes but I will try that first.

                • 1. the thing is, sometimes the clocks algorithm works not that great – I don’t know who’s fault is it, the OS, Bios, vBios or any combination of these, but still, sometimes you’ll set the power mode to “high performance” but clocks will be low (like really low) – usually a restart of the OS will fix that, but anyway, you can use ThrottleStop to fix the clocks to some good value, like 2.5-2.7GHZ.

                  2. I thought it was set on “high performance”, but now I realize I confused you with someone on the forums who asked a similar question about Dota 2, sorry!

                  3. Well?

                  • Joul’

                    I haven’t tried yet, got some things to do. Will reply within the hour. But i don’t even know how to set the clocks in ThrottleStop (yet).
                    And no, it was on “normal mode” (idk what it’s exactly called in english).
                    And thank you for your answers!

                    • 1. In Windows OS, the built-in modes are : power saver, balanced and “high performance” with balanced being in the middle
                      2. ThrottleStop –
                      a. Check the “set multiplier” checkbox and set the multiplier to x25 as a start
                      b. Click “turn on”

                      That’s the basic stuff

                    • Joul’

                      I tried playing one SCII game with only the high performance mode set. Clocks seemed to stay around 3.4GHz but few freezes still occured. I will try with ThrottleStop now.

                    • really strange :
                      Please try FurMark ?

                    • Joul’

                      Still the same at x25. Also noticed again the fan slowing down right after freezes earlier. I will try FurMark.

                    • Joul’

                      Did the preset 1080 benchmark twice, no freeze.

                    • well, at least that
                      1. Is the freezing simple a huge slow down or really a freeze?

                      2. Run HWInfo (freeware too) and check what are the minimal clocks – if the minimal clocks during gaming are around 8GHZ, then you know it’s throttling

                      3. Try some other game? maybe Team Fortress 2?

                    • Joul’

                      Well, it stucks on the same frame for 2-3 seconds, sounds are still playing normally from what i recall. On CS:GO, it also stucks for about the same time but keeps repeating a really short sequence of frames (sound does too).
                      I’ll try 2&3 tomorrow and keep you posted.

                    • Joul’

                      Btw, isn’t 8GHz rather huge ?! 🙂

                    • 0.8GHZ!

                    • Joul’

                      Just tried playing 1 cs game so far.

                      I don’t know if the 0 MHz’s are normal. Got 2 freezes in total after 20+ minutes of play. I thought for a second that it wouldn’t freeze.

                    • never saw this “0mhz” before – very strange, might be a hardware problem?
                      I guess you didn’t touch Intel XTU software or anything that directly changes the CPU voltage?

                      Try to run Prime95 – it’s a CPU stress test software. Run it for few hours. Before you start, click the clock icon on HWInfo (down left) to reset current values. If this 0MHZ continues, it’s strange

                    • Joul’

                      I didn’t touch anything. I will try to run Prime95 tonight.

                    • yea, waiting for your results!!
                      I’ve never saw such a thing and I don’t know that a core or more can totally be off. It might also be some kind of HWInfo bug, but it does make sense that some strange thing does happen there, as you have problems..

                    • Joul’

                      How long should i run Prime95? 2, 3, 4 hours ?

                    • few hours – I just want to see if there is any problem with the CPU.
                      Also, what is your bios version ? you can see it in CPU-Z

                    • Joul’

                      Insyde Corp., V1.05, 07/30/2014.

                      I’m wondering something, on high performance mode, the minimal cpu state on battery is set to 0% and on ac 100%. Obviously the ac adaptator is always plugged in when i play, so the issue cannot come from this as i don’t use the laptop on battery, right?

                    • 1. the newest bios is 1.08, you can update – download it from their site

                      2. 0% doesn’t mean 0MHZ, it’s a performance mode of Windows. 0% usually means the minimal clocks. Plugged in with 100% performance level, should results in the max clocks

                    • Joul

                      Just started the torture test. After ~2 minutes, the 0.0 MHz’s clocks happened. I heard the fan slowing down probably at the same time or right after.
                      I tried updating the bios before but an error. “This bios is not for your laptop pc”. Apparently a common error, I’ll look at it tomorrow.
                      Stress test is still running. Don’t know if it’s still useful, I’ve already seen what I didn’t want to see.

                    • 1. You know, it might be a software thing partially – if the CPU is bugged, you should get errors at the least.. It just might be some windows error or even HWInfo error – try to install the latest beta version

                      If the stress test is running and all is ok, then it might not be the CPU at all, really..

                      At least for SCII, seems like a known problem:

                      Maybe you should try some other game..

                    • Joul

                      I’ll try with latest beta and with Team Fortress 2 today.
                      What bothers me is that none if this happens with my older desktop pc (i5 750, 4gb, HD6950, W7) and this happens with the almost only two games I play.

                    • any news?

                    • Joul’

                      Sorry, was kinda busy lately. Same thing occurs with the beta version of HWinfo. Haven’t updated the bios yet, nor tried other games yet. I will do that and respond shortly.

                    • fadfinder

                      have the same freezing problems with WOT. have tried performance mode, disable hd atm, and disabeling the dynamic tic. nothing worked. am quite unhappy. invested money for a propper performance laptop and get freezes all the time 🙁
                      if someone managed to get rid of the freezes or has new ideas please stand up 🙂

                    • wait wait – is it only with WoT?

                    • Does it happen in WoT only?

                    • Fadfinder

                      i am not really shure… no time to test. I think I get freezes all around. but for normal browsing and so on they are not that obvious. I believe I also get them in cinema 4d and blender.

                    • this is really strange. Is it the I5 version too?
                      do you get notifications if I reply? asking because you are not registered (am I wrong?)

                    • can you contact me on email? – I want to try and figure out this thing. I had no such think..

                    • any news?

                    • Joul’

                      Nothing significant. I’m so disappointed that I didn’t want to bother thinking about those freezes lately. I’m telling myself that i should have bought the Y50 instead.

                      I tried playing SCII with a laptop cooler yesterday. CPU gets to around 72-75 instead of 82-85. I was quite happy about that although it didn’t solve the problem. I still get freezes. Now i’m trying to find out how i can update the bios. When i run the executable i get a message saying “This BIOS is not for your Notebook PC”. I don’t know if you can help me.
                      I’m also thinking that it’s probably more of a software problem than a hardware one. I’m (not seriously) thinking about installing W7 on my hdd for a try.

                    • this is really really strange. Same problem for others too:

                      (another person posted same issues here too)

                      don’t know. Have you tried contacting Acer support?
                      If that doesn’t work, personally I’d try installing Windows 7 or 8 myself

                    • Joul’

                      That other person was me.
                      I’ll try to install Windows by myself next time i have to reinstall my system. I rarely play so it’ll wait… I’ll sort out the bios update first.

                    • some other person I’m talking to now has this problem, though the 0mhz thing does not happen to him

                    • Mihai

                      It looks like the CPU downclocks itself to 0.8GHZ when it gets too hot. Others have noticed it as well,48138.msg.html&language=

                    • yes, but we had success preventing it – a combination of using “high performance” mode and pre-downclock to around 2.4GHZ of the CPU. It shouldn’t be like that, but their algorithm is quite stupid

                      We could keep the cpu on 2.4GHZ stable, and still freezes occur.. so it’s not that

                    • fadfinder

                      not absolutely shure jet, but it seems, that bios 1.13 solved or at least reduced the freezing problem i had drastically. can anybody confirm this?

                    • Joul’

                      I haven’t tried playing since i updated the bios so i can’t tell…
                      Someone posted this on another website. It was in the comments section of a review. It basically consists of reducing the CPU voltage. I haven’t tried it either.
                      tous les benchmarks que j’ai pu voir, il ne dépasse pas 94° grand max,
                      au niveau du processeur, même au bout de 2h de jeu. En revanche il a
                      tendance à se mettre en sécurité, et à provoquer des mini-freeze. En
                      fait, il existe une solution toute bête. Il suffit, avec un soft, de
                      réduire la tension du processeur de 75mV. C’est vraiment infime, mais la
                      totalité de cette énergie est perdue, et transformée en chaleur par
                      effet joule (Merci à Acer d’avoir prévu une alim trop puissante !). En
                      réduisant cette tension, on n’affecte en rien les performances du proco,
                      même en mode turbo. En revanche, on gagne presque une dizaine de degrés
                      (11° exactement pour pas mal de testeurs) sur la température max, ce
                      qui limite fortement voire fait disparaître les micro-freezes. Je cite
                      le message explicatif :

                      Pas de tuto necessaire, c’est simple, tu telecharge juste Intel XTU,
                      puis tu va dans le menu Manual et tu règle ton offset à -75mv. Tu apply
                      et sauvegarde. Faudra juste le relancer à chaque reboot (tu peux le
                      mettre dans les taches planifiées) » (Source :”

                      I’ll try to translate. Sorry for the mistakes…

                      “According to all the reviews i could see, the CPU temp doesn’t exceed 94°C max, even after 2 hours of gaming. However, it tends to put itself in a “safety mode”, and induces some small freezes. Actually, a simple solution exists. You only need, thanks to a software, to decrease the CPU voltage of 75mV. It’s really minor, but the totality of this energy is lost, and converted into heat by “Joule effect” (Thanks to Acer for providing a power supply too powerful !). By reducing the voltage, the CPU performance is not affected at all, even in turbo mode. Howerver, we almost gain 10°C (exactly 11° for a lot of testers) on the max temperature, which highly limits nay make disappear the micro-freezes. I’ll quote the explicative post : “No tutorial needed, it’s simple, you just have to download Intel XTU, then you go into the Manual menu and you set the offset to -75mV. Then Apply and Save. You will just have to relaunch it at every boot (you can put it in the scheduled tasks)” (Source :”

                    • Did you try the latest update?
                      Also, did you see that another user did a full restore of the system (from the backup drive) and it was ok afterwards?

                    • fadfinder

                      hey Junky thanks for posting once in a while.
                      even with the update i unfortunately have the freezes.
                      i am really sad. i should have given it back right after buying… now it is too late 🙁
                      i might do the full restore and look if it works.

                    • Hi fad!
                      You can check the thread on the forums about it – someone had the same problem with an external monitor. He even sent the laptop back for a replacement and it didn’t help. Finally, he read that an SSD would help if the game in question was installed on it.. he said it helped. He tried everything

                      Another person did a full restore and it helped him

                      Are you using an external monitor?

                    • fadfinder

                      Hi Junky,

                      no. i normaly don’t use a external or second monitor. I thought about installing a SSD but I am afraid that I invest into a dead horse.

                      could you link the forum you refer to please?

                      best regards

                    • fadfinder

                      I tried to register to the forum, but didnt get a confirmation mail 🙁

                    • strange.. maybe there’s a problem. Have you checked the Spam box?
                      I think I’ve manually added you – try again

                    • fadfinder

                      i looked in the spam folder and in the normal mail. the domain is ?
                      It seems that I am already registered. I just didn’t get the mail with my password.

                    • It should be with a title like that: “Your username and password info”
                      more or less – maybe you’ve registered before ? do a search on it

                      sent you an email myself, see if you got it

                    • fadfinder

                      I dont think it has to do with the temperature. i also get the freezes when the cpu is hardly working. i more got the impression, that it has to do with dataflow. maybe when new model data is loaded into the grafics card. i often get it if i use 3d programs and ad geometry to scenes. or it has to do with the harddrive. that it stops and has to restart again. i tried a fix for that, but it didnt work. i might install a 3d program on the ssd and switch off the normal harddrive to see if that helps.

                    • Mark Rohtaru

                      Hey, dude!

                      Version of laptop: Aspire VN7-591G – Age 5 months, Info about computer – picture

                      I saw you had a quite long conversation with a guy named Joul and Mihai because ive been trying to find a solution to my freezes as they keep happening alot more often lately. I did read the whole conversation through but im a bit of an idiot with computers, currently I’ve been mostly monitoring my temperatures and they are pretty much the same as described in those who were experiencing freezes, I read that you were trying to mess BIOS update not sure how to do that yet and which version I have but I look at it ASAP. Im just having a small cs:go competition next week and its quite unbearable with the freezes atm, Ive treated the laptop well also, mostly just desk use with proper air outflow. I was confused at first when i got those freezes like 1 month after buying laptop but I didnt mind them as much as I do now.

                      Also I saw that the conversation came to an end, I was wondering if you found a solution for that problem or not. Ive been updating my drivers constantly through Nvidia GEFORCE experience and the actual ACER portal, so everything should be okay with that, Ive never touched any CPU drivers, i think so, not sure if I havent just noticed it myself. Also I have wanted to try playing cs:go from a SSD but I cant fit it on the 60GB one cause windows takes up most of the room and it requires atleast 10GB. I tested my RAM and that gave 0 errors. Its about all I can give you right now, Im just hoping that you guys already found a solution to the problem and there will be a quick fix for that but if thats not the case, I guess ill keep searching.

                      Thanks in advance and I’ll looking forward to your reply

                      Best regards


                    • Joul’

                      I guess i’ll get freezes too on Team Fortress 2. A freeze has just occured in the menus after clicking on something… Same type of freeze as in SCII and CS:GO while playing. Noticed a change of fan speed too. Will try to play a bit now.

                    • Joul’

                      So i’ve just played for about 10-15mn, and i got one freeze. Same clocks dropped at 0.0 MHz.
                      I will try to update the bios now.

                    • Joul’

                      Could it be cause by heat ?

                    • Joul’

                      Lol just re-read myself. Could the freezes be due to the heat?

      • Charleswang56

        Hello @cultivated:disqus. I am having this same issue as well. I have the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition VN7-591G-7857 Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7 4720HQ (2.60GHz) 16GB Memory 1TB HDD 256GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 4 GB GDDR5 15.6″ Windows 8.1 I have had this laptop for about a week and the freezes have been happening on games like League of Legends and Final Fantasy XIII-2 frequently. Do you think you could help me out?

        • Hi!
          Freezes or FPS drops?
          Please use the HWInfo freeware to monitor the system and record it to a file (there is a record button in the bottom of the software). Run it with the “sensors only” option on

          • Charleswang56

            Freezes. For example, I am in a league match and I am just looking at a still screen. The music in the background is fine, but the screen is”paused” for 2-3 seconds. I downloaded the HWinfo. I attached it below.

            • where is the attachment?

              • Charleswang56

                Oh did it not show? thats weird it showed up on my screen.

                • I see it now! probably aliens messing with me

                  ok, now you have to click the clock icon to save a log file – it will save the data until you hit again to stop it. So, click it and start playing LoL. After a freeze or two – you can stop monitoring and send me the file (can be zipped)

                  • Charleswang56

                    Okay I have the file but I’m not sure how I am supposed to send it to you. I can only send images on this.

              • Charleswang56
    • Hi Joul’ – are you there?
      please try to update to the new drivers: (search VN7-591G)
      They have new Nvidia and Intel chipset drivers
      Try running the new bios again as well

      • Joul’

        Oh i didn’t see this post before replying. I will try this!

    • Charleswang56

      Hey I have the same problem. Have you fixed it? Please email me at if you could.

  • Ken

    Is the spacebar okay? I’ve heard a lot of complaints about it. Also, do you use a mechanical keyboard usually? I’m pretty used to not bottoming out keys (I type 120 WPM) so I’m not really sure how that would affect it. I’m having a hard time deciding between the Lenovo and Acer. Any thoughts?

    • Well, the keys are not firmly held and if you click the edges you won’t get a click. Same for the spacebar, only it’s bigger, so you might miss more clicks. However, as I wrote, I did like the keyboard because the feedback and feel is very good

      If you need to type 120WPM, maybe you want to test some laptops in a store. The Asus G551JM should have maybe a more comfortable keyboard for some and you can order it for like $1000 too (note: G551JM, not GL551JM)

      You talk about the Lenovo Y50? well, I didn’t like the keyboard at all and I know other people say it’s ok, I tried another Y50 and it was still annoying. However, they might have changed it..

      What do you think? can you get to some store and check?

  • CJM0929

    Hello Junky, First of all, very good and detail review.

    I’m writing you this because I can’t decide between the Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition ot the Asus GL551JM.

    Link for Asus

    Both Laptops have the same hardware, the only difference is that the Asus G551JM has 16GB of ram and 1TB 7200RPM in comparison to the Acer V Nitro it only has 8GB of ram and 1TB 5400RPM.

    I was more leaning to the Acer side not only of the great review from you but also from and other places, but also of the slim design and because it has better cooling system.

    in terms of spec the Asus is winning for 100$ more but I’m not sure. I’m not that guy who care a lot about the keyboard or the touch pad or the screen.. I care must about the inside specs and cooling.

    I would be appreciated if someone can give me any advice or recommendation between the V15 Black edition or the Asus GL551JM.

    Please and thanks

    (English not my first language, any mistake, apologize)

    • English is not my first language either!

      The GL551JM has a not-that-good display, unlike the G551JM and the N551JM
      Where are you buying it? in the US?

      • CJM0929

        Yes I’m buying in the US, I miss the good prices from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I need a Computer rush! the specs of the Gigabyte P25wv2 looks very powerful… but the quality of the laptop looks cheap IMO.

  • Drake Timothy Roediger

    So far I dislike the keyboard but I haven’t given myself time to adjust to it.

    • because the the keys are not firmly held? or something else?
      I’ve found that besides that, the keys a very good feedback – you know very well how hard and how deep to press it and can type quickly, no?

      • Drake Timothy Roediger

        The IPS display doesn’t pop out like my LG IPS I use on my desktop. Not much resistance for the keyboard and my fingers tend to slip and hit other keys.

        • in what terms it doesn’t pop up? you mean colors? how is the brightness? – also, not IPSs are the same
          I actually felt very good with the V15 keyboard resistance, but I do understand why you say your fingers slip

          Maybe you need something with a different keyboard, like the N551. Do you want to consider a replacement?

          • Drake Timothy Roediger

            I’ve gone through too many laptops. I really like this one. I already taped on my 42mm ssd. And the more i type and look at the ips the more I wanna take my complaints back. i really like this laptop. thanks for all your help junky, i love your site and what you do!

            • thanks!
              Maybe you should use some calibration .. I don’t have mine no more and can send you my calibration file : (and anyways it might not be matching your panel completely)

              • Drake Timothy Roediger

                Also It’s also really shown that the keyboard backlight is REALLY dim. It also only has the settings of off and on, anything i should know to remedy the brightness?

  • Henry Jahja

    Hi Junky!

    First of all, it’s a very good review!

    But I have some question for this.
    So here I am, a part time programmer/developer that need a decent laptop/ultrabook.
    But I’m aiming to play game casually (could play modern games, without struggling, but no need a very hardcore pc-like notebook).

    Then, I’m looking for a future-proof machine, that I still can use for 5+ years, that not too expensive.
    I got some famous notebooks in my mind.
    Those are Acer V15 and ASUS UX303LN.
    But even ASUS have 3200×1800 display, they have some issue with color displayed.

    What do you think about this idea? Do you have any recommendation in which notebook I should take? I really concern your word to “wait”, is the wait already over? What your recomendation?

    I appreciate your response.
    Thank you!

    • thanks!

      UX303LN and the V15 are not for the same thing.. what kind of games are you planning to do?

  • Aron Schwanner


    I wanna get one of these (1000+/-) laptops.

    Not sure which one, it’s very difficult to decide between the three.

    Mainly I use my computer to play world of warcraft.

    Do you think one of these could run the game (new expansion Warlords Of Draenor) on ultra or high settings?

  • Aron


    Christmas is coming and i’d like to enrich myself with one of these bad guys ( Lenovo Y50(i7) or the Acer V nitro).

    Mostly i use my computer to play World Of Warcraft (warlords of draenor).

    Do you think these laptops could handle the game on ultra or high settings?

    Thank you for doing these detailed works 🙂 !!!

    • yes, they can, though you might want an I7 if you’re really sensitive to high performance on raids with a LOT of players (personally, I don’t think it’s worth it)
      What machine are you using now?

  • Lalo

    may I ask…how does the i5-4200/4210H handle gaming ? thanks

  • Paul

    Hi Junky,

    Can I have your opinion on the new Inspiron 14 7000 Series compared to this?

    • currently not available in the US, but the Inspiron 14 7000 has a GTX 850M DDR3, no? it’s much slower than the VN7-591G for gaming

  • Marco

    Hi i’m trying to find the best laptop for my needs, but is very hard. Now i’m looking to the acer V15 (1TH+8gbssd, 16gb ram) or the msi GS70 (nvidia860m , 8gb ram, 1th +128 ssd) . both are around 12001300$ here in Italy. I’ll use it for cad and 3dmodeling work and no gaming. The msi bothers me cause is really hard to upgrade the ram.
    I’m struggled , what do you raccomend ?
    thank you

  • zzz

    Do you think this laptop can stand maybe 4-5 years, until i finished my study. BTW i am a hardcore gamer, so my real question is do you think this laptop is future proof for 5 years n what about Acer reliability. I think maybe i wanted to try MSI or ASUS, but Acer Nitro has the edge over the slightly lower price. Please answer bcuz i really dont know who else to ask about laptop.

    • 1. What country are we talking about?
      2. Future proof – if you’ll keep it clean and fix small things here and there like PSU then I think it will

  • Fluffy

    Do you know where can i buy this laptop in Canada?

  • pierocha

    Hi all ! One question. I’m gonna buy this machine. Do you think it is interesting to get a 256GB SSD onbly version (available in France), instead of a 1 To HDD + 60 Gb SSD ? In terms of silence and performance ?

    • Hi!

      In terms of silence and performance it doesn’t matter a lot. But what are the price differences?

      • pierocha

        999 euros for 8G + 1 To HDD + 60 Gb SSD, 1199 euros for 16G + 256 Gb SSD. What do you think ? Thanks for your answer !

        • which country!
          What games / software do you have in mind? What are your needs? could you post it over the forums instead? thanks!!

  • Peulope


    Thanks a lot for the review. I just receive mine (i5, 15”) but I found the wifi really disappointing when I’m in another room than the router (and compared to another computer and my phone). Is it you experience also ? Thanks a lot.

    • Hello and thanks

      1. Yes, you can see it under “issues” – I had WiFi issues under load. Performance was also not clear. What exactly are you experiencing – low rates? disconnections? low signal?
      2. You can replace it, though it might not be a solution

      • peulope

        Thanks a lor for answering me ! I noticed your deconnecting issues but what I have is a much lower rate than with phone and my other laptop (it goes down to 5-7 Mbps vs 13-15Mbps) when I’m not close to the router. I’m trying to find if it’s because of the design of the laptop or if it’s specific to mine.

  • Norberto Trevino

    Do you have any idea if they are going to release a 14″ version? also, has anyone heard something about the Alienware 13?

    • Unfortunately, I saw no clues for an 14.0″ models : there might be in the future, ofcourse..

  • needgoodlaptop

    NotebookCheck just released their review. The most interesting part is the display: the reviewer measured 100 lux higher than you, but way lower black value and color coverage. Contrast and DeltaE were similar. The display model is exactly the same. Maybe calibration issues or differences between countries?

    • You know, this is constantly what I get – it the same with other machines I reviewed. 100cd/m^2 lower brightness and higher black levels. Maybe my measuring machine is faulty or something. One thing is sure and that’s we are not using the same one, I’m using the DataColor Spyder4Elite and they are using the X-Rite or something

      I thought, maybe I’m using some different measuring units? maybe I’m using luminence (cd/m^2) and they are using lux converted somehow to cd/m^2 in a different way than what I get?
      I’ve tried changing configurations and stuff, but max brightness never got really high.

      Three notes:
      1. These things are not contant between reviews. Check these two GE60 reviews with the same display model:

      It repeats itself with other machines and even smartphones (check Moto G review, just as an example)

      2. Displays are not created all equally. But that’s strange they I always get the same thing compared to notebookcheck

      3. They say it could be used outdoors – well, at least in my case, it could, but that was far from optimal, so I don’t know. 300cd/m^2 is considered pretty good for using outdoors, but I saw other very cheap displays with like 150 cd/m^2 and they *weren’t* that bad compared to the VN7-591G one. Something is not calibrated here, including the words each site uses (-:

  • Hello, have you pushed the clocks further? Just curious. Great review, very helpful. I will be showing some friends your article. Have a good one brotha.

    • thanks man (-:

      The GPU clocks? no

  • You just solidified my purchase. Everyone, PoweredByYou entered in at ACER’s checkout with the aspire nitro nets you a savings of $120. This model hosts the best features and I paid $1066 with priority shipping (free). Acer sold me fast, because you either get a refurbished GL551 (850m) for under $1000 or the Aspire Nitro (860m plus more features) for $1066. The refurbished GL551 I found under $1000 is at NewEgg.Remember PoweredByYou gets you 10% off.

    • Also to note, if you’re a battery life fanatic the ASUS and ACER come down to the same battery life. With the ASUS just lasting a little bit longer.

    • yes, that’s right, but I’d still wait for better deals

      • EVGA precision and throttlestop 7.00 helps this laptop make up for the super slow 1tb they put in this laptop.

        • ThrottleStop 6.00 you mean? or have they released 7.00 now?

  • imran

    hi junky, nice review man!
    whats your opinion on V15 vs N550JK on display quality, screen bezel, laptop thickness & “modern looks :)” ? plz coz i’ve not seen both in person

    • The N550JK display quality might be a little higher, but I wouldn’t get the N550JK just for that – the V15 is good enough
      About looks – the V15 looks good and slimmer. The keyboard of the N550JK is probably better. But the thing is that the V15 is much faster for gaming and has an M.2 port

      • arshad_imran

        so going for V15. i fear a gtx 960m may show up the next day lol, junky how long shud we wait for gtx 950m/960m? nvidia obviously didn’t respond for tweets just to know whether those cards exist. really sick of these marketing bakwaas man!

        • no information about the 960m yet..

      • Lalo

        Hi 🙂 junky do you remember wich of these two notebooks were more warm on the keyboard ? thx.

        • the n550jk vs v15?

          • Lalo

            yes 🙂

            • really don’t know. I think they are both not getting hot around the keyboard surface too much. The V15 most keyboard area doesn’t get hot. maybe except part of the upper buttons line

  • bva


    Whats your take on the handling of heat between the Y50 and the Acer V nitro??

    And im not talking about viewing angles… But if you look at the Y50 and the acer .. is the Acer much better than the Y50(if calibrated need be)..

    Does the Response Rates in the TN Panel make any kind of difference over the IPS in FPS gaming !

    thanks a lot.. 🙂 Great Review !

    • I didn’t check reposnse rates, but the IPS on the V15 is way better in terms of colors and contrast, compared to the 1080p displays in the Y50. You’ll feel it immediately, comaparing both side to side

      • bva

        I see.. Thx 🙂

        and what do you think about the heat?

        Its very shocking that the Laptop touches 96C for Crysis… I dont think the Y50 ever touches that high… so just wanted to know what you think

        • Even the Y50 I5 version does!

          But the V15 case gets less hot than the Y50 and it’s an advantage, because it’s easier to use the keyboard/touchpad ofcourse..

          • bva

            I actually use the I7 version.. i’ve never had it touch 90C during gaming… thats why i was surprised… i dont care much about prime + furmark coz its not a practical usage scenario…

            Need to recommend a laptop for a friend and im trying to choose between the Acer and the Y50..Wondering which i should recommend…

            What i’ve concluded so far is the keyboard is better on the Y50… The speakers and battery life are better too… Add build quality into the mix and the fact that replacing the display is quite easy makes it really hard to recommend the Acer just for its viewing angles…Im still nto convinced about the heat lol.. coz i’ve never had my laptop get that hot so…

            The way i see it.. Acer has 2 indisputable advantages… Display and additional storage option…
            The Y50 has better battery quality… speakers (im gonna leave the keyboard as a subjective issue & Heat as a point of confusion :D)

            I’d really appreciate it if you could do a couple more of temperature test between the 2 (Assassin’s creed 4 and Battlefield 4 maybe)… ?? and maybe a couple of photos comparing both displays..?

            As of now If display replacement is something he’d consider… i think i’d reccommend the Y50… Otherwise the Acer seems to be the better option…

            Thanks for the Help and prompt replies 🙂

            • 1. Frankly, I thought the Acer keyboard is better and although it has some downsides, it had much better feedback

              2. I can’t compare temps no more – don’t have any of them 🙁

              3. I don’t understand, you have the Y50 or V15? If you have the Y50, run some 3D heavy game on very high settings and ‘high performance’ mode and use HWInfo to see what happens

              4. ANYWAY, wait for deals in the following months

              Also, just to place things in prespective – the $30 Logitech mouse + keyboard with the K270 keyboard is much better than both in my opinion..

              • bva

                lol agreed.. any external keyboard is better.. no doubt…

                I think im gonna recommend the Acer to him…

                I have the Y50 I7.. and i have checked HWinfo… it doesnt exceed 90C while gaming… and the GPU is never above 77-78…

                Thanks a lot though 🙂

                • this is really strange to me – it did got higher temps than 90C even with the I5, but maybe I did something wrong in the tests.. what game did you play?

                  and note point 4!!

                  • bva


                    So i just played AC4 for around 30 mins … CPU Temp – 73-77
                    GPU – 68-70 (ambient temparatures is 35C)

                    i dont have crysis 3 so couldnt test that out…. The laptop barely gets warm… that is the casing…. I’d like to point out that i didnt use throttlestop to remove the lock at 65C as turbo boost has next to no effect on gaming performance…

                    Watch Dogs and bf4 remain at around the same temps as well… Thats why i was surprised…

                    Cant wait for the deals though 🙁 he needs the laptop soon… so he’ll mostly be going for it now…else i woudlve asked him to wait for the 960m….

                    I have a screenshot if i theres anyway for me to send it you 🙂


                    Check 4:25… The temps are no where close to 96… Hence the surprise 🙂

                    One more thing i wanted ask is… the Display on the Y50 is horrible by default… have you tried calibrating it a bit???

                    If you check the same review…. you can see the difference between calibrated display and non-calibrated… the difference is quite huge… before calbration… the colors are completely washed out… looks quite nice after that…

                    • 1. Yes, I tried calibrating, but it doesn’t really help with such an aweful screen
                      2. About the temps – doesn’t make sense to me! Are you using very high settings (so GPU and CPU are pushed to the max) and also – how are the environment temps? Are you checking it in a cooled place? Is it noisy under gaming?

                    • bva


                      Maxxed Out settings….for this test…

                      35C ambient temperatures… Fan is silent… i’ve never heard or felt the laptops fan lol

                    • I frankly don’t know what to tell you. Unless the CPU is throttled I can’t see how you make it. Check this test from notebookcheck:

                      temps are good, but the CPU is throttled. This is the review:


                    • bva

                      it touches 97-98 during furmark+prime… Dont think it gets that hot during any game though…thx though 🙂

                      i’ve decided to recommend the Acer to my friend 🙂 Great Review again…

                    • just remember to wait and thanks for the kind words (-:

                    • bva

                      lol…really dont think hes waiting 😀

                      Il lt him know though 🙂

                      lol you deserve it 🙂

                    • Lito

                      the one tested in notebookscheck has a 4710hq which is a quad core, while the 4210h is a dual core part

                    • true, but why are you saying that?

  • Sandbag

    I wonder… is it the same chassis for both 15″ and 17″ versions? Same cooling system inside etc.? So the 15-inch has a thicker bezel around the screen, that’s the only difference? Because I thought I read somewhere that the 15-inch runs hotter..

    • according to my tests and other reviews, the 17.3″ version has better cooling for some reason

      • Sandbag

        Well I did some more research, and it seems the 17-inch version has a bit bigger and thicker chassis. Maybe that also means that they put in some bigger fans/heat sinks, or maybe it’s just due to there being more space inside the case? the 17-inch is also 600 g. heavier.

        • You can read the notebookcheck review.. there is some free space inside the chassis

  • Quid pro Quo

    Hi, many thanks for your detailed review!
    Apparently, there’s also a VN7-591G model (listed at least in Germany) featuring the Core i5-4210H CPU (15w tdp): do you believe it could achieve better battery life than your reviewed model?
    Finally, I would really appreciate your opinion: would you recommend this model (well, I actually mean it’s Core i5 sibling, mentioned above) against the updated Aspire V5-573G in terms of overall performance, screen quaility and -especially- battery life? Btw, I am aware that the latest V3-573G only sports a GTX850M and not a GTX860M as the VN7-591, so please leave the raw GPU power out of the equation.

    Many thanks in advance!!

    PS> I just noticed there’s a brand new VN7 model with more similar specs to the V3-573G: it’s the Aspire VN7-571G-52DB ( So, would you recommend that over the V3-573G? Many thanks!!

    • 1. The VN7-571G comes with only a GT 840M, no?
      2. The I5-4210H is a 45-47W part, no?
      3. It might have better battery performance, yes, but I’m not sure the I7 is the reason for the low battery performance – there are too much missing Watts
      4. If you leave the performance out of question, I’d go with the 573G if it’s significantly cheaper and the VN7 if not (M.2 port), even the I5 model. The 573G has better battery running times, so if you have a strict need for that, you’d have to get the 573G.

      5. You can wait for new models

      • Quid pro Quo

        Hi Junky, MANY thanks for taking the time to reply to me so promptly, I really appreciate that! 🙂

        1) Nope, the model I’m referring to (NX.MRVEG.003) supposedly has a 850M instead, as listed in Germany’s ACER website:

        I believe it compares favourably with the V7-573G in terms of features/price, plus it features an optical drive at the same price! The only thing still unknown is its actual battery life. Cyberport lists it at …8,5 hrs (!) but I’m sceptical…

        2) Yes, you are right! The 4210U is 15W, not the 4210H. My mistake… 🙁

        3) Hmmm, I see…

        4) + 5) Thanks for the tips, duly noted!

        Have a nice day!

        • I would prefer a laptop without an OD, but it has an advantage – you can replace it with an HDD/SSD..

          If they say 8.5 hours it might be around 6-9 hours probably. If you are ok with the 850M (DDR3 probably) and price is good, then you can go for it..

          • Quid pro Quo

            Many thanks! 🙂

            • tell me what you chose!

              • Quid pro Quo

                To be honest, I’m really having a hard time deciding… :-/

                At any rate, I’ll be buying from Germany’s (I live in Greece, btw) and the V7-573G will be back in stock in October 9th whereas the new VN7 -571G has an estimated availability date for …November 6th (!!)

                It’s probably reasonable to wait to get the newer machine, however, I’m very eager to get a new laptop soon, so I might just take the plunge and get the 573G instead if I run out of patience in the meantime … Of course, reading a review of the new laptop would surely help me decide sooner if it’s worth waiting for it! 😉

                Btw, I used to have a 17” Acer Aspire 9524 but, unfortunately, it was stolen back in early 2012 during a break-in … Pity, for it was a great machine: had it since Dec. 2006 and it was still performing great after 5+ years… Too bad I had to lose it this way! Sad story indeed! 🙁

                • if you were happy with that 2006 tractor, you’ll be more than happy with the new machines..
                  Are prices in Greece that high?
                  What games do you have in mind or what are your uses?

                  • Quid pro Quo

                    Yup, they sure are (23% VAT too!).
                    Plus, since I am a registered sole proprietor (freelancer) I’m eligible to a VAT-less purchase from any EC country (that goes for any freelancer in the EU), so buying from Germany makes a lot of sense, given the already good prices! 🙂
                    Btw, this machine will be a multi-purpose one:
                    a) back-up PC (in case of s/w or h/w failure of my desktop workstation or a 2-3hrs power outage)
                    b) mobile workstation (for work when travelling)
                    c) HTPC/casual TV gaming PC for the rest of the time (stationed on a cooling aluminium dock/pad)
                    I believe a 850M is more than capable for at least medium to high settings in 720p, even in more recent games…
                    I don’t have the time to play that much too, anyhow… :-

                    • 1. Then these are cheaper, no?

                      2. Why won’t you open an Anarchist laptops shop in Greece?

                    • Quid pro Quo

                      Ηi again,

                      1) Unfortunately, only products under ship to Greece and apparently the only ACER products for Greek users in their “notebooks” category are …Iconia tablets (!)

                      2) Well, I’m not sure I’m exactly following you here… ;- Can you elaborate via email? (See 3, below)

                      3) I will send you an email to so that my email won’t be publicly shared, OK?

                    • 1. Maybe you should ask them if it’s possible to ship these models nonetheless..

                      2 + 3. great!

  • Sandbag

    Does anyone know how the quality of the 17-inch screen holds up compared to the 15-inch?

    • yes, there is a 17.3″ review on notebookcheck:

      It’s a nice display

      • KW

        First up, thanks for this review, it’s really helpful.

        1. I’m looking at getting one of these end November, but I wanted to know what you meant about ‘waiting’?

        2. Also, would you recommend me making any changes upon purchase? Like upgrade HDD-> SSD /other stuff, or download specific drivers (if not all) ?

        I may come across as ignorant, as I don’t know too much about laptops 😛 just want to get a capable laptop without dealing with much hassle, and this one seems the best choice for me

        • Thanks!

          1. Wait a month or two to get better prices. I think the basic I7 version would probably be selling for like $1000

          2. I would update the Nvidia drivers and if you feel that the machine is not responsive enough, you can install an M.2 drive

          3. You might want to grab the version with 120GB SSD, like this:

          • KW

            Thanks for the help!
            I think I’ll eventually go for the 17 in. model, which is heavier but I like bigger screens 😛

            • Just remember to wait for a good price. The current price of $1300 is too high and even $1200 is too high in my opinion. 970M laptops are available for as low as $1400, before discounts.

              • Stevie

                Hi there ! Thanks a lot for the review, you made my day … Here is a few questions (excuse me for my non-native english) :
                1) Is it worth to wait for the asus N551 instead of this nitro ?

                2) I’m a little afraid investing in Acer since the brand is not well known as reliable. Moreover, I often work in Africa and even with external fan i need to get strong cooling performances. Would you say this one (or the 17′) is ok ? Dust Defender is also interesting in sahelian countries.

                3) My last dell laptop last at least 7 years, so i wonder how much times i could expect from this one ? (+variation voltage here)

                4) Affordable laptop with 9xxM series before Chistmas ? 🙂

                • 1. Thanks for the N551 heads up. Seems like the GL551 only with an IPS or something (same weight too, no?). Judging by the specs

                  2. I think that these models are ok. In general, I find that in many cases people report that stuff has been broken where in fact you simply have to replace the PSU or something like that. I’ve repaired many laptops like that

                  2b. About dust – definitely. I don’t have any idea what to do if you are actually working in open spaces with dust and/or sand, except some kind of dust defender (have to check this thing up) and some air compressor to clean the dust off. Also, some rubber covers for the USB ports would be great.
                  The problem with dust is not only the fans and heat problems, but it also conducts electricity

                  2c. What are you doing in Africa?

                  3. If you can handle the dust and you take simple troubleshooting like PSU replacement – I guess you could keep it alive for a long time. Don’t have it in year, but I bet you can make it to 4-5 years easily

                  4. What is affordable and why do you want a 9XXM? What games/software do you have in mind?

                  • John

                    He didn’t reply 2 month from now, poor Steve I hope he didn’t get ebola there 🙁

            • I like big screens and I cannot lie!

              • Stevie

                Wow, thx for being so fast ! I really appreciate, nice website i’ll come back and talk about it 😉

                1. More like a G551 without the ROG logo ( I really hesitate between this one and this acer nitro one. I’m waiting for more reviews actually.
                2. It’s just that i’ll buy a laptop when i come back in Belgium for 2 weeks during christmas, so i really want to avoid to cope with problems and after-selling services while in Africa. I’m working on GIS and remote sensing in Niger, with IFAD. I need calcul power to manage RASTERs (satelites pictures). Yeah compressor works great. I admit I’m almost never outside with my laptop (45°C not rare), in fact this is rather the air conditionner that bring dust everyday.
                3. 860M will cover my need i guess, i was particularly thinking about “the witcher 3” in ultra. It’s was a matter of “moral obsolescence” and being satisfied with AAA for the next 2 years, but i’m not a big gamer anymore (internet is so bad in west africa, RIP world of tank & DOTA 2).

                • thanks u2! (isn’t it the wrong thread?)

                  1a. The V15 has the advantage of an M.2 port, this is a big plus
                  b. The Asus series probably has slightly better keyboard, but the V15 keyboard is pretty good (the keys are not firm, but I’m not sure this is a disadvantage), tactile feedback is very good
                  c. V15 is more lightweight. I don’t think there is real different in heat except that the V15 case doesn’t really heat where you use it.

                  2. I would also consider some kind of net against the dust
                  About warranty – Acer has their travelers warranty, if there are Acer services in Nigera, then you should be ok. Generally, if you can test the machine for few days in Belgium, to make sure, it should be ok.

                  3. has good prices I think, if you remove dust. You can also get the I5 version which is much cheaper if you believe it’s enough for you

                  4. Better reading, really (-: I’m pretty sure that there will be tanks games in 40-50 years from now too
                  And I hope Africa will be better for its people. I also hope that the world will stop exploiting it (among the rest), but it won’t happen soon

                  5. You can wait with it then, till Christmas! Personally I’d bet the V15 is a better offer than the Asus one, but it also depends on pricing ofcourse

  • OSO

    Great review! Thank you for your time, this is awesome. Do you know when this laptop may be released in the US?

    • The 17.3″ version is here, so I guess that if they indeed plan to release the 15.6″ version, it will be soon

  • Ryguy

    You mentioned replacing the RAM would be difficult, and it sounds like accessing the M.2 port is only slightly easier. Is there a standard 2.5″ HD bay? If so, how difficult is it to get to?

    The problem I have with this laptop is the battery life. The older V7 laptops with 750m had much better battery life under light use. I was really hoping for something approaching the same level. Needless to say, I’m disappointed.

    • yes, there is 2.5″ bay – the 1TB HDD is placed there.

      The M.2 is actually much easier to access – you’d only have to pull up the keyboard surface (after removing the screws) and disconnect some cables and then the M.2 is available to you. The 120GB M.2 drive is not the of a big deal – it’s not a high performance one nor high capacity one.. I would get the cheaper model without it

      But see the comment above about the 900M, though I’m not sure there will be anything new above the 860M

  • burp1

    Its ok but 900m series is coming up!

    • totally! Same goes for some other models like the Asus GL551JM and more. I wonder, maybe the 860M won’t be replaced so soon or something