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Unformatted blog about gaming laptops recommendations, gaming laptops reviews, questions / suggestions and deals. I’ll write here and then about topics concerning choosing a laptop or other mobile devices for gaming. My comparisons based mainly on performance, screen quality, build quality, battery runtime and heat dissipation and I’ll try to form a good gaming laptops recommendations mainly based on thorough reviews from leading sites. The recommendation will be usually a final decision without many details, but you can read the reviews and check it out or just ask.

You can contact me at gaminglaptopsjunky@gmail.com

  • I just discovered your blog and your review style is awesome! Most of the YouTube channels or websites forget to talk about internal and surface temps. Thats #1 in my list to look when buying a laptop. You are the only one who says Clevo 1060 models’ WASD area got hot and that’s annoying. I completely agree with you. Keep up the good work!

  • Jimbo

    Can I ask your advice on slightly higher end laptops? $1000-$1550 range. I’m thinking things like 970m-980m, g-sync, 3 or 4k (not for games but for clear text and other uses). Have you heard of Eluktronics? They do Clevo style laptops – look like good deals…

    • Please use the forums!

  • Cameron

    Hello. Before I ask you anything I wanna say thanks for making such an awesome website.
    So, first question of mine is where are you based? Because I live in Australia, I’ve struggled to find a website that will give me computers I can buy in my country using AUD.
    Secondly, I need a mid range gaming LAPTOP with a decent a graphics card, and a decent cpu. I need it to be capable of recording/live steaming games with a mic and possible controller support (optional). I don’t mind the size, but it would be nice to have a laptop around 37×24.5 cm (can be bigger.) – height doesn’t matter as long as it’s below 6 cm. Black or white and blue or red (or just plain black or white) is the colour scheme I’m looking for. If you could please give me links, price, availability, etc. etc. etc. that would mean the world to me. Thanks!

  • Lindsay Trumper

    Hi Junky,
    Could I please have your help? My laptop has literally just switched off and won’t turn back on, I’m desperately searching for a new laptop to be delivered asap. I am teaching in Japan for another 2 years so I can’t just go out an buy one as the keyboards will generally be in Japanese (I can’t read Japanese just yet lol).

    I am seeking a laptop which is
    * small/ light enough to carry around to a different part of Japan on a weekly basis in my (quite big) backpack
    *Has a better graphic card than my previous laptop (which failed when I was playing Hearthstone), I also like playing some other simple games like SIMS, possibly League of Legends in the future too as that looks cool,
    * in the price range of about 400- 800 gbp
    * doesn’t overheat
    *Has good resolution and quality so I can watch movies

    Basically I have no TV so all my work, leisure activities and studying are done on my laptop. Do you have any suggestions oh wise one 🙂 heehee

    Linz xx

    • Hi!

      Teaching in Japan without Japanese?? Also, are you proficient in Miyazaki-fu?

      Anyway, are we talking about UK only?

    • Are you there?

  • Jeremy C

    Hi there, I think your gaming laptops site is great. I think it’s a great resource for less tech savvy individuals such as myself to get a decent idea of the kids of laptops we can buy. That being said, I was doing a bit of googling and I found two sites – ibuypower and cyberpowerpc. Never heard of them before but their deals seem pretty outrageous – too good to be true. Specifically, the fangbook for 845$ (https://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/FANGBOOK_III_HX6-100_Gaming_Laptop/) and the MSI GP70 Lepoard (http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/MSI-GP70-Leopard-Gaming-Laptop-GT940M). I was wondering if you could tell me what you think of these products. I’ve never seen such low prices for the hardware that comes with it. I’ve read some reviews about glitchy software and low quality casing, but I’m still pretty sold on the idea of a cheap relatively high end gaming laptop, which these two sites seem to offer. What do you think?

    • I didn’t see your message!! Are you still in need for something?

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Hey man talked to you a few times on youtube I am stuck I am trying to find a nice 17.3′ IPS something like the P770zm I like the 4790k with 980m maybe 970m, but really the only display I have seen this size with IPS is ASUS maybe an MSI but I can’t find what I want in it 🙁 please help me if you know where I can find what I am lookin for thanks so much man


    • 1. The current 17.3″ Clevo options with IPS display are not cost effective just for gaming (P377 ?)
      2. I didn’t understand what are you looking for too.. but can you open a forum thread? you can use the questions in the first post to help us figure out!

  • Dealz
  • Harsh Patel

    Any opinions about the new Alienware 13? It’s not exactly cheap, but for 1100$ it does give a GTX 860M, 8GB ram, 500 GB HDD and a 1080p screen (and it’s got the alienware brand name with some lovely design aesthetics). I would love to see an article about that or the graphics amplifier unit that alienware made for it.

      • Harsh Patel

        Thanks for your reply.

        • Hi, did you posted your question?

          • Harsh Patel

            Found a thread related to the topic. Posted a detailed query today. Thanks for the help! Love this site.

  • Patrick Ortega

    Junky. I’ve now narrowed down my choices between 2 laptops. Now I can either choose the MSI GE40 Barebones with a 900p Screen from PC Specialist, or I can choose the Clevo WS650 Series Barebones with 720p (768p) screen. Which would perform better in gaming, and which would have the higher advantage in other catagories such as thermals? This is all about the performance.

    • but why 720p and 900p!
      The GE40 will be faster and W650SJ cooler a bit, but only a bit

      • Patrick Ortega

        Because I rather play native resolution with acceptable frames and details over getting one with a 1080p screen, tune down resolution and notice the blur. Turning on AA for me is a no-no. So native is important to me.
        How much lower would you estimate on temps?

  • Matt

    I hope to get a 14 inch gaming laptop in the near future, and this is incredible information, thank you for doing this

    • you talk about the GE40? I got the barebone MSI 1492 and it’s quite nice, but the battery performance is not good – it seems like it sips energy even when I’m doing nothing.

  • Dustdown

    Just wanted to say thanks for recommended the Y510P laptop! I received it today and I can only say good things about it. The power adapter is stupidly huge, but I knew that already. Do you know if it is possible to buy a smaller one?

    • Great! don’t forget to update windows and nvidia drivers (use nvidia experience software) and also enable SLI through the Nvidia control center

      About the PSU – I don’t know of an ‘official’ PSU that is smaller, but you can look at the parameters and look for something that fits. You need the same voltage and at least as high current (marked by an ‘A’)

      • Dustdown

        I take it windows 8.1 is an improvement then? 🙂

        Oh, and you were right; the sound of the laptop is great!

        • no! on’t update to 8.1 yet! Lenovo and Nvidia have some problem with the SLI. Wait for the fix a week or two

  • Caleb

    First off, I’d like to say you are doing the lords work with your site and dedicating your time to helping people.

    I’m looking for a laptop, preferably 17.3 or larger, but 15.6 is acceptable. Primary I’ll be doing basic tasks like Facebook, YouTube, and internet browsing that will require a decent amount of multitasking and open programs. Secondly, I watch a lot of movies and television from my computer and its absolutely necessary I have something that can easily handle HD video with no hiccups and have great video quality. Lastly, I need something that can play modern and future games on medium level settings. Black Ops 2, BioShock Infinite, SimCity etc. Budget minded is of the most importance, not being comfortable passing the $600 mark. Most bang for the buck.

    Battery life, aesthetics, weight, speakers, and the like are all second to raw performance at a budget.

    From your website I’ve found these as my best options:

    Both priced at $499.00

    Dedicated graphics with much less hard drive and memory


    Shared graphics, but much more hard drive and memory

    Is it worth the extra $150 to go $150 over budget and get one with the Core I5 and NVIDIA GeForce graphics card? Sacrificing a quad for dual core in the process? Like this one–

    Acer Aspire V3-571G-6622

    I don’t speak the the tech language, its all very confusing. I trust your judgement and will buy whatever you recommend. If you have a better performance per budget dollar choice than what I listed, I’m open to any brand, or recommendation.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort. If you accept donations to support the site I’d like to mail you a check, I really appreciate what you’re doing.

    • Hi, I’ve replied your email!

  • Edwin

    Am really loving the great site you have! Am currently debating between the HP dv6t and the Sager np6110. What’s your opinion on the Sager? Am currently in the military and the portability seems very nice, but is 11’6″ too small for gaming? Thanks for your help!

    • I don’t think 11.6″ is too small, but it’s something you have to check for yourself. Is there a place you can test it with your eyes?

      • Edwin

        Thanks for the advice. I ended up looking at both screen sizes and I fell in love with a 1080p 15″ displays colors and viewing angles. I’ve Decided to go with the dv6t-7000 you recommend. What kind of game performance will I see from upgrading to the quad i7? I am mainly interested in playing Battlefield 3. Thanks again for your help!

        • I7 won’t give you much here. Most games won’t use the I7 capabilities. The dv6t-7000 deal will end soon, mind you

  • Duhai

    Hi Junky,

    Congrats for the good idea with one suggestion from me.

    On all my new systems I’m always running these two tests (Prime95 & 3DMark06). The goal of the stress test is to find out am I going to a throttle mode and how stable is the system under load. If everything is set right and throttle comes up it means that the cooling system is unable to deal with the amount of the produced heat on this mode in the current environment.

    Note: The case with the throttling of Asus N56VZ was very strange & the cause wasn’t the temperature. In result the N56VJ performs better & without throttling under the stress test.

    • yes, this is strange. I didn’t notice any such throttling with the N56DP. It is sometimes a matter of drivers and bios and manufacturers change it over time.

      You still have the N56VZ?

  • Lex

    Hi mod,
    I would love an article comparing Lenovo Y580 build and gaming thermals vs the MSI GE60. Perhaps through in that 750$ HP into the mix. Some pees say the Y580 is better, others the MSI, which is one pound lighter. I can’t decide.

    • thanks for the suggestions, I’ll do that

  • Charlie

    Dude I just love this site, I’m buying a laptop in two months and I’m checking this site everyday.keep up the good work

    • thanks!!
      help me share the site if you feel like it (-:

      • Charlie

        Dude, its been 2 years man. I just remembered this site as I was lying down on my bed lol. Good times they were. You just started this site out. Damn this site grew a lot. Anyway, just dropped in to reminisce about good times.

        • Hi Charlie! I always remember past time in a nostalgic manner but always keep being depressed in the present – bad tendency (-:
          How are you?

          • Charlie

            Doing good man, you should look to monetize your website since I just checked your rankings and you are ranked top for a couple of search terms. Try amazon affiliate.

  • Keith


    Your website is very useful to me, thank you!

    Now I get my new laptop from the “GTX680M+I7 for $1,300″ deal!

    PS: Is there any tool I can use to check the status of my new laptop? So that I can make sure I get everything I want.

    • you got it?
      you can run OCCT to check, for example. Also run games and such things to see that everything is ok

  • Keith

    Hi, where is that “GTX680M+I7 for $1,300” deal?

    • I’ve removed it. I don’t know if this site is good, although it seems ok

    • However, it does show in the “1000$ gaming laptops” recommendtions

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, man.

  • Hi, would very kindly of tell me, where do I find a coupon from dell or hp? Thanks a lot and great blog. congrants!!

  • George

    Would you tell me when is going to expire code JULY4SALEHP?

    • junky

      07-11-2012 9:59AM according to HP
      But you don’t have to worry, they have constant coupons these days.

      • Danny

        The laptop deals you post are amazing. I have yet to see a deal on laptops with 120hz display (I personally see a significant improvement when playing games [especially fps games] on 120hz). Could you make a section with deals that covers laptops of 120hz display? That would be very helpful.

        • you mean “3D” screens?

          • Danny

            It doesn’t necessarily have to be 3D, but 3D screens are 120hz. They’re usually pricey, but I would like to see if you could find deals/discounts.

          • Danny

            I guess you couldn’t find anything?..

            • just haven’t done it. I know of the Toshiba options and Alienware and Asus G75. Also Envy 17 has such an option
              Would you like to write something yourself? (-:

  • George

    Amazing Website. I’ll be waiting the next week offers. I will travel to the U.S. later this month and I would like to buy the computer so online and not have to go there and not find something I like it.

    • junky

      thanks (-:
      don’t be shy to ask in the forum

      • Kevin

        Staples in Canada has the following laptop currently on sale: http://www.staples.ca/ENG/Catalog/cat_sku.asp?CatIds=&webid=726133&affixedcode=WW

        How would something like the above perform playing a game like World of Tanks? How inferior is it to the HP dv6z deal?

        • better ask it in the forums or in the dv6z deal
          the dv6z deal is better, but I don’t know if you can get it in Canada and for how much. Try to find laptops with 7670M or GT 630M for 500$ or less in sites you can by from.

  • Andrew

    Great site. I’m looking to buy a gaming laptop in the near future and I think your website will be one of the most influential towards my purchase 🙂

    • junky

      You’re welcome

  • junky

    You’re right the charts help alot and the blog really needs some, but the problem is that even if you have charts and all, one cannot really decide which laptop he needs based on them.
    First of all, these charts (on TH or other sites) don’t really show you the whole spectrum of laptops to choose from and that’s one thing I try to do with the blog – find it all as much as important. Secondly, the charts compare only one aspect at a time, but you don’t choose laptop that way – you have to consider performance + screen quality + build quality + other staff that is interesting you.

  • Emma

    hey, what you need is http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/ and price to performance

    charting the stuff is useless and not help at all

    you need ratings and rankings