The Toshiba Qosmio X70 overheating / fan issue: Apparently, not so bad compared to other laptops

Well, I’ve reviewed the Toshiba Qosmio X70 two months ago. The X70 comes with GTX 770M and a I7-4700MQ The caption was ‘too hot to be true’ and the reason for that assessment was that it seemed to me as a very hot laptop. There was another problem with the X70 that many customers reported and the problem was that it died very soon after you started using it (read) – mine had the same problem and just came back from repair. I don’t think the heating problem is directly related to this problem as I wrote and I think Toshiba fixed it with the new X70s that come out now, according to the reports on the X70 product page.

Now, the X70 is indeed very hot. The CPU can get hotter than 90C and gets throttled. The fan spins slowly and rather quietly even under full load. However, I’ve made some additional tests with Crysis 3, Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite. All games were played on very high settings (described below) with Crysis 3 played on the same settings as notebookcheck ‘ultra’ for Crysis 3.

Drivers: 326.80 beta

Game Settings FPS (avg) Throttling
Crysis 3 ‘very high’ preset, SMAAx2 23 Yes
Bioshcock Infinite, gameplay Highest, except PP = ‘normal’ 31.5 Yes
Bioshcock Infinite, benchmark Highest (option 2) ~38 Yes
Borderlands 2 Highest 41-60 Yes

If we’ll compare these results to the notebookcheck tests of several laptops with GTX 770M GPU, what we’ll see is that in Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite, the results are actually better than the laptops tested by notebookcheck. Bioshock Infinite is more interesting because the ‘benchmark’ is provided with the Bioshock game and is standard for all. Note that Crysis 3 was tested on 2 laptops and Bioshock Infinite on 5 laptops by notebookcheck. Here are the results for the GTX 770M benchmarks from NBC and in both games one of the tested laptops is the Asus G750JX which supposed to have better cooling system (and I believe it has). The Bioshock Infinite results are also better than GTX 675MX results of Anandtech.

That’s not the whole story. The Crysis 3 FPSs do not fluctuate a lot and generally stay around 21-24 constantly. Same goes for Bioshock.

The Borderlands 2 case is unclear to me. It seems to suffer more from the throttling, though still keeping a very high FPS rate. The GTX 765M from the Clevo W230ST review was doing better in terms of average performance, however, the minimal FPS with the Toshiba Qosmio is still better meaning you do get the benefits of the GTX 770M in that case also.

I might check more games, but the conclusions are that if there is a performance hit compared to other laptops – it is probably minor. Now, i’m not saying that I’m satisfied – there is obviously some performance hit in almost every game under full load and the fan throws out a really hot air to a point of not being able to use the mouse close to the right side of the laptop. However, when compared to the competition, you do get a very good competitor as far as gaming performance goes. Add to this the very comfortable (in my opinion) keyboard, the nice solid looks and the quite fan and you get a nice deal here. Usually you’d get the Qosmio X70 for $1000-$1200 (see updated deals here) and usually, compared to current competition, it is an option to consider.

  • Rydog106

    Found away to kept qosmio cool. If you are playing a game with the backlight keyboard on then turn it off. If you turn it off you will hear the fan to speed up it is like the keyborad is taking power from fan, Just a though worked for me

    • Zeeshan

      R u sure???

  • Peter Lazar

    Oh man , I still can’t make up my mind, the x70 being heavier and larger. How does it compare with y510p sli , does the 770m perform significantly better than sli 750 ? Also the y510p is cheaper I guess with Toshiba adding taxes with the prices. So my decision will boil down to whether 770m smokes 750 or not.

    • Peter Lazar

      I finaly decided on sager np8230, it’s the best from both worlds. 15.6″ screen and gtx 770m pus 7200 rpm hdd for 1200$. Will be getting it soon. 😀

      • congratulations!

      • Pete

        @peterlazar:disqus: Hi. Now since it’s been two months since you have had your sager np8230 – can you do a review about it after having using it for a while? I asked, because a lot of people are hesitant/skeptic to buy the sager because they say it looks like though it comes usually with great hardwares but its build quality (interior and exterior) are doubtful or cheap (such as cheap plastics which are fragile have been used) and it won’t last long – but that’s what skeptics say. How true is that? Is that just a myth or what? As an owner of the sager, perhaps you could tell us how true and false is that or to what extent this is possibly true or misleading.

        A YouTube video or Written review – either is welcome.
        cc: @cultivated:disqus

        • I used the Racer 2.0 (P150EM I think) and the plastic didn’t feel cheap

          And a review would be really nice

  • Peter Lazar

    Did toshiba fix the “dying” issue with this series? i want to get this laptop but if it’s gonna die on me i would much rather prefer the sli y510p. Please advise.
    BTW I prefer single gpu rather than sli.

    • It seems to be ok now as the bad reports seem like they’ve stopped .. I do not know for sure.

      Anyway, Toshiba will fix it till it would be ok. Maybe you should wait another two weeks or so.

      Also, a new review from notebookcheck is now out and it seems like the temperatures are on the same level as other laptops.

      Personally, I would heavily consider the X70. I might wait for some better price, but the current price is good too:

      • Peter Lazar

        could you post the link to the notebookcheck review, I can’t seem to find it 🙁

          • Peter Lazar

            Thank you Google translate

            • kornel

              Szia Péter,
              Vettem egy ilyen laptopot,megvan 2 hete .Eddig semmi gond vele,remélem igy is marad. Ha kérdésed lenne nyugodtan irjál emailt Üdv,Kornél

              • thanks

                I think it is magyar and this person says he had the X70 for several weeks now and it’s OK with no problems

                • Kornel

                  Hi ,
                  You are right.It was Hungarian language:)) I have a X70 laptop .I used it 2 weeks ago,no problem with it. I put Windows 8.1 RTM on it. Works great ,but play a lot of time with the UEFI bios. I had to made bootable Windows 8.1UEFI for the usb.I replaced the thermal paste. I used Ic diamond 7. When i played with the Hawken during 1 hours i never got higher temperature like GPU and CPU 72C without cooling pad.

                  • really? do you remember how it was before the thermal paste?
                    I easily get above 90C for the CPU (GPU is ok)

                    Another question – can you check what bios version do you have?

                    • kornel

                      The bios version is 1.00. When i received my laptop only turned on for approx.1hour,and just surf on the internet. I remember the cpu’s temperature was between 47-55 C. After i did change the thermal paste. Right now if i just surf on the internet the CPU’s temperature is between 38-46C. If you would order AsusG75 gamer laptop ,there is the option change the factory thermal paste for the Ic diamond 7. Additonal extra 30 dollar.
                      You believe me it is good staff.

                    • I’ll test it!

                      Please try doing the following: run wPrime 1024MB test + MSI Kombustor with 1080p resolution DX11 and chech the HWInfo results

                  • jeff

                    please,, how did you the thermal paste ?? a pea method or surface spread method or line method on CPU/GPU also what are the max temps for cpu and gpu ??

                    • jeff

                      how did you apply the thermal paste**

                    • sincerely – I don’t remember. But you can check general thermal paste videos and should do the same

            • yea. Just wait when google will start using their power in a more pronounced evil way (-:

              • Alee

                Hello Junky, this is Alee. Do you still have the qosmio x70/75? Will you recommend this laptop to anyone under $750? I would like the opinion of others as well and if it has fared well till now?

                • Hi Alee

                  I don’t have it no more, but if you can get it for $700, then it’s a very good option. But what is the condition of this machine?

                  • daicharade1 .

                    It is manufacturer refurbished. Its for $749 and has the i5 4200m, which is both a blessing and a curse for what I’ve heard of this laptop.