Nvidia GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti announced

One performance step up

GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti performance
Nvidia announced their new Pascal GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti GPUs to be available a week from now, on the 25.10. The GTX 1050/Ti replace the desktop GTX 750/Ti and probably the mobile GTX 960M and maybe GTX 965M Maxwell I/II chips. The two GPUs power consumption is 75W according to Nvidia, which is relatively high for these specs, but 75W will probably be the highest wattage they’ll draw, more or less.

According to the Nvidia performance chart, the GTX 1050 performs around 50% faster than a GTX 750 Ti and GTX 1050 Ti performs arouns 80% faster, on average. I guess we’ll see mobile version for these GPUs. Maybe they’ll be the same or slightly changed variation, but I think similarity will be high, because the GTX 965M is already ~30-35% faster than a GTX 960M 4GB, and there isn’t a lot of space between the GTX 965M (Ti) and the GTX 1050. I guess that the GTX 1050 will replace the 960M and the 1050 Ti will replace the 965M, which means we could expect around %35-50 performance advantage on average, for the same price point.

To translate it into laptops prices and models, I guess that a $800 gaming laptop will be %35-50 fast as the current options, probably surpassing the GTX 965M equipped models, on average, or equaling it, easily. Same for a $900-$1000 gaming laptop, meaning we could see a GTX 970M performance level, or close to it, in a $900-$1000 laptop. Considering that there were some GTX 1060 equipped laptops selling for $1250-$1300 in the last 2 months, easily delivering GTX 980M performance or higher, it’s pretty reasonable to see a $900-$1000 laptop with a GTX 970M performance level, or close to it.

Let’s wait and see. In the meanwhile, you can check the Nvidia GTX 1050/Ti product page

  • Arpit Jain

    I want to see Dell 7559 with GTX 1050 Ti and improved Trackpad, speakers,Display and keyboard too.
    Hope this becomes true

  • zerofrenz

    Wellllllllllll this is exciting. Searching for a laptop for my buddy and now it’ll be hard for me to not upgrade myself..

    • (-:

      • zerofrenz

        Hey Junky, have you seen any news today on the laptop variant of the 1050? I’ve been searching but haven’t seen anything except ONE comment from an editor on Notebookcheck that said they’ve only heard the laptop variant will come early next year..

        • That’s what I know too
          However, I saw a GTX 1060 3GB laptops

          • zerofrenz

            Ooo nice, got a link for that?

            Found this searching through some sites, beats the previous deal by $15 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Asus-ROG-Strix-GL502VM-15-6-HD-i7-6700HQ-16GB-RAM-1TB-HDD-GTX1060M-6GB-Laptop-/122106139839

            • I think the Asus FX502 and the MSI GP62 something, but they are not worth it currently, unless they some other great quality I’m not aware of. I think we would see these for like $1100 and even less, soon

              • zerofrenz

                Yea I’m thinking the same thing, 1060 3-6GB will definitely hit $1100 if not less here pretty soon.

                I would agree with you that Clevo is a better option then the Asus, especially since Clevo has that custom BIOS that allows for some cool stuff. If it were for me, I’d absolutely go for the Clevo but its for my buddy who is much less computer savy then I and just needs something to work without a ton of customization.

                • hmm. I’d still try and find something with an SSD, if you can’t install it yourself