Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 15.6″ gaming laptop, GT 750M SLI, I7-4700MQ, 8GB DDR3, matte 1080p display, 1TB HDD for $950


Lenovo Y510p, I7-4700MQ + GT 750M SLI. Available from



More Lenovo Y510p variants
Lenovo Y510p main specifications
CPU I7-4700QM
GPU GT 750M SLI (via ultrabay)
Screen matte 1080p
Keyboard Backlit (Red)
Weight 5.95 lbs (~2.8-2.9 kg)
Lenovo Y510p Reviews

Get the new version with 755M SLI, better Intel 7260 WiFi card and bigger battery

The Lenovo Y510p is the most cost effective gaming laptop under/around $1000 in terms of performance per price, including 1080p screen. This is a new model. It is unclear to me if there are any improvements, but anyway, it seems that the Y510P is getting back to stocks (model: 59388313) for reasonable price. Many are listing it and few already have in stocks. Amazon and Newegg will probably follow soon.

This is the newest model currently. Compared to the Y500, it has an anti-glare screen, but that might be a mistake). Stated battery performance is also better but probably not be much higher, at least with one GPU (you can simply pull out the second one, and put it in your bag). The sound system remains very good and people report the Y510p doesn’t get warm too much under load.

The Y510p GT 750M SLI delivers around the GTX 770M performance in average, maybe higher (NBC results), the GT 750M SLI gives the best gaming performance under 1100$ and maybe even under 1300$ currently.

The Notebookcheck review shows the screen of the Y510p is ok with high contrast and decent brightness. Viewing angles are relatively good too. The temperatures can get quite high under load, though.

The battery performance should be good with these instructions to activate the integrated HD4600 to work as it should be when you’re using one GPU only.


  • Ajax

    Can anyone who ordered this off the new Amazon link tell me the exact specs of the model they received? I especially want to know if it comes with a SSD.

    • didn’t order it from Amazon (tax!), but the XoticPC configuration page does not include such any mSata drive. I’ll let you know soon enough though

    • The Newegg listing (which is new and I’m going to add it), says it’s a 1TB + 8GB SSD which I guess is a Hybrid HDD. I think it is a better deal than having an 24GB mSSD since you get many benefits of the SSHD (Hybrid) and still have space for mSata:



      • BlazeHN

        Wait, i heard that if you dont get the 24 GB SSD then you WONT get any extra slot for future SSD disk upgrades. Simply wont come solded into the mobo.

        • seems so. Mine has no mSata drive slot

  • Jason P

    Wanted to let you know I ordered this from cost captain and had multiple issues. They cancelled the order yesterday afternoon saying it was unavailable. In addition I was automatically signed up for their “premier shipping” service with no notification. It gives you 21 days to cancel or charges your credit card $39 for a year of free shipping at costcaptain.com. If you do cancel you’re then charged $9.99 for the shipping they claimed was free.

    The whole point is moot though as my order was cancelled and the unit unavailable.

    • Yea, I just figured out they are not reliable. Thanks and I hope you’ll recover (-:
      I think you should wait a week or two and we’ll see new stocks

  • Jonny

    These items are now available as openbox items on Newegg for 940 and 999 including SSD’s, the second option including bluray external drive. W/o a warranty available, are these still comparatively better than the Y500 dual 650 option or one of the 17.3″ laptops, like the asus G75vx?
    thanks for your time!

    • if you are ok with open boxes – yes, I’d take the Y510p over both.
      But again, you have to decide about the screen size thing – maybe you should go to a store and check it with your eyes

    • Also, where do you see the Y510p? do you have a link? I can’t find them

  • Chris

    Is $1000 a good deal for this laptop, or should one wait till it’s on sale?

    • Well, two things

      1. It’s the best price for this one so far. However, there might be some better deal during some holiday – don’t know.

      2. The price is good also compared to the competitors as it is the fastest 15.6″ gaming laptop for such a price point.

      • Chris

        My budget is $1300 or so. Are there any 17.3″ gaming laptops in that range (like the MSI you reviewed recently, or maybe whatever Asus might have that’s similar) a fairly noticeable upgrade over the Lenovo SLI y510p reviewed above? I would like to buy a laptop specifically from Amazon in the next couple days (during the Labor Day sale), and battery life/weight are of no concern (as I use my laptop as a desktop replacement). Gaming-performance-for-price is pretty much my only focus.

        Thanks so much for your advice–I’ve appreciated all your reviews!

        • Hi a& thanks! I wish more people would post their thoughts about the laptops they’ve bought

          About your question – $1300 including shipping and taxes? are you a student? do you have a Windows copy?

          Anyway, you won’t get more than a GTX 770M for a new $1300 laptop which means that in terms of performance, you won’t really get a lot more, if at all + the Y510p, as you can read, can have relatively good battery performance if you tweak it a little

          The Toshiba X70 seems like it has a good potential if Toshiba will fix the big problem of the laptop dying just like that + the fan spinning too slow.
          I’d suggest waiting a bit more to see what happens with the Toshiba X70. Other options are the MSI / Clevo based laptops like the MSI GT70 or Sager 8XXX series.

          But what are you looking for? what games?

          • Chris

            Not a student, no Windows copy, and I could probably go up $1400 with shipping and taxes if it seemed like a significant upgrade. The $999 y510p SLI seems awfully appealing, though, since the only consistently negative thing I read about it is the trackpad (which I don’ use anyway).

            I was leaning towards Toshiba initially, especially with all their deep discounts during sales, but the overheating/dying thing seems to be a definite issue. I’d like something that will last for a while.

            I’d say the games I’m most eager to play are Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Planetside 2, Dishonored, Bioshock: Infinite, and Warframe (and X Rebirth and Star Citizen when they come out).

            Thank you yet again!

            • Then the Y510p would be great for you and should run all these on highest settings or maybe almost highest for those I don’t know yet – PS and Warframe.

              If you can manage a 15.6″ laptop, I’d suggest the Y510p. You can sell it a year or year and a half from now, for example, for say $600-$700 and buy a new laptop in case you’d want that

              You can also wait a bit and see what happens with the Toshibas

  • Ashmedie

    Love your site, great work, and the new banner is rather sleek. Just wanted to tell you the Y510p is NOT slimmer than the Y500, I had them side by side. It is still an amazing laptop though. Also, mine has no connector to add an NGFF ssd, Lenovo just left it out, so don’t count on adding one, I plan on swapping the hard drive for a hybrid drive.

    • Updated! Thanks!

      But what do you mean you don’t have an NGFF connector? No mSata either?
      Doesn’t it look like this

      Also, how about its temperature?

      • Ashmedie

        Funny, I only just saw this reply today, anyway what is a good way to track temperature performance?
        In the past I tried ALT+ Tabbing out and checking Nvida inspector, but temps changed very fast after the game minimized, still, I played Battlefield 3 campaign on ultra preset and it worked fine, I never noticed the GPU temps go over 81, but I wasn’t recording the temps properly, so it might have gone higher.
        Also I ran the Bioshock Infinite test on the highest setting, It averaged about 43FPS

        • nice avatars!

          What is your Y510P model? I’m currently testing one and in Crysis 3 one of the GPUs goes up to 95C and the CPU might go as high as 85C, but no throttling occurs.

          How to measure temps – download the HWInfo freeware, run it with ‘sensors only’ option selected and then you can click on the “Logging Start” button and it will record all the data. When you finish, click ‘Logging Stop” and check the CSV file (I use OpenOffice). You can see there everything.

          By the way, did you see that?


          • Ashmedie

            My model has a i7 7400, 8GB of ram, SLI version, I don’t have Crysis 3 , so I can’t compare that. The modded BIOS look interesting, if I could lower the voltage,and enable turbo boost I would probably get better fps…

            • you don’t have to enable turbo boost, you can set the speed yourself. For example, with the ThrottleStop 6.00 (link in the article I linked to):


              I simply set the CPU on x30 multiplier, so the cpu speed is set on 3000MHZ, instead of 2400MHZ. This is a 25% gain. If you can do that and post here the results in Bioshock benchmark, it will be great

              • Ashmedie

                I’ll try this out when I have time, I do expect there to be throttling, though.
                (BTW, I realize now, when I said turbo boost, I meant to say enable 4 cores, (unless its a Intel restriction, and not a Lenovo one), Once the CPU speed exceeds 2400MHZ, it only uses one core, but I’m not that sure it matters that much.)
                I had the model with the i7 4202 2.2MHZ (I returned it), and it did have slightly better temps, at the time I used Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to try to get my current system (i7 4200) to match the clock speed and voltage of the 4202, I was only able to lower the clock speed, the voltage controls were grayed out. I did run Bioshock Infinite on both systems with FRAPS, the 2400, ran at 2FPS higher, the GPUs in the 2402 system ran cooler at first, but after an hour it was pretty close

                • with the modded bios you’ll be able to change the voltages. In my case, however, the problem is the ultrabay GPU which, for some reason, its fan doesn’t suck air almost at all – I can barely feel air moving in, unlike the other GPU.

                  What do you mean by one core? If it were one core, you’d see bioshock lag A LOT. Do you mean only one core speeds above 2400MHZ?

                  • Ashmedie

                    Air only moves out of the GPUs, if the fan is broken you should probably RMA the laptop. I would suggest going to the Lenovo energy management and click “start dust removal”, the fans on both GPUs should blow air out very strongly, if you don’t feel any air then its probably busted.

                    I do mean one core speeds above 2400MHZ, the Intel extreme running software shows only one active core whenever speeds exceed 2400MHZ

  • Ahmed

    Thank you, But are you sure that Amazon’s one is SLI? They didn’t mention anything about a 2nd GPU in the specs but said in “At a glance” it’s SLI? also the price makes me think that it isn’t SLI? can you confirm?
    Thank you

    • 1. Why no one tells me I have TigerDirect twice?

      2. Unless Amazon has a fault in the listing. The models serial number is 59375625 which is the same as in other stores which definitely state it has the GT 750M SLI.

      Also, note that there is no Disc drive

      • Ahmed

        Thanks for replying

        1. LOL i didn’t notice!! maybe because i was looking for the 1000 bucks one ONLY 😀

        2. i know that they are not listing a blu ray or something, but i thought that if it was sli the first thing at the specs must be SLI !! or at least at the product name, but now i think it’s sli because of the serial number thing.

        i want to ask for one last thing, Dual 750M Y500 or Dual 750M Y510 or Dual 650M Y500 ?

        • Y510p definitely. Matte screen (or at least, less glossy) + better battery.

          If the Y510p was selling for 1100$ or more, I’d say you should also consider the Y500 GT 650M SLI, but currently the Y500 is going out of stock and I can’t find it for reasonable price (900$ top) and the Y510p costs only 1000$, so Y510p definitely

          • Ahmed

            Thanks 🙂
            i’m from egypt and i will go with the y510p, also the 1000$ will be 1250$ 😀 but i will buy it. Thanks again

            • wow, egypt. I have no words for what you are doing there
              and yes, it’s around 1250$ for me to (Israel)

        • kira

          Guess I will tell you was it SLI or not somewhere at the end of August. 🙂

          But it will be such a pain if it’s not because I am also not from USA. 🙂

          • kira

            Total $999.99
            Delivery Estimate: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 – Thursday, August 15, 2013 by 8:00pm

            Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 15.6-Inch Laptop (Metal – Dusk Black) Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 15.6-Inch Laptop (Metal – Dusk Black)

            Sold by Amazon.com LLC

            • I didn’t know Amazon ships electronics overseas (unless it’s Hawaii). Also, consider getting some international warranty plan

              • kira

                You are correct, they don’t ship this laptop internationally. 🙂
                I’m usually buying goods from the USA using a shipping helper company in the middle, especially if the price for the item or postage is high. The one I’m using is shipito.com. You just give their address with your name to the shop and when they get the package you can choose the actual shipping company who will deliver the parcel to you (like DHL/USPS/TNT/etc) and method (express/normal/slow/ultraslow).

                I have an “IdeaPad Y580 Laptop – 59359510” currently, bought it from Lenovo.com USA in December 2012 and using shipito got it delivered in the UK. Btw the UK version of Lenovo.com doesn’t have the latest laptops like the USA one. :'(

                I just got feeling recently that I can’t run the latest games so smoothly (especially Marvel Heroes), so decided to buy a new one.
                To be honest, I like how the Razer Blade Pro is designed, but it having a single GTX 765 and costing about 1500$ more for having less performance is kinda deal breaker for me. 🙁

                So I think the specs I need would be a 750 SLI or 780M and laptops having the last one are quite massive looking. I just can’t find anything better than Lenovo 510p. 🙂

                P.S. Is it just me or Lenovo.com actually have constant discounts with their coupons? I think I was checking the 510p for at least a week on their site and when the previous coupon ended a new one appeared with the same discount. :/

                • Lenovo have constant discount, yea. I don’t see why bother with the Razer, actually. It’s not like their design is really beautiful and anyway I would not pay for it

                  Did you consider the MSI GS70?

                  • kira

                    I did, but it’s still a tough choice!
                    Although I would like my laptop to be as portable as possible, I need it to have as much power as possible. And Lenovo seems to be that kind of a laptop. MSI GS70 is portable but not as powerful.
                    Ahh … it’s so hard to make these decisions. 🙁
                    I still can cancel my order on Amazon, but don’t quite see any great choices.

                    On on hand I need a portable laptop, so I’ll be able to carry it to my university campus everyday from October and maybe use it there for coding (I study Software Engineering) but we have our lab PCs, on the other hand I need it to be as much powerful to replace a normal PC.

                    But still paying 1000$ more (I like the GS70 2OD-002US which is 1999.99$) for the portability and less power is not quite cool. 🙂

                    P.S. Are there two same Amazon link on this page?

                    • kira

                      Yay! Just got an email from Amazon. That’s why I love them! At this rate I may get the laptop at the end of the next week or a bit later.
                      *dancing on the floor*


                      We have good news! We’re able to get this part of your order to you faster than we originally promised:

                      “Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 15.6-Inch Laptop (Metal – Dusk Black)”
                      Previous estimated arrival date: August 07, 2013 – August 15, 2013
                      New estimated arrival date: July 26, 2013 – July 29, 2013

                    • great!

                      and damn, yes, two amazon links!

                • I’ll start using this shipito too! I know such services but they seem to be more expensive

    • kira

      I confirm this is SLI!

      P.S. 2 junky, I have left a big comment a long time ago (2-3 weeks) and can’t find it here. 🙁 With “review” of my delivery.

      • really? I’ll search for it, but maybe it was erased..
        I’d be glad if you’d want to write it again, maybe in the forum

        What do you think on the new design?

  • James

    Your “variants” tab is empty — this does have a couple of configurations, right? I’m trying to figure out the best balance of features to performance. It’s a bit complicated by the fact that you just cannot buy a NGFF SSD anywhere, full stop. WTF, Lenovo?

    • Yea, I should add something, but currently I only see the previous model with 24GB mSSD/16GB RAM and the current with only the 1TB HDD and 8gB RAM.

      I’d go with the cheapest option – from MicroCenter store if possible. NGFF (M.2) is a newer format and a faster one. So you’d want that actually. In a year from now you’d be able to upgrade and get some nice improvements, I’d prefer NGFF over mSata.