Lenovo Y50 Review (1080p) : Just replace the display (updated)

++ Main reason to consider:

Good package of extra features (best speakers, very good touchpad, good looking) along very high gaming performance for the price and an SSHD (US version).

— Main reason to avoid:

The 1080p display quality is very low.


Lenovo B&N gold discount – should be aroun $950-$1000 with an I7

Lenovo Y50 on Newegg and Amazon (all versions). Wait for low price UHD version.

+ Good gaming performance for $1000, with the GTX 860M.
+ Very quiet for a gaming laptop
+ Very good touchpad.
+ Simple stylish design
+ Acceptable battery performance at around 4-4.5 hours surfing the web
+ Very high build quality
+ Best speakers for a gaming laptop in this price range
+ Backlit keyboard
+ Screen is easily replaceable
+ With an I5, heat is not really a problem while having excellent gaming performance
+ SSHD storage delivers responsive laptop

– Bad 1080p display (but the UHD is good)
– With an I7, CPU might get throttled under full load
– Keyboard is not the great and typing fast is a problem due to missed characters (seems like others don’t think so)
– The Intel 3160 WiFi card disconnection – drivers? (7260 card optional).
– no mSata / extra space for another drive.



CPUI5 / I7
Tested configuration: I5-4200H, 2.8-3.5GHZ
GPUGTX 860M GDDR5 (Maxwell), core@1100MHZ, GDDR5@1.25GHZ
RAMHynix 2x4GB DDR3@800MHZ
HDDUsually : 1TB SSHD (8GB SSD)
Tested local version: WDC WD10SPCX-24HWST0, 5400RPM 1TB HDD
LCD PanelIn review: AUO B156HTN03.6, eDP
Weight / Dimensions~2.4kg / 5.3lbs
KeyboardBacklit (red), full numpad
Connection Portsright side: USB 2.0, card reader, microphone/headphones, SPDI/F, kensington lock
left side: 2xUSB 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI 1.4a
Front, Rear: nothing
WiFiWiFi: Intel 3160 HMC Dual band, 54Mbps
Ethernet: RealTek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
Speakers2.1 JBL speakers
Battery6 cell, 53Wh

Lenovo Y50 Review : Y50 shotThis Lenovo Y50 review is for the basic Y50 with an I5 and an 1080p display. The Lenovo Y50 is Lenovo’s new main gaming laptop. It’s the last heir of the no-so-ancient Lenovo Y gaming laptops dynasty : Y570 -> Y580 -> Y500 (650M SLI and 750M SLI) -> Y510p (750M SLI and 755M SLI) and now the Y50. The current price for the I5 version is around $1000.

The heart of the Y50 is the Nvidia GTX 860M GPU which is actually almost the same as the desktop part GTX 750 Ti. Therefore, the Y50 can deliver a high midrange gaming performance, for a laptop, equaling or surpassing the previous generation GTX 770M. For $1000 this is a very good gaming performance. The question is, how good is the Y50 in other aspects, especially the 1080p display – we already know that this is not an IPS display (which I have to admit I was sure it was).

Furthermore, unlike previous generations, the Y50 doesn’t really add to the gaming performance. While the 860M is powerful for a gaming laptop, it’s not faster than the 755M SLI in the Y510p which is cheaper. However, it costs much much less in power consumption and heat. We’ll see how it goes.

The higher end versions come with UHD IPS display and an I5/I7. Lenovo did disappoint with the initial prices and the non-IPS display, but the review might reveal something new and moreover, the prices will get lower in time.

UPDATE: I’ve updated the display section. It seems that it is very easy to replace the display. Read the update in the display section.

In the box

I don’t even know what I write this section – it’s almost always the same : The Lenovo Y50, PSU and drivers.


Build quality, Case, design and looks

One strong point of the Lenovo Y50 is its case build quality. Only the keyboard surface and the right side after the keyboard yield a bit, but otherwise, the case is quite firm, including the bottom. Moreover, the display outer lid is more firm than any other laptop I have tested and while it won’t hold against some good punching, it is indeed strong enough to hold some high pressure. Definitely better than previous generation Y500/Y510p and better than many gaming laptops competitors in this price range. I’m not sure, but I think the outer display lid and bottom lid are metal. Hinges also firmly grip the display.

The upper and bottom parts of the Y50 cover one another in the edges, so dust and other enemies are not easily getting in. However, the touchpad is not in one surface as the case and the keyboard keys also have some space between them and the surface (as expected).

The Y50 case, like my soul, is all black. The outer lid and bottom lid has the brushed metal finish and it looks good. It is not bulky in looks and Lenovo did invest in making it stylish, also combining the black case with red keyboard backlit, USB 3.0 ports and red speakers grills.

Connection ports Not enough really. Only 2 USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0. HDMI, no VGA (not needed for almost no one). A DisplayPort port should be used more, I feel.

Maintenance and inner parts Some screws standing between you and the most of the motherboard. I’ve added some images – I hope they are good enough. No option for an mSata, at least in this version and at least from this side of the mother board.

Two fans are cooling the GPU and CPU. We’ll test their efficiency soon. Hot air is blown out of the rear of th Y50. Air is taken in from the bottom of the Y50 and hot air is thrown out from the rear. The CPU and GPU are not replaceable. You can see the subwoofer near the fans.

Keyboard and trackpad

The Keyboard. Lets start by saying the good things – the keys are well spaced and comfortable to the finger. It is also a bit stylish as keys are not totally square (though it doesn’t mean a lot). Numpad is apparent for those who need it and the red backlit is useful. However, I find it hard to type really quickly since a fast typing does not result in characters being typed. You’d find that you have to press the keys more than you’d want in order to get a result. Feedback is also so-so and that’s part of the problem. I think the Y510p was better in that manner.

UPDATE: seems like others think that the keyboard is good enough with one redditor saying he can hit 88wpm with it (compared to his usual 90). Now, I don’t believe it’s only me as I’m not too picky about keyboard, but it might be just my specific laptop that has that problem, though it would be strange.

Touchpad. The touchpad, however, is good. Lenovo really fixed that since the Y510p. It is large, feels good on your fingertip, responsive and does not act funny. Two buttons are integrated into the touchpad. You can’t click them both simultaneously, but other than that, they are responsive and comfortable.


Sound & Speakers

Another strong point for the Y50 which is a continuing trend from the days of the Y570. The 2.1 JBL speakers are pretty good. You get both the high and low sounds and the speakers delivers rich deep sound which adds a lot to the experience. The difference between the Y50 and other gaming laptops is obvious in this aspect. It doesn’t mean that the Y50 is perfect for audiophiles and even I can hear some misbehaved sounds, but you won’t even consider it annoying as the overall experience is very very good.

Just a note – even the Asus N550XX and MSI GTs sound is not as good.


General subjective performance experience

I was using Windows 8.1 fully updated with all drivers in place. My local version of the Y50 does not have an SSHD and it shows. Some operations takes more time than you’d expec  – stuff like opening some folder and some application at once and so. The Y510p felt much better. I don’t think that the US version has a non-SSHD and I for sure haven’t seen one, so it’s not a problem. Other than that, the Y50 felt good.

Gaming Performance

The test includes the 3DMark synthetic benchmarks and a small amount of games and the point is to give a reference benchmarks compared to other machines. For more numbers are available over the web in sites like Notebookcheck.com. I had no real problems and stuff. Generally everything run as expected.


Test Methods & Drivers

Using Nvidia 340.43 drivers, Windows 8.1 fully updated as I write these lines. HWInfo was used to measure temperatures. The settings I used in each game differ from one to another and the reason is that I tried to find the highest settings which still let you play smoothly. All games are tested with 1080p resolution.  There are enough standard benchmarks over the web to compare performance of different GPUs. For each game, I also wrote how I felt playing, if it was smooth or not.

I’ve removed unwanted results, like scene loading times.

I apologize in advanced for the little mess I have with the graphs, visually. It will take me time to get it right, but the numbers are correct.


Synthetic 3D benchmarks

link to the 3DMark results Lenovo Y50 Review : 3DMark 1.3 benchmark

Summarized gaming performance

Let’s start with the gaming performance for highest graphics settings@1080p resolution. These results are the lowest I could get, running the games on the most demanding scenarios (~60 players BF4 MP) What’s highest? In games with predefined profile, highest is the highest profile possible (BF4, Bioshock, TW2R, Thief, Tomb Raider, WoT). Otherwise and / or exceptions:

  • Titalfall: highest settings, MSAAx4
  • Skyrim, “ultra” settings, FXAA on and Ambient Occlusion set on “quality” using Nvidia control center
  • Borderlands 2 : highest on everything, including Phsyx
  • Crysis 3 : Very high ‘texture details’ and ‘system specs’, SMAA = 2TX
  • LoL, Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 – everything set on highest, VSync disabled


Lenovo Y50 Review : Gaming Performance 1080p

Quick glance will load into your concessions the observation that all games more or less, played on the highest (reasonable) graphics settings, are running on at least ~24FPS, averagely, and that includes the very demanding Crysis 3. I’ve tried to test these games at the most demanding scenes and ways I could find. The numbers you’ll get are mostly higher than that and usually considerably higher. Also, remember that you can reduce the graphics settings a bit. Titanfall, for example, is not so stable yet probably – I has some strange artifacts and micro stuttering, sometimes. In some maps, I got 40FPS and not 29, but I still used the lower value I got, just to be on the safe side.

Now, lets compare the GTX 860M GDDR5 vs GTX 850M GDDR5 (from the MSI GE40 review) vs GTX 860M GDDR5 from the Notebookchech tests. We are talking here highest settings@1080p, unless otherwise stated. The GTX 860M results come from these notebookcheck GTX 860M tests, taking the highest numbers. Here:


Lenovo Y50 Review : GTX 860M I7 vs 860M I5 vs 850M GDDR5 benchmark

Interestingly, the 850M GDDR5 matches the 860M several times and the expected 15% difference in performance is not there. True, my testing methods are not the same as other benchmarks over the web, but the built-in benchmarks of some games show it to (Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Thief). Two reasons seems right to me : First, the I7 tests include the fact that the I7 laptops sometimes get hot and throttled and even few hundred MHZs can make the difference. Secondly, the GDDR5 clocks might be limiting the GTX 860M (explaining the higher GTX 750 Ti performance).

Anyway, it’s clear that either with an I5 or I7, the midrange GTXs are very close in performance – GTX 850M GDDR5 and  860M. And also, again, there is no reason to prefer I7 over an I5 just for gaming almost at all.


World of Tanks (WoT)

I’ve tested world of tanks using the highest settings only as I feel it suitable in this case. World of tanks usually doesn’t need a lot of FPS and the gaming experience is quite good on highest settings. It might feel a little too slow for some, so you can reduce the setting a bit and it will be fine.

Lenovo Y50 Review : World of Tanks benchmark


LoL (League of Legends)

highest settings@1080p

Lenovo Y50 Review : League of Legends Rome benchmark

Crysis 3

For Crysis 3, I’d start with “High” settings as they felt the best and mostly you’ll get a very smooth gameply. Medium is ofcourse smooth too, but you lose too much graphics.

Lenovo Y50 Review : Crysis 3 benchmark


Bioshock Infinite

I have used bioshock built-in benchmark to test it. The performance is quite good as you can see, with average FPSs of 41.6. Don’t mind too much the minimal FPSs – these are usually the parts where the screen is loaded and stuff like that. There was no slowness while running the benchmark. I want to mention the fact that it is very close to the notebookcheck GTX 860M bioshock benchmark with an average of 44FPS.

Average FPS Min FPS Max FPS Scene Name
37.74 16.13 108.90 Welcome Center
38.72 14.71 49.86 Scene Change: Disregard Performance In This Section
40.82 17.04 67.48 Town Center
39.60 7.93 55.79 Raffle
55.92 13.10 77.42 Monument Island
61.68 37.07 101.19 Benchmark Finished: Disregard Performance In This Section
41.91 7.93 108.90 Overall



Lenovo Y50 Review : Skyrim benchmark

AO = Ambient Occlusion. It is forced through the Nvidia control panel.

For some reason, with AO set on “quality”, Skyrim feels a little jumpy, like micro-stuttering. You could try “performance” mode or AO or disable it at all (default). Without AO enabled, Skyrim is totally smooth.


Borderlands 2

Lenovo Y50 Review : Borderlands 2 benchmark

The 25FPS result, I got on the “Boom” scene with the huge guns, after the Hammerlock residence – there are a lot of flying debris, physx stuff, fires and flashes. This is what I got after getting shot for few minutes and it was for a split second. You can except very high FPSs and smooth gameplay on highest settings + phsyx on @ 1080p resolution and that’s what I’d suggest.


Battlefield 4

Lenovo Y50 Review Battlefield 4 benchmark

Battlefield 4, even on ultra settings@1080p runs mostly ok, but not really smooth. I would suggest something between High and Very high settings or simply using “High” settings with MSAAx2-4.

These are the lower results I got, running in the Baku scene, with a lot of soldiers, trucks, landscape and stuff.


Team Fortress 2

Lenovo Y50 Review : Team Fortress 2 benchmark

Well, nothing to say – you won’t have problem in TF2.


Tomb Raider

I used the Tomb Raider built in benchmark

Lenovo Y50 Review : Tomb Raider benchmark


The results are from Tomb Raider built-in benchmark tool. You can see that even on the highest settings (“Ultimate”), you’d get rather good average FPSs, though “Ultra” settings are much more playable and would be my suggestion.

Notebookcheck tests with GTX 860M and an I7 results in 45-46FPS average, for ultra settings, which are the same as my results. Tomb Raider is known to be less effected by the extra I7 cores.


Dota 2

Highest settings, 1080p resolution.

Lenovo Y50 Review : Dota 2 benchmark

Smooth. You could run Dota 2 on highset settings easily.



1080p resolution. Thief built in benchmark.

Lenovo Y50 Review : Thief benchmark

You can that the SMAA is a major performance hit. I would start with very high settings and try reducing some of the graphics settings, like SMAA and Tessellation. Generally, Thief is highly playable on the highest settings as most of the scenes are not that demanding. I would suggest, as I said, starting from the highest settings and cut stuff down from there.


Total War: Rome II

1080p resolution.

Lenovo Y50 Review : Total War II Rome benchmark


From my experience, even on ultra settings, it’s quite playable, though not smooth – I’d go with “Very High” settings and try to add things like ambient occlusion and other features, seeing what can I get without too much performance hit.



1080p resolution, Multiplayer.


Lenovo Y50 Review : Titanfall benchmark

Benchmarking Titanfall was a bit hard, as there seem to be some bugs or some kind of glitches in the game. Sometimes there are microstuttering issues and sometimes not at all, in the same map. These results are the lowest I got, but actually most of the time, even on heavy action, you could expect at least 35-40FPS.

The GTX 860M runs very well Titanfall and I don’t think you should go higher than that.


Thermals, Throttling & Noise handling

Tests settings:

1. Prime95: Torture test, In-Place large FFTs. CPU clocked at thehighest and 2.6GHZ (throttle).

2. Prime95 + FurMark 1280×720 burn-in test. CPU clocked at 2.8, 3.0 and 3.2-3.3 (full clocks)

4. Windows power mode on “high performance”

Lenovo Y50 Review : Temperatures

The Lenovo Y50 thermals can be described as good. On highest core clocks, the CPU will get too hot, but most other laptops in this price range will throttle with even lower core clocks. I would suggest using ThrottleStop 6.0 in order to limit the CPU to 2.8-3.0GHZ in order to overheating.

However, for those with a I7 – you’ll get higher temps than that, so I’d suggest using ThrottleStop 6.0 to limit the CPU to 2.6-2.8GHZ.

About the case itself – the keyboard surface gets warm, but it doesn’t get too hot for use. The same area in the bottom plate also gets hot a bit, but nothing that is too alarming. These are the areas around the CPU and GPU and the cooling systems.

I think it is time for ARM CPUs for gaming.


The Lenovo Y50 excels in the noise department. Lenovo chose to deliver a quieter laptop with higher temps. I can’t blame them, though I think they could make a better cooling solution.

The Y50, even under full load, is rather quiet. Under light load you won’t hear it.


Screen & Screen quality

The 1080p display of the Y50 is a non-IPS one, like the Y510p display. But unlike the Y510p, it has terrible colors and viewing angles. There is no point where you can see the image well. Ofcourse, for gaming it will be enough, but the display is no good. People who use it for photo editing work will find it insufficient, even if they are not too professional. The viewing angles from below are especially bad.

UPDATE: Seems like the second panel version is better than the one in this test unit. Some people over reddit say it is not as bad as this one.

UPDATE 2: Replacing the display is VERY EASY actually. Here is a video to show – link. One good 1080p IPS display for replacement is the AUO B156HAN1.2 – panelook info.

UPDATE 3: The new Y50 with a GTX 960M has an IPS display which is relatively good. Some reviews show a mediocre IPS display and some good – I think that the newer version with GTX 960M has a better display.

Colors are bad also, at best – less than 60% sRGB is covered and it shows. You’ll notice the red is almost dead.

Contrast at worst can be as low as 1:80 which is really bad. You won’t need graphs to see quickly that black is non-existent in practice.

Lenovo Y50 Review : display information

Battery Performance

Lenovo Y50 Review : Battery performance

Hmm. A little disappointing. At most, you’ll get around 4.3-4.5 hours of battery, under very low load (reading) and around 3-3.5 hours browsing the web and doing usual stuff. This is strange since the single GPU Y510p was better (though it had bigger battery, I think).

Update 1: Notebookcheck review shows 4.5 hours of light use and web browsing. I couldn’t get such results. We used different drivers, so it might be the reason. It seems like some devices are not going to sleep and continue sip energy, so my suggestion is to wait before you update drivers and try using the Lenovo built-in drivers.

Update 2: I’ve retested. This I tried to trace what makes the Y50 consumes more energy. It seems that there are some services that were running and took a significant toll. In this case, I’ve ended the task Service Host: Local Service (Network Restricted), and activated “conservation mode” through the Lenovo Settings panel (I’m not sure how much it was of help). I’ve also stopped the search index service, following some advice floating over the web. It changed the results dramatically:

Lenovo Y50 Review : Battery Performance retest

Keep in mind that my Y50 version does not hae an SSHD and it has also some small impact.



I added this section to summarize the main issues of the Lenovo Y50 as I see them:

  • The 1080p display is the main issue. Can be replaced quite easily – check the display section updates.
  • Heat. People with an I7 will find they have to handle the heat somehow – I’d suggest throttling and maybe undervolting the CPU.
  • The Intel 3160 seems to be not that good at long distances, unlike other laptops I check. I was wrong, it was some problem with my router, sorry for that.


Competing gaming laptops / Alternatives

You can check the $1000 gaming laptops recommendations, but these are the best competitors, in my opinion:

  • 15.6: The Lenovo Y50 UHD version – the UHD IPS display is a much better display and negates the main drawback of the 1080p Y50 version. Currently selling for $1200 from Lenovo, but price will probably get lower (wait for retailers). However. it seems like replacing the display is not a problem.
  • 15.6″ : The Clevo W350SS with more upgrade options (link), same performane, higher fan noise, bad speakers, but a place to an mSata drive and better display option for around the same price. Looks are more bulky though
  • 15.6″ : The upcoming Acer V7-582PG with GTX 850M DDR3 and an IPS display. Currently for $1100, but price will be lower soon. The IPS display and 6-7 hours battery (V7) are the main reason to consider it as you get lower gaming performance (around 30-40% lower).
  • 15.6″ : Asus N550JK. Also has 1080p IPS display, I7 and GTX 850M DDR3. Gaming performance is also considerably lower, but for many the much better display is a must.
  • 17.3″ : Acer V3-772G pose an excellent value with high gaming performance for the money (GTX 850M GDDR5), better display and place to put an mSata drive. For $800 it’s an excellent laptop, especially for those who want a 17.3″ gaming laptop.
  • 13.3″ : Clevo W230SS with a very good 1080p IPS display and GTX 860M. Bad speakers, heat and no OS for $1000, might be drawbacks. Also, it looks rather bulky.
  • 14.0″ : MSI GE40, but it remains to be seen how’s the not-initial price. With 1080p IPS display and GTX 850M GDDR5, this is a very good option. (Read the MSI GE40 barebone review)



Th Lenovo Y50 is a good machine. You get a good looking model, with low noise cooling system, very good GTX 860M gaming performance which is the best for $1000 currenty. You also get very good speakers – probably the best for gaming laptops around $1000 and below. The touchpad is good and the build quality is high, even compared to the other gaming laptops.

However, the 1080p display simply makes it false. The display is bad – colors, viewing angles, contrast, it’s all bad. The thermals are not great too, but not worse than other laptops (N550JK, MSI GE40, Y510p, MSI GE60, Clevo W350SS), so it’s OK for the competition.

The solution is either to get the UHD version or to replace the display yourself (you can find a good 1080p IPS display for like $80-$100 including shipping). I would suggest waiting for the UHD versions price to come down to around $1000-$1100 from retailers.

*UPDATE: The screen is easily replaceable. Check the the display section updates for more info – it really changes things. For around $60-$90 you can get a very good 1080P IPS display or more.

Overall, this is a very good machine except the screen. I think Lenovo could do a lot more in the battery department, though. The keyboard is not a premium keyboard either and it’s not as good as the Y510p one. But, all in all, for $1000-$1100 with a good display, this should be a very good gaming laptop option, especially since it packs some features others don’t have – good speakers, the good case build quality and good touchpad, along the very high gaming performance for the price and good looks.

Compared to the competition, as I mentioned, the Y50 has some extra features other don’t have, especially the Clevos (bad speakers, bulky looks, so-so touchpad). Gaming performance for price is about the same (with the exception of the Acer V3-772G which set a new bar.

Final words – it’s a hard not too easy recommendation. I’d say that for around $900-$950 it’s a sure bet for gamers who do not rely on the keyboard for typing too much. The screen can be easily replaced and the extra value (namely: speakers and noise) make a very good case, in my opinion, over many other laptops, like the Clevos. However, better ask before and think with other people before you buy.

  • Barry Hoffman

    Where can I get a legit replacement screen the sellers on ebay always say “compatible” meaning it’s probably not the same screen (god knows what they will send you), I wanted a Samsung LTN156HL02 but I’d consider buying a B156HAN01.2 instead, what do they cost and where can I get one?

  • Martin

    Hi Junky.

    Would it be possible to swap standard non touch matte 1080p screen for other 1080p ips, but touch screen? If possible, would you recommend any?


  • Palashpratim Sarmah

    Could u please suggest a cooling pad in accordance with its vents for resolving the heat issue during gaming. Thanks in advance.:)

    • I don’t know that it would resolve it, but any cooling pad with moveable fans is good, like the coolermaster U2

  • Met-Tronics

    Hi Junky, great informative review – thanks!
    I have the Y5070 with ‘normal’ FHD display, as you know the glare and display in general is not good
    I just wanted to confirm that the B156HAN01.2 is the best/latest upgrade option? from what i understand, the B156HAN01.2 is still a FHD screen (just a better one?)

    • Hi!

      There are probably better 15.6″ displays like the Samsung model in use in the new N551JK, but it’s pretty good, yea. I think you’ll notice and appreciate the quality right away and I don’t think there is a reason for a better display

      • Met-Tronics

        Thank you 🙂

  • santouryuu

    hey,nice review!
    lenovo is doing a refresh for the y-50 with an ips screen instead of the current one and replacing the 860m with a 960m.i was wondering if you could review it.though i don’t know whether its out yet or not

    • it’s out on Lenovo site! I’m not sure I can review it – not sure if I can get it..

  • Cole Hyntermeister

    Is the UHD screen worth it? If replacing the crappy 1080 with a great 1080 is the same price as upgrading to the UHD, I’d rather just do that if the UHD is better by leaps and bounds.

    • Hi Cole! you are the Guest too, right?
      1. The UHD is better, but it’s one of the lower quality UHD displays.
      2. There are pretty good 1080p displays you can purchase and there are much better UHD displays you can purchase too
      3. However, what will you gain from a UHD display AND remember it’s much more expensive than a very good 1080p display?

      The B156HAN01.2 for $80-$90 will be excellent for you, or you can wait for some other good model

      • Cole Hyntermeister

        So would it be better to just replace the screen? Is it something a computer noob could do, or should I just have a computer geek friend do it? Lol. The UHD would just be downscaled to 1080p. Plus the UHD models have slightly stronger internals (comes with a 512gb SSD and a faster processor) so I wouldn’t be buying it for UHD, I’d be buying for better looking screen and better insides. Is it worth the extra $90 for the UHD? I should probably mention that I’m able to get the top tier laptop for like $900.

        • if you have a geek friend – better give him that one, just to satisfy him!
          What is a top tier?
          Can you get also laptops from other brands?

          • Cole Hyntermeister

            By top tier I mean the highest quality option. UHD, 512gb SSD, etc. I have a guy that can get me Lenovo (fortunately for me, I won’t be buying until, near the holidays so hopefully the y50 gets an update) laptops for cheap, and I don’t think it works anywhere else. Though I am open to other options if it’s equal quality for about the same price. I really want to stay under like $1750 USD though. I might just the regular fHD and try it out (or the updated equivalent later this year) and upgrade if I feel the need. Who knows.

            Also, Thank you so much for replying! This is a relatively old post, so colour md impressed for keeping up with it. I love seeing continuous reviews for electronics, as you don’t get a good feel for them in just a week, so I love that you take some time with the laptops you review. It’s a huge help, so thank you and keep up the good work!

            • thanks for your kind words!

              Well, I would wait for the holidays with it. Actually, I’d wait at least for the Broadwell update (they have not been released yet..)

  • Guest

    Has anyone owned both the fHD and UHD versions, as to say how much better the UHD version is? Like, is it a fantastic screen, or is it just an average screen? If I can just replace the screen for $50, I’d rather not spend the extra hundred on the UHD version.

  • Don

    Hello junky. Known Y50-70 touch. And im having problem with. It’s not up to 2 month. First of all the cover down part after the screen between the air out let start removing on its own and won’t let the laptop close properly and later I decide to open the screen up so I can look in to it. I figured out the back cover is iron and they put plastic inside which they use gum to hold it to the iron on t inside. I tried to glue it back but it was already broken. Any way I glue that back. In the process of that the touch screen got broken. And the vga cable cut off a little bit. Now the laptop is working perfectly but the camera is no more working. My question is: how can I get the screen touch or the complete screen. And also the camera???? And maybe the vga cable. Maybe the stores that sells that or something. Thanks junky.

    • Hi Don – real job you did there (-:
      About the screen – I’m not sure, you can contact laptopscreen.com and ask them if they have such a thing. If not, we should look for it on eBay
      About the Camera and VGA cable – I guess the VGA cable did not die because if it was, the screen wouldn’t be working, no?
      You’ve probably cut the camera cable? a very thin cable?

      • Don

        Yes.. I think I cut the camera cable. Probably the camera panel still okay. But I did some search on aliexpress. Some customers sell the back cover the vga cable but they don’t seems to get the correct screen touch those people don’t understand much English. And I was unable to find the part number. Is there anyway you could figure out the part number that work for my touch?

        • well, first call Lenovo and the American Laptopscreen site and see if they can help

          • Don

            Thanks .

            • didn’t mean to sound rude – I just think you better call them and ask, as I don’t know for sure what is the right part number or model

              • Don

                Appreciate bro.

  • Keithb1973

    I have the i7, 16gb, GTX860m 4gb version and installed an ssd, the screen isnt fantastic, strangely its red reproduction on mine thats iffy, but other than that its awesome. Keyboard is better than a lot out there and is an entirely subjective experience. Trackpad takes some getting used to tho.

    • Hi Keith!
      you feel the keyboard feedback is good? you might be more gentle than me with the fingers, and less bothered by it

      Have you compared the display to a good IPS display? also, I guess you have the touchscreen version?

      • Keithb1973

        No I have the 1080p version (FHD), viewing angles arent bad, but not fantastic either, yellow is fine, red is oversaturated (I am however color blind too lol so using the callibration tool is kiling me). Am looking at swapping the screen out or asking someone else to calibrate it for me, but its really not that bad. WIll have a look for the serial number on it this evening and report that here. The keyboard is miles better than my Dell which i use at work, and much better than my old ASUS, but like i say its a personal thing, i find it is nice and firm, which i like 🙂

  • Charles Luo

    I believe the intel network card is still causing problem. it is by no means non-defective in some way.

    • Charles – I didn’t notice your comment, sorry!

      • Charles Luo

        Junky, i dont know if i should just buy the $9xx y50 from lenovo canada or get a $900 vn7-591g from amazon US, I bought a vn7-591g from memory express here last sunday and found that wifi reception of 2.4ghz is bad and unstable(ping normally 20ms if ping google.com but always has over 400ms or higher; while on 5ghz, random 200ms is spotted but most of the time just 20ms; however, with my old k53sv, its always 20ms at the same location in my house, corner of 2nd floor and the router the opposite corner 1st floor ). the one i have from memory express was manufactured at aug or sep last year which i suspect belongs to the 1st batch of products, and it has atheros something 222, while the $900 one on amazon right now belongs to the 3 or 4th batch with intel AC7265(some having this reported wifi reception is much better, which I think is what it should be with such a new wifi card, but I have no way to test the ping spike)

        • 1. If that’s the only problem, you can simply replace the Wifi card

          2. At least wait for the new Y50 with an IPS display

          • Charles Luo

            but the key thing thats holding me back from getting this $9xx deal is the possibility of ping spike happening on this model again, and no one has confirmed yet that it is the antenna or wiring or whatever thats intrinsic to the laptop that we cannot easily modify to get its wifi problem resolved. if it truly is not the problem with the wifi card, then no matter what card you swap in, eventually ping spike will always be there, and games like league or wow are never playable, and that is my biggest concern.

          • Charles Luo

            as i have no knowledge of what affects the wifi reception and maintains a stable ping in a laptop structure, i got no way to figure out the real problem with this model. i mean if the real problem is the two connectors the black and white antennas connect to getting hot that affects wifi, then i can try to at least stuff the antenna and connectors up into the bezel and make ping possibly stable

            • me neither, but if I remember correctly, some person I know replaced the Wifi card and it was ok – you might want to try it

              • Charles Luo

                junky, is it possible to remove the bezel(i just learnt the term recently ^~^) of vn7 591g? do you still remember

                • you mean the the screen bezel? around the display panel itself? I think you can

    • Keithb1973

      I don’t have the issue with the network card, however I have ordered a £5 usb key just in case, I figure 150mbps should be sufficient for me anyhow. My freind has the identical machine, identical serial on the parts, and yet he has an issue, I think the probs may be related to the batch that was fitted to specific machines.

  • Chase

    Hey junky, i would just like to know how you got World of Tanks to load? i just got the y50 with touch screen for college and i can get the launcher to come up but as soon as i hit play i get a white screen then nothing. any adivce?

    • really didn’t have no problem with it.. try updating the Nvidia drivers. Also, a friend had a similar problem and he removed and reinstalled the game and it was ok. You might be missing some file

  • Biny

    Hi Junky, could you tell me the refresh rate of the screen? I know its 48Hz for the 4k version, but no one seems to say anything about the FHD version. And nice reviews by the way.

    • Hi Biny! I think the FHD is 60HZ

  • Zaphod Beeblebroks

    I have option to buy ssd version in amazon (http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00KH6PAT8/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_10?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF#productDetails) that have just one 256 SSD .. I wonder however is it possible to add secondary “storage” hdd of 500-1000GB with ease or it is troublesome.. Thanks

  • Azzuen

    Hi guys

    I own a Lenovo Y50 Touch and the screen out of the box, yes, seems pale
    and washed out and many think that the problem is the led.

    However, i found a ‘fix’, turns out that the saturation needs some tweaking, that’s all.

    How? Right click on desktop and select Intel properties. From there
    select display (like duh!!!) and then color. Then select advanced
    settings and i suggest saturation no higher than 50.

    Definitely does the trick

  • John

    Hi! Great review! I started to grow fond of this machine, I got it for a couple of days, but honestly I’m thinking of sending it back, because of the display, of which i am really disappointed. This is

    when i’ve found your post, mentioning the possibility of changing the display relatively easy. How well would you say it’s worth doing this? Taking into consideration that for the whole machine you get like 2 years of warranty, while for the panel you mentioned on ebay you get a 3-4 months warranty only. And how good is that panel, have you compared it’s colors with the stock Lenovo one? And finally, how did you find the trackpad? Because i consider mine to be a pain, it’s shaky and every time i tap on it, like for selecting something, it goes downward a bit and makes a noise, a bit like a click noise.

    • Hi & thanks!

      1. This panel B156HAN01.2 (or some other versions too) is used in some other laptops, including the M5 Pro I’ve just reviewed (check!) and while for every panel there is variation in actual final qualities, it is way way better than the Lenovo default panel

      2. Do you have the touch or non-touch one?

      3. You can find it maybe through some other stores with 2-3 years warranty. I simply linked to eBay instead of searching the web. Usually Laptopscreen have good variety, so you should check there too

      4. I actually like the trackpad.. I know the problem you talk about in other laptops, but not in the Y50, strange that you have this problem.. it’s indeed very very annoying. Are you sure that the click noise is not simply a click btw?

      • John

        I see, so the new panel does worth it. I have the non-touch one, by the way, the FHD one. The producer, as I could find in HWinfo, is N156HGE-EAB, which strangely enough, goes for double the price of B156HAN01.2 on ebay.

        Regarding the trackpad…it’s like it’s not firmly fixed in place and it has this small gap under it, which makes it clunk every time you tap on it or just want to move the pointer, not just when you click on the bottom side of it (aka the buttons).

        • trackpad – maybe there is a problem, but it should click when you click the buttons area (which are not separated). I don’t know what to tell you, it might be indeed something that needs fixing..

          Price on eBay or other places is not according to quality as you probably know. The non-touch screen can be replaced quite easily, so it a good option. You currently have the same panel I had

          • John

            I have returned it. Am thinking now about the version with the UHD panel. WHat do you know about that one, is it much more impressive than its FHD little brother? And don’t know about it being glossy…as i don’t like glossy screens…is the mirror effect very strong?
            Outside Lenovo, i’m also thinking about the

            ASUS 15.6” N551JK-CN104D, FHD, Procesor Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ 2.5GHz Haswell, 16GB, 256GB SSD, GeForce GTX 850M 4GB, which compared to

            Lenovo 15.6”
            Y50-70, UHD IPS, Procesor Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ
            2.5GHz Haswell, 16GB, 512GB SSD, GeForce GTX 860M 4GB,
            the Asus is

            -19% cheaper
            – it has just 256GB SSD (vs 512GB SSD on lenovo)
            – it has only 802.1b/g/n (vs 802.ac on lenovo)

            -it just the GTX850M (vs GTX860M on lenove)
            -but its display is anti-glare (vs the glossi lenovo one).

            What do you thinks, which one makes the best run for its money, and making as few compromises on the performance as possible? I don’t know about lenovo or asus performance, as i have only owned toshipa notebooks up to now.

            • Hi! can you please open a new thread over the forums?

  • Gautham

    I prefer Y50 i5 processor but i have two questions…can i replace full ssd for the i5 processor with 8GB RAM & nvdia 860M 2GB card???

    • What do you mean? Are you asking whether you can replace the HDD into an SSD? yes, ofcourse..

      • Gautham

        Does 8GB ram support 500GB ssd?? i checked the lenovo website..they dont provide ssd for i5 version..

        • Gautham

          I mean do i need to upgrade my RAM for replacing SSD in the i5 model??

        • I’m not entirely understand what you are asking – you can replace the SSHD or HDD with an SSD. There is no need for special support as they all use the same connection – SATA III

          • Gautham

            I mean do i need to upgrade my RAM for replacing SSD in the i5 model??

            • oh! no, you don’t. There is no connection

  • Lugui tillier

    Hey junky, whats the best configuration i can find for this model ?? ( for high quality games and software development uses )

    • Hi!

      depends on the game and software and budget.. can you open a thread over the forums?

  • Adnan Akram

    Hi Junky,
    is the battery up-gradable on this laptop???

    • well, you can open the laptop and replace it.. but I’m not sure how easy it to find a better battery

    • JoeBobJoeRiley

      Unless it’s provided by Lenovo, chances are 50 to 1 that it won’t work. Read the disclaimer on the Lenovo website.

  • Lithuania neighbour

    Dear Junky, i want to change original blury display to normal fullhd, but i cant find any IPS in ebay, i only see regular tft,led fullhd, 70-90 usd, are tey good ?, or you could post any link.

    • If you see many programs blurred, it might be due to the DPI scaling stuff

      Anyway, you can get this one:

      but I think that if you’ll wait, new models with better specs will become available – there are some that exist, but not for simple true hearted consumers like us

      • Lithuania neighbour

        Tank you very much, ordered that screen. ! 🙂 next upgrade sshd, any recomendation, for best price/quality rating ?

        • don’t you already have an SSHD? only few models in some strange dark places like where I live came with a non-SSHD HDD

          • Lithuania neighbour

            its been here in Lithuania first model with i5, and 5400hdd. and week later , price difirence were only 40$ but you could get i7 and sshd 🙂 so i was unlucky 🙂

            • get used to it (-:

              • Lithuania neighbour

                Dear Juky, can you help with that Throtle stop program, i have downloaded but those so many buttons, and options. I dont understand how it must be configurated. And do i need to turn on program every time i start windows? I want to follow your recomendation, and set max CPU to 2,8-3.0 ” I would suggest using ThrottleStop 6.0 in order to limit the CPU to 2.8-3.0GHZ in order to overheating.”

                • Just set “Set Multiplier” to 28-30 (try them) and hit “Turn On”. Leave it running. You don’t need to shut down your laptop anyway, just let it sleep

                  • Lithuania neighbour

                    Dear Junky, im again came with question : Do i need to install in my laptop offered softwares like “Intel Management Engine Interface Driver” , “Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver”, i ccant find any normal answers in google.

                    • it comes with these installed. Yes, you need those if they are missing, but Lenovos’ offering them on their site

  • Patrick Ortega

    Take note when benchmarking Titanfall that Insane Textures were not designed for 2GB GPU’s in mind but rather 3GB. However, most comparisons show that there is really no difference between Insane and High Textures and often trading it down allows for better performance, because Insane Textures usually stresses amount of VRAM a GPU has which is pretty bad, obviously a bad design decision from Respawn. Try benchmarking Titanfall with High Textures instead, reports indicate a dramatic increase in performance.

    • yea, that might the be the reason that I got lower results with the Y50 compared to the P34Gv2 in Titalfall
      I’ll try to get the Y50 for testing again

      • Patrick Ortega

        Whenever you have time

  • John

    Should i just get the GE60 ?

    • wow wait! what are you looking for? can you post it on the forums?

  • Rafael

    Hey Junky loved your review it was very helpful! I really want this laptop based on its specs and it just looks awesome! I pretty much play the same games that you tested it with so that was really helpful. I’m considering getting the i5 version but it seems to be sold out everywhere and idk when sites like new egg would restock it. I do have concerns with the display as mentioned by everybody but from your pictures it seems like its fine because I would only be looking at it from the front anyways. My question would be is how this compares to the msi gp60 leopard 10 that is also i5 but for significantly less i think around $850 but also a lesser gpu with the nividia gt 840. Is that a big diff from the 860? Ive narrowed my choices down to these two laptops for gaming and school and would love your input. Thanks!

    • Hi Rafael!

      1. Yes, the difference is really big between the 840M and 860M. I wouldn’t get the 840M in your case.

      2. I’ve noticed too that it becomes sold out. Might be shortages and it might be a results of new models coming up – maybe they fixed the keyboard?
      I would wait few weeks to see what happens

      3. The Y50 two problems, in my opinion, are the keyboard and screen. The screen can be replaced though, for like $70-$90 with ease and good resutls.

      4. Do you want only a 15.6″ machine? will 13.3″ or 17.3″ laptop be good too?

      • Rafael

        1. Since theres a huge difference can you recommend another budget friendly laptop close to this one in case they dont restock in time.
        2. I guess I could wait but school is starting and I did need a laptop for school. Im not really sure how old this laptop is so maybe the price will go lower or new ones would come out.
        3. I think I can deal with the screen like you said I replacement is fine. Is the keyboard really that bad and noticeable when typing continuously for like a paper or something?
        4. 17.3″ would be to big for me to carry around and usually anything lower than 15.6″ from what Ive seen at least doesnt support 1080 resolution. i wold be open to a smaller screen with the same specs if it existed

        • 1. Keyboard – yes, it’s awful if you ask me. It’s ok for gaming, but for typing it might make you mad. * It may be fixed in new versions, though

          2. 13.3″ option is the W230SS – can you install your own OS?

          Advantages: ok keyboard (not great, but ok), smaller and more compact, good 1080p IPS display and an additional storage space (mSata drive)
          Dis: speakers are simply not good, a bit bulkier, smaller, looks are more rough

          Price is about the same

          • Rafael

            Yah that one you showed me seems awesome I’ll definitely consider that. Im just not sure of the brand never heard of it. Im not well informed on these stuff. This is actualy my first gaming laptop that Im buying. Ive just done some research here and there

            • Well, the M4 is based, like many others, on the Clevo barebone. Many use it – The “Sager” brand, Eon, Avadirect, Power notebook, Reflex notebooks (CA), Metabox (AU), PCSpecialist machines and more..

              You can google them and see. They are good machines with not a lot of extra stuff – they don’t look extremely good, don’t have good speakers, but they have good performance / price ratio and usually good upgrade options

  • Philip

    Hey Junky what do you think of the display? Could I deal with it without replacing the screen? Also the keyboard is a really important thing to me. I’m going to be doing a lot of typing. How is the keyboard, I heard it was a bit mushy and flimsy.

    • Philip

      Do you think this computer is better? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152570 I want to buy it but i’m not too familiar with msi

      • For gaming it’s not that good. Could you please post it over the forums?

    • Hi!
      You can read the review and see what I think! display is not that good and keyboard is currently not good either – it might be changed in the future

      • Philip

        Thank you for replying! I really appreciate you. So is the computer worth buying? And is the screen so bad it’s unbearable? I need a laptop for college that will last me.

        • but what are your needs! and please use the forum!

        • Azzuen

          late response but anyways….

          Hi guys

          I own a Lenovo Y50 Touch and the screen out of the box, yes, seems pale
          and washed out and many think that the problem is the led.

          However, i found a ‘fix’, turns out that the saturation needs some tweaking, that’s all.

          How? Right click on desktop and select Intel properties. From there
          select display (like duh!!!) and then color. Then select advanced
          settings and i suggest saturation no higher than 50.

          Definitely does the trick

          • thanks, though I’m pretty sure however better it looks, it still lacks colors and contrast and stuff..

            • Azzuen

              Nope it works big time. Colors and contrast. For that extra bit of contrast, user Lenovo Settings and choose cinema/photo mode under the video tab.
              And I can assure u, it doesn’t lack color nor contrast after adjusting saturation. I felt so relieved myself 🙂

              • interesting! The touch version is known to be better, but I still think that it’s not quite as good as some IPSs.. at least in terms of colors
                Anyway, great to know!

      • Azzuen

        The display seems like its not good but it actually is

  • Andraz Pirnovar

    I am considering this laptop, but I don’t know if I should get the i7 or the i5 version. The problem is, i5 is 850€ and the i7 is 1170 € (because it has a touchscreen(will use external monitor anyway) and windows(which I can get at my university for free so it is just a money waster for me).
    So my question is, does the i5 version perform good enough?

    • Hi Andraz!

      yes, it does. You can see it in the review. An I7 definitely not worth the extra for gaming. Unless you’re doing stuff like rendering, you don’t really need it, the I5 is good enough.
      About the display – it’s not good, but you can replace it

  • Ben

    Hi Junky, love your website as a concise go-to for definitive conclusions on what to buy. 2 Quick questions. With the recent announcements for Maxwell coming in September, should I wait for a “860MX” (or some rebranded, presumably(?) better Maxwell, or should I pull the trigger now? There isn’t a noticeable difference between the i5 and the i7… right?

    • Hi! didn’t see your message, sorry

      Well, I don’t know what chips will come actually. If you can wait, it is better, as the move to a new Maxwell includes the 20nm thingy. Minus the rebrand (-:
      Don’t know currently sorry. I’d wait.

      About 3D performance – don’t expect to get a lot more for the same price, if at all. I guess it won’t be some super step up. Maybe the usual 20-25% up for the same price with some power improvements

    • I also want to add two points:
      1. It depends on your needs – what are your needs?
      2. The jump from a GT 540M to a GTX 860M is huge. It will probably be great for you anyway.
      The problem currently, in my opinion, is getting a more complete package – good storage device (the main bottleneck for most), good display, good keyboard and if possible good speakers all at once.
      It’s not easy, especially the speakers part. The display problem became less of a problem since you can now replace it much more easily (since they all become slowly eDP ones)
      Keyboard – the Y50, for example, doesn’t have a good keyboard in my opinion, for typers.

      • Ben

        I’m going to be pure gaming, do the i7 and i5 versions have a large enough difference in clock rate for them to matter in games? I’m not going to be rendering anything, it’s going to be a uni+fun laptop. I don’t really mind the rest of the package, I have external keyboard/mouse/headphones to allow the respective onboard components to be slightly lackluster, and I’m going to definitely follow through with your screen replacement guide (thanks for that too by the way). If anything I’m stuck on the purchase because I’m afraid of buying this lappy, then getting screwed by a Maxwell refresh a month later.

        • I doubt the new Maxwell will come next month and I don’t think this will be huge upgrade in terms of 3D performance for most people, so if it’s about general gaming, I think a 860M will be just fine for you
          If you can wait, then wait, it’s up to you. Also because there will be more deals through the end of the year

  • PClaudio

    HI Junky and hi everybody. I’ve read the review and I found it really userful as I am looking for a somehow simillar rig to buy in Japan. Being an Italian who lives there, the only models I’ve foud that aren’t horribly overpriced here in japan are these made by Iiyama: http://www.pc-koubou.jp/pc/note_geforce860m_fhd.php (It’s all japanese, but if you scroll down a bit you should see some of the models and be able to read at least part of the specs). “Iiyama” is known abroad just for flat screens, so I am not sure about the quality of the laptops with their brand. But the prices seem fairly good, at least looking at the hardware, and i can’t really go much higher than a 800 euros budget (not much, I know). Anyway, what I REALLY wanted to ask is: isn’t the i5 CPU a bit of a bottleneck for a Gpu as the Gtx860, in your opinion? I ask because “your” lenovo is the only model with that Gpu and an i5 instead of an i7 I could find a review about. The models I am considering to but has the same Gpu and the same i5 and my budget is limited, so I was considering whether to upgrade to an i7 or not… I should add that I’d also use the laptop for my job, which consists in writing and reviewing news articles for several hours a day, so perhaps the inferior power consumption of an i5 compared to an i7 would maybe be a pro for me… But again, maybe I am speaking nonsense. Thanks in advance!

    • I think these Liyama laptops are simply a Clevo rebrand, like many others.. Good quality overall, bad speakers and bulky

      About I5 – yes, it is A BIT of a bottleneck, but if the price difference is big, I wouldn’t go for an I7. The small advantage is some very specific games and scenes does not justify that

  • Ken

    Hey Junky, just a quick question. I heard that the 5400 RPM Hard drive has been a headache for some people as they say that sometimes things load too slow due to it’s low RPM. What’s your take on it?

    • it can be a long and complicated question too! (-:
      The standard non-SSHD HDDs are indeed slow and a serious bottleneck. 7200RPM are less so, but they are also a real factor of slowness of the machine for years now.
      Two cost effective ways to deal with it are small SSD + HDD or SSHD or HDD + cache drive. SSHD will be slower in some cases but from my experience it is a very very good option.
      SSD + HDD is a problem with the Y50 due to the lack of extra storage bay. You can install an SSD and use the HDD as an external drive though

      What do you think?

      • Ken

        Thanks for the reply Junky. I just received my Lenovo Y50 yesterday and although I like the laptop overall, I still want to see my options in terms of possible SSD installations. The one I bought is exactly like the configuration in this review and although SSHD is not bad, how can I implement small SSD + HDD? I’ve never heard of that before.

        • Ken

          Nevermind. Disregard that last question. For some reason I interpreted small SSD + HDD as smaller versions of SSD + HDD together in one slot.. Silly me. Anyways, so in your experience with this configuration of the Lenovo Y50, you don’t have many problems with the i5 processor instead of the i7 and the SSHD at 5400RPM?

          • 1. actually, there is an SSD + HDD in one package! it’s called the WD dual drive, but it’s not cost effective

            2. SSHD – very good stuff generally. I didn’t have problems with other machines that utilize an SSHD

            3. I5 as ok. In some cases you might feel it’s a little bit jittery, but that’s all. Haven’t you tried?

            • Ken

              Yeah I’ve gotten to play around with it a little. I used to own the Lenovo Y470 prior to this with an i7, but weaker graphics card (GT 550M). Things feel different, but I definitely think this is an upgrade. Your input really helped me make the ultimate decision to buy this configuration!

              • great! how different? what are you going to run with it?

                • Ken

                  I play League of Legends a lot, but now I can play games that I’ve been wanting to play like Borderlands 2, Dark Souls, and Splinter Cell. I can also try out more MMO’s like Tera now that I made this upgrade. One other thing that I’ve noticed really recently. It’s either just me, or my sound quality coming from my speakers or speakers plugged into the headphone jack sounds sort of muffled.. I played around with the Dolby settings and it was a little better, but I wasn’t sure if it was software or hardware. Have you run into this?

                  • no, strange – the sound should be good : Try to install new drivers

                    • Ken

                      I’ve decided to return and exchange my Y50 for a new one as the one I have received turns out to be defective. It randomly crashes, even when I am doing something as simple as checking email, but has also crashed several times while playing games such as League of Legends. I suspect that it’s a hardware issue, as it may be a faulty UPS. Whenever the computer shuts down, I hear a short click which I am not too sure what it is. Think of it as if the laptop was a desktop and you were to pull out the power cable while the computer was on. According to Windows Event Log, it is event ID 41 under critical errors. Otherwise I really like this laptop, it’s just unfortunate that I have encountered these problems.

                    • thanks for the update
                      it might be the memory or PSU or HDD. This tick indeed makes the PSU a suspect. Are you sure it wasn’t from the speakers?

                      How was the display?

                    • Ken

                      I can’t say that I’m sure it wasn’t from the speakers, but you may be right as the speakers could have made the tick as a cutoff sound. Though it’s too late now to check since I’ve already dropped it off to be shipped back and replaced. The display was as I expected from the numerous reviews, including this one, about how the display fails to even compare to other 1080p FHD displays. Though, in terms of viewing angles, which seemed to bother a lot of people, it didn’t bother me as much because I am mainly sitting in front of the screen. The only niche I have about the screen is the lack of color as well as the brightness of the screen.

                    • Well, you can replace it, it’s pretty easy. You don’t have to hurry, display won’t get worse probably

                    • Ken

                      Yeah I agree. I think I’ll stick with the stock display and when the time comes around I may or may not upgrade it since the display doesn’t bother me too much overall. It’s just unfortunate that I’ll have to wait another week or two to get a replacement laptop from Amazon.. Thanks for your input Junky. Greatly appreciated!

  • Linka

    Hi Junky, I very like your review, I want to buy this machine. I don’t know how you can get so many laptop to test, and I want to know, after you test the PC, can you sell it to me at a cheap price? Thank you.:)

    • I’m buying it and selling it as anyone else and I don’t think we are in the same continent either

      • Linka

        Thank you, Are the y50 sold out now? I’m in China, Lenovo laptop are expensive in China, what’s your country? 🙂

        • yes, it is sold to a friend

        • can’t you order from Taiwan or something?

          • Linka

            I think I should buy it from USA, it’s more cheaper than China, can you tell me what’s means “Lenovo B&N gold discount”, can I buy it from that? I find is cheaper more than 100 dollars than normal page.

            • but if you order it from the US, you’ll have to pay shipping and import tax in China, no? you have to check these things

              • Linka

                Yes, I know, add the shipping and tax, it’s still more cheaper than China. Do you have the method to buy the laptop from Lenovo B&N gold discount? Thank you.

                • you have to register to B&N program (free) – then you can see the discounts inside

                  • Linka

                    Thank you, I’ll try.

  • Josiah

    What’s the best replacement screen for this laptop? Is the one recommended above the best option?

  • roughington

    Hello Junky, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the gigabyte p35_ v2 series and how do you think they compare to the y50 series, also cyber power uses a p35w v2 OEM for one of their laptops and sells it for 1400 base rather than it’s msrp of 1600

    link: http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/LandingPages/ZeusbookEdge/

    • that’s actually a very nice offer – mainly because of the IPS display. You get a very nice package for $1400 while other options like the Clevos are offered without an IPS display and no OS for only a bit lower. So, I’d say that if you are interested in such a 3D performance + OS, it’s a very good offer.
      However, it doesn’t seem to have thermal handling as good as the Clevos and speakers are also so-so, so there is some kind of tradeoff.
      Also, I think the MSI GT60 Dominator has the same display as the GE60 Apache Pro – some kind of PLS or something, of high quality, so this Gigabyte is not the only option

      What are you looking for?

      • roughington

        I am looking for something that I pretty thin and travel able. Solid battery life is always a plus, the screen should be better than TN in case I have to look down at my laptop for a presentation or something. and a normal arrow key layout for the love of god.

        • what kind of games? can you post it over the forums?

  • RegisteredMeh

    Hey junky, what tool do you use to find info on your display? And what are good numbers for a 1080p display?

  • ycon

    Thanks Junky! Suburb review. After reading it, Im considering the W230SS (at QHD resolution to make up for the smaller screen size).

    Do you think there will ever be a solution for adding more drives? I found an mSata dual adapter, but it says the laptop must be compatible with “Port-multiplyer”. Do you have any idea if this is compatible?

    • 1. The power adapter is not that big. And yes, they could definitely invest in power management – could also a matter of drivers, I don’t know.
      The Acer V7 with a much lower capacity battery holds for like 7-8 hours. Simply by being more strict on the energy stuff and work smarter (mSSD)

      2. I don’t know if it is, but the WD dual drive can be good for you, no?
      Another option is to wait for SSD prices to go down. Anyway, I’d start with the default SSHD and see if it grows on you

  • Patrick Ortega

    Interesting how the 860m is underperforming. Most benchmarks I see pair an 860m and the i7. Probably being held back by the i5 4200h but I’m assuming it’s more to do with the GPU instead

    • why underperforming? do you mean compared to the 850M GDDR5?

      • Patrick Ortega

        The 850m closes in on the 860m here. It’s odd.

        • the 850m gddr5 is very close to the 860m in the raw parameters indeed. The only real difference is the core clocks which can be around 15% only, tops. However, it really depends also on the software (does it needs higher core clocks? is it bottlenecked by the GDDR5 speeds?) and it also depends on throttling

          • Patrick Ortega

            Here’s a suggestion if you ever have time. You should do a whole article dedicated to 850m GDDR5, 850M DDR3 and 860M performances in different games, cpu pairings and under different resolutions from 1366×768, 1600×900 and 1920×1080. Also include Ultra settings with and without AA for comparison results. It might take a while hence it being a suggestion

            • I barely have time 🙁
              I’ll try though. The Y40 and P34Gv2 are waiting to be reviewed (didn’t get them for free!) and I want also to compare these laptops in terms of video editing. Any ideas?

              • Patrick Ortega

                You could try using encoders of the sort, to compare Fraps encoding. Perhaps Sony Vegas or Expression

  • grateful

    Dude! It seems the UHD version is locked at 48hz. Great…

    • 🙁
      where did you see it?
      Just to make sure – if the GPU and display are well ‘coordinated’, it shouldn’t be too much a problem
      Also, what happens if you work on 1080p with this display?

  • MrChopper

    Excellent post Junky, one of the most through review for Y50 yet!
    Question: 1) What is ARAM CPU? 2) At what temperature point does the CPU throttle?

    • 1. ARM – like those in the smartphones (-: very energy efficient!
      2. Around 95C

  • pipots

    hey junkie, i know the y50 is the newer version but which one would you recommend? the y50 or y510?

    • I would suggest waiting for the Y50 price to be lower for the UHD version and then consider. It also depends on your budget and your needs. What are your needs?

      • pipots

        I just want to play really ultra games without having any problems moreover on the throttling and temperature. My budget is 800 for now but i am still saving up and still thinking about either y50 or y510. should i just wait?

        • better wait, yea. The Acer V3-772G is also a very good option

          About heat / throttling – you’ll have to deal with it anyway. You can do that by limiting the CPU and the GPU just a bit and it will be ok

          • pipots

            hey junkie so now that the screen can be replaced should i still go for the y50 or the acer? 🙂 thank you for your time btw.

            • It will be at least around $250-$300 difference still, so it’s still a consideration. If you lean towards the Y50 strongly, then it is a good option, if you ask me.
              What do you think?

              • Frank

                Did you guys see the 17.3” Y70 on lenovo’s website? Was checking BnN’s promotions to see if anything interesting had come up and there it was.. Pricey (1,6k) but still, a dream machine 🙂

                • Just saw it (-:
                  Nice, though I’d like a Y40 with GTX 850M more

                  • Auxxeaa

                    Hey junky here I got two model with same spec with i7, 59-441908 and 59-431090 and I have no idea what does it mean. Which one I should buy?? And can please give review about the performance on farcry 4(fps/after 60min)?

                    • Hi Auxxeaa – can you add links to these models (preferably, post it on the forums)

                    • Auxxeaa

                      hey junky thanks for your reply





                      i have another two option here in my range are HP Envy 15-k111TX with 850m 4gb ddr3 or asus g551jk rog series with i7 so i need your opinion which one should be great buy for me,i will be using for mainly online gaming(is there any internet card issue in y50?) and watching movies. i only get one day in a week for gaming so i need good performance over long time as i heard that there is some fps drop after long time using in y50 so i am little worried about it i have no problem with tn display i will replace it as you mention.

                    • 1. hmm, the Y50 with 860M will be much faster
                      2. Can you find the Acer VN7-591G or any laptop with 860M or 960M GPU and an IPS display?

                    • Auxxeaa

                      thanks again for replying ,Acer VN7-591G is not available here yet now i can buy form global ebay shopping but there can be a warranty issue so i dont prefer that. so i dint got my answer if i buy y50 then which one 59-441908 or 59-431090.or i should wait for acer VN7-591G

                    • Auxxeaa

                      i got a acer product VN7-591G but it says item condition:Manufacturer refurbished will it be a good deal has only 90 days warrety

                    • Auxxeaa

                      in global ebay VN7-591G cost $1300 inclusive all do you think it would be a good deal for me instead of lenovo y50.

          • Frank

            hey Junky! do you think an i5 still is a good buy for gaming? I was under the impression that multicore/hyperthreathing was going to become much more widespread in the gaming world..

            • it is, but still, the benefits in most cases are not significant for most people. If you have no need for stuff like rendering heavy projects, then an I5 will be more cost efficient in many cases.
              However, it is a matter of price. If the difference is small, like $50, I would certainly consider it

              what your budget? needs? can you open a thread in the forum?

              • Frank

                I’m pretty much just window shopping at the moment: I need a new computer but it can wait. My budget is 1k but less than that would be great ehehe

                As for the needs, it’s a desktop replacement where I can game and do office work. 17” would be nice for movie watching but I’m not sure I would trade a 860 for a 850 just for the real estate..