[Refurbished] Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 15.6″ gaming laptop, *Dual* GT 650M GDDR5, I5-3230M, 6GB DDR3, 1080p display, 1TB HDD for $700

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Lenovo Y500, I5 version. Available from



More Lenovo Y500 variants
  • Y500, I7, GT 650M SLI
  • Y510p, I5, GT 750M SLI
Lenovo Y500 main specifications
CPU I5-3230M
GPU GT 650M SLI (via ultrabay)
Screen glossy 1080p, 90% sRGB
Keyboard Backlit (Red)
Weight 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
Lenovo Y500 Reviews

Now refurbished for $700 which is a good price, since you won’t get this performance with no other laptop for $700 currently. Anyway, consider other options under $1000

Probably the best gaming laptop in this price range in terms of gaming performance to price, including an 1080p screen. You get dual GT 650M GDDR5 GPU, I5-3230M which certainly suffice for gaming, 6GB DDR3, 1TB HDD and a nice glossy 1080p. This is actually an excellent deal and in terms of performance, you get most of the time a gaming performance between the GTX 670MX and the 675MX, which is excellent, see review.

The battery performance is so-so, but as far as gaming laptop goes – this Y500 has an excellent value per money ratio and I truly suggest buying it.

Even if you don’t need the extra GT 650M – you can pull it out and sell it for $100-$150

  • videogamer321

    800, that’s an instant buy.

  • Cody

    Thanks for the heads up – the newegg promo ends tonight. I picked one up for gaming (Eve, WoW) and will give some feedback in a few weeks on this bad boy. It’s priced just right!

    • thanks! wait for your review!

  • Jonny

    As of today, this product is available through Newegg (US) for 799 with the promo code:


    Do you think this is still a better buy than the refurb Asus G75VX for 900? It doesn’t seem like there’ll be another deal on the Y510 750 sli 🙁

    • thanks!!

      The 650M SLI should be around the GTX 670MX (asus G75vx) performance. The G75VX cooling is better, but it’s considerably heavier. Screen of the G75VX is matte vs glossy in the Y500
      If you have a clear preference of a 17.3″ screen, go with the G75VX, this is an excellent deal, in case you are ok with a refurbished laptop.
      That’s a decision you have to make as I have no clear victor here..

      I guess that if you appreciate the smaller size to some degree, I’d go with the Y500. Reason: $100 lower and new meaning that you can sell it in a year / year and a half from now for, say, what? $600? and buy a much better one. The G75VX would be harder to sell.

      • Jonny


        Will the i5 be a decent processor to power the duo 650 sli?

  • christhian

    can this pc play good games well? like bf3 maybe bf4?

  • eric

    Hey there,

    I’m considering getting a gaming laptop especially for Rome Total War 2. Reason being I’m in the military and dont have the space to set up a nice rig anymore. RTW2 doesn’t come out till september and there might be better lap tops coming out around then but if not, is this a good one for the job?

    • Hi!

      According to the requirements – yes, it will, but it is hard to know now. I guess that you’ll be able to run it at least on high settings.

  • JPark

    Would you say for the $860 this option would be the most price/performance in the y500 line?

    • I think it’s has about the same level of cost efficiency as the 750M SLI model and probably better than the I7 + GT 650M SLI model. I’d take it over the 750M SLI model because you save around 200$-250$ which in a year or a year and a half will be worth much more + you get a laptop with considerably lower heat + you can anyway probably overclock the GT 650Ms.

      I’d go with the I5 650M SLI model, unless you are going to play 64-player multiplayer BF3-like games, then the I7 will benefit you.

  • Harold

    Is this a split screen, if not are there split screen gaming laptops… Thanks for ur time

    • what do you mean by split screen?

  • Richard

    Newegg currently has the Y500(59359560) for 889.90 + free shipping as a daily deal

  • Evan

    First off: great site, it’s been very helpful to me in the past!

    However, I’m curious as to your reasoning behind why you say the i5 version of this laptop is a better value than the i7. As far as I can tell most of the specs are identical, excepting of course the i7,/ which is a faster processor. Additionally, according to the pricing info you’ve provided, the i7 version is cheaper (via Lenovo site at least) than any the i5 version prices listed. I suspect I’m missing something painfully obvious…what’s the deal?

    • Hi

      Thanks for the comment
      The I7 is theoretically faster, but in games it has almost no impact (the new Crysis 3 might be different)
      Plus the fact that the price on Lenovo site is only for a Y500 with **one** GT 650M – that’s why you need to but the 230$ ultrabay that is linked there, making it at least 150$-200$ more expensive even if you can use the Barnes&Nobles discount

      • Evan

        Ahh, I see! Thanks for the clarification.

  • James

    i5 and i7?

    • This is the I5 version