[ENDED][NEW] HP 15t-j100 15.6″ gaming laptop, I5-4200M, 1080p display, Maxwell GT 840M, 750GB HDD, backlit keyboard for ~$700 w/shipping

HP 15t-j100. Available from


  • HP
More HP 15t-j100 variants
Lenovo Y500 main specifications
CPU I5-4200M
GPU GT 840M (Maxwell)
HDD 750GB 5400RPM
Screen 1080p
Keyboard Backlit
Weight 5.62 lbs (2.55 kg)
HP 15t-j100 (w/ Maxwell) Reviews

Use coupon PC12330

Probably the same case as the previous generation 15t-j100 (I actually guess it’s pretty much the same, but I might be wrong). For $700 with shipping it’s a nice offer currently, as the Maxwell GT 840M which makes it more or less a GT 750M DDR3 in performance which is a much more interesting offer than the previous GT 740M offer.

The problem of the previous model was mainly the quality of the display – while being an 1080p display, it wasn’t a good one. Other than that, for $700 more or less, it is a very interesting offer, at least until new models show up – and I’d suggest waiting.


  • Unreleased models to come
  • Delll 3540, refurbished or new
  • Lenovo Y410p which will be faster for gaming, but I’d not recommend – wait for the new models


  • Booby Trappe

    Link does not work

    • what do you mean? it does get to the HP 15t product page
      However, I see that they’ve removed the 1080p option..

      • Booby Trappeize Artest

        Just trying to choose between this and the dell 3540 in terms of gaming

        • The Dell 3540 has a very nice 1080p display, which is a big plus
          What’s your budget?