Fraps does work with Vulkan?


I know it sounds strange, but while trying to fix some windows installation that gave me headaches with some games, I noticed that FRAPS does work in some Vulkan games like the new DOOM 2016 (on Vulkan mode).

The numbers also look good – it doesn’t look like the DX11 numbers. I’ll upload the video soon. It’s from the MSI GS43VR machine I’ve reviews (here). I sincerely don’t remember what exactly I’ve done, except reinstalling the NV drivers and maybe some vcredist_x86/64 files. I’ve also removed some services and software that came with the OS installation. It may have been related to the Optimus system.

Have it happened to anyone?

Since it works only on systems with Nvidia Optimus enabled (as far as I can see), I guess it is related to FRAPS recording FPSs from the Intel driver and not the Nvidia driver. Something like a bridge that enables FRAPS “ignore” the specifics of Vulkan. But that’s a very rough guess.

UPDATE: Seems like it’s working when Optimus system is running (laptop) and after I’ve removed all VCredist installations. Can someone confirm?

UPDATE 2: works with Dota 2, Doom and The Talos Principle

  • Johan Lewis Last

    Hi. I see Linus from LinusTechTips also talk about this. It should not work but it does. He even completely factory restore the laptop, reinstall everything (drivers/updates/game) but FRAPS still works (video here :

    • Thanks

      From my experience with 3 laptops now, it seems to work on laptops with Optimus system running. I have the Clevo P650RP6-g here which can switch between discrete only and Optimus
      Can you check too?

      Also, it will work with Dota 2, Talos and more

      • Johan Lewis Last

        I can’t really make out the MSI model number of the laptop he uses but it has a nVidia 1060 GPU (it might be one of the GT62VR-6RD-Dominator versions) which also supports Optimus

        • I just reviewed the GT62VR 6RD and it doesn’t have Optimus
          Maybe that’s the GE62 or GS62

          • Johan Lewis Last

            It might be, I can only tell you it definitely has a nVidia 1060 GPU

            • Didn’t get you – why did he suggest it? for performance?

              • Johan Lewis Last

                Sorry my bad. No what I meant was that he used the older nVidia driver because he got FRAPS to work “correctly” (meaning FRAPS does not display FPS during game play) with Doom running on Vulkan…hope that clears it up.