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    I am trying to find a Windows tablet that is 10 inches or less in horizontal length that can handle PS2 and Gamecube emulation. As long as it can handle a majority of great games on those emulators the tablet should be serviceable. I do own the Surface Pro 2, but it is too long horizontally to work with some accessories I want to use. I have searched a lot, but Google is just not helping me right now and I feel kind of lost. The Razor Edge Pro would have been perfect, but the gamepad controller case for it is so rare that I can’t even find it on ebay. My extendable controller that I have can only fit a 10 inch controller. My only other option is to cut the extendable part of the controller and make it 3-5 inches longer if that’s even possible(?) so it can fit my Surface Pro 2. Any tablet that matches these requirements would be greatly appreciated and any advice on how I could extend my extendable controller 3-5 inches would be great as well.



    Hi and welcome!

    You’ll have to explain it to me more thoroughly, I’m afraid – why is the Surface Pro too big? some links to specs of these controller would be nice

    Can it be only 10″? no 11.6″?


    The surface pro 2 is too big because I’m trying to place it horizontally into an extendable controller that can hold tablets in place. The gamepad controller can be pulled out to a maximum length of 10.6 inches so a tablet more than 10.6 inches in horizontal length cannot fit in the controller. I want to use the tablet like a handheld essentially. This way I can walk around and play games. Also a tablet that is lighter im weight would be great if possible, along with the specs I first listed.



    Given that you are stuck with this and limited in dimensions, if I understand correctly, you need something with a rather small screen. Probably something like 8.9″, but it depends on the tablet

    Do you know which GPUs can you use? stuff with Nvidia K1 or X1 are ok? or only the usual Intel/AMD/NV GPUs (like Intel 4600, Nvidia GT 920M and such)


    Any GPU or CPU that can run Gamecube and PS2 roms at a good framerate is fine. I’m not picky in that sense.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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