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    Hello sir,

    I’m looking into a new laptop. And I’d like to use it for a bit of gaming as well, mostly Total War and other strategy games. I’d like a second opinion here:

    This is an Acer Aspire Nitro, the laptop currently in my sights. It’s seems quite new so I don’t find any reviews on it, and more importantly, no reviews on the CPU + GPU combo.

    Thing is, yes, I do want a somewhat slimmed and light laptop, 15″, that doesn’t look like an 80’s arcade machine, and I’m completely fine using a laptop cooling fan when gaming.

    GTX1060m 6gb

    i5 7300hq 2,5ghz

    8gb ram (I will upgrade if I buy)

    256gb SSD
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    (yeah page in Swedish but specs should be clear)

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. The laptop is generally good.
    2. The I5 is a good option, actually, although you might hear that an I7 is a must. I think that for current games, this I5 is very good. You might see a slight performance hit due to lower clocks, but that’s not that bad
    3. You’d probably want to add 4-8GB of RAM. 8GB RAM could be too tight in some cases and it’s not healthy for the storage of the system (when RAM is all used, the storage is being used instead)
    4. You can check this review. Same as before – build quality is lacking, noisy under high load



    1. Yeah I thought so too, considering price/performance
    2. Hopefully, as far as I know the loss of hyper threading should not have a severe impact on gaming. Which seems to be the main difference between i7 7700hq and i5 7300hq configurations (and the clocks of course).
    3. Yes, I’ll add in to 16 gb total
    4. Thanks, I’ve been looking through this a couple of times, but my concern was just the difference between the CPU’s (and the model he’s reviewing doesn’t sport an SSD). And regarding the sound, that’s fine since when gaming I’ll be using a cooling pad and headset.

    Thanks for the input!



    any news?

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