[DEAD]Eurocom M4 (Clevo W230SS) 13.3″ gaming laptop, I5-4210M CPU, GTX 860M GPU, 8GB DDR3, 500GB SSHD, excellent matte 1080p IPS screen for ~$790, paying with CAD

Eurocom M4 (Clevo W230SS), I5 version. Available from


  • Eurocom
    $780 (EUROCOM-GLJ-M410-150331)
More Eurocom M4 (Clevo W230SS) variants
Eurocom M4 (Clevo W230SS) main specifications
CPU I5-4210M (2.5-3.2GHZ), 37W
GPU GTX 860M Maxwell, 2GB
Screen matte IPS 1080p screen (CHIMEI N133HSE-EA1)
Keyboard Backlit (white)
Weight 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)
Eurocom M3 (Clevo W230ST)  Reviews

Coupon code: EUROCOM-GLJ-M410-150331 (10% off). PAY IN CAD to get this price, instead of USD.

My recommended configuration:

  • I5-4210M instead the I7-4700MQ – you can always replace it later with some I7 from eBay (CPU is replaceable). I would wait for the Broadwell CPUs which might be compatible
  • “degrade” the screen to the 1080p IPS option which is a very good display


The Clevo W230SS / Eurocom M4 / Sager NP7338 is the Clevo 13.3″ gaming laptop. The new W230SD will be available soon with a GTX 960M and probably no other real differences and since the 960M is a little overclocked 860M, I feel ok with posting this deal.

Equipped with either a very good 1080p IPS GTX 860M 2GB (Maxwell) GPU and 500GB SSHD as the basic storage, this is a very good proposition for sub-$800 gaming laptop, especially considering the extra qualities – replaceable CPU (Broadwell ahead), good selection of storage connections ports, good IPS display and the compactness.

The GTX 860M is much faster than previous generation GTX 765M for about 40-50% at least, while requiring less power. It also produces less heat – read. It is about the same performance level of the previous generation GTX 770M so generally you can run every modern game on some very high or highest settings. It is on par with the more cost effective gaming laptops in this price range, including the current generation Lenovo Y50, MSI GE70 and other GTX 860M equipped laptops.

Battery performance have also improved compared to the first W230STs, but it might be a result of the better bios rather than some better hardware or electrical gating or algorithm The previous W230ST was also quite good with one of the new bioses. You can expect around 5-6 hours under light use.

What not to expect: good speakers, thin figure, low heat. Heat can be dealt with to some degree with lowering voltages, better airflow and limiting the GPU a bit. The other stuff will remain a problem. About the low heat – again, a Broadwell CPU would make it better, if it could be installed.

So, if you can handle a 13.3″ gaming laptop, consider it seriously.




  • AD

    is this deal dead or something? I still see around 1k

    • not dead!

      1. You’ll get 10% off after you enter the coupon, upon ordering
      2. If you’ll pay in CAD, the good exchange rates compared to the Eurocom pricing will bring the price in USD down

      Tell me if something doesn’t sit well for you

      • Ad

        Ok. Just seeking clarity, this deal will work for people in the US? Sorry, a bit confusing. Thanks again!

        • Everywhere – Eurocom ships worldwide, though it’s probably not cost effective except in the US and CA

          • AD

            Hi Junky. Do you know how I would be able to pay using CAD if I’m in the US? From what I understand, that’s how this deal works. Would you recommend I call in and order via phone instead?

            • Just choose CAD. You can also email or call them, yes, maybe it would be easier. Or email them the coupon code and then call

  • Tiggsy_Mcfiggle

    If anyone is looking for this laptop in Canada, it’s currently available from Bestbuy canada for $1034 plus tax with i5, QHD+ screen and including an OS. Link here: http://goo.gl/Z7uUEW

    • Thanks!
      If I remember correctly, this specific QHD panel isn’t that great and it’s an I5
      So, the price is ok, but not THAT great


  • Patrick Ortega

    Another way to deal with heat is force the Fan to full speed. Fn+1 for Clevo laptops

  • borborygmus


    I’m looking for a laptop and just found this blog, it was very helpful. This looks like a good option – is it still going on (I can’t see where to put in the coupon code). Also, I don’t have any obvious way to get an OS for cheap, do you have any recommendations? Should I just pay the extra money and get it pre-installed?

    • if you are a student or know a student then you can get the OS for a lower price

      you should put the coupon code in the message box in the bottom of the page, after you click “order” or “continue” – don’t worry, you’ll get the discount. I’m not sure that it is still available, but I’ll ask them tomorrow. You can also call and ask them

  • Andy

    Hey Junky, do you have a coupon code for the electra 2 or shark 3? Read that the coupon above is for M4 only. Thanks!

    • no, they didn’t say there is. I’ve ask for an Electra 2.0 coupon, but currently there is non. However, the M4 is quite good..

  • kludz

    Does coupon code work on any laptop, or just the new M4?

    • this one is for the M4 for only. Which of them are you interested in?

      • kludz

        I’m shopping for a 15.6″ clevo. Gaming IR otherwise with at least an 850M. Thanks!

        • only Clevo? if you’re a student, you could get 10% off from Eurocom and maybe some others too

          • kludz

            Not a student. I just meant any of the clevo resellers would do haha it just seems eurocom is always the cheapest. I will just jeep an eye out for an Electra, shark, or x3 coupon. Thanks.

            • there are complaints about their service, just you know. About some others too (XoticPC)

  • Chris

    This or the Lenovo y50? I would replace the display if I get the y50. I probably wouldn’t mind the 13.3 inch size of the M4, decisions decisions…

  • ycon

    Hi Junky,

    I’ve been looking at only 15.6″ screens (like the Y50) but now I’m now considering this (as it’s so light, and has a great battery).

    It would be my main/only PC (4-5 hours a day easily)

    Main uses:
    1. Work- excel, browsing
    2. Web design (wordpress & photoshop)
    3. Gaming (GTA:V, SimCity, Watch Dogs)

    Where would I have more comfortable workable space- A QHD 13.3″ (3200×1800) or an 15.6″ (1920×1080)

  • drop24

    >3200×1800 resolution scales perfectly to 1600×900

    If you do this will the image be blurry at all like when you run non-native resolutions on lcd monitors?

    • no, it won’t be blurry. That’s because it’s a perfect scaling. The problems starts when you can’t fit the application resolution to the native resolution

  • ZackVixACD

    Really silly question. Where do I enter the coupon code?

    • that’s not silly – it’s the most asked question in this blog
      There should be a message box or instructions box at the bottom of the order page (after you click “continue”)

      • ZackVixACD

        Thanks 🙂

        I think after looking through all the options that were around, I will order this one. Can you vouch that this laptop is Junky Certified? 😛

        • Junky Certified (-:
          I’m not sure how much it actually worth

          I don’t know what are your needs and stuff like that – are you good with a 13.3″ laptop?

          • ZackVixACD

            Yeah, I am find with it. I actually don’t like larger screens that much (15.6 and more).

            • Then this one is a very good option indeed. Can you install your own OS or do you need pre installed?

              • ZackVixACD

                Nope, I am good with installing my own OS.

                • you can also get the MSI GE40 barebone, with 1080p IPS display and good battery – but I don’t know yet how good it actually is. Give me another 3-5 days and I shall tell you a tale!

                  The W230SS is a very good option, but don’t expect it too be cool. You can handle the CPU / GPU heat (worst case – throttle it a bit), but the case of the W230ST before it, was getting rather hot. I managed to use it in the summer, so it’s not THAT bad, but still, it’s something you should know.

                  What games are we talking about? Do you feel like making a new thread over the forums?

                  • ZackVixACD

                    Yeah I can make a forum post.

                    Most of the games I play aren’t that intensive. Except maybe Kerbal Space Program and maybe Dead Space III. I will make a forum post in a bit.

                    Thanks Junky 😀

  • des

    Does the student discount work with this? If so how much is it?

    • I don’t think it can be combined – it’s either the students discount or this one, as far as I know – but better call them and ask

      if you are looking for a small gaming laptop, it’s a really good option

      • des

        Unfortunately I asked them and they said it’s only one coupon at a time. 🙁

        • How about the Shark 3.0 ? You can get it for less than $800 with your 10% off I think

          • des

            How does the Shark 3.0 stack up against the M4? Is it just a size difference (and IPS screen difference)?

            • More || less:
              * same performance
              * much lower quality display
              * heavier
              * probably case is much cooler

              • des

                Thank you!

                • no problem!
                  tell me what you think

                  • des

                    Actually, is Eurocom known to do graduation sales or holiday sales (like July 4th)? Because I can wait; I only need a laptop for college anyways and that’s not to come until September or something.

      • des

        Also, how is the Shark 3.0 in your opinion? How about compared to this, the M4? Specswise it seems like the only difference between the two is the size and the screen but besides that, would it be worth it to just get the Shark 3.0 to save a $100+?

  • Justin

    Junky, I noticed the only option for the 3200x1800p is glossy. Supposedly, the glossy version is the same one used in the Lenovo Yoga 2 (an awful pentile with bad colors). What happened to the matte option?

    • Hi Justin!

      Two things:

      – You can choose the 1080p option which is really good anyway

      – About the pentile thing : frankly, I’m not sure what is the situation. The notebookcheck Yoga 2 review said a software + bios from Lenovo can change things a lot and the later W230SS review from notebookcheck does not say anything about these problems:


      Though I’m sure there is a problem upon looking closer, the other problems might have been fixed, plus with 3200×1800 resolution it’s still very high, even when you look closer.

      What do you think?

      • Justin

        Quoted from someone: “This declared ultra high resolution 13.3” LCD that has been going around in laptops such as the ATIV Book 9 Plus and Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is not a true 3200×1800 display, because it is using what’s called the RGBW-Pentile arrangement. This means each declared “pixel” is not allocated the expected trio of red, green, and blue independently variable stripes, but is instead allocated either red and green, or blue and white, alternating in a lattice formation. The RGB-based image intended to be displayed is then lossily converted to work on this non-standard arrangement. Furthermore, the primary purpose of the white subpixel is a cheap trick to save power and artificially increase brightness, and has been the root of numerous complaints of discoloration — primarily in the yellow hues.”

        I am not sure what to do, because I really wanted this display. What you mentioned about being able to play in 1600×900 really interests me. It’s the same screen used in the Yogo 2, so maybe I will go look at one on display in Best Buy to get an idea before I purchase it. Does the aforementioned Lenovo bios software fix work for the Eurocom M4, too?

        What happened to the matte 3200x1600p option?

        PS: I love your blog.

        • Thank you – such comments really make me feel good!

          I think the Clevo has a bios of their own, so you can’t use the Yoga 2 bios.

          However, you can purchase the M4 1080p display (which is really good) and then buy a 3200×1800 panel and replace it yourself – but really if you feel like it.

          I can’t get the W230SS for test currently 🙁

          • Justin

            You are very welcome, Junky!

            Damn! I was about to ask you if you could get a unit to test. I checked out the Y2 in person at Best Buy, and the screen is pretty awful. I am not entirely sure if the Eurocom M4 has the exactly display, but I would hate to take my chances on it. Oh well.

            If you get a chance at testing the W230SS with the 3200x1800p panel, please let me know. 🙂

            By the way, could I get your recommendation on something? I am trying to decide between the Y510p from New Egg or the Eurocom Racer 2.0 with the 7970m. Which would be faster overall? I am a little worried about the Y510p microstuttering on games (I’ve read about it online), but the potential heat output, lack of driver support, and the longevity of the 7970m is also a concern to me. Which is better?

            • 1. The 7970M should be roughly the same in performance, but with less problems.

              2. However, the Y510p is cheaper, especially including OS, has much much better sound quality and I’m not sure it’s hotter. Plus, the default display is better

              3. The M4 1080p display is a very very good option, really

              • Justin

                Thanks for taking the time to explain the differences to me. One of the plus sides to choosing Nvidia is better driver support and physx. I am not a huge fan of AMD.

                I noticed on Eurocom’s website that there will be a new model called the Shark 3.0 (http://web.eurocom.com/ec/ecf_GetModelsB()x). I noticed the launch date says June 1st. Do you know anything about it? Do you think there will be a coupon for it, as well? I am really interested in the price is right.

                • Justin

                  Here is the link to the Shark 3 in case it did not work in my previous post: http://web.eurocom.com/ec/ecf_GetModelsB()x

                • It’s the W350SS or Sager NP7358:

                  Basically, the same W350ST, a bit refined, with GTX 860M. No IPS display for example

                  True, Nvidia currently has Physx which sometimes adds to the experience like in Borderlands 2. Drivers are probably also better generally

                  • Justin

                    The Shark 3 has been released! Do you know when Eurocom will have a coupon for it? LOL

                    • Justin

                      Sorry for spamming your blog, but if you can get me a coupon for the Shark 3, I will buy 2 of them.

          • Justin

            I forgot to specify. I am talking about the i5 version of the Y510p. 755m SLI vs 7970m?


    hi, would you recomend this one or the msi ge60 apache pro?

    • yes, due to the IPS display with 3200×1800 resolution

  • John

    Do you think I can ask them to leave out all the RAM and HDD to lower the cost? Also, what do you think about gaming on the 13.3 in screen as I find it too small.

    • I was fine with a 13.3″ display actually
      and yes, you call them and ask for it

      • John

        OK. And about selling the i5 and getting an i7 to replace it, is it replacable in this laptop?
        Sorry about noob questions.

        • these are no noob questions!
          Yes, you can replace. Actually, it will be much more cost effective then upgrading through the store

          I would suggest starting with an I5, feeling it, see if it grows on you and maybe you’ll marry it!

          • dale k

            is replacing an i 5 to i 7 possible with starter laptop upgrade skills? where to buy an i-7 4710 haswell after market? how did you find out thats upgradeable (pretty rare for laptops isnt it?)

            -deciding between M4 and shark 3 and processors

  • Lance

    How/when do you enter the coupon code? Also, is heat really that big of an issue?

    • not a big issue, but it does get warm
      You should type in the coupon code in the instructions box – or simply call them

  • des

    What’s the difference between the “802.11b/g/n PCIe Half MiniCard; Realtek RTL8188CE” and the “2-in-1 Module; 802.11b/g/n WLAN + Bluetooth 3.0; Half Mini-Card PCIe; Azure”? Is it just the bluetooth module or is the one without the bluetooth and instead the Realtek “stronger”?

    • Lance

      Also, is it worth paying the extra $73 for the ac/a/b/g/n intel ac7260?

      • you can buy one for less I think

  • oh, here it is!

  • mike law

    why is I5-4200M better than I7-4700MQ?.

    • it’s not better, but the I7 benefits in games is really not much for almost any game, while producing a lot more heat, sometimes resulting in throttling which means lower gaming performance. Tested before with a GT 750M SLI, you could easily see that the performance advantage with an I7 is almost non existent – so why spend this money.
      If you really want an I7, better get one from eBay and sell you I5 instead buying this through the upgrades section

      I’m testing now the I5 vs I7 with a GTX 850M, results soon

      • Guest

        Thanks for the fast reply, I read your “gaming laptop under 1k” article and have a lot of question since i’m a newb about computers.

        I’m looking for a laptop that mostly for gaming and hopefully able to stream gameplays live, and my budget is around 1k. Will your recommendation still be the same like your article? Also are Amazon and Newegg good website to buy laptop? Because I’ve read reviews that customers receive refurbished laptops instead of brand new ones from Amazon.
        (Also there are website that seem to be cheaper than amazon like this one for example, http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/lenovo/y-series/y510p/?cid=us:sem|se|google|2727113667|Y510P|IIP_NE_Ideapad+-+Y|65102984&ef_id=U2GHlAAABGKJWxgm%3A20140503070336%3As)

      • mike law

        Hmm, not sure if my comment got deleted..
        I was asking if you can recommend me a gaming laptop that’s around 1000$ and are able to play high graphics games and able to stream at the same time?
        I also prefer 15.6″ monitor than others too.
        Also I was wondering about the best website to buy laptops from, since i’ve read reviews on amazon that customers receive refurbished laptop rather than a brand new one.

        • I didn’t delete nothing, but maybe there was some problem

          Amazon is rather good actually. Maybe it was a specific problem with some seller, I don’t know. Generally they are ok, but so some others too.

          What kind of games do you play? Can you install your own OS?

          • mike law

            Um, Mostly League of legends actually, but occasionally I’d play some FPS and MMORPG. Recently I played Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3 and Payday 2. Games like GW2 I could not participate in World vs World with current laptop due to the massive lag..
            I also want to stream games that I play, so I’m not sure if i’m able to get a decent laptop with current budget range.

            • well, first of all, given that your Internet connection is in good shape, you should still bare in mind that you might need to purchase some different WiFi card to replace the one in your laptop, so you’d have good performance – many laptops come with an ok card but it might not be enough for you, but you can do that after getting the laptop

              About gaming performance itself – D3 / LםL שמג קהקמ GW2 are not that heavy in today’s standard. A GTX 850M will run LoL on highest (I’ll upload some video later), D3 too, GW2 should run on very high settigs, Pay Day 2 – don’t know, but I guess some high settings too. GTX 860M will be great for you too

              So, if you can wait a bit to see if the Clevo W650SJ will gain its IPS display again – that would be my suggestion as the difference in image quality is rather big. The Y510p is a very good option too and you’ll get higher gaming performance: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834313742

              What do you think?

              • mike law

                Um, kinda want a new laptop as soon as possible so right now the Y510 seems good to me. Since I’m planning on casually streaming games, do i want the i7 4700mq with 8/16 GB memory or you think the i5 4200m with 6GB memory will do just fine?

                Also what games do you use to test laptop perfomance on?

                • What is the streaming overhead? what software are you using for streaming?

                  • mike law

                    I haven’t decided yet, pretty much anything I want to play really, maybe even some other games that coming out in the future. I would probably use OBS for streaming.
                    I was looking at the lenovo ideapad y510 reviews, and quite a few had the problem of throttling like what you said earlier. Is it still a good idea to get this?

                    • yes, this is a good idea because:
                      1. You can handle it with lowering voltages – not a hard task
                      2. Even throttled, the Y510p SLI for $820 is the fastest..

                      If you want it now, then the Y510p SLI might be a good option. I think that if you order from Amazon, you can return in in two weeks or so – you’ll have time to test it. Read their returning policy or call and ask

                    • mike law

                      Hey man really appreciate your help, I’m going to do some more research and get back to you tomorrow!

                    • no problem!
                      You won’t find fastest than the Y510p, but it doesn’t mean it’s the most suitable for you

                    • mike law

                      Hi again, I think I’m most likely going to get the Y510p SLI with core i7 and 8gb ram from newegg for 1030$ (cheaper than amazon).

                      I’m probably going to stick with this laptop for at least 2 years so I might end up playing some games that requires better cpu and memory.

                      I presume streaming with a decent quality is also going to need more memory and cpu speed.
                      I am aware of the gtx860m produce less heat than gt765m sli, which I should be lookin at lenovo Y50, but I’m not sure whether it’s worth the wait, also cost 300$ more.

                      Please correct me if my thought are wrong.

                    • The Y510p with an I7 is really hot. I don’t think it’s worth the extra $200 compared to the I5 version, though it might have some advantages here and there – but not a lot.

                      How about the Clevo W230SS with an IPS display and GTX 860M?

                    • mike law

                      I’m going to sound really dumb to ask this i’m confused. This is the same one as show on top of this page right? I’m not sure if i’m willing to go for a 13.3″ monitor though, but other than that i actually like the specs a lot.

                    • oh damn, it is. I thought we are talking about the Electra 2.0 (W650SJ)
                      I’m confused too..

                      Personally, in your place, I’d go with either the Electra 2.0 when the IPS display will become available again or the Y510p I5 – $200 will buy you much more in two years and meanwhile the I7 won’t have a lot of benefit. Games like Crysis 3 – yes, but otherwise, not much

                      If streaming takes a lot of CPU, that’s might be a problem with heavy gaming though, with an I5

                    • mike law

                      Hmm, I guess I’m going to believe you since you clearly have way better knowledge than I do, though I’ve read lots of your articles and starting to understand. I’m going to go for the i5 Y510p.

                      Will I be able to upgrade the memory by myself? The only ram avaliable for i5 is 6GB though.

                      Also, i had no idea what “In case of the Lenovo Y510p, you can’t simply install it as they have a whitelist in the bios. You’d have to flash a modded bios that you can find on Tech|Inferno” means… is wifi card going to be a big issue?

                    • oh, don’t believe me – read/ask

                      I was talking about the Wireless card – Lenovo has put a whitelist in their bios, so only specific models can be installed (I mean, you can install anything, but it won’t be recognized), so you’d have to flash the modded bios:

                      Yes, you can install RAM yourself, you’ll just have to pull out the bottom cover

                    • mike law

                      Thanks, I’m so lucky to have you answering all my noob questions! I’ve made my decision and it should arrive in 2 days, hopefully everything goes smooth!

                    • mike law

                      Also I have a few questions too:

                      1. Will I be able to upgrade the gpu to gtx860m later?
                      2. Which wifi card should I be looking for?
                      3. I am aware of the throttling problem and you mentioned about lowering voltages, do you mind explaining how to do that?
                      4. Choice for thermal paste?

                      Thanks again you really helped me a lot!

                    • 1. no, not in this one

                      2. This is a good option:


                      In case of the Lenovo Y510p, you can’t simply install it as they have a whitelist in the bios. You’d have to flash a modded bios that you can find on Tech|Inferno

                      3. Yes, for Nvidia inspector:


                      For CPU – download Intel XTU and you can reduce the core voltage. Do it by small doses. I could get to -100mV, but it depends on the system/CPU

                      4. I don’t know. I’m using AC MX-4. I don’t think it’s too critical

  • gordonyz

    Don’t know how the screen really is like. I ordered the GS60 Pro-52 the 1080p edition, so I could get away with 100% zoom. It’s $600 more expensive though, just more RAM and GTX 870m, SSD and double the HDD.

    • HDD is cheap and a very good 250GB mSata drive you can get for like ~$130. The GTX 870M is faster, but not by a lot – around 30% faster, which will be negated if you’ll use the 1600×900 resolution

      The GS60 though is slimmer I think. Probably has better battery performance. Do you have it ?