Dell Inspiron 7577 is available now with a catch

If you want an I7 CPU, you'll have to get the $1200+ configuration

Dell 7577
So, Dell has released their new 7577 model, which is an amped 7567 more or less, trying to combat in the $999 GTX 1060 gaming laptops market and filling the hole between the 7567 and the expensive and unsatisfying Alienware 15 R3/17 R4. However, it seems that the basic price of $999, doesn’t come without a cost and it will only entitle you to an I5-7300HQ CPU and not the I7-7700HQ. Furthermore, unless you shell out $1250 (before tax), you won’t get an I7. True, these prices should get lower from time to time with discounts (the usual Dell 10% off), but for now, the price is quite high.

As a comparison, the Acer Helios 300 costs $1050 regularly (but no HDD) for the same performance, more or less and discounts can get it as low as $900. Like with the Alienware, Dell builds on its brand power, and not competitive specs.

I would remind again that the new Intel 8th generation “Coffee Lake” CPUs are about to come to us and an update to many models should follow. Perhaps that’s the reason the laptops market is a bit strange right now, with GTX 1060 gaming laptops like the MSI GT62VR costing $1500.

Anyway, don’t purchase it right away. If you really want it, wait for a discount or refurbished offerings

  • Humza Iqbal

    hi i have dell 7567 i5 7300HQ should i buy dell 7577 base model with i5 1060
    iam very confused should i buy or not thanks in advance

    • Humza, why are you always worried?? you can get the 7577 if you want and it will be faster. Are you not satisfied with the 7567?

      • Humza Iqbal

        bri iam satisfied with my purchase i also upgrade my TN panel to IPS i was wondering is it really worthy to upgrade 7567 shape is better imo back grills , i love finger sensor in 7577 thunderbolt and max Q , actually tbh honest iam not hard core gamer anymore i play casually depends on mode
        whats your honest suggestion

        • Well, if you are satisfied, and only a mild gamer, why bother? for the finger sensor?

          • Humza Iqbal

            yes iam normal gamer not hardcore one two thing clicking on my mind one is thunderbolt another one fingerprint sensor and last but not the least 1060 Max Q

            • Humza Iqbal

              read the above comment what do u suggest finally

              • Humza, you have to consider your needs. The MAX-Q stuff costs a lot more. Why buy it if you are ok with your laptop? for a thunderbolt connection? Not worth it.

                • Humza Iqbal

                  hmm yeah thunderbolt not need now for myself , DOes AC origins will rRUN sommethly on 7567