Dell Inspiron 7566 : the 7559’s partial successor

Advantages are unclear

Dell Inspiron 7566The new Dell Inspiron 7566 is upon us! The Dell Inspiron 7559 15.6″ gaming laptop has been a popular choice for many over the past year and was selling for around $650-$850 with a GTX 960M 4GB, very good cooling system, basic IPS 1080p panel. Some of the peripherals weren’t that good, but for most gamers, this model offered quite a punch for the price, had solid and simple looks, with all the basic stuff included.

The 7566 is the new iteration and it starts to be available at some of Dell’s regional sites (sg, au). The price in the US will probably be around the same as the 7559 was, which means $750-$850 at start with occasional deals and refurbished models for like $650-$700.


However, it is not clear to me what exactly are the advantages. Let’s list some of the obvious changes and facts:

  • HDMI 2.0 port, enables 4K@60HZ external display
  • Looks are different. More colors, including some red
  • Two fan
  • Still an I7-6700HQ CPU + a GTX 960M 4GB GPU, so basically the same performance level

Other than that, there only minor changes and maybe some that are not visible from the raw specs, like sound and keyboard quality. So, overall, it’s hard to say that’s even an upgrade over the last model and I’d probably suggest waiting for the upcoming GTX 1050/Ti level GPUs in laptops, or try to grab some laptop with a GTX 1060 3GB.

I’m not sure this is a model we’ll see in US/EU at all. Maybe this is just a transition product in some Dell markets.



  • Christian Bram

    Hey guys, i’m planning to get 7556 not for gaming, but I need to fire up external 4k display at 60hz. is it correct 7556 uses hdmi 2.0?? any reference? thank you guys

    • you mean the newer 7566? why do you get this one if you only need 4K?

  • Hakeem Lawal

    Nah will rather go for the 7559

  • John Smith

    The inspiron 7559 only has *two* fans, did you mean vents?

    Related: I picked up an i7/1080p 7559 refurb for 570$, added a 140$ 1TB m500 and it flies. Phenomenal value. The 6700hq can be undervolted substantially and 960m easily OC’d to max. Screen is excellent (I got a LG panel), soft touch finish is excellent (except as a handrest, fingerprint magnet, but I put a skin on it which fits perfectly aahhh).

    However, I can speak to how awful the sound quality is out of the box, dell checks all the maxxaudio processing boxes by default and it sounds unnatural and unconvincing. With settings adjustment though the audio is pretty good; all you really need is to disable everything but maxxbass (makes the ‘subwoofer’ useful by surprisingly making the low end more audible, so crank that up to 100% or less – personal perference), maxxvolume (else the audio is quiet as hell, and anyways at reasonable volumes there is no added distortion), and in windows speaker settings adjust the balance between the sub and tweeters so the tweeters are sitting around 35-40%. I also use breakaway audio enhancer, which is straight up magic.

    Boom, speakers now have a nice low-end rumble and are better than most laptops for bass response.
    Even like this though, I have to admit that the sound coming out of this system is a little unbalanced, there’s a lot of overlap between the tweeters and sub in the 100hz+ 1K range so there’s a slight spacey muffling with certain songs. Trying to use dell/maxxaudio’s system wide equalizer to solve this introduces an absolute fuckton of distortion, so the better solution would be to use the equalizer in music app, or use equalizer APO which is system-wide (but then the equilization will still kick in with headphones)

    This is a minor complaint though, speakers otherwise when adjusted like this are really on point. After using some bose QC20s for a week (which are excellent noise cancelling earbuds, not the best sound quality, but plenty of bass), I swapped over to these speakers and was actually surprised again by just how good they can compare. Whoever tells you that the 7559’s speakers are trash either has some fancy schmancy audio setup/headphones (maybe), is a snob (maybe), or is just venting because they are still using dell’s default settings and didn’t bother to balance the tweeters&woofer (most likely, imo)

    The presence of only a single hdmi… no displayport, no vga greatly disturbs me
    Sure new one is hdmi 2.0, but a single port still sucks. So does the design. So does the nerfed (it seems) cooling.

    • 1. Yes, you’re right, fixed, thanks
      2. For that price this is indeed a very good deal!
      3. I’m not sure we’ll even see that 7566. It could be one of this local market models used to fill some gaps in some markets

      • Vojta Hájek

        I have this notebook at home (Dell 7566 with i5). And display is terrible, it is just TN panel. Ugly piece of shit from some Lenovo. I will replace it with dell 7599.

        • where did you buy it?

          • Vojta Hájek

            Czech Republic

        • disqus_nNoyFOzCD2

          Could also replace the panel! Might be able to get an even better display than the i7559’s IPS.

  • Kpaitoxa

    No way. They should use at least 1050 in this one…

    • there is no mobile variant yet. The web says it will be available around early 2017

      • Oliver Valdéz Guzmán

        That is underwhelming. Not all the people can afford +$1200 laptops the 1050 ti M should be available in late 2016

        • Not all the people can afford a $500 laptop either (most of the people can’t actually) 🙁