ASUS N56DP 15.6″ gaming laptop with A10-4600M, Radeon 7730M, 8GB DDR3, matte 1080p screen, 1TB HDD, backlit keyboard, external sub-woofer, Windows 8 for 600$ before shipping! (pickup only)

Asus N56DP-DH11. Available from


Excellent price for such a laptop

Has the same sleek looks of his brothers N56VZ and N56VM, but is based on AMD hardware – AMD’s Quad A10-4600M and AMD’s Radeon 7730M. Compared to other laptops in this price range, this is not the fastest, but it is fast and comes with a Windows OS included, 1080p, and also an external sub-woofer, 1TB HDD, and a backlit keyboard – all are nice added features and the last two – the backlit keyboard and 1TB HDD – are also very useful.


  • The N56DP thermal levels are good
  • Noise handling should be very good and the laptop will probably be quite quiet.
  • The matte 1080p screen is very good.
  • Battery performance is average with 3-4 hours surfing the web.

Overall, this should be a very attractive laptop for those who want good gaming capabilities buy also lower price for a laptop with good looks, good 1080p screen and good gaming performance.

Competition will be in the 600$-800$ range from laptops with higher gaming capabilities.