ASUS N56DP 15.6″ gaming laptop with A10-4600M, Radeon 7730M, 8GB DDR3, matte 1080p screen, 1TB HDD, backlit keyboard, external sub-woofer, Windows 8 for 600$ before shipping! (pickup only)

Asus N56DP-DH11. Available from


Excellent price for such a laptop

Has the same sleek looks of his brothers N56VZ and N56VM, but is based on AMD hardware – AMD’s Quad A10-4600M and AMD’s Radeon 7730M. Compared to other laptops in this price range, this is not the fastest, but it is fast and comes with a Windows OS included, 1080p, and also an external sub-woofer, 1TB HDD, and a backlit keyboard – all are nice added features and the last two – the backlit keyboard and 1TB HDD – are also very useful.


  • The N56DP thermal levels are good
  • Noise handling should be very good and the laptop will probably be quite quiet.
  • The matte 1080p screen is very good.
  • Battery performance is average with 3-4 hours surfing the web.

Overall, this should be a very attractive laptop for those who want good gaming capabilities buy also lower price for a laptop with good looks, good 1080p screen and good gaming performance.

Competition will be in the 600$-800$ range from laptops with higher gaming capabilities.

  • Hargo

    Do it support wifi ??

  • Neil

    Picked one of these up for $600 (thanks for posting the deal)! While I didn’t expect to buy an AMD system the price was really right for the nice screen and casing. Thanks for helping me find a nice system.

  • Aix

    ONE HINT<<<: you can overclock the 7730, 100 mhz + in video memory and it should be so fast as the 7750 😛
    the same chip, only a 100 mhz different video memory speed! (use msi afterburner)
    and its possible to overclock that cpu, i could overclock my until 2,8 ghz, but at your own risk^^

    this laptop is good for gaming, but 750$?
    i have the A53T-3420m with A6 1,5-2,4 ghz and with the hd 7670m.
    its possible to use dual-graphic, hd 6520g(7520g) + 7670m, for a little bit more power.
    i have bought it for 389€ ~ (420$).

    • Hi

      No, not the 100MHZ are the problem, but the DDR3 vs GDDR5. The DDR3 really limits the performance of the 7730M.

      The dual graphics didn’t prove itself in the past. Maybe with the new drivers it is better, I don’t know. Also, this machine has a good matte 1080p screen (unlike the A53T), it’s very cool and quiet, has a better hardware and… that’s one of the better options with 1080p screen under 800$:

  • Willem

    This is a very nice laptop, however u need to be member to get it for $750. U can get it with a one day pass but they charge 10% extra (or membership for $100). So other sites at around $800 still better price.

    • yes, you’re right. Thanks

  • Helen

    To which core i something does this AMD processor compare? to an i5?

    • It really depends on what you are doing. The I5 and I7 cores are generally faster, but a. you don’t need it many times and b. sometimes the A10 is faster and c. A10-4600M (or other AMD cpus) laptops are generally cheaper. The Asus laptops are generally more costly than others so it is hard to see.

      The A10-4600M is a quad core, so – for example – for applications that use all the 4 cores, it might be faster, like in cases of media encoding (sometimes). Also the A10-4600M integrated GPU and VCE are more capable with OpenCL.
      For example, the “handbrake” transcoding application benefit a lot from the A10-4600M abilities and makes it faster than the I5 for transcoding:

  • Daniel

    Whereas you would prefer the better graphics card I would prefer this laptop @ $700. That would make it perfect.

    • yea, you’re right