[EXPIRED] Acer VN7-591G 15.6″ gaming laptop, I7-4710HQ, GTX 860M 2GB, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 1080p IPS for $1100, non-SSD for $800!! (better)

Acer VN7-591G. Available from


More Acer VN7-591G variants
Acer VN7-591G main specifications
CPU I7-4710HQ (2.5-3.5GHZ)
GPU GTX 860M 2GB Maxwell
Screen 1080p LG IPS
Keyboard Backlit
Weight 5.29 lbs (~2.4 kg)
Acer VN7-591G Reviews
  • I7, 128GB SSD
  • I7, 128GB SSD

Acer VN7-591g


Now selling for $800 on Newegg eBay – totally worth it, for those who want a gaming laptop for a lower price!

This version comes with an I7-4710HQ, 1080p IPS display, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD for $1100 from from Newegg. The $900 non-SSD version for $900 is more cost effective for those who can install the M.2 SSD themselves (or SSHD, or nothing), but it requires some gentleness as opening the VN7-591G is not as easy as in other machines.

Gaming performance of the GTX 860M 2GB + I7 is very good for 1080p gaming, running most games on very high settings. Under gaming, the CPU throttles only a bit and GPU is not (check the review) and the VN7-591G delivers good performance in all games, at least as good as other GTX 860M equipped laptops.

The battery performance is not that good currently at around 3-4 hours tops, depending on your way of use, but it might get better.

Overall, this machine is a very good deal for those who want a more complete 15.6″ gaming laptop with an M.2 drive included – the 256GB SSD is enough for the OS and many programs. The 16GB RAM will also probably prove itself for those video/photo editors who use very RAM demanding software.

  • taosk8r

    This expired today.. Damn.. I missed it.. 🙁

    • there will be other ones!

      • taosk8r

        Yeah.. I really should have hopped on this one.. Exact thing I wanted, and I let it pass me by.. Just been so busy lately, and lacking energy.. Oh well, maybe it will work out for the better somehow..

        • you can still get it for $920

          • taosk8r

            Thanks, I think Ill have to wait.. Can’t afford the SSD if I pay that much for it.

  • taosk8r

    I’ve been hunting around trying to figure this out for sure, but it looks like the ones for $8-900 w/o SSD also have a Backlit LCD monitor, not IPS. Sucks, wanted to buy the SSD separate for less bucks, but I guess you gotta pay $300 more for both the IPS and SSD or you get a dim screen, correct?

    • it comes with an IPS for sure
      But what are you looking for ?

    • taosk8r

      It says that in the last paragraph on your bottom Newegg link.. The specs arent detailed enough on the ebay link, but I have to assume its basically the same machine.

      • check the discussion below – I think they are all IPSs. Not the best IPS, but a good IPS. LCD doesn’t mean it’s not an IPS, btw

        • taosk8r

          Well, I could have sworn the $1100 model (which I cant afford, ever) said it was IPS, but even acers full spec sheet doesnt say that.. You have to scroll down to see all the models.. To me, it looks like only one within my budget range has an IPS, and amazon is the only seller, and they claim the model isn’t released yet (probably won’t be if I had to guess)..

          If you look at the bottom entry on the screen box, you can easily see which ones are listed as IPS, and which arent..


          • https://www.reddit.com/r/SuggestALaptop/comments/2hgtnd/laptopama_review_the_acer_v15_nitro_vn7591g/cmw0tcj

            It’s an IPS, I’m pretty sure. All reviews have the same 1080p model and people (like the one above) say they got the same panel model.
            But you can wait with it anyway! maybe the new GPUs will be better

            • taosk8r

              The one he links is $1099, the one I googled are the VN7-591G-74LK Taken from your two links. $900 I can do, $1100 is a hundred over what I can afford..

              • I’m totally sure they are the same with different storage and RAM – you can call them and ask maybe, or call Acer and ask
                But don’t get to busy with it, just wait to things to get clearer. If you are in no hurry, then be in no hurry

                • taosk8r

                  I think this is pretty conclusive.. This review lists the cheaper model number, and claims that both have IPS.. I’m going to check pre-purchase, but I think this is pretty conclusive good news that your deal is accurate!


                  • If you think they did better work then you.. I’m pretty sure they all have an IPS display (all the European models have, including the cheapest ones with an I5), but I’m not sure laptoping is doing better job then you(-:

                    • taosk8r

                      Probably true.. Also, I havent looked too closely, but so far it looks like the EBAY one has identical specs, and is $100 cheaper.. Hopefully I can still use my ebay account..

          • taosk8r

            Yeah, got the datasheet on the full model number on both those links.. Acer is always clear to specify IPS, and it isn’t there.. 🙁 Oh well.. Gonna have to wait for a deal or something..


            • You can return it to Newegg anyway, no?

  • CJM0929

    Hello Junky, I’m typing this from my new Acer Aspire V Nitro, the 900$ one. I’m planning to install later the SSD M.2. The computer is working just fine, the wireless, the keyboard etc.. The only things that bothers me a little is the touch-pad, IMO it doesnt feel soft and it feels a little cheap.. the computer started with a lot of bloatware, but I can fix that.. The computer is very slim, I thought it would be bigger. I haven’t tried any kind of games yet, but I will. The other thing is, I dont know if its only my computer but the lower right side in top of the stickers very near to the arrow keys its feels warm every single time, is that normal or just my computer?

    • Hi again!

      touchpad – yes, I know
      About the last thing – didn’t get the position, can you send a picture or something? sorry..

  • Clunk

    Hi I bought this laptop and was very happy with it until just a week into using it, the driver crashes and recovers. Essentially I can’t play any games on it for the moment now, any suggestions?

    • Hi!

      1. Was it ok before?
      2. did you install anything new?

      • Clunk

        Hello back to you!

        1. It was okay for the first 4 days.
        2. Nothing particular in programs, I am dual screening monitors. I did install a couple games but nothing from this year. I.e. Skyrim, Dishonored, and CS:GO. Suddenly in-game the colors started going out, and then the driver crash and recovered, and now it will load up and freeze mostly at the menu of games. I did update the driver, but all that did was make my second screen go dark.

        • well, we can’t know just like that :
          1. it might be some hardware problem, but we should try first fixing software problems. Also, there is a remote chance that it gets too hot due to some cooling problem – can you run HWInfo and check the GPU temps?

          2. If I get it correctly, it happens only when you’re running some 3D program?
          Download Furmark and run it – see if the problem returns

          3. Try removing the drivers completely (using DDU freeware) and reinstalling

          • Clunk

            Thanks for the reply, sorry for not giving enough info earlier.

            1./2. Temp ended up being around 45 while idle, got up to 81 at it’s peak during the test.

            3. Should I remove both drivers at the same time? Will my monitor correctly display while I have both drivers removed?

            • I didn’t mean you didn’t gave me enough info – only that’s it’s not that easy to figure out the situation!

              1/2 – are you talking about the Nvidia GPU? anyway 81 is still good enough.
              So Furmark run ok?
              If it run ok, then it might not be the GPU..

              3. It will display windows, but not as good. The built-in windows basic driver will be used. Download the drivers ahead

              • Clunk

                1/2 Yes the Nvidia. Furmark did run through, but I did notice odd small patches of squares of discoloration as the test was done, which happens the same in the games two seconds before the game crashes.

                3. In regards to the drivers, when I remove the drivers, should I download them manually from their respective sites and re-update them from my computer, or go through the automatic update option?

                Note: Restarted my computer and the second screen is displaying correctly again, but no change with using 3D programs.

  • Phil

    Do you guys have an opinion on this sager np8651? I guess the main positive is the GTX 970M graphics card. I don”t know how reliable these laptops are.


    • It’s based on the Clevo P650SE like the Eurocom M5 Pro, only with a different configuration.
      You can read the M5 Pro review: http://www.gaminglaptopsjunky.com/eurocom-m5-review-970m/
      Basically the same stuff, just get it with an IPS display (you can from XoticPC, GentechPC, Prostar and more). Eurocom have 10% off for students

  • Avrous

    Junky, I was researching this Acer computer and I stumbled upon an AnandTech article saying that only the “NX.MQLAA.001″ model has a 15.6” IPS display. I checked the Acer website and this seems to confirm it (http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/models/laptops/aspirevnitro). Only the models “VN7-591G-75NJ” (part number NX.MQLAA.001) and “VN7-591G-70TG” (part number NX.MSYAA.002) indicate “IPS” in the screen description for 15.6″. Newegg only offers the VN7-591G-70TG (part number NX.MSYAA.002) variant which has a 4k screen and is currently out of stock. All 17″ Acer V Nitros have IPS though.

    This could explain the discrepancy in screen quality between professional and customer reviews. So this Newegg deal might not be worth it without IPS.

    • Hi Avrous!

      good question – I really thought that they are all come with an IPS display and if they are not, it’s a big mistake of mine. However, the specs shit on Acer site is nothing to rely on..

      1. Mine was obviously an IPS one, but who knows – we need someone who bought it really. I did mentioned that the viewing angles are not perfect or as good as top IPS displays I’ve seen, and maybe that’s the reason people reporting such stuff.

      2. Check the Czech site (cheapest version, with an I5, no SSD): http://www.alza.cz/acer-aspire-v15-nitro-black-edition-d2168134.htm

      and the one from Amazon.DE: http://www.amazon.de/Acer-Edition-VN7-591G-50UG-Notebook-i5-4200H/product-reviews/B00MVQZA56/ref=dpx_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1

      people checked and said that’s an IPS. Also this review for the I5 version http://www.digitalversus.com/laptop/acer-aspire-v-nitro-15-p21357/test.html#full-review

      3. Asked des : http://www.gaminglaptopsjunky.com/black-november-black-friday-2014/#comment-1735503845
      lets see what he says

      4. There was big difference between my measurements and notebookcheck measurements of the display. There might be big variation in quality ..

      let’s wait for Des to reply and see

      • Avrous

        On the Acer website, if you click on “explore” on a specific model and then click on the link “view full datasheet”, it will also show either “Display Screen Technology: ComfyView” on the ones not marked for IPS or “Display Screen Technology: ComfyView, In-plane Switching (IPS) Technology” for the ones marked for IPS. It might not be 100% reliable, but that would be a lot typos.

        I checked your links, and my theory still holds true. Acer has different model numbers for different countries. I’m translating websites using google chrome and the one from the Czech website shows the product number “NX.MQLEC.002”. If you look at the matching product number on the Czech Acer website here: http://www.acer.cz/ac/cs/CZ/content/model/NX.MQLEC.002 under the “view full datasheet” (or “Zobrazit kompletní datový list”), you’ll find “Display Screen Technology: Technologie In-plane Switching (IPS)”.

        For the one from Amazon Germany, it shows model number “NX.MQLEG.005” under technical details. The corresponding model number on the German Acer website also shows “Display Technology: IPS technology (In-Plane Switching)” under the full datasheet: http://www.acer.de/ac/de/DE/content/model/NX.MQLEG.005

        I’ve also noticed that these other Acer websites care models without IPS under the spec sheets.

        Des has the Acer? Judging from that thread alone, it looks like he bought a p34gv2 though.

        • 1. oh, yea, you’re right, des has th P34Gv2.. I’m pretty sure someone got the basic VN7.
          Asked this guy, let’s wait: https://www.reddit.com/r/SuggestALaptop/comments/2hgtnd/laptopama_review_the_acer_v15_nitro_vn7591g/cmv1e2o

          2. I know the models from Europe are not the same, but it just strange that the most basic 800-900 Euro model in Europe has an IPS and the US version does not

          3. They had mistakes in the past (also others), don’t rule it out yet. Have hope!

          4. Did you found anyone who got the basic model?

          • Avrous

            1. Um, I think you posted that review on reddit yourself. Same username as submitter LOL

            2. At the very least, US does have a basic 15.6″ model with IPS for certain. It’s just that only the Acer website seems to offer it for $1200 (900 euros = ~$1121 US, taxes may vary). http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/NX.MQLAA.001

            3. I do hope I’m wrong. If it is TN, than it must be good quality for people not to notice. That and/or the average person doesn’t know what true IPS looks like.

            4. This guy from notebookreview forum says he bought the $900 model from newegg and says the display is too dim. (http://forum.notebookreview.com/acer/759420-new-acer-aspire-v-nitro-series-68.html) He even cites your review about the 200 cd/m^2 later on.

            Here’s a link to his side-by-side comparison with a macbook pro retina 13 IPS: (http://forum.notebookreview.com/attachments/acer/117285-new-acer-aspire-v-nitro-series-screen-shot-2014-11-02-10.32.52-pm.jpg) However, he also claims that the screen model is LG Display LP156WF4-SPK1, which is IPS according to panelook.com. But I don’t know if he got the model number from checking his own laptop or from browsing the web.. The notebookcheck review that measured 300 cd/m^2 also says “LG Philips LP156WF4-SPK1, IPS” but that’s from a different model.

            • Ryguy

              I find it interesting that acer mentions in the 001 model you linked that the screen is IPS. In the 003 and 004 models, there is no such mention. I would assume that it probably isn’t IPS if they don’t state it explicitly. That would be a questionable move on their part though.

              • Avrous

                That’s what I’m saying. Plus, I just noticed that on the main page overview (http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/series/aspirevnitro), it says “The high-end screen has IPS1, 2 tech built in” The superscript ‘1’ relates to some fine print at the bottom saying “1. Specifications vary depending on model.” I think that’s pretty clear that some models don’t have IPS.

            • 1. click “view full content”!!

              2. yes, this is the IPS model number – also in other reviews I think (notebookcheck maybe). Indeed it’s too dim for some and viewing angles are not bad but not great. I didn’t think it was a bad display though
              There is variation in quality even within the same panel model..

              • Avrous

                1. Oh, I see. My mistake.

                2. That makes sense. I’m tempted to just order one from Newegg to see for myself. If the display is actually not that bad compared to my desktop IPS montior, I would keep it. It’s this or the Lenovo Y50 with an IPS panel replacement. Any idea what the return shipping would cost if I don’t like the Acer?

                BTW, I think your website is great. Your reviews and posts about good deals have been a valuable resource to me.

                • 1. no clue about the Newegg return policy – but I’d like to know that too
                  2. The V15 screen might still be too dim, according to many
                  3. You might want to consider and wait for the G551JM and N551JM, both should have a really good IPS display too and same performance level. No M.2
                  4. Thanks! you are great too!

                  • Avrous

                    Yeah, I would trust Asus to have a more reliable build quality. Their pricing will probably go outside my budget though (trying to stay under $1000). Do you know when those models will be available?

                    • Actually, the G551JM in Canada is currently selling or listed for $1150 CAD which is only a bit above $1000 USD. Same goes for Europe

                    • Avrous

                      Well I guess that settles things. The AnandTech article I read was wrong about there being only one or two specific models with IPS. All that fuss was over nothing in the end. Acer and Newegg need to work on their spec sheets. IPS panels have become an important deciding factor for laptops. Omitting it in the specs could only hurt their sales.

    • also, there is an obvious problem with the screen being very dark for some. It’s really strange that LG released it like that. Almost sounds like they were trying to get rid of some B quality displays

  • Evan

    Hey junky,

    Love your site, I use it extensively and picked up one of the Y50s for $800 a couple weeks ago. So, thank you! Anyway, this Acer machine is only showing up on NewEgg for $999 for me. Perhaps there’s a mistake somewhere? Cheers!

    • na, they simply raised the price : probably you’ll see the lowered price again soon
      How do you feel with the Y50?

      And thank you too (-:

      • Evan

        I’m pleased with it overall. It runs all the games I’ve tried on it smoothly and the thermals are good. My only complaint is the somewhat washed out colors but I expected that with this display after reading the review. (I’d replace it with an IPS, but I don’t want to violate the warranty.)

    • Ahmed Abbas

      it’s now 899$ if you want it 😉

  • Kevin

    Hey junky,

    How do you feel about this laptop/price?

    Thanks for the awesome site!

    • Thanks!

      This Acer is nice, but not a huge deal for $600. If you are ok with refurbished or can hold your breath a little, I think you’ll find much better deals
      what are your needs and budget?

  • CJM0929

    Hello Junky.

    I’m writing you this because I can’t decide between the Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition ot the Asus GL551JM

    Both Laptops have the same hardware, the only difference is that the Asus G551JM has 16GB of ram and 1TB 7200RPM in comparison to the Acer V Nitro it only has 8GB of ram and 1TB 5400RPM.

    I was more leaning to the Acer side not only of the great review from you but also from notebookcheck.net and other places, but also of the slim design and because it has better cooling system.

    in terms of spec the Asus is winning IMO,but I’m not sure. I’m not that guy who care a lot about the keyboard or the touch pad or the screen.. I care must about the inside specs and cooling. I dont care playing game on ULTRA settings… I care most about the FPS. I want a laptop for long term and I’m only between the two laptop mentioned:

    Acer v15 Nitro Black Edition with no SSD, 1TB 5400RPM and 8gb of ram cost 900$
    Asus GL551JM Same Specs, TN instead of IPS, 16gb of ram, 1TB 7200RPM cost 999$

    I would be appreciated if someone can give me any advice or recommendation between the V15 Black edition or the Asus GL551JM.

    Please and thanks

    (English not my first language, any mistake, apologize)

    • zerofrenz

      Junky helped me with a similar decision to this one. I picked up the Acer V Nitro with the 1TB and 8Gb ram and I LOVEEEE it so far. WoW:WoD gets close to 50fps on high settings, and some additional tweaks can get it to run ultra just as clean. 16gb Ram in a laptop is not necessary unless you do image rendering (photoshop, video editing, etc)..learned that from Junky. I reccommend the Aspire just because you save money and get just as good of performance.

      IF you need the faster HD I would say just get an SSD for around $100, especially during this holidary season. So far Ive picked up a 250gb for 100 (w/ Far Cry 4) and a 120gb for $50. IMO, IPS > TN, but I suppose it is preference.

      • CJM0929

        Thanks for replying and for telling me your experience with the laptop, zerofrenz, I think I will do the same thing you did, But I have a question, If I pick the Acer and I want to open it to add a M.2 SSD, my warranty will voided ?

        • no, it won’t be voided!

          • CJM0929

            okay, thanks for the info!