[OOS] Acer V7-482PG-6629 14.0″ ultra-thin gaming laptop, I5-4200U CPU, GT 750M GPU, *IPS* 1080p touchscreen, 500GB + 16GB mSSD, backlit keyboard for $675

Acer V7-482PG-6629 / 5642. Available from

US (V7-482PG-6629 / 5842):

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Acer V7-482PG-5842 main specifications
CPU I5-4200U
HDD 500GB 5400RPM + 16GB mSSD
Screen 1080p IPS
Keyboard Backlit
Weight 4.62 lbs (2.1 kg)
Acer V7-482PG-6629 Reviews

Now for only $675 through Acer Store which is a very good price.
The new ultrathin 14.0″ gaming laptop from Acer. It’s 0.9 inch (22.9 mm) thin which is not the thinnest laptop, but it’s quite thin. The IPS screen is a good one with high contrast and very good viewing angles. The I5-4200U might be limiting in some very CPU intensive scenarios, but for most uses it will be great, having four logical cores (2 HyperThreading cores).

The price for such a laptop is great and if you are looking for a 14.0″ laptop with IPS screen for lower price than it’s a very good price. Thermals and noise are unknown at this point. Good battery performance is ensured with 6 to 8 hours of light use with WiFi on. Watching an 1080p movie will result in around 5-5.6 hours of battery which is great.

This model, for $675 is a very good offering since you won’t get anything better up to $750-$800 if you are after a lightweight light gaming laptop. The V7-482PG offers a lot of benefits – low weight, very good display, good enough gaming performance for light gaming, very good battery performance, good looks and 16GB mSSD caching drive. Certainly the better option under $700



  • craider

    hi junky, should i buy this laptop if the only version available is 1360×768 resolution? my budget is about 700 and i am considering this laptop. i would love to hear any other recommend ation from you too. i love youre reviews!

    • there are actually good 1366×768 displays you can buy and replace the one that comes with the V7-482PG
      What exactly are you looking for?

      • craider

        I am looking for a mid-range laptop that’s decent for gaming. I generally only play Dota 2 and NBA 2k so it does not have to have the best specs. However, my current (now dead) laptop was a lenovo y500 with 650m sli and 1080p display so I am just worried that the 1366×768 display on the acer v7-482pg-5842 will just be bleh to me.

        • 1. oh, it might be bleh indeed, from the aspects of resolution. However, if you’ll replace the screen, you’ll be ok – either to 720p one or 1080p one

          2. Secondly, you might want to consider fixing your laptop. Usually it’s fixable.

          3. A GT 750M DDR3 won’t be even close to your GT 650M SLI in 3D performance..

          4. Could you open a thread in the forums?

          • craider

            Is it easy to replace the screen and will I void my warranty by doing that? Yeah I opened a thread in the forum. Thanks for the help man.

  • jtdeious ss

    Hey junky, think this deal ever coming back?

    • don’t think so :..

  • des

    it seems that acer is rolling out some nitro series. would it be worth to just wait for those to reach the states?

    • Even the usual V7 with a GTX 850M DDR3 would be great ..

      Yes, ofcourse it would be better to wait (I think I should say it more clearly here). But also, what are you looking for?

      • des

        I’m just waiting for the acer 14″ refresh (15.6 is also fine but it’s for school so the more portable, the better). Unfortunately, acer really prefers to release in the usa after every other country in the world. I have a feeling it might be another 1-2 months before it’s released.

        • yea, it might be available only around the end of the year. They shouldn’t do a lot more. Coupling the current V7s with some very good keyboard and above average speakers + GTX 850M GDDR5 or 860M for like $1000-$1100 with an SSD should do it

  • precip5

    do you know what diff is between 6662 version and this new one?

    • actually, no, except the 16GB vs 24GB mSSD

      • precip5

        when i saw the new sku i was hoping it was the 850m version. but it looks like they just changed that msata and made it $799. i guess i just have to keep waiting.

  • Pranab

    I just snagged one for total $710 refurbished. Its a good deal right? waiting for it to come. I do hope its mint man.

    • I think it’s good, yea (-:
      Where did you find one?

      • Pranab

        The ebay acer store.

  • Eric
    • many thanks!

      I’m busy and the updates are less than optimal. I’ll be more into it in the near future I hope

  • Qorse

    Pricing and availability update:
    TigerDirect USD $830 (about the same as Amazon after shipping)
    Amazon USD $840
    NCIX USD $900

    Newegg.ca DISCONTINUED
    Acer CA CAD $900
    NCIX.CA CAD $890 (with promo code 83180-1032)
    DirectCanada CAD $910

    • Thanks for the update!
      I wasn’t here for while :

  • Basian

    Why on the Canadian websites (even Amazon) does it not list the graphics card in the features?…Makes me leery.

    • I don’t know, but this is the correct model. You can call them and check!

  • Eric
  • laptop

    Does IPS FHD make big difference compare to non IPS FHD?

    • laptop

      by the way Sony Canada is offering
      Sony Vaio Fit15E i5-3337U + GT740M DDR3+ FHD+4GB RAM for $599 after $100 discount
      (base model is $455 or something and i5 740m and FHD upgrade is around $50 each totaling $699 )
      do you think it’s good deal?

    • depends on the non IPS FHD one, but generally you’ll get much better viewing angles with the IPS and I guess this specific screen is a good one too in terms of contrast and color coverage, like in the V5-573G