[OUT OF STOCK] Acer M5-581TG 15.6″ gaming laptop, I5-3317U, GT 640M (not LE!) GDDR5, 6GB DDR3, 500GB HDD + 20GB mSSD cache, very good battery performance for 700$!

Acer M5-581TG. Available from

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The Acer M5-581TG is now selling for 700$ and its aim is to be thin and light 15.6″ gaming laptop with GT 640M LE GDDR5 GPU, 6GB DDR3 memory and 500GB HDD + 20GB mSSD cache drive which is nice. Apparently, there is some kind of mistake in the listing and this specific M5-581TG has a full GT 640M GPU. This means a good 20-25% gaming performance difference.

The M5-581TG offers long hours of work on one battery charge and as far as gaming ‘ultra-portable’ goes, this is one of the best offers for this price range. The only problem is the average quality 768p screen – for some it might be a problem.

  • Grizz

    Thanks for the response. No specific game at the moment, mostly upcoming RPGs which aren’t too graphic intensive though I do also play Skyrim. I really think I am going to wait for a similar machine with a full 1080 screen. There’s a lot of great deals on other rigs right now (specially the HP dv6t 7000) but I’m concerned about the weight & battery life. Do you know how much longer the 9-cell vs the 6-cell should last?

    • it’s not only a matter of 6 cell vs 9 cell battery. There are more factors, like the efficiency of the system and more.

      The dv6t-7000 runs about 5-6 hours surfing the web. How much do you look for?

  • Grizz

    This just dropped to $700 without the giftcard. I’ve been watching it. Think it’s a worthy grab? How long do you think it’ll stay gaming relevant?

    • thank you very much. I’m a little occupied lately, so thanks for the update.
      I’ll get back soon.

      The same happened with the M5-481TG

      It’s worth the grab if you are looking for a thin&light laptop with good battery times. For gaming, it is quite good and the GPU can be overclocked at least a bit (because of the heat, this might be a problem).
      Any specific game?