[DEAD] Acer Aspire VN7-592G (15.6″) : Skylake I7-6700HQ, GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5, good 1080p IPS display, Thunderbolt 3, 1TB HDD for $830-850

Acer Aspire VN7-592G. Available from


Acer Aspire VN7-592G main specifications
CPU I7-6700HQ Skylake, 2.6-3.5GHZ
GPU Nvidia GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
HDD 1TB 5400RPM HDD, free M.2 PCIe slot
Screen 1080p, eDP, IPS, non-touch, LG LP156WF6-SPB1
Keyboard Backlit red (on/off)
Weight 5.07 lbs (~ 2.3 kg)
Acer Aspire VN7-592G Reviews

Acer Aspire VN7-592G V 15 Nitro Black Edition$830-850 is an excellent price. Use coupon EMCEFEM55 on Newegg

The new Acer VN7-592G is Acer’s latest midrange gaming laptop. This version comes with a Skylake I7 CPU, GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5 GPU (Maxwell I), 8GB DDR4 RAM (one free slot) and 1TB 5400RPM HDD + free M.2 PCIe. It also sports a good LG IPS 1080p matte display.

The gaming performance is on the same level as before for laptops with an I5/I7 and a GTX 960M, meaning it will run most demanding games on at least medium graphics settings at 1080p, and mostly on high to highest graphics settings smoothly.

The LG IPS 1080p matte display is a good and known display with rather good contrast, good brightness levels and good colors and viewing angles.

Keyboard isn’t great, but it’s good after a short period of getting used to it. Touchpad is ok – nothing too special, the surface could be better as fingers stack a little in a forward motion.

Thermals also could be better as under high GPU + CPU load will result in CPU throttling (not the GPU), but the average clocks are good and gaming performance shouldn’t really get hit by it. Moreover, a skilled user could use ThrottleStop 8.00 and/or Intel’s XTU software to downvolt and downclock the CPU a bit to keep temperatures at bay and clocks high. The fans noise under load, although audible, is not annoying and not interfering too much really. The chassis itself doesn’t get hot almost at all and heat does not harm the keyboard/touchpad experience,

The VN7-592G highlights over the competition with its Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port that could be used for DisplayPort signal, PCIe v.3 x4 and USB 3.1 altogether. It might be useful for eGPU in the near future too.

The combination of feature set and performance in this laptop makes it one of the more recommended gaming laptop under $900-$950, currently. The Dell 7559 laptop is not that great in my opinion (see the review) and although it has an advantage in thermals and a superior cooling system and lower maintenance complexity, the keyboard, speakers and display are considerably worse. Add to that the lack of TB3 or even USB 3.1 and the small price gap can’t match those things, in my opinion, especially the keyboard, which is very important. You should consider it, however, and it depends on the needs and price.

The new Lenovo Y700 doesn’t shine as well, with no clear advantages over the previous generation Y50-70 or the VN7-592G.

So, bottom line, this is a strongly recommended laptop for under $900, according to me.

  • oliver ebsworth

    Hi, im looking for a cheap gaming laptop for around $650. the only game i will be playing is football manager but want to play reasonably high speed. Any suggestions?


  • Jimbo

    Got your price drop notification. Awesome. What spec ram would one need to add another 8gb module? And what do you think about getting a gigabyte notebook with 970 for a couple hundred more? Price isn’t so big a deal up to around $1250. Thanks!

    • 1. You’ll need a 8GB DDR4 2133MHZ (or PC4-17000, which is the same in a different name). No need for special brand, but I think this one came with Hynix
      2. What Gigabyte with 970M?

      • Jimbo

        Looking at the Newegg deal on the P37 – $1250 right now. 17″ screen. http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=34-233-117

        • I saw this one. Yes, it went down to $900 when I was asleep 🙁
          You can wait for another such deal or you can get the VN7. I guess there will be such deals soon – if you see a GTX 970M for $900, simply grab it

          • Jimbo

            Wow. 900. I haven’t seen the that. What do you use for price tracking and alerts?

            • simply searching on Newegg/Amazon/Adorama/eBay/B&H/others or sites like slickdeals

              • Jimbo

                Yeah, I think I’m just going to go with the VN7. $850 (no tax on Newegg) I get the laptop. $40 for 8gb more RAM. $150 for 500gb m.2 SSD === $1050 for a really good machine – Lightweight, decent battery, good ips 1080p, good i7, good storage and good memory and good graphics. I’d probably just take the 1tb drive out and put it in an enclosure for backup, just use the m.2 in the computer – save almost half a pound of weight. What do you think? I just cant justify an almost $400 difference to get the same setup with a 970m.
                I’d like to have a good 17″ workstation but I just don’t feel like the technology and design are there yet. My last computer was a Samsung series 7 17″, i7, 650m. What I loved was the very compact form factor, it had the footprint of a 16″ notebook. But the hinge and bottom housing were plastic and didn’t last 3.5 years before cracking all apart. That’s why I was thinking about the metal Gigabytes. But honestly, the things are just so big – huge bezels! -, the affordable models have no USB-C, etc.
                In general I feel like the tech is a bit held back at the moment. 1080p on a 17″ display is grainy but 4k displays are overkill, expensive and too powerhungry. USB-c is promising but we don’t quite have anything to use it for (come on eGPUs!). Directx 12 hasn’t really hit yet. I just feel like we’ll get a lot better high end offerings in the next two years. And I hope everyone starts emulating dell with the infinity style display bezels. It just makes sense to trick out a cheaper laptop like the VN7 at this point. Plus when the time comes to upgrade I can pull out the m.2 SSD and pop it in whatever I end up getting in a year or two.
                I appreciate your work and thoughts, Junky.

                • 1. Yes, $400-$450 more for a 970M would be more cost effective in terms of gaming performance for the money, however, it doesn’t mean you want or need it. A GTX 960M 4GB would be on the same level of GPUs in a $1500 laptop 1.5-2 years ago..

                  2. Games are not about the extra graphics features, me thinks. Also, it’s not like they look awesome

                  3. The VN7-792G goes for $850-$900 from time to time

                  4. Yes, totally agree with the last paragraph. I’ll say even more – in March or April 2013, if I remember correctly, the Y500 with a GT 650M SLI became available, with a performance level of a GTX 765M and even more in some cases (higher memory bandwidth in some cases) and with a simple overclock you could push it easily to the GTX 860M levels. True, it was 100W just for the GPUs, maybe more, but the performance level haven’t really got a lot better for $800-$1000 in the 2.5 years that have past.
                  I do think that Nvidia Pascal and the AMD counter parts will be much better, but we’ll have to see availability, pricing and how well the software and hardware talk. We already know that the hardware is far from being optimally utilized (see AMD DX12 vs DX11 benchmarks)

                  So yes, there is a lot of reason to get something more “humble” and enjoy it for 2-3 years. We’ll see how it all works out with all the new stuff and then rethink it

                  5. Someone here said the reapplying the thermal paste helped the temperatures significantly with his VN7-591G. Not sure what was the specific case, but you might want to consider it anyway

                  6. Maybe you should wait for a nice PCIe NVMe SSD for a reasonable price instead of SATA SSD. While the performance of SATA SSD is great an way above “sufficient”, PCIe NVMe connection/driver model have benefits other than the maximal throughput, like much lower latency, much better parallelism and so on. Could be nice

                  Have fun and let us know how it goes for you!

                  • Jimbo

                    Thanks for the detailed responses!
                    5. I have a 3 year old tube of IC diamond laying around. Do you think that will work?
                    6. What does NVME mean for actual user experience? SATA SSD is already so fast…

                    • 5. If you can push the paste out..
                      6. NVMe is a different and new software model/specification that relates to PCIe SSDs. It is more suitable to take advantage of the PCIe interface – speed, latency, parallelism .. doing a lot of stuff concurrently, stuff like that.
                      It is pretty expensive now – the Samsung 950 PRO being the most known (maybe single?) PCIe NVMe SSD, but probably will see some more reasonable offerings soon

                    • Jimbo

                      Laptop arrives today! Do you know of a good guide for teardown, ram and HD replacement on the Acer? Video or text. Thanks!

                    • let it roll on your tongue a little bit before you decide what to do with it!

                    • Jimbo

                      Well, if I don’t put an ssd right away I’m going to hate the thing real quick! I just lifted the keyboard without detaching the strip cables and found that the HD was jus sitting in foam not even screwed in. Made the swap easy. Now I have a fresh windows 10 install. 🙂
                      So far the track Pad is the jankiest thing, not because it doesn’t work fine but because it clicks like it isn’t solidly in place. Oh well, I’m a mouse man anyway…

                    • I’m always afraid to open the keyboard for some reason, but it is stupid – I’ll add it to the review

                    • Jimbo

                      I hear a lot of electric noise coming from the cpu area. Is your model pretty much silent?

                    • If you would have read the review (!), you’d see that I heard the same noises, but maybe part of it is from the PSU and HDD

                    • Jimbo

                      Oh derp. Can’t believe I skimmed over that. +1 Junky for being thorough. 😉

                    • Thanks you too for the keyboard hack too!
                      Remember to update the bios and firmware to get optimized PCIe performance (won’t be limited)


                    • Jimbo

                      Alright. After living with the Nitro for a bit I am very happy about it. The graphical performance is very adequate for a 15.6 laptop system and fits a good price. I feel that moving up in graphical power would warrant a higher res screen which right now is not really worked out well on laptops – 4k is too much for the graphics cards if one is to remain compact, light and relatively inexpensive. Why manufacturers aren’t going for good 1440 ips screens is beyond me as it seems like the perfect resolution for 960m-980 at this screen size. This device definitely requires upgrading to an SSD drive though so that’s part of the price (I luckily already had one ready to pop in from my previous computer). I’m having 0 problems with thermals, I like the keyboard, weight, sound, performance and battery. I have 30 days to return it so I will give till then – if I find a 970m laptop (msi, gigabyte, etc.) for $900-1050 I might be tempted to grab it but otherwise this is a perfectly good solution to a mobile all purpose machine – especially for a person like myself who can’t really have a desktop. The only thing I wish I could fix is the electrical sound from around the cpu area, but that’s only a problem when there is no background noise in the house. Overall, very impressed with what $850 can buy nowadays. Big thanks to Junky for this site and all the detailed analysis.

                    • Jimbo

                      Just installed that second stick of 8gb ram. What a nerve wracking experience!!! Happy I didn’t brick my machine or snap the motherboard when pulling the ports out. But this acer with 16gb ram and an ssd is a real champ now. I’ve gone right through the Witcher 3 with no problem and beautiful graphics for it’s 1080 screen. Track pad is bleh (but I use a Logitech MX Master….), and the keyboard, while I like the typing experience, has really bad N-key rollover. I’ve also had the bluetooth crash and require a reboot twice. Haven’t grabbed an M.2 drive yet. I’ll get a standard one when they go on sale as the NVME ones have little real world difference. In the mean time I got a 128gb micro usb stick which I just keep in the side as a little secondary drive. Anyway. Thanks for your advice and help. I’m really happy for the time being. We’ll see what happens when the external gpu thing really takes off.

                  • Jimbo

                    1. I think I’m confused, a desktop GPU 970 is under $300. A $400 difference is is worthwhile from a price to performance standpoint?

                    Another question I have is a reviewer on Amazon said he couldn’t push 4k resolution at 60 Hertz through the USB-c. He said that there was no way to get the GPU to push through that port. Do you know anything about this?

  • FedUpWithJax

    I have an interesting decision; the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition VN7-592G-71ZL or the MSI PE60 6QE-031US – at Newegg both $799 – the msi has a 960m 2gb instead of the Acer with 4gb, but from the reviews across the internet it seems the Acer throttles under load a lot more than the MSI – im going to use this as a desktop replacement, so the thermals matter more than the extra 2gb of video card RAM. The MSI also has a DVD, a little faster RAM and Bigfoot Killer wifi card vs. the Acer with a Qualcomm Atheros card. I think my mind is made up to buy the MSI PE60 6QE-031US – any words of wisdom? Do you think it will be cheaper than $799? I really want a 970m or 965m but it doesnt seem like the manufacturers are giving deals on the these types of laptops, and the refreshes from companies like Gigabyte with i7-6700 won’t be out in time for Christmas… am i wrong? I’d really like a little bit more video power like 965 or 970m for a nice price, maybe $999? You think its coming?

    • Dante

      There are a few $999 970m deals that have come and gone over the past few days. I’d watch the sales. Only one currently is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834233094

      • FedUpWithJax

        Thanks Dante, but I’m only buying i7-6700 or i5-6500 since they support DDR4 ram, and Thunderboly 3 / USB-C which is going to be super helpful with 4k monitors and external GPU’s like Alienware has made. I think its very much worth it to go 6th Generation Intel for future-proofing the laptop.

        • It really depends. You can get a 970M equipped laptop now for a good price, and resell it in a year for almost the same price, I guess. Then you’ll be able to choose from much more updated models, with TB3 and all. We’ll also know more about eGPUs and where it is actually going

        • Dante

          From what I’ve read, DDR4 has no performance advantage at the moment. However, if you happen to be military/government or eligible for some other types of coupons, you can get an Alienware 15 R2 with all you need for $999, if you work it right. But the best you can do for those specs otherwise is over $1000.

  • Giridhur Sriram

    So, again, the Dell one vs this one? How would you compare the thermals?

    • I need to make some comparison. The 7559 has a much better cooling system. The VN7-592G advantages are speakers, display, keyboard, M.2 NVMe (only Sata on the 7559, which is fast still), Thunderbolt 3 USB-C
      The VN7-592G most annoying issue is the strange electrical noises it makes – might be a result of lower component quality. Maybe not

      • Giridhur Sriram

        Is it just me or Amazon prices fluctuate so rapidly? .

        How easy is it to add SSD to this Acer VN7-592G?

        • Yes, they are
          SSD/HDD – after you open the laptop, it is pretty easy. Just be careful when you open it, there are some cable that are connecting the two parts you are trying to separate

          • Giridhur Sriram

            Assuming I am quite short on money, is it better for me to get the Dell i7000-7559 i5 6300HQ with SSD and add a HDD or, should i get this and add a M2 SSD

            • I don’t understand what are the options..

              • Giridhur Sriram

                my budget is $1000,. i have two options : get the dell 7559 with i5, SSD and add HDD to it. or buy this acer. i dont really care about the speakers or the keyboard. Which one would be better ?

                • if you don’t care about the speakers, keyboard and USB 3.1 / TB3, I’d get the 7559 – the cheapest option

                • The display is also worse, but you can replace it later, if you feel you should