4K? HDR? Is that what really missing in games today?

4K logoJust asking you people. Is that what you feel missing and needed in the current gaming world? Do we really want another shooter, another pointer that shoots at some characters?

The hype train is running wild and it’s a lot “thanks” to marketing. 4K will drive the sales of more powerful GPUs and it’s there interest of the manufacturer to do that. HDR capable LCDs is great, but the reason behind it is the same. But again, where are the good games? it seems like imagination is dead and has been so for a long time. Many games are basically and practically the same, shooting pointer, even though some of them try to fool us, like Ark: Survival, which really uses the long dead primeval creatures to squeeze money with the same game mechanism as before. All games are “amazing” and look “real” for years now – yea, right.

I’d like to see a 2D game that really makes me think, wonder, try, or simply be different – more variety, real one.


What do you think?

  • Ziggity

    There is nothing wrong with refinement and iteration and you can make the same arguements for other forms of entertainments, like music and TV shows. I’m having a blast with overwatch for example and although I have played other FPSs in the past, the package and polish and mechanics are keeping it fresh for me.

    On the other side of things, there has been no lack of interesting and relatively innovative titles in the last couple of years, especially when it comes to indie studious, and thanks to crowd funding there’s a resurgance of the games from the generes of old. Games like Hearthstone, Life is Strange, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Her Story have all given me fresh experiences, along refined versions of previous titles such as the Witcher 3 and XCOM 2

    Maybe VR needs to tackle some issues in order to gain traction but that doesn’t bother me too much at the moment.
    Overall, nothing is missing at the moment if you ask me, as it will take me a lifetime to go through my current steam library 😛

    • Hi Ziggity!

      And yea, Master of Orion, World of Magic (lousy remake of the very good Master of Magic) and more..

      I’m good with iteration and improvement, but that’s not my point. Imagine a game like Civilization, only the player will have to find solution to real world problems with real world tools. I think it could be amazing – give the person the ability to rethink stuff and change the world. Just an example.

      I guess I’m aiming at gaming that offers something different, not time consumption or mere entertainment in many more $50 games..